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  1. Okay, now I suddenly understand why Japan likes their protagonists unvoiced =D If you read protagonist's lines, it makes you feel like you are talking with the waifus =D I mean I knew about this but since I never did it before, I didn't fully understand =D

    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      That's why I'm conflicted, due to unvoiced lines, the progress is much harder since I have to translate everything, but on the other hand, hearing Tomo-chan answering my questions is SO DAMN CUTE!

    2. Happy


      That's the idea. Ever wonder why so many japanese games don't show you the protags face directly? Same reason.

    3. Dragon-Archon


      *meanwhile at the Japanese game developer HQ* Looks like we managed to cut quite some costs by having an unvoiced protagonist with no face. Those gamers really actually believe what the official story. :P

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