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  1. 17 hours ago, mecharobot said:

    Interesting, but I don't really play VN on console.

    Get Vita version :awesome: 


    10 hours ago, aZombieDictator said:

    Just ordered a physical copy of this game. Gonna be fun as hell to stream and confuse and shock people. I just hope there aren't blocked scenes. 

    Unless it changes, whole 2nd half is blocked.

    If we are talking about PS4.


  2. 3 hours ago, Skadoki said:

    I remember how someone posted a thread about this game coming out to NA/EU.


    It's Uchi, it's obviously me :awesome: 


    3 hours ago, darkamdusias said:

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this list?

    All your pantsu are belong to us :awesome: 


  3. 3 hours ago, BEANO_BRFC said:

    Cant see it on the store, which is strange considering it says it was released on 1st January 19701f602.png

    Výsledek obrázku pro notto disu shitto agen


    I feel like there should be a FAQ with this in a big bolded letters =D

    Considering how many times we've had this, I would expect everyone to know Unix timestamps :D


  4. 13 hours ago, Myu said:


    I wouldn't mind double stacking Conception II, I did enjoy creating a lot of children just to fight for me (and bringing their mother along of course) :P


    With proper voices, you should!


    12 hours ago, Myu said:

    but Chloe is the one I played most of the game with

    Chloe? :/

    Meh :awesome: 

    Serina or bust :awesome: 


  5. From what I've read. It seems both sides are at fault. The guide writer for not incorporating this quite useful piece of advice into the guide, and you for not reading a trophy description just because you saw there isn't anything missable.

    At least a brief look at the trophies would be sufficient. Most guide writers put the most important information to the trophy description field, rather than to the roadmap. Roadmap works as an outlook on how you should play the game usually.

    Plus, as many others said, it's not a missable trophy so, from the technical viewpoint, it's labeled correctly.

    And those notifications were annoying, everyone would check them :awesome: 




    On 8/19/2018 at 6:18 AM, Beyondthegrave07 said:

     FinalEmblem has been on this site for a long time, and I have never seen him make a mean comment or do anything that would come across as condescending or prickish. That's why I ask.


    Try saying something against Nintendo


    15 hours ago, Leon Hasegawa said:




    *hats off*


  6. 14 hours ago, Izul said:

    It's probably not the right place, but I didn't want to create a new thread for my suggestion.


    So, there are already lots of tags for guides, and they're really helpful most of the time. After I was reading a discussion about a specific guide, however, I noticed that there isn't a tag for luck-based trophies. I think they are often specified as grind trophies and could be found in the same category as trophies like "Reach max level". It'd be even more helpful to see if a trophy is about luck, like getting a specific drop/spawning an enemy/winning a jackpot etc; some of them can also be a huge grind for sure, but it's still a little different if something only takes long or is luck-based and could technically also be done within a few minutes (like the jackpot example). 


    In short, would be nice to see a Luck/RNG Tag. :highfive:

    I'm pretty sure we had this suggestion before...

    I wonder what happened to it :hmm: