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  1. Ancient Weapon + Leech + Jump Repairs This set up is easy mode. I killed almost 400 enemies on Hard mode with this set up FTW.
  2. I got those two trophies in almost the same way. I can't remember if it was an innoncent kill, but they both definitely popped at the same time, in Chapter 1, when my total level for all characters added together was barely 30.
  3. I just got an SSS in my 40th mission, but the trophy didn't pop. Is it glitched? Edit: Nevermind. I played a Chapter 1 mission (for which I already had SSS) solo and got SSS+. Then the trophy popped. Not sure why though.
  4. I've been on several dates (walking around the city to the points with hearts) with Sonia and Rinna but still no trophy. Am I doing something wrong or is this trophy glitched?
  5. Getting near the Platinum trophy. Just got "Proud Survivor" with this build.
  6. Yeah I see that. I just now did the 5 stage story mission in Chapter 15 and the three missing character episodes became available. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Do you mean beating all the normal missions in Chapter 15?
  8. Does anyone know if this trophy is possibly glitched? I swear I've done all the character episodes (it shows complete on all episodes) but it hasn't been activated in my trophy list. I'm in Chapter 15. Here's what I've done: Ciel - episode 6 - episode complete Gilbert - episode 10 - episode complete Nana - episode 7 - episode complete Kota - episode 7 - episode complete Erina - episode 9 - episode complete Emil - episode 7 - episode complete Licca - episode 7 - episode complete Haruomi - episode 9 - episode complete Kanon - episode 7 - episode complete Kigurumi - episode 10 - episode complete Alisa - episode 7 - episode complete Soma - episode 7 - episode complete Lindow - episode 5 - episode complete (also completed "The Black Predator" questline) Tatsumi - episode 5 - episode complete Brendan - episode 4 - episode complete Karel - episode 4 - episode complete Shun - episode 4 - episode complete Gina - episode 4 - episode complete Am I missing something?
  9. I used the Tochka that fires the 4 purple balls to distract the tornado and didn't spend a lot of time on any one platform. Just keep moving. It's easier if you finish the witch that shoots the easy to dodge 3 way ice, since she always appears on the inside corners of the platform. Once she's down, you can focus on the wind witch. You can also throw in a few mini-knight Tochkas for good measure at that point. But be sure to keep spawning the 4 way canon tochka as it does damage and the tornado will target it instead of you.