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  2. Seen there was an online trophy in this game on the .org trophy guide was wondering if the servers are still up and it's possible it platinum this game still?
  3. Not anywhere near finished with it yet but am working at it. Orcs must die unchained Empty pockets - spend 200 million gold. Estimated 200~ hours to grind still Also .03% rarity only 7 people have it on this site.
  4. It's worth mentioning I believe that guy has all T7 traps he's using so results will greatly vary if your traps aren't up to that tier.
  5. I don't know what's with this trophy but I've gotten the pop up multiple times that says you've created the planet of the apes and the trophy has yet to pop. is anyone else having this problem and if so have you found a solution to the problem?
  6. The main purpose of my prior post was to point out that using the fast respawn counts as coins spent and that it can help a great deal in terms of progress.
  7. Very useful trick I stumbled on while playing survival with dobbin, I had reached my max traps and was sitting on 50k~ gold. As the waves climbed and climbed I died and when you die if you hit triangle and use the quick respawn it'll eat up a lot of that extra gold. It also counts as gold spent. I made it to wave 18 on that survival run and ended up with 160k~ coin earned and got the one trophy and I had also spent about 155k~ of it in the coin spent stat. So there's definitely a way to get more than the 20-40k a level spent if you feel like grinding out survival with dobbin. I got that much coin by leveling up his coin bag skills and using a coin forge right at the gate on baths and killing on top of it and had a maze of barricades running behind it. It's still going to be an incredibly long grind but getting 100-150k a run is a lot better than 20-40k a run.
  8. So I just purchased the big score and most wanted bundles I believe they're called, the $20 one and the $40 one, the only thing I"m wondering is what isn't included in these 2 bundles and has to be purchased individually.
  9. I need help with the sniper duel trophy, the rest I think I can work out solo but that one is proving to be quite the pain.
  10. sent the invite, and thanks a million.
  11. I just need the final mission please......I'm pretty anxious to get this game done with and that final HVT is the biggest obstacle.
  12. I'm having an issue getting the trophy for beating a friends score. It's not because I can't beat the score it's the lack of a score even showing up to begin with. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and found a way to fix it?
  13. Is there anyone playing this game who has the illecebra x2 sacrificed quest? If so please send me a message if you can help me by letting me complete it with you, I have the illecebra saved if your in need of it. I'm also willing to help you in any other pact if you need help. Scratch this thread please I got it done.