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  1. Several sections still need to be updated, like the outdated Revolution, Xenoverse 1, games, etc, etc.
  2. It still won't be perfect, but yes, it will be better this way.
  3. That's only gonna hurt them. No physical version, only being able to buy the game digitally, is bad enough. Now... no platinum trophy on top of this? The game is $20, and considering specific other games, they can squeeze a platinum in there. CS wasnt even this light blue in his own games, so its inconsistent with his (aesthetic) legacy prior to Mania, which this game looks better and consistently follows his re-designed fur shade from Gen's/Mania. MS is the one who got brighter first, after SA2 (especially in Heroes and 06). They then gave CS a unique and different shade of blue, solely to distinguish him from MS, in Gens. Dark Blue is just inaccurate to say for the recent versions of MS, where he's more of the standard-traditionally blue than dark blue, unlike SA1 and below, Darkspine Sonic, and Dark Sonic (as you can see are truly dark blue). But if you added "er" to the end of dark, it'd be fine to say. Just some insight, that's all.
  4. Um.. I don't know...? (There's no context.) No, this is particularily wrong; they actually do provide good replay-value. Obviously I can't go into detail why either, soo..... What is your favorite racing and zombie game of all time?
  5. No physical release confirmed. There better be a platinum trophy (compensation extent).
  6. Crash Team Racing Crash Bash Spyro The Dragon Trilogy (if not being remastered)
  7. Extremely petty... I'm a huge unbiased (given I like the 2D & 3D games) and passionate Sonic fan... but w/e yo.
  8. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. >;^) (Please.) That'll never happen, even with its pretty well sales.
  9. Wasnt there exceptions still made after the rule was taken off? (Idka.) Generally dont see the issue... over-looking a simple rule (which can easily be changed by the PP Admin) for 1 series.... or a few. The worse that can happen is getting 1 or a few new franchise PPs. (But what's actually bad about that?) The rule does not need to stay in place since PP's debut, and revoking the rule isnt going to create any non-balance. And getting the filler DB/Naruto/OP/Etc reward on the SPP isnt really a good point. Preventing other ppl from making a PP for the respective 2-3 franchise simply looks greedy and petty (unless im missing something....). They wouldnt at all harm his PP, nor would they detract from his PP. If anything they'd promote his, so again, why purposely prevent determined ppl to make a few PP threads? Like I said... if something came up with hosts. Obviously you wouldn't even remotely give yourself the second to think about handing it to me now....
  10. Always seems like I enjoy the bad or very flawed things in life. I disagree with a few things, but i'm not looking for an argument.
  11. Pretty sure theres a rule for specific game series to have their own PP and be part of "party up/multi" PPs. I... was... speaking... indefinitely ..... If the hosts couldnt handle them now... or in the future. That's a great point, really a generally great point. Dragon Ball and Naruto alone rack up a good amount of games in their respective franchises, enough for their own and good quality PPs. It actually sucks that they'd rather and only (at least currently) be part of a "meshed" thread. Like imagine if Ratchet & Clank were part of a 3rd Person Shooter (or something less broad) primarily, Sly part of a Stealth/Ampromorphic platforming/Etc PP. (Should have been submitted several hrs ago, oops.)
  12. Personally... I'd be willing to handle the Killzone and Sonic (and maybe Uncharted) PPs, if the current host couldn't maintain them any longer. ... Also, can like a Dragon Ball PP be made...?
  13. Shantae: Risky's Revenge The blurry pixelated graphics hurts the experience (especially having seen vastly superior versions on Youtube - PC version? Id love to have had that version instead). Otherwise, it's the same thing as the blurry pixelated Sonic 1, 2, and CD (PS3) ports. OVERALL, I regret having started this game (not just because of the graphics).
  14. Damn... ACIII and Watch Dogs O: (GwG are lucky..)