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  1. Chronological list should be more precise now, improved from by year to by day. I'll add alphabetical order today. I dislike her sports bra that shrinks her breasts and fixes them in place. I dislike her spats that make her short skirt redundant. I dislike her awful tights that look painted on and make no practical sense whatsoever. Every single bit of fun and sexiness her original design had was taken out. On top of that she has anorexic sticks instead of actual legs and Asian face, for no particular reason. You're right, by the way, her design is not an evidence in itself that she was censored, as she was desexualized since AC. Cross-dressing part and Yuffie will show us if the game is truly censored or they simply hate Tifa.
  2. It's a shame about Tifa. I hope they won't fuck Yuffie up with another poor redesign. It's great that the characters weren't cut, but there are no trophy girls in the game now, right?
  3. Instead of making people to choose between two extremes, why not go for a compromise and make it 66% or something?
  4. Distinguishing from the others is why trophy system exists. Game completion data could be invisible and yet it was made into public "trophies" with gold-silver-bronze hierarchy, both lifted from competitive sport events. It's okay to have "all players are equal" mindset, but why bother with trophies then?
  5. Plenty of VNs, that can be completed fast and with no effort, track under 75% rarity. I voted for 50%, but, in any case, I'm happy that you're addressing this issue at all.
  6. The biggest dub ever
  7. Chinese F/GO was butchered and I'm pretty sure that they censored Detroit Emiya for NA audience.
  8. That's how SpikeChun roll, not the first time they censored some other version for the hell of it.
  9. Why should they be allowed the chance? Fuck them, with a cactus.
  10. Yeah, dungeon crawlers and home consoles don't mix well. Sadly, many games that came out on Vita in Japan are PS4 only in the West, since Vita died in NA very fast.
  11. Switch has outsold PS4's lifetime in Japan, 2y since launch.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KaiserVendrix


      Good job for the Switch, only took Nintendo a second attempt to make a selling console after the Wii U failed miserably. 

    3. DaivRules


      They've both at 8 million in Japan. That's awesome!

    4. NERVergoproxy


      That's crazy.

  12. I made it in chronological order (by year) because it's easier to track down recently censored games that way. I can make a simple alphabetical order list and put it under spoiler, no biggie.
  13. They even censored the logo.
  14. In case if somebody will have a similar question, yes, there are missables. You need to get flower stamps on every task (both from the castle and your dad) and you must get all 4 recommendation letters during one of the tasks as there are trophies locked behind it. The game is also somewhat buggy and some character events might not unlock. It happened to me with the prince and second crown task and you have to load older save because character events are mandatory for true ending. There's a full walkthrough by ma20192003 (GameFAQs) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19_xaed5GFkoSo6azQ5XdG-XMcPwW0NgD7KtMETgGV0c/edit#gid=949517848 it will get you to the plat.
  15. People here only talk about earning trophies, but Roughdawg also made a lot of incredibly helpful guides and PS3Imports is a great place for JP stuff in general. The best trophy hunters are those who help the others, on top of earning trophies themselves.