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  1. The game is more or less finished. It's pretty much the copy of PC version, except for new UI.
  2. Pretty choppy, regular fps drops down to 10 fps or so. My PC runs it about as well, so it's not a deal breaker, but still.
  3. 50 GB, this will take a while. You can browse some costumes here, by the way. https://store.enmasse.com/tera/items/costumes The game also has a number of wearable nighties too, if I remember right.
  4. Sorry, but this is the most boring, pointless Sony show I've ever seen. The fact that Sony shills VR while ignoring Vita says a lot about them and nothing of this lot is good. And where's DMC5?
  5. I want my Taki back.
  6. They did nerfed some exploitable stuff (Sloth, exp grind), but the plat is still easy. If fact, I'd argue that with patches your overall experience will be more pleasant.
  7. I think about children all the time.
  8. Shame it's a straight port without new content, would've bought second time otherwise. Both!
  9. I bet they got angry because people discovered their exp throttle scheme and decided to profit off the trophy hunters instead.
  10. I was hoping they will do something like this. There's a lot of aged-like-wine games in there, not to mention reasonable prices.
  11. Man, this stuff is pretty deep. Really makes me you think, doesn't it?
  12. It's really cool how British police is "stamping out" crime with not a single successful prosecution in decades. Reminds me of that Rotherham scandal.
  13. UK is that country where they imprison for "offensive" jokes, while female genital mutilation is de-facto legal, right?
  14. Best: Magus. Game of supreme quality. Spent like 5 american donalds on it, but it's worth all 50. Worst: FFXV. I kinda liked it, especially with get-Aranea-into-your-team-permanently bug, but it was more of a showcase for cut content and wasted potential.
  15. Legend is not very hard, just painfully slow. The most important thing there is to not ignore avatar project and keep at least one alien facility in your territory. I did Ironman+Speedrun, worked pretty well for me, since I was done with Ironman quickly, although first few missions were painful. Reloaded maybe in ten situations during campaign and about 20 times in the last mission. I'm pretty autistic when it comes to (not) losing soldiers, so if you're fine with casualties you won't need to reload that much. You should ignore autopsies, unless it's Muton (grenade launchers, plasma grenades), MEC (gremlin upgrade) or Faceless (Mimic Beacon). Avatar stuff goes first (including officer autopsy), then weapons, armor after that. For resources, prioritize Engineers > Scientists > Intel > Supplies. I used 2 ranger+2 specialist+2 grenadier team composition. You can replace one specialist with grenadier or ranger. I really dislike snipers, they kinda suck. Plus, researching and buying snipers+pistols for one guy is a waste. I strongly recommend to use bluescreen rounds, talon rounds on one ranger, at least one EMP grenade (+volatile trait) for Codex stacks. Be aware that gremlins break windows and see enemies, thus trigger enemy stacks. In kill order prioritize Andromedons, Gatekeepers, MECs, Berserkers, Cryssalids, Mutons, Lancers, Sectopods, Officers and Faceless, because Soldiers, Codex and Sectoids very often end up not damaging you at the end of their turn. Be aware that a number of enemies, especially Archons, have evade ability, and often take minuscule damage even if you land a hit. Two misc tips that may also help: you can hack second Andromedon form and Berserkers sometimes attack their allies when enraged.