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  1. I stopped playing in like 2013/4, when they added Nova, but the music in Fortuna trailer is so bloody good, it makes me want to go back.
  2. So, we will be adding 5 new games this and next year, huh. Assuming they will roll out the beginning of a new trilogy next year.
  3. That's kinda the whole point of the series.
  4. They should include the Plus content, I assume it's being referred to as "downloadable content" in the article.
  5. Gust has announced the remasters of all 3 games in Atelier Arland trilogy (Atelier Rorona, Atelier Totori, Atelier Meruru) for PS4/Swinch. 3 plats, I assume, since you can purchase these games separately. https://gematsu.com/2018/07/atelier-rorona-dx-atelier-totori-dx-and-atelier-meruru-dx-announced-for-ps4-switch
  6. Ahahahah, wait until you will try messaging your friend.
  7. Let's ban games so government wouldn't ban games? What sort of backwards logic is that?
  8. I hate UK so much
  9. Not exactly hate, but I can't stand walkie-talkie drivel from Naughty Dog.
  10. Can't you just, you know, hide these games?
  11. Got the plat, skipped time, skipped back (by mistake), used internet, etc., no save corruption, no borked trophies. In fact, one trophy unlocked earlier, I got 20 legendary outfits with only 18.
  12. Yeah, killing dwellers removes the mole rats from incident pool.
  13. Mental gymnastics here are off the charts. Just admit that you're cheating, nobody's gonna tell your parents on you.
  14. Try questline Horsemen of Post-Apocalypse Part I. Mission 5 gives a pet and you don't have to fight there, just talk to some people.
  15. Make sure to ignore the stupid guide and stop your Vault development at 29 dwellers. 29 dwellers pull a "random" disaster from fire/roaches/raiders pool. Raiders come quite frequently at this point. At 30-31 dwellers you start pulling mutant moles, making raiders far less frequent, not to mention that moles wreck shit. If you will continue your Vault development you will get radscorpions, feral ghouls and deathclaws. There is also a hardcore mode in this game. If you enable it you will be getting more attacks, but the amount of dwellers you can have before moles start appearing will be lower. And thanks for the pet tip!