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  1. i have always have weird dreams but heres a few 1. when I was younger I had a dream where I was a dragon an flying around, and in it me an my in dream brother had to protect this old lady an I had to carry her in my arms, she was like 600+ pounds also. then when I woke up my my arms hurt really bad lol 2. it was more of a weird nightmare, it was zombie everywhere an I was at a mall an there was this like 7 foot brute after me with a chainsaw, after a while I got away an hid then while I was trying to find my way out of the mall I found him in a room using the chainsaw on babys 3. another one when I was younger back in elementary school I dreamed my class was coming back from lunch when all of a sudden everyone in the school but me turned into vampires an I had to kill em all, but before I could murder anyone I woke up
  2. id draw the line if they are to pushy or rude bout it, although i haven't had that happen. but the guys that play then get what they want and quits makes me mad, i was helping this one guy on sc5 with the rank trophies, not only was the connecting issue just trying to find him bad, then after he got it and i still needed help with it he just ups and quits and deletes me but thankfully someone else helped me get it
  3. there are npc's walking around that have songs you can get, but you're more likely to get it from a store then a npc if it's the last one
  4. Tango, id say finish Remember Me the last few trophies you need are really easy to get
  5. i use to keep em it was only up till last year i had to sell the ones i beat to keep my video game addiction alive lol (worst decision of my life... lol)
  6. well i have a lot on facebook that's not on deviantart art, that why i asked if i could post em with out having to upload em to there lol
  7. i thank you so much for telling me ! now will that work also with pictures i don't have on there also ?
  8. cant post the pictures for some reason but heres the next best thing
  9. the graphics do look better, and i find it cool to see them both being shown, although that has nothing to do with why i love it so much
  10. my first psn friend was Marioalb,met him while playing soulcalibur 4 he messaged me saying he liked my characters, he also made me (unknowingly) a trophy hunter after seeing how many trophies he had.
  11. all ill say is ive broken five ps2 controllers an two ps3 controllers up till now lol...
  12. Minecraft and Skyrim, i just love em.
  13. had this account for bout four years now
  14. Im curious as to what the trophies will be lol
  15. when i was playing soulcalibur 4 there was a guy on there called thegrapeist i thought it was awesome then an now