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  1. 23. Totally Reliable Delivery Service Played this with my friend using share play. Had a lot of fun with this, although the physics are incredibly janky and jumping is very floaty (I know that's probably the whole point of the game, was just very hit and miss in when your character gets knocked out just moving about which was fairly annoying). You just need to go around the islands, doing various deliveries. Last Trophy: Crop Duster - Pass gas in a biplane
  2. Thank you, Plat Rain no. 4 probably won't be happening for a while. I've set myself a goal of at least 300. Been working on a few games whenever I get a chance. Got another quick one ready: 22. Loot Hero DX Another quick and easy Ratalaika game. Got this ready while I was waiting for my pizza to cook. Just move left and right, taking out enemies to level up. Took less than 10 mins. Last Trophy: Full Gear - Buy one of each upgrade.
  3. 21. A Hat in Time A fantastic 3D platformer, very similar to some of the older games in the genre. The trophies are fairly straight forward, so it's not too hard to plat. Last Trophy: Big Fan - Hook onto a ceiling fan with the hookshot!
  4. 20. Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition Yep, another Ratalaika game but this one actually is a little bit challenging. For hard mode, it's best to play as the the melee character as while you're attacking you seem to be invulnerable to damage (well, most of the time). Some of the bosses were a little bit more troublesome using the other character (that bloody eye boss took quite a few attempts) but overall it's not too bad. Last Trophy: Yeti - Unlock the Yeti Costume
  5. 18. Metagal A very quick and easy Ratalaika game. It's just a megaman clone. Last Trophy: I will do better this time!! - Rebirth with a gear. 19. Super Destronaut DX Another Ratalaika game, it's just a space invaders clone. Last Trophy: Saving the galaxy - Reach 1K in Hardcore Mode
  6. 17. Maneater Got this with PS Plus. Pretty fun game and an easy plat, just go around causing chaos as a shark. Last Trophies: Queen of the Ocean - Reach 100% objective completion in all regions Deep Sea Explorer - Find all nutrient caches
  7. 16. One Finger Death Punch 2 Had fun with this, reminded me of the good old stickman fighter flash animations. Enemies approach from either side and you just need to press either left or right attack button to fend them off. You can't just button mash, as you get left vulnerable to attack if you press the button when an enemy isn't in range. Last Trophy: Highly Skilled - Max out 10 skills
  8. 13. Ninjin: Clash of Carrots Got this for 79p during the sale and I actually really enjoyed this one. The town's supply of carrots has been stolen and it's up to a ninja bunny to get them back. The game is fairly easy, up until some of the later stages. I did rage a bit during the endless Oni TV mode, as it is very luck based and if you don't get a decent weapon, you just get overwhelmed on later waves and might as well start again. Must've taken a couple of hours to get a decent setup. Last Trophy: Fashionista - Collect all accessories. 14. Road Bustle Yep, I got the NA one as well now. I've checkpointed at 10000, so it will be slightly quicker this time. Last Trophy: 16000 - Reach 16000 score points 15. Stretch A simple game where you press the correct button as it moves closer to the center. It gets faster the last couple of levels, but you can just keep using the nuke powerup to make it easier. Last trophy: Custom Level - LOG > Hate to say it, but Custom mode makes you a faster human being. - Stretch
  9. 12. Gravel A pretty decent racing game. It's mostly easy aside from 1 slightly annoying trophy where you need to get the high speed bonus for 40 consecutive seconds. There was a bit of a grind to get to level 99, but it didn't take too long (compared to some other games). Last Trophy: Green wave - Complete a Smash-Up race, hitting only green signs
  10. 11. Crayola Scoot Another January sale game. This is like a mix of Tony Hawk and Splatoon. It was fairly easy, although the trophy for getting over 75% for your team was annoying as the AI on your team aren't too helpful. Last Trophy: Chill Session - Go for a 'Cruise' in any park.
  11. 10. Road Rage Got this and a bunch of other games cheap during the January sale. It's not a great game, experienced a ton of bugs. It's an easy plat, didn't take too long to get ready. Last Trophy: Maxed out - Complete upgrade a bike
  12. 9. Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition A side scrolling platformer where you have to get both robots to the end of each level. You have an energy bar which is used for all actions such as walking and jumping. It's fairly easy and because it's Ratalaika, no need to finish the whole game, just half of it. Last Trophy: First steps - Finish Level 01 in under 1:00
  13. 8. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight And there we go, last one done. Last trophy: Stylish Phantom Thieves - Registered a costume as a Favorite.
  14. 5. Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Another one down, 1 more to go. Last trophy: Personalized Fashion - Registered a costume as a Favorite. 6. Snakeybus You drive a bus that gets longer as you drop off passengers. Took a few tries to get a bus that was at least 420 in length, otherwise a fairly straight forward plat. Last Trophy: Who turned off the lights? - Found Paris Night map. 7. Batu Ta Batu A puzzle game where you shift coloured blocks to the corresponding side to score points and get some extra time. Another fairly quick game to finish. Last Trophy: On the right track - Get perfect score in one level
  15. 4. Freddy Spaghetti PS4 version ready again. Last Trophy: Sandbox - Complete Sandbox
  16. Time to start again So yeah, I've updated my original post and will go for another one. I'm playing through my games anyway, so might as well. 1. Inksplosion Always good to start off with some Ratalaika. Simple top down shooter, very quick and easy. Last Trophy: Brave - Kill your first enemy in hard mode 2. Freddy Spaghetti Just recently got the UK versions complete, going to do it 2 more times. Last trophy: Sandbox - Complete Sandbox 3. Persona 4: Dancing all Night A spin off from the traditional Persona games. It's a decent rhythm game. I bought the pack with all 3 games, so will hopefully get the other 2 done as well. Last Trophy: Lapidary - Obtained all accessories
  17. @jens108 Final update, will be doing this tonight once the kids are in bed, so in about 3 or 4 hours. Will be streaming it like last time, so feel free to stop by and say hi. Almost got as many games ready as last time, but I'm happy with the progress I've made. Twitch: Need to make sure all my games are still good to go and make sure all the games play on my PS5. I've got my PS4 just in case, but most games seem fine on the PS5. Edit: All done, good luck to everyone else with your Plat Rains.
  18. Ok, so this will be the last update as I'll be doing the plat rain tonight. I may or may not do another plat rain, haven't decided yet. I've got a few more games, so I'll edit this post as I get them done: 58. Serial Cleaner A stealth game where you play as the cleaner who is hired to clean up a crime scene. It's a pretty fun game, which does get a little more challenging towards the end. Last trophy: Cleaner's New Threads - Play a contract wearing an unlockable costume 59. Axes It's a single player game that plays like a multiplayer top down battle royale. There's a cheat code that gives you loads of money and keys, makes it much easier to finish quickly. Last Trophy: My precious! - Equip 2 rings 60. The Language of Love Press R1 to Plat. Will takes about 3 mins I think. Last Trophies: All of them 61. Christmas Break Head to Head A multiplayer version of the game I got ready before. Nice and easy. Last Trophy: Multiplayer level played - Played a level in 1P vs 2P mode. I think that's going to be it. Now to go back through all my games and make sure all my saves transferred to my PS5 and make sure all the games actually play on the PS5. I'll probably stream this like last time, I know my friend wanted to watch me get these done. Will start once the kids are in bed, so either 9 or 10PM GMT (so about 3 or 4 hours from now -
  19. 56. Brotherhood United A basic sidescrolling shooter where your goal is to save your bros. Fairly quick game to plat. Last trophy: The Hard Way - Pass through a mission without using grenades 57. Prehistoric Dude Another game from Ratalaika. It's a metroidvania where you play as a caveman. Again, you don't need to finish the whole game, you only need to beat the 1st 2 bosses and do some misc stuff. Last Trophy: Well invested? - Open a 100 fruits fence.
  20. 52. Freddy Spaghetti Another game from Ratalaika. Had fun with this one. You control a piece of spaghetti using the triggers to make each end jump. You actually have to play through the whole game, but the game is fairly short. Took about 1 hour to get ready. Will get the PS5 version ready after. Last Trophy: Apex Predator - Complete Apex Predator 53. Christmas Break It's almost Christmas, might as well get a Christmas themed game ready. A simple breakout clone with power ups and some mini bosses. Nice and easy. Last Trophy: 7 coins collected - Collected total 7 coins in game. 54. Chickens on the Road Road Bustle apparently has an equally easy sequel that can also be done in about 5 mins, ok then. Last Trophies: All of them Edit 55. Freddy Spaghetti PS5 version ready as well. Last Trophy: Sandbox - Complete Sandbox
  21. I joined the Platinum Rain Days event set up by @jens108 shortly after I started getting games ready, which is happening this weekend, so just trying to see how many I can get ready by then. It is fun, so I'd say go for it. It's helpful keeping a list like this and making notes on exactly what you need to do for the trophies you've left. There's nothing like going back to the games on the day and forgetting exactly what you need to do and you end up wasting time looking it up. I'm going to go through all my games the day before and make sure they are still good to go. Using the PS5 now, so need to make sure all my saves moved across. Also thank you Also another one ready: 51. Katamari Damacy Reroll Got this as an early Christmas present on Friday and have been playing it so much over the weekend. Katamari Forever was one of my favourite games on the PS3, there's just something about it. It has such a catchy soundtrack. I will say this though, the cow and bear levels can just go away, so much frustration and restarts. It doesn't take long to play through all the levels the first time, it's collecting everything that takes the most time. Last Trophy: King of Katamari Damacy - Rolled all items.
  22. 50. DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Another game which I got the plat for previously on the PS3. It's actually slightly easier than the previous list, as you only need to SSS rank 10 of the missions (which can be done on easy this time around) and you don't even need to do Hell and Hell. You do have to play through the DLC from the original for the plat, but it's fairly short. An enjoyable game with decent combat. Last Trophy: Power... Give me more power! - Purchase all of Dante's combat upgrades
  23. Ok, so I might have gone on a little cheap and easy game spending spree and got a few more ready: 44. Kawaii Deathu Desu A simple beat em up where you're an anime girl Death slaughtering all your fans, cus why not. Last Trophy: Stylist - Unlock 9 Idol Skins 45. Snake Boat: Otterrific Arcade This game was 79p, so I thought why not. Title says it all, you're a snake in a boat. You just have to avoid arrows being fired at you. That's about it. Last Trophy: The Mango Strikes Back - Survive for a total of at least 5 minutes on Blind as a Mango mode. 46. Dark Sauce You play as a pig avoiding traps and collecting coins. For some reason level 10 took quite a few attempts to get done. The hitboxes of the spikes are a little bit off, but fairly easy otherwise. Last trophy: I'm sure I'm invisible - If you are not moving, they may not notice you. Stay rooted to the spot! 47. Skatemasta Tcheco Both eastasiasoft and Ratalaika are involved with this one. It's a platformer where you're constantly moving and you're on a skateboard. I like the retro style they were going for. You only need to finish 2 levels, so it's a pretty quick plat. Last Trophy: Livin' on the edge - Choose not to save your game when prompted 48. Micetopia Another one from Ratalaika, this is a fairly decent metroidvania. The combat is ok, not the best though. But again, you don't even need to play through the whole game to get the plat. Last Trophy: Half Done - Find five missing pieces of the fountain. 49. Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure It's basically Puzzle Bobble. There's boss battles, but they aren't too difficult. It was a fun little game. Last Trophy: Endless Easy - Play the Endless Mode in Easy and enter in the high score list.
  24. 43. Assassin's Creed II Another game which I got the plat on the PS3, it's a fairly simple plat and a fun game overall. Last Trophy: Myth Maker - Find the 8 statuettes in Monteriggioni.
  25. 42. Ultra Hat Dimension Another game from Ratalaika. A fairly simple puzzle game with some of the most annoying sound effects I've ever heard for a game, so turned those off straight away. Last Trophy: Mad Hatter - Complete 45 levels.