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  1. SIE is located in California since 2016, so I wouldn't be surprised if this recent 'policy' was a consequence of MeToo and Kavanaugh, plus generally being influenced by Californian leftism.
  2. Sony can eat shit then, I'll just stop updating the firmware.
  3. Yikes. I'll buy another artbook instead.
  4. Like paid online with shitty subscription games?
  5. Take into consideration the fact that the number of PSN accounts has increased by 10s of millions since you registered your own. Finding a decent name will be much harder this time.
  6. HP 1, 2 and 3 were great, games with tons of secrets are generally great.
  7. Dragon's Crown. I bought the OLED Vita specifically to play that game and it was my first PS console since PS2. Few trophies popped and I was hooked.
  8. Two different auditories tbh. TLoU is for the fans of zombie movies. Magus is non-stop no-bull visceral action, made for pure gamers who want to feel like Spiderman.
  9. I'll have to buy Arland trilogy for the third time. No regrets!
  10. I hope for deeper gameplay and more of the same in characters/music department. First one was a really good game for its price.
  11. Your first encounter with gaming journalism? "Good" score starts with 80 and 100, or 10/10, doesn't mean absolute perfection. Mass Effect Andromeda, for example, is rated 72.
  12. Maybe the game is genuinely mediocre and deserves near-yellow score?
  13. The grind is insane. The biggest problem is character prices, like 15 locked characters and the price to unlock them averages at ~100k. You also need a gun for each character that averages at ~30k. You get ~2k per mission and your normal mission lasts 20 minutes. So, it's like 300-400 hours of mundane repetitive grind. There's a lot of great shit in this game, character designs are the best I ever seen in a Western game, conversations between then are great, antagonist system and melee are pretty fun too. But I'll plat 8 good games in the same amount of time, with much more enjoyment too. And the worst of all, they couldn't even design a decent looking trophy icons. Like, look at this shit. I can do better in Paint, for free.
  14. Poongie