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  1. Que up the teams at the same timeas hope you find each others match.
  2. So they have to be about 5 player lengths away from the revive node of their player before you killl them to get the block?
  3. Has anyone figured out what dictates a revive block? Seems most classes need it for leveling up but there's nothing to explain what a revive block is.
  4. Saying I don't think it was ever glitched, I got it a while ago so can't test it, I just know I thought it was glitched until I realized there were actually 2 different 45 degree sights and only one of them unlocks the trophy.
  5. I had a problem with this for a while, the solution it turned out is I was using the wrong scope. There are 2 different 45 degree sights and only 1 will get you the trophy. I attached it to the thanos rifle and got it first try after figuring out the mix up.
  6. Hands down the binding of isaac. Such a great game.
  7. I went on and had to go into the garage and it popped my mech makeover trophy. not sure if the 500k will unlock the same way as i didnt do the grind with the trophies being glitched.
  8. Sweeeeeeet, does it pop even if you already met the requirement pre patch?
  9. Nice, the trophy issue really was the only smudge against an otherwise great game I felt. It's addictively entertaining and i didn't feel bored a single time playing through it even if some of the gold challenges did require multiple replays to finally get enough $.
  10. Anyone found the best way to get gold after completing everything else? I'm about 150,000 short and was wondering if anyone has found a good method. Been playing the whole game co-op so gold has been split up.
  11. To be blunt, it's GARBAGE. It's not appealing to look at or play and doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as l4d.
  12. I sent breakfall an email about it but not sure if they'll do anything about it.
  13. This trophy for unlocking all 80 costume parts is glitched an unobtainable. It's an otherwise great game and if you're not worried about it go get it and play it. But until a patch is released to fix it this trophy isn't obtainable and will block your way to the plat. I didn't do the grind to $500k ye so i'm not sure if it's glitched or not., but I'm not going to put in the time to do it if this trophy is unobtainable
  14. Anyone got any idea what the actual requirement is for this trophy and how to do it because the wording of it isn't doing it much justice.
  15. The leet feat for saving 1337 humans is at 1022, still no trophy though. Only thing I can think is that it doesn't count the humans you get during coop play.