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  1. 6. Dreams Dreams is an interesting one. Media Molecule's latest creation tool is much more advanced than LBP, allowing players to create whatever they want really. The community's made some decent games, although I'd say about 80% of creations are just copyright infringement and meme games. But still, very impressed by what can be done with this. In terms of trophies it's not too challenging. Thankfully there's only a handful of trophies relating to creations you've shared and nothing as annoying as the creation trophies from LBP. Getting to Level 30 did take quite a while. Last Trophy: Puppeteer - Reach rank 3 or higher in the Puppeteer imp quest
  2. 5. Dark Void I thought I had this ready for the last plat rain but the gun I needed to use for the trophy was too strong. Instead of suspending enemies in the air, it was killing them in 1 shot. Started a new save up to the point when you acquire the weapon. Tried attacking a couple of enemies and it's all good now. A fun game which I started back in 2011 where you fly about as Nolan North with a jetpack fighting robots. Last Trophy: 99 Red Balloons - Kill 10 enemies while they are in anti-gravity bubble
  3. 4. Omega Strike A fun little metroidvania. You can freely switch between 3 characters which each have their own abilities. It's not a long game, took about 4 hours playtime to finish. Last Trophy: Buy a chicken treat
  4. Got a few more games ready : Update 9th Nov PSN name: Shorty132471
  5. 3. Crystar So I had no idea what this game was, just saw it on sale earlier this year when I was in town. It's a pretty basic Hack and Slash JRPG. There was a bit of a post game grind to max out one of the characters and some RNG when it came to getting some of the Memoirs, but it wasn't too bad compared to other games I've played through. Last Trophy: Defeat 5 enemies at the same time
  6. It's been about 1 month since my last update (been trying to get to 1st for Crimsons on Rock Band 4, so haven't been focusing on trophies as much) I have been working on other games, so will hopefully have a few more ready soon. Just need to beat 5 more bosses on Cuphead on Expert and that will be ready to go. I did manage to get another one ready today, but it's another Ratalaika game. 2. Rogue Cube Another easy game. It's a bit like Enter the Gungeon in terms of how it plays, just much easier. Last Trophy: Play a daily run
  7. Hey @jens108 just saw your message on my Plat Rain thread, you can sign me up Have been a bit lazy, been playing a bunch of Rock Band recently but will probably start to pick up the pace soon. I'll update my progress here as well with any games I've played recently: PSN name: Shorty132471 I'll link my thread here as well, you can check the games I did for my previous 2 rain days: I think my problem is I start too many games at the same time and can never decide which to finish. Need to learn to finish games before starting a new one.
  8. 1. Clash Force Another quick and easy Ratalaika game. Once again, they don't make you play through the whole game for the plat. Looking at the stage selection screen there's only 6 more levels after level 15, so not sure why you don't have to play through those as well. Still had fun with this though. Died a few times on a couple of levels, but overall still a decent game.
  9. Been using the site for a few years, but have never been on the forums, so hello everyone! Been trophy hunting since the beginning, back when Super Stardust got trophies. I play pretty much anything besides Sports and Battle Royale games. Also try to do a bit of streaming whenever I get a chance. Did my 2nd Platinum Rain last week and manage to get 84 new plats, was pretty fun: I don't always get the chance to get on though, have 2 kids so my game time is a bit more limited than it used to be. But I still try to find time to get on and try and get through my never ending backlog. Also play a fair bit of Rock Band, so would probably get through more games. But anyway, hope you're all doing well and stay safe everyone.
  10. I'm sure I will enjoy it here, had a quick look around and seems like a great community. It took about 3 months of preparation to get the stream ready. I played through all those games and left 1 easy/quick trophy for last and then just got them all done on the night. Did one for my birthday and got 32 for that one, so I was pretty happy with the one last week.