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  1. 17 hours ago, DragonQuest238 said:

    Note to all: If you are looking for a good "F" title, look elsewhere besides Fill-A-Pix. I just downloaded that game and my gawd it is painful. Glad I love puzzles or I would have deleted this game and let it rot in the Did Not Finish compost heap forever. The trophies aren't bad or hard, except for one... which requires you to complete a puzzle in under five minutes using only the Smart Cursor. I have yet even managed to finish a puzzle in under 12 minutes must less 5! Even when I pick the smallest puzzle, it takes FOREVER to move the cursor around.


    Please, unless you love to play Fill-A-Pix puzzles, stay far far away from Phil's Epic Adventure! This trophy will make you rage quit because you have to button mash all over the place and hope you can fill in pieces without stopping!

    For F, you shouldn't look elsewhere than Final Fantasy :awesome: 


  2. 7 hours ago, Honor_Hand said:

    Someone in this thread previously said that through the power of friendship Yuri Booties, these girls were able to save the world.



    7 hours ago, Honor_Hand said:

    Pretty much, one of the greatest anime I have seen in recent memory.

    That it is. That's what Key is all about.


  3. 5 hours ago, closertim said:

    Can I have one event where it doesn't rain. 

    Nope, not possible.

    Also, the best thing is when it's okay for the first few laps.

    Only for the last to start raining and screwing up your whole run :


  4. 5 hours ago, PViddy said:

    write all those japan trophy guides for others to play.

    Implying they write those guides, to begin with. ;)

    When it comes to Japanese games, there are numerous guides on the Japanese sites so they may just use those and rewrite them to English =D


  5. 6 hours ago, LLegend_Fox said:

    I can't speak japanese or chinese.

    You don't need to speak to search the store 375369048038572035.png?v=1


    Hm... the easier solution would be adding (or keeping? I'm pretty sure Mango purposely removes them :ninja::awesome:) the Japanese name of the game.

    That way you could just copy it and search for it on the store.


    You can also use PSPrices afaik.


  6. 14 hours ago, Crimson Idol said:

    And at least Satoshi won't complain about you as you read VLR. :D 


    Instead, I'll complain that he didn't do it as his 200th Plat :awesome: 


    31 minutes ago, Evil_Joker88 said:


    I'll get half amount of scolding from @Satoshi Ookami as i haven't played the Nonary Games 1f602.png But know that i have the title on my Wishlist so if it drops in price i'll consider buying :)


    Not playing the series fully 379672964855234561.png?v=1