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  1. For conjunctivitis when I'm facing him there are spikes along both the walls that nail you if you arent careful with the jumps. I assume they patched these in or is their some known condition that makes them appear?
  2. I just got the no hit and cursed sword trophies last night for hotk I used a level 7++ explosive crossbow and then 2 of the turrets cant remember their exact names at + the 1 that inflicts bleed and the 1 the arrow shooter you gry pretty early. Took me 90 minutes of using the quit exploit but it all comes down to learning when to dodge and when to jump with that boss. Granted the 2 turrets did a lot of the work but then crossbow would hit for 8-9k when I could get a shot off. I had 2/23/3 for my scrolls so purple stuff was op. Also took the dps near deployable dps after kills and extra ammo for my mutations
  3. Been eyeing this game and was just curious how the trophies are.
  4. I own a VR I recently moved and boxed it and haven't had any motivation to unpack it. Some games can be played with or without the VR. RE7 and tetris effect to make a couple. I kind of felt like playing skyrim and didnt know if I could play it without untangling all the cords.
  5. Thanks, I'm at work and the thought crossed my mind but wasnt in a position to check.
  6. Haven't touched this game in a while and my VR is in a box currently. Wondering can this be played without the VR?
  7. Spiderman, the DLC was damn good in that game.
  8. Game that had been sitting at a low % for a long time and had completely fallen off my radar but I finsihed Basement Crawl finally. Just let it boost with 2 account for a couple nights and it got there on it's own. Small # of people with that one at 100% garbage game.
  9. Anyone else having problems with this trophy? I've tried a few times and can only manage 3200 at best. Any tips for getting to 4000?
  10. Just got to the point the game where if I continue on with a mission it says I'll be locked out of the northern areas. Is this permanent or is it only temporary?
  11. I'm personally dreading the thought of ng+ trophy. While I enjoy the game it does begin to feel like a drag after so long and I'm not sure how much further I have to go to even finish my first playthrough.
  12. Different from the original issue but I can't get devorah to even activate the mother bug ability. let the enemy last hit me and it just jumps to the finisher screen and i lose. Am i missing something here or is it a known issue?
  13. Agreed but the game is still new and there'll be a lot more player to come and they'll have to deal with the grind of getting everything legit or just give up and there'll be a fair number in both those categories I'm sure.
  14. Krypt is linked to server so probably not
  15. Makes the trophies maintain a better rarity for those of us who got it.