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  1. I didn't start playing until yesterday when the trophies were already live. Going to make for some interesting time stamps.
  2. So at first glance i've noticed a few of my trophies not unlocking. Gloves off kickin' up dust blacksmith deal with the devil Just to name a few. I can tell it's' unlocking for some people just not for me it'd seem. Is it a known issue or something unknown?
  3. Reading a few of the cards they refer to a bronze card, what in the world is the differentiating factor between bronze/silver/gold or whatever is it the color of the title towards the top? The tutorial failed to explain. Thanks.
  4. After the Patch I found a great deal of them up north where the grass starts to turn the snow.
  5. Anyone got a definitive answer for if you can only use the axe for this trophy or not? Does the chainsaw count for the tree counter and what about blowing up trees with dynamite?
  6. I didn't unlock any as soon as I realized there was no online I stopped
  7. Bought this game expecting an online play. Nope only local play and AI, seems like a huge missed oppurtunity and sucks that i bought it without realizing it.
  8. So base game $20 and $30 for the dlc bundle, am I reading it right or is the $30 version base game with all the dlcs too?
  9. Same here a buddy and I are both scouring the map for this mushroom with no luck. The dev's released teo patches last week to fix bugs so hopefully we'll get another to make this mushroom appear
  10. I haven't checked mine yet, out of curiosity is there anyone who still has their stats and progress who can report in. Or is it a 100% wipe.
  11. So far it's been permanent. I was worried it was only for the weekend but it was stilling giving the increased exp as of Tuesday night.
  12. Figured I'd share that with the latest update they doubled the value of all the experience rewards. Making leveling much less daunting.
  13. Oh that makes sense.
  14. I have 56 weapons currently give or take 1 on the chance I discounted and still haven't unlocked the 50 weapon trophy. Anyone else encounter this issue?
  15. Can you cloud the save before the final decision? Then finish the game and download the save and pick the other decision?