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  1. Neon white got patched today to fix the save disappearing issue, great news at face value.
  2. Also, worth mentioning if you get the key relic on the swap, it's worth uploading your save and just save scumming through it. I just got mine with the ironclad.
  3. When it mentions throws does it mean just the generic throw or does it mean 50 of the special throws you learn from her skill tree?
  4. In my game i killed Fia at the throne area, is there any way to get to this boss with her being dead? And if not why isn't this listed as missable in the trophy guide.
  5. For the boss version in the crystal tunnel i was struggling with it until i switched to the magic dagger that's also found in the tunnels and that made quick work of the boss, made the fight trivial.
  6. There was also an exploit i believe in one of the modes that made it super easy to get but has since been patched out. I remember redownloading the game just to get the trophy before it got patched.
  7. Yea got it in a friends game and upgraded it there, but then when i got back into my game i didn't have the hook anymore until i got to it in my game but the damage was done it seems and it's stuck at level 1.
  8. My grappling hook is level 1 and no matter what craftmaster i go too there isn't any blue prints to upgrade it. Anyone else encountered this?
  9. The number of people complaining about the easy mode w/o the game in their profile is amazing to me.
  10. Yea very similar but temtem is actually an mmo and nexomon is single player if i'm not mistaken
  11. I finally got this trophy after it being bugged out. The tempedia and kudo can show 2 different numbers.....the tempedia goes up a number anytime you catch/evolve/hatch/traded/obtain from story a temtem but the kudo only goes up when you're the one to catch/hatch/evolve it.....With that being said keep in mind you have to recatch the 4 from tucma the game gives you and you need someone to trade you an azuroc so it evolves on your side for it to count. Also any temtem traded to you will update the tempedia but not the kudo and the trophy is linked to the kudo.
  12. Is there a reason you don't ground pound the bosses after you knock them down?
  13. Has anyone run into the issue where the game won't let you activate any levers and if so how the hell do you fix it.
  14. That worked like a charm thanks for sharing.
  15. Where are the highest level temtem to level against? I have a bunch of level 85~ temtem but leveling is such a grind now killing the level 72s in the shrines, curious if there's anything better to level against?