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  1. R.I.P. in Peace
  2. Yonder is really good for its price.

  3. If Swinch will fail to meet KT's sale expectations, just like PC and PS did. Or, maybe, they will try to make profit from remastering older games, like Arland trilogy.
  4. Told ya they will port their kusoge to Swinch.
  5. If anyone is still having bad time handling the dragon, the trick here is to not attack. Just parry and wait until the boss launches Wolf Spell and reflect it to dragon. Dragon will be insta purged, allowing you to revive dead member and bonk a boss. Repeat until victory. upd: not Wolf Spell, but Dragon Spell, called Claw Spirit or something like that. Wolf one will heal the dragon.
  6. Framerate is awful, especially for a combat that is heavily dependent on precise blocking. This shit is practically unplayable in some fights, I hope they will patch it.
  7. Well, Firis flopped hard on consoles and Steam. Switch is their last hope.
  8. Totori is too low, but solid list overall. The series seems to be deteriorating, like a corpse.
  9. Amount of money you get from completing missions was nerfed and money were the primary source of super rare cards (you need 100 of them, I think). Then you'll have to find a bunch of people of appropriate classes to play 100 co-op battles. Plenty of bosses are extreme difficulty jumps, but eventually they made it possible to buy revival potions with in-game money, so it's not a biggie. On top of that, game has some serious latency issues.
  10. I'm not sure why people say that it takes 200+ hours, I think I got 100% in less than 100 hours. That said, they did revamped the game quite a bit at some point, so it may be harder to complete it now.
  11. I hope that music will be made by the same guys. CS OST was amazing.
  12. You mean you threw away 60 bucks. Game is horrible. ME2 is my favorite, by the way, hope you will enjoy it.
  13. I would add that there's a difference between original Arland and Arland Plus. For original one the guide is a must have, because getting all endings without it is a nightmare. Plus versions makes getting endings a much easier task, but Meruru Plus adds some bosses that not many people can beat without step-by-step alchemy walkthrough.
  14. Mine was at the start of Sunken Temple, hidden outside in green kelp. Not sure how I missed that one. Jump rope,"99 out of 100 nobles were impressed", "assign soldiers to different tasks" with no way to learn which combination is correct and save point being far behind.
  15. Got the plat, spent 78 hours. Not sure why people hate on minigames as they're extremely easy, especially when compared to minigames from FFIX/FFX. The hardest part was finding the missing chests.