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  1. FFXV is such a shitshow.
  2. Try restarting the game, it might change the loot table.
  3. What a coincidence, I also had Nier wallpaper for quite some time now. Only with, eh, a different angle. https://i.imgur.com/VQ1yrJg.jpg
  4. 280 hours to plat. Spent a lot of time fooling around, completing all optional quests and being inefficient. Wouldn't mind a longer plat, to be honest.
  5. Any tips on measuring giant Bazel? Every single one of them looks giant to me. Upd: Nevermind :^)
  6. You know, you don't have to worship the plats. Many plats are easy these days, it just means that the player and his profile is much more than dumb raw platinum count. Look at his ultra rare count, look at his game selection, completion times, etc. and judge based on that. I doubt that you get a free catgirl gf for every 100 plats, so I don't see any reason to get mad over some people grinding this worthless casual bling.
  7. Few investigations is not enough, I get both crowns with maybe 15 investigations or so. Make sure that all investigations have at least 1 silver + 1 gold reward, or 2 golds and back up your save to USB. As for indicator, you stand near him and remember how large the specific part of his body is. Then you skip the ones who look average and kill especially small/big ones.
  8. From my experience, the sizes don't always correspond to a crown. I had a few cases when silver crowns were a bit larger than gold ones.
  9. His leg will be at your shoulders when he's sitting and a bit below you or at the same level when he stands.
  10. This is the edge case, apparently. My Lavadude was somewhat smaller (my head was a bit above vertical mark's bottom) and yet he gave me the gold.
  11. It depends on the general size of the monster. Small monsters, like Girros, don't have that much variability to their size. Secondly, there's very little to no difference between silver giant crown and gold giant crown size, same for small ones. And I'm pretty sure that sometimes gold crowns were a bit closer to the average than silver crowns.
  12. Great drop rate again, just like yesterday. Got 4 crowns I wanted from just 20 runs.
  13. Teostra mini gold crown, 50 min, 3 attempts, 2 faint, silver+silver+gold. 4 elder crowns and 2 crowns from black diablos today, new crowns drop every 3-6 investigations. Feels like they upped the drop rate for everything.
  14. Teostra giant gold crown, 50 min, 3 attempts, 1 faint, silver+silver+gold.
  15. Sorry, no, I delete investigations after I get crowns.