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  1. More like Hideo Kojima's last title, har har har
  2. Knack 3 baybeee
  3. A small tip that helped me to get both Nergigante crowns in just 2 SOS runs and a bunch of other stuff. I look for SOS requests that were launched a few minutes in and not immediately. When an HR999 launches SOS 2-3 minutes in, it's obvious that there will be a crown size dude or near it.
  4. It's a remake, with gameplay changes, better UI, additional story (spoils some Totori and Meruru stuff) and content, some QoL changes. I would advise to play original trilogy first and then enjoy Plus versions and their improvements. If you don't want to play both original Rorona and Rorona Plus then it's better to stick to Plus, as it's straight up better.
  5. It's a pretty good game too. UI is somewhat unfriendly, but the gameplay is straightforward and comfy.
  6. 7, sort of, there's original Rorona and a very different Rorona Plus remake.
  7. Sorry about ignoring older posts, I somehow missed the 'new post' alert. Will update the list tomorrow. Also, https://www.ccn.com/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-suddenly-yanked-from-russian-ps-store/
  8. Atelier Ryza became the best selling Atelier game in Japan, selling 150k on release, almost twice as much as Meruru, previous best.
  9. I got both crowns for Tigrex within 3 Tigrexes while I was leveling Rotten Valley in GL. I also got mini Brutal Tigrex and mini Silver Rath on their first appearance in GL. Never gold a single gold in GL before, so I feel like locale level is tied to the chance of getting a crown.
  10. It's called 'skeleton' and it's often reused because making a unique skeleton is pretty taxing for devs. I doubt that it's related to sizes in any way, for example Yian Garuga is tiny but shares the same skel and moves with big Raths.
  11. Variants have the same crown sizes as originals?
  12. I like to use groups of 3 to keep up with Atelier. 3 Arland, 3 Arland Plus, 3 Arland DX, 3 Dusk, 3 Dusk Plus, 3 Dusk DX, 3 Mysterious, and 3 more left (Nelke, Lulua, Ryza). It kinda gets confusing with these constant releases.
  13. Looks boring. I feel like hype is more about Kojima and his cult of personality, than about the game itself.
  14. Flag hysteria is unwarranted, I got them after a week of slow PvPing, although your RNG experience might be different. Leveling your heroes is a much bigger issue, because in PvE leveling is like, I dunno, 10 times slower? And you need to level a lot, to get a competent team to take down bounties and to get all the skills in the game, as they unlock only after reaching certain level. The catch here is the hero hiring RNG. Characters in the shop are constantly shuffled, their skills change too, and it's not immediately clear who should be leveled. I recommend you to focus on Valkyries first, as they are a very strong class, and there's a lot of skill info about them on GameFAQs. There are also two EXP boosting skills, one is passive and the other one is active. If you won't be able to find a character with the skill, you can get one by hiring another player's merc in PvP. They often cost a lot though. Same mercs can carry you through some battles, but overall it's a pretty gruesome experience, until you become OP. Another thing is that battles are chained in PvP. You get an opportunity to fight like 3 times in a row and obviously it's better to do that because you can't cast EXP Up skill every single time. And high level enemies give you much more exp. So, you'll need to assemble a competent team as fast as possible to level efficiently. Overall, I'd recommend you to make a proper team ASAP and then PvP religiously. The game can be done in 2 weeks, but not if you are slacking.