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  1. Boruto: Next Generations ep 15 but I'd I'm kinda mad that they are rehashing the movie. At least I enjoyed the animation in it lol
  2. U2 does it count? 😬
  3. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped The platinum wasn't hard and it wasn't easy. The only thing that took time but was still a breeze in most levels is the time trials. Trying to get a gold minimum on each level took a couple of minutes to hours of desperation. And maybe it's just me but I hated the water levels as much as I did when I was a kid. Enjoyment: 9/10 Nostalgia: 10/10 Diffuclty: 5/10
  4. Hey, everyone, my name is Aziz but you can call me Raz. I've been on PsnProfiles since 2013 (it feels weird that it's been almost 4 years.) but I stopped visiting the forums in the last two years because of college and stuff. Now I am kinda back just to look at the forums, contribute a bit and see what new guides have been posted to help me in my amateur trophy hunting lol. I felt the need to make an introduction since the first time I've been here I never made one. Hope I'd get along with everyone! 😬
  5. sky, can't beat that adrenaline rush! You see a red traffic light? do you cross it or call out your inner demons to fight the other bigger more powerful demons that just showed up to eat your cookies?
  6. Even clicking on the facebook pages of the commentars (I find it hard to find a right word for that) gets you to an other ad, which reeks of scam.
  7. I burst out into laughter in the middle of physics reading this lol
  8. Steve Martin. N++ or Axiom Verge?
  9. Prison School ch.195 Its so funny I crack up laughing and my brother thinks I'm possessed (I read it at 12 am) lol
  10. 3 episodes of Rokka no Yuusha and I've gotta say.. Not bad.
  11. Bridge of Spies. Man.. Any Tom Hanks movie is a movie worth watching.
  12. Man, since I can't get my N++ saved data anytime soon I'm moving to other games.. At least finish a game up before getting fallout 4 >.<

  13. Welcome to PSNP. كل عام و انتا بخير