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  1. I agree with generations thing, but the social justice censorship comes from relatively young people, not old. In fact, old school feminists are far more moderate and sensible compared to modern Resetera gestapo.
  2. It was affected temporarily and, probably, was a self-censorship case on behalf of Capcom. I bet it was Sony who told them to de-censor the game as they are afraid of major backlash. They are betting everything on games like RDR2, God of War, Spiderman, TLoU2 and Cyberpunk, sinking that ship is a suicide for them. That said, Sony is exceptional in their ability to fuck things up, so who knows.
  3. Some of them are also pretty okay with school shootings, bombing school buses, infant genital mutilation, child beauty pageants, calling aborted fetuses "parasites" and castration for transitioning 3 y/olds. You know how some closet gays become really aggressive and homophobic when accused of being gay? I think it works the same way with Americans and their hatred of "pedophilia" (anime). Sony is too chickenshit to censor high profile titles, I doubt that any AAA title will be affected.
  4. Anyone who considers a namechange, remember that name availability has decreased over time. You're going to have much less options than when you chose your name (poorly).
  5. Yeah, I'd say in your case the risk is justified. Good luck, ArmoredSquirreXD.
  6. Do you think that the entire world speaks English?
  7. I hope you're joking.
  8. I really liked TheYuriG's idea: filtering out trophies above certain %. Seems relatively easy to implement and it could work as alternative (or main) leaderboard.
  9. Almost none of the MK characters dress or look realistically, they are purposely outlandish and based on stereotypes. Male ninjas in Japan most certainly didn't looked like Scorpion. That is exactly why this "we cover the titty because realism" excuse is so ridiculous. Shouldn't you remove fire-breathing skeletons and time traveling electricity dudes first? By ideology I meant political considerations, not change in the tone. I do agree that it's pretty confusing and will, probably, produce even more arguments. I'll check what people say outside of PSNP and probably will just go with popular opinion.
  10. What counts for censorship and what not seems to differ from person to person. I expressed my personal opinion in point 1., but I'm not in position to tell people from point 2. that they are wrong.
  11. Female ninjas (kunoichi) are literal whores that spied and killed through seduction and sex. It makes sense for a guy to be barechested because of his Aztec origin, but a group of women whose name translates as "9 holes plus 1" must be completely clothed and look "respectfully". Because that layer of fabric covering the titty will prevent Raiden from cutting the girl in half. Putting this silly argument aside, I hope we all can acknowledge few things. 1. Developer can alter existing franchise because of his beliefs and this is not an act of censorship (unless done under pressure). 2. Most people who care about censorship, and read the list, see ideology driven reduction in sex/violence as censorship. 3. MK changes were most likely ideology driven but not done under pressure. Either way, we cannot prove/disprove anything, unless we have our own kunoichi spy in the dev team. My proposal is to include MK into the list, but list it as ideology-based change and not censorship. If you disagree, please, tell me.
  12. He quotes the statement that showing too much skin in battle is silly and then tries to justify men showing too much skin by symbolism, that is completely irrelevant to practicality of clothing. Censorship or not, this vid was a waste of time.
  13. After reading Wolfenstein 2, DMC5 and some other subforums, I'm convinced that there's a connection between high game difficulty and being a total sperg.
  14. I binged it and people say you need to be in-game. https://www.reddit.com/r/Driveclub/comments/2rp23s/unbeatable_trophy_not_unlocking_correctly/
  15. You don't have to quit after getting the plat. Personally, I'm curious about that slavery system, gonna try it out.