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  1. Is there more than 1 of these in the game? The only have 1 and there's guides suggesting that you get 1 for each character for hard mode.
  2. Something I realized during a session boosting if you push the game 3 rounds both demons can get the instant revive ability and speed up the process just a hair. Gives you an extra 2 kills every 80 seconds worth noting for everyone else that still has to do their grind.
  3. Just wrapped up getting all the upgrade kits, comics, and documents just to have the trophy not pop up for me the only thing I can think it there's something going on with the DLC mission items messing up the trophy?
  4. Anyone know if your progress in the demo carries into the full game?
  5. March 2020 Doom (2016) Assassins creed: the ezio collection
  6. February Horizon Zero Dawn RE7
  7. This game is a gem that could have easily been GOTY based just on the storyline imo. Has some pretty heart breaking moments.
  8. The name got changed from mark of the advocate to welcome to the 6-4.
  9. For those of us who have to grind the prestige, Wednesday's are gwentsday and you get an extra 25% exp. Should make the grind a little less tedious.
  10. Glad I got that trophy done. Only thing keeping me from plat is the grind to prestige
  11. january 2020 horizon zero dawn call of duty world war 2
  12. Pizza titan ultra - what you get when you mix mechs with crazy taxi. It's an enjoyable game that not enough people have played. Cat quest 1 and 2 - great little RPG game that has puns littered throughout.
  13. The controller has an additional button on it in the middle left.
  14. COD WW2 platinum it's at 1.63% the wave 20 in the prologue trophy was a royal pain.