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  1. I thought my save was gone and after some investigating it looks like it just wiped out any progress i had made today since the patch dropped. Still sucks to lose any progress at all but it's better than a complete wipe.
  2. Vicarious visions is doing this remake from my understanding, blizzard scooped up the studio and they did an awesome job on the crash bandicoot remasters.
  3. Is it roguelike or just metroidvania?
  4. I really want to see jack black cast as bill
  5. Is there an award for completing this difficulty other than the associated trophy?
  6. Trying to play the game after the update and it pops up the demon souls title screen but doesn't proceed past that now. Anyone else having this issue? I have the disc based ps5/game.
  7. I agree with you the game is great and the story is solid but it definitely doesn't justify it's price tag. I can only assume we'll see DLC's coming for this one too that'll only add to the cost.
  8. I have no idea what that even is. Good to see you're still around none the less dj.
  9. Can someone explain to me what each of the little boxes on a weapon represents, I know the first couple are for blunt/slash/piercing but outside of that i have no idea to tell what a weapon scales with or what the other boxes represent.
  10. Tetris effect is a great experience to play through but has an incredibly difficult plat.
  11. So far i've realized that long bows are unique to the hunter chick, blow guns are unique to the assassin, and I have no idea what samuri/ronin get as their unique items anyone know?
  12. My pause menu shows i have 29 gold 1 sapphire relic.....I've run across all the level buttons and they all show gold relics I've even check hot coco and the edipus rex level and those both show golds as well. Anyone else encounter this issue?
  13. anyone else have an issue where 1 of the tokens on downhill doesn't exist? It's my second go around collecting them and unless i'm not remembering correctly some of the tokens are in different locations as well.
  14. Fall mountain should not be a final round, it's too easy, replace it w/ slime climb and it'll be perfect.