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  1. How does the co-OP work in this game. Is it fully 100% co-OP or are only bits and pieces available tobco-op?
  2. Is it still possible to grind out bronze motherboxes to get cat call?
  3. Hardest trophy is the arena trophy as there is a bunch of RNG involved the rest is either grinding or can be boosted by inviting someone into the game I'd put it at a 5/10 and maybe that's still high but I really struggled on the arena.
  4. How often do you get a check point in endless? Relative to floors 1-50
  5. Toss up between the binding of isaac plat and the payday2 crime wave plat. It's worth noting I got the death wish missions trophy when it was still required to do the pro jobs where 1 mess up and it was back to the beginning.
  6. Do the dlcs you dont own count in your total of unearned trophies? Tried doing a search but couldn't refine it enough to not have 50 pages of results come up.
  7. Ended up going to another zone and coming back after a bit and I feel kind of dumb, so it wasn't in the upper balcony area you were referring too i had checked there, it turns out the area outside of the cathedral is also the "square" so it was as simple as i was looking in the wrong area even though they both share the same name "square". Thanks for the insite anyways.
  8. The doggish cat thing special portal for Rikku isn't spawning for me at all, I'm curious if it's glitched out because it's 2 spawn points are upper nave area (it's not there) and the square which is where there's a boss portal, I beat the boss but the portal for the boss is still there and not the one I actually need Thanks.
  9. Anyone have any good advice for getting the arena trophy seems I get my first 4 wins easily but them it turns into a nightmare and I get swept and lose the run. I know it's a lot of RNG on what cards you get but not sure if there r any general strategies to make life easier.
  10. Does anyone know if the prologue glitch still works in any form? I've seen at least 2 sets of people with time stamps within 1 second of each other on the recent earners here but have no idea if they used the glitch or not.
  11. Anyone know if this still works on the latest patch? A buddy and I could replicate the entire guide until the step where they stack up on each other AMD trigger the glitch.
  12. So i can get cards from throne breaker for gwent but not the other way around?
  13. As the title says does the thronebreaker game share cards with the gwent game? As in i can use the cards from gwent in throne breaker and vice versa?
  14. Perfect that worked
  15. I applied through their website because I couldn't find a way to do it in the game. I did use the same email I use on my psn.