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  1. 3 minutes ago, TheVader66 said:

    We both know they won't do that because they want to make LE URs the hardest URs to get in the game. 

    Hardest and I got Honks from Green Ticket :awesome: 

    Yea, of course they won't do it...


    3 minutes ago, TheVader66 said:

    By the way, why are the new Limited Edition URs need to be idolized? Back when I got my LE UR Yoshiko/Yohane she was already idolized from the beginning in fact I though she was a normal promo card.

    Wow, sasuga, even worse now :facepalm: 



    Hm... I would really prefer someone else :hmm: 



  2. 7 hours ago, Cave_Johnson_ said:

    ...and wow, there are probably a dozen better ways to translate the title than that. I guess I shouldn't expect much from an article that can't even get the genre right.

    Well, at least it's correctly translated xD 

    Though, something like My Neighbour Vampire-san would probably work better.


  3. On 25/08/2018 at 0:43 PM, TheVader66 said:

    I am surprised you aren't playing the game since it has a lot of lolis which is your thing.

    Do we have to go through this again? ;)

    APK => not interested.


    And frankly, seeing all the mobile games you are active in, I'm slowly realizing I'm not particularly interested in non-anime gacha:hmm: 

    So... that's pretty much why I don't need anything more than SAO and LL.


  4. 21 hours ago, Leon Castle said:

    They added her to the ED, might have been there before but I don`t remember seeing her in the ED before Episode 8

    Yea, I'm pretty sure she was added.


    21 hours ago, Leon Castle said:

    By demon loli, you mean that Twintali Loli with Horns and Dragon Tail that only shows up in the OP and ED?

    Not yet :awesome: 

    The one that survived Diablo's Fallen clear AOE.


  5. Got CE in the second batch 469872896118882314.png?v=1

    Damn, that's like 4 goodies that await me from LRG now =D


    14 hours ago, ughrora said:

    Hopefully there will be a separate trophy list, considering the DLC is on the cartridge.

    It should have a different one from the digital version.

    The question is whether it will be a completely new one or a Japanese version will be used


  6. On 23/08/2018 at 10:05 PM, Evil_Joker88 said:

    I just realized i made a great mistake sometime ago in Zero Time Dilemma. I have seen the final ending but haven't unlocked some parts earlier including at least one puzzle room. Looked through a guide and saw i got 2 trophies too early since i used at least once a guide to enter a password i couldn't know within the game... i just restarted the game and i'll skip every text now until i see a new fragment :( ... i'll get this game ready for the Japanese Birthday in December :)


    LOOKING UP SOLUTIONS IS FORBIDDEN! 401391730974392320.png?v=1