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  1. 50. DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Another game which I got the plat for previously on the PS3. It's actually slightly easier than the previous list, as you only need to SSS rank 10 of the missions (which can be done on easy this time around) and you don't even need to do Hell and Hell. You do have to play through the DLC from the original for the plat, but it's fairly short. An enjoyable game with decent combat. Last Trophy: Power... Give me more power! - Purchase all of Dante's combat upgrades
  2. Ok, so I might have gone on a little cheap and easy game spending spree and got a few more ready: 44. Kawaii Deathu Desu A simple beat em up where you're an anime girl Death slaughtering all your fans, cus why not. Last Trophy: Stylist - Unlock 9 Idol Skins 45. Snake Boat: Otterrific Arcade This game was 79p, so I thought why not. Title says it all, you're a snake in a boat. You just have to avoid arrows being fired at you. That's about it. Last Trophy: The Mango Strikes Back - Survive for a total of at least 5 minutes on Blind as a Mango mode. 46. Dark Sauce You play as a pig avoiding traps and collecting coins. For some reason level 10 took quite a few attempts to get done. The hitboxes of the spikes are a little bit off, but fairly easy otherwise. Last trophy: I'm sure I'm invisible - If you are not moving, they may not notice you. Stay rooted to the spot! 47. Skatemasta Tcheco Both eastasiasoft and Ratalaika are involved with this one. It's a platformer where you're constantly moving and you're on a skateboard. I like the retro style they were going for. You only need to finish 2 levels, so it's a pretty quick plat. Last Trophy: Livin' on the edge - Choose not to save your game when prompted 48. Micetopia Another one from Ratalaika, this is a fairly decent metroidvania. The combat is ok, not the best though. But again, you don't even need to play through the whole game to get the plat. Last Trophy: Half Done - Find five missing pieces of the fountain. 49. Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure It's basically Puzzle Bobble. There's boss battles, but they aren't too difficult. It was a fun little game. Last Trophy: Endless Easy - Play the Endless Mode in Easy and enter in the high score list.
  3. 43. Assassin's Creed II Another game which I got the plat on the PS3, it's a fairly simple plat and a fun game overall. Last Trophy: Myth Maker - Find the 8 statuettes in Monteriggioni.
  4. 42. Ultra Hat Dimension Another game from Ratalaika. A fairly simple puzzle game with some of the most annoying sound effects I've ever heard for a game, so turned those off straight away. Last Trophy: Mad Hatter - Complete 45 levels.
  5. Another update, The ABC trophies bonus is ready Edit: 18th Dec
  6. 41. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Got it finished yesterday, was much shorter than the previous game. New Game+ took about 3 hours. A good game, but really should have been cheaper. Last Trophy: Just the Beginning - Unlock all Skills
  7. 40. Marvel's Spiderman Remastered An enjoyable and fairly easy plat. Did the PS4 version back when it was available on PS Now. Working on Miles Morales so should have that done soonish. Last Trophy: Hero for Higher - Perch atop Avengers Tower
  8. 39. Concept Destruction Got the PS5 version for free, so got this quick and easy game ready in about 20 mins. Cardboard destruction derby with a pretty metal soundtrack. Last Trophy: The Rebel - Get out of the driving area in School
  9. 38. Life is Strange 2 An interesting story, although I thought the 1st game had a slightly better one. Played through it blind and got the missed collectibles after using a guide. Last Trophies: Sidetracked Find optional collectible #1 in Episode 1 Dillydallying Find all optional collectibles in Episode 1
  10. Thank you, I'm sure you'll have a blast playing through Cuphead. It's all about learning boss attack patterns and it's just an overall great game. The PS5 was finally released over here on Thursday, so I've been playing it a bunch the past couple of days. Which leads me to my 1st PS5 plat ready: 37. Astro's Playroom This comes preinstalled on all PS5s and is a showcase for the new Dualsense features. It's actually a pretty good game, packed full of references to other games and previous PlayStation consoles. Last Trophy: Honey, I'm Home! - Walked under the PlayStation Home icon in PlayStation Labo.
  11. Just a quick question. Are we able to get points for PS5 games? Just got 1 ready and wondering if I can add it to the list, could maybe award the same amount as PS4 games.
  12. A couple more easy games ready: 35. My Name is Mayo 2 Oh boy, here we go again. Last Trophies: But if you sing, sing, sing sing. - Get the microphone! (Hit 10000 times!) The most beautiful secret - This is beautiful (Unlock all) 36. Active Neurons A puzzle game where you slide a square around and have to activate all the neurons on each level. The game let's you check the solution for each puzzle, which makes it much easier. Last Trophies: Super neuron - Charge the eighth neuron Brain - Charge the brain
  13. 34. Virginia Played through this following the guide. Fairly short, took about 4 hours overall. Last Trophy: Aleph - Get your foot off my neck
  14. 33. Wet I started this back in 2010 and never got round to finishing it off. Had fun with this, although it doesn't really have a great story. Had fun jumping about and shooting everyone in slow motion. My main issues with the game is at times, you try jumping for a ledge and the automatic grab system just doesn't work. Died so many times because of this. Also the boss fights are QTEs, so they weren't good. The soundtrack is great though. Last Trophy: Monkey Obsessed! - Collect every Monkey Toy in the game.
  15. Yeah, I like to try and get a decent number of games when I do one of these, had loads of fun doing my last one. I haven't played an MMO in a while (think the last one I played was Guild Wars 2) but I could never really get into it for some reason. Was a good game, just don't MMOs are really my kind of game. Just try and set some time aside to get through some other games. Anyway, more games ready 29. Cat Quest Saw this on sale for about £2 and my friend recommended it a while back, so I gave it a go. A cute RPG filled with soooo many cat puns. Definitely recommend playing this. Last Trophy: Power of the Arcane - Obtained all 7 skills 30. Rusty Gun A fairly short side scrolling shooter. Aliens invade the Earth and it's up to you to sort them out. Last Trophy: What month is it? - Find a calendar 31. TimbermanVS Not sure what to make of this. It was fun, but it felt like a minigame, which I had to play for about 5 hours overall. I think I played something similar to this a while back, might have been one of the minigames in SuperHot. You cut down a tree, breaking away the bottom piece with every button press. You press a button for each side and have to avoid branches that move down as pieces are cut. Last Trophy: More nitro! - Use a boost 1000 times in total 32. Skytime Another cheap and easy platinum. I say it was easy, but the controls make it harder than it should be. It has a time stopping mechanic, which is a cool idea. But it just didn't feel good to play. Last Trophy: Where am I? - Hidden trophy
  16. Another update, I'm making it my goal to get the ABC Bonus. So close now. Edit: Updated 27th Nov
  17. 28. Yasai Ninja Thought I'd give this a go because it was fairly cheap and you get to play as a ninja Broccoli. The combat feels very stiff and not great to play. The platforming sections were harder than they should have been, all because of the not great at times camera. Last Trophy: Pacifist - Dodge an unnecesary fight
  18. It's been a few days and haven't really been making too much progress, haven't been feeling too great. But I have managed to get another one ready: 27. XBlaze Code: Embryo A visual novel which is a prequel to the BlazBlue series. I have no idea what the story is about as I may have skipped pretty much all the cutscenes. Was a bit annoying have to keep constantly saving and reloading at certain parts to unlock all the recaps but it wasn't too bad once I knew what I was doing. Last Trophy: Audiophile - You've played all songs in Music.
  19. Got another quick one ready yesterday but forgot to update here: 25. Jump, Step, Step A puzzle game where you have to plan out the movement of a robot by setting up movement commands. Not a bad game, was very short. Last Trophy: Up and Down - Complete the up/down puzzle before the final boss with 5 instructions Edit: Another one ready 26. Everything Played this at my friend's house and was both incredibly confused and intrigued. You can play as pretty much everything that you can see. Nothing like exploring the universe as a toilet. Some of the trophies descriptions are not very clear on how you unlock them, so had to look up how to actually unlock them. Most of the trophies can be earned just play letting the game play itself. Just left my PS4 on all day today trying to get it to generate the amount of thoughts required for one of the trophies. Last Trophy: You Are Nothing - Everything is Nothing
  20. 24. Kingdom Hearts One of my favourite game series. Got the platinum for the PS3 version when they first released 1.5, so thought I'd go for it again. They've actually made the list less annoying than the original as you no longer have to get all the Gummi blueprints this time. Also, the difficulty trophies actually stack this time, so that's good. Last Trophies: Synthesis Master - Synthesize all items. Blade Master - Obtain all Keyblades.
  21. 23. One Night Stand More Ratalaika, yay. Nice and easy, just followed a guide and got this done fairly quick. Last trophy: Good night - You receive another message from Gary.
  22. 2 more done 21. Zero Strain Another fairly easy game. Top down shooter where you control a ship and shoot stuff. Took less than an hour to get ready. Last Trophy: Caretaker III - Unlock station power 12 22. Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn Took me a couple of days to get round to starting this, but there we go. Last Trophy: Collector - Find all collectables.
  23. Another one done 19. Gravity Rush 2 A fun game where you control gravity to fall in style. I found it easier than the 1st game overall but there was actually a post game grind this time for gems to get all the upgrades. Also a bit of RNG when it came to the giant Nevi spawns. Took about 60 hours to get it ready. Last Trophy: Sacred Trio - Equipped all three types of talismans at one time. Edit: Make that 2 20. Inferno 2 A very easy twin stick shooter. Took about 30 mins to get ready. Last Trophy: COUNT DEATHS - Get Destroyed 5 Times
  24. And another one is done 17. Far Cry 3: Classic Edition Probably my favourite Far Cry game, played this back when it was first released. This list was slightly easier as there were no online trophies to worry about. Last Trophy: Fully Inked - Earn every tattoo by learning all the skills. Edit: And another one 18. Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past A typical easy Artifex Mundi list. Went through with the guide and got this done in a few hours. Gonna get the 3rd game done either today or tomorrow. Last Trophy: Figurines Collector - Collect all mythical figurines.
  25. Another Week, some more games ready to go: 13. Takotan A fun little sidescrolling shooter where you play as a flying octopus. Fairly short game. Last Trophy: Red Diamonds - Collect 12 red diamonds 14. Nippon Marathon I've been thinking about playing this for a while as I like the more random, quirky games. Was on sale for £2 so I finally got it. Not the prettiest game but it's not bad. Just race the other contestants while avoiding watermelons and Shibu Inu. Last Trophy: Xylophagia - Eat a Wedy Page and gain nothing but protein 15. Road Bustle Yep, another cheap and easy plat. Haven't even started it yet, but it only takes about 5 mins, so it's ready I guess. Last Trophies: All of them 16. Mecho Tales Another short game and fairly cheap. It was alright, the art style's pretty unique and it plays alright. It's a 2D platformer where you shoot enemies with a drone. There's multiple drones to unlock and they're basically just different weapons. The hitbox of the spikes isn't perfect though. Died quite a few times when i was sure I jumped over spikes. Last Trophy: Drone Collector - Purchase all of the drones from Patchie's Shop.