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  1. The cat from gravity rush or the raven, lets the owner control gravity not sure if it qualifies though.
  2. Portal gun from the portal games would come in handy for moving day.
  3. Anyone else unable too access the experience machine thenpast couple day?
  4. December 2019 Resident evil 7 Marvels spiderman
  5. Black and white 1 & 2, such a great game series.
  6. It ended up being complete even though it showed incomplete for some reason. I just ended up ignoring it and doing all the other dungeons and the trophy popped.
  7. There were a few ways to grind out thousands of exp really quickly early on in the game but they've been patched out now.
  8. Ignore this i figured ito ut.
  9. Any advice on this dungeon it's showing incomplete and I can't track down what i'm missing.
  10. I don't have a picture of mine readily available but my 3 favorite steelbooks are the Soul Caliber 6 one it has a button that plays audio, the dragon crown book is embossed and really awesome, and finally the PS+ steel book that was just a steelbook that came with a year of PS+ card i had to buy mine off ebay but it's a nice book if you're into collecting.
  11. i got it by using the next 3 fights enemies have 1 hp and one of the "?" spots that teleport you right to the final boss.
  12. I bought mine for injustice 2 and the grind to get cat call or whatever it was called. I've used it for my basement crawl 100% and my rarest terris trophy for spinning the blocks a ton and now this game, ill find more uses for it as i go im sure.
  13. Also the turbo isn't set to just hold the button it actually rapid fires the button multiple times in a second so its constantly sending inputs. One of the best trophy hunting tools I've bought.
  14. You say that but how long did u spend on your grand kingdom plat? I mean its just 1 trophy in the end.
  15. I make sure to buy the maximum amount of exp i can daily and use a turbo controller to leave 1 of the characters shooting targets at the range all night and reset for when i go to work. Get about 3 masteries a day this way with minimum effort.