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  1. I am but I am ok because I haven't loaded it on my profile yet. I'll just play the story on a dummy account and then move on to crysis 3 because i'm sure that server is next
  2. Dedication trophy is the one you need for 6 months. I was legit about to sign up then remembered I was in the same boat Well I guess there goes that game being loaded on my profile. I was supposed to start in June so the dedication trophy can pop on New Years but since I didn't start and they won't be another new year. I'll just play Crysis 2 on a dummy account and then move on to Crysis 3 before the closure
  3. Alright thanks! I wanted to make sure before I make a custom weapon and started using it.
  4. Hey, I just wanted to clarify if I create a custom gun and use that to get kills will that count towards the different class 10k kills? For example, If I create a custom gun for the professional class will it count towards the professional class kills or do I have to use a regular gun to achieve the 10k kills? I know vehicle kills don't count towards the 10k kills nor do any kills prior to the installation of the criminal activity DLC
  5. Main focus: NFS Hot Pursuit Plat Secondary Focus: Red Dead Redemption (beating game) Third Focus: Battlefield Hardline - Started working on my 40k kills and DLC trophies
  6. Mid year update: Focusing on getting rid of my backlog is still top priority Games I was able to get off my backlog: 1. Counterspy 2. Infamous 2 3. Beach Buggy Racing 4. Walking Dead Michonne 5. Batman Taletell Series 6. MouseCraft 7. Lego Marvel Super heroes 8. Battlefield Hardline(currently working on DLC) 9. Watch Dogs Brought some DLC, still trying to get rid of games I have purchased a couple of games this year already too
  7. out of curiosity, since it's my first time peeping in here. You guys have been counting since 2011 and have not hit 1 mil yet?
  8. there is one scratch on it but it's not big nor I don't feel like it'll cause such issues like this
  9. So I brought the game back when it came out. I played it for a couple of weeks and stop playing it. Now I'm trying to start back up finish it before RDR2 comes out. However, it gets stuck on the loading screen after I hit start for the main menu and pick single player. I have removed the game data, all the save files for the game, and updated to patch 1.08 and it still is giving me that issue. The game did start for a minute and was going through the beginning cutscene and then it froze. I can access multiplayer without a problem. Or at least I was able to load it and walk around and exited to attempt to get in single player. Any suggestions how to fix this?
  10. @Forbzy_89 Yes, I had to do the full 9,289 KM because I had the US version. If you have the EU version you only have 2500-3000 KM (don't remember the exact numbers, you'll have to look into it).
  11. Currently waiting for the next sale. If anyone sees anything let me know
  12. ^^^ I remember hearing/seeing that multiple times. That's why when I signed up that same day I hit unlocked for the trophies and forgot about the rewards. Which I should definitely check to see if I can cash in on some points
  13. CounterSpy online trophy international nemesis seems to still be working some people earned the trophy after June 1st
  14. I'm going to withdraw from the summer challenge. Hopefully i can return for the fall challenge
  15. Update 10: PS4: Mirror's Edge Catalyst - 10% Counter spy 0% ==> 28% Walking Dead: Michonne 100% Mouse Craft 100% PS3: Infamous 2 100% Lego Marvel 100% Finished my PS3 games, just started counter spy. Will more than likely be pushing counter spy and Mirror's Edge to Summer Challenge