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  1. 18 hours ago, AtomicAltruism said:

    You've got a lot of opinions don't you mate, telling people what they should and shouldn't do.


    Maybe you shouldn't comment :D

    It's a VN => I must comment.


    14 hours ago, Kwotey said:

    As a trophy hunter (Not a great one btw lol) Ive played games i have no interest in just for an easy platinum..

    There are many non-VN games that can be used instead.


  2. 7 hours ago, TheVader66 said:


    I never kill UR Kotoris unless it is a third copy, it only happened ones with Chinese Dress Kotori. 


    I guess when I want to get a UR to kill, the gacha gods are like "oh, really?" and send a UR I want instead, just so they could tell me "you don't have the balls to kill this UR". It has happened with the UR Valentine's Day Yoshiko/Yohane and now UR Cop Kotori.

    Be like me and burn all Aqua URs, you will have enough UR seals like that :awesome: