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  1. The new in-game challenges for PS4, which will be trophies on PS5, look to be brutal. The first two are massive grinds, especially if you haven't played much Railjack. Squad Goals - Attain Command Rank 10 Meeting Adjourned - Acquire all Sisters of Parvos Weapons Strategic Development - Complete all Corpus Proxima Railjack Nodes
  2. Lol. Sorry about that. 😂
  3. With Sisters of Parvos releasing today, DE also made some announcements regarding trophies. Sony does not allow more than 32 trophy categories for a game. Given the base game and the 31 updates with trophies that it has received, Warframe has hit that cap. It also doesn't sound like they plan on adding a second list like Elder Scrolls and Minecraft (just some examples). From the way they are wording it, PS4 will not get the trophies that are currently showing as in-game challenges from the Heart of Deimos update. In-game challenges will continue, but trophies will not. However, PS5 will continue to receive trophy support as those lists are handled very differently. Link:
  4. There are trophies for it. Checked my friend's PSN profile and there are 9 trophies tied to the DLC. They are all single player. My main concern is the zombie mode they are testing on PC now. If that makes it to console, will that have trophies?
  5. So if I just want to play the new content on my PS5 using my PS4 version of GoT, couldn't I just do that with backwards compatibility and only spend $20? This is a pretty confusing way of releasing it, pricing-wise.
  6. Yup. The update is live now. It has 1 trophy (find all the collectibles on the new map) and it is about 11.4 GB.
  7. It looks like the Steam Achievements have already been posted and most likely we'll just be getting one for collectibles. There are 3 listed for the new map, but none of them involve the new mode and they have never added the other ones for difficulties. They're not too creative when it comes to trophies. 😜
  8. Will the Mercenaries trophy be the barrier to the plat for most people? I'm assuming, and I could be wrong, that with enough patience and practice that most people could eventually S rank the levels. I haven't played it myself yet, but this trophy is already giving me nightmares. I figure since I managed all of the RE7 DLC that this should be around the same difficulty and frustration, just a different format. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Just wanted to make sure.
  10. This may be a stupid question, but here it goes. I just got a PS5 (finally) and was wondering if I can just stick with the PS4 version of Warframe on the PS5. I honestly don't want the extra trophies from an auto-pop and I don't want to even have to worry about two lists. If I install just the PS4 version on the PS5 and play that then I won't have to worry about trophies auto-popping or a separate list, correct? Thanks!
  11. I honestly won't complain. I'll take BF V. Not interested in the others though.
  12. Last time I checked they still hadn't fixed the achievements for Heart of Deimos on Steam. Edit: Patch notes are now up. This is right from the site: Heart of Deimos Trophies: These still are requiring more time to submit and will be released in a future update. No other trophies were mentioned.
  13. Call of the Tempestarii (Update 30) goes live tomorrow, April 13th. This will introduce a new Warframe quest along with some pretty major changes to Railjack. The Railjack changes are already on PC but consoles will get them with this update. What are the odds they patch in the Heart of Deimos trophies or add ones tied to this update?
  14. I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. The only real gameplay elements that were added for the Director's cut was 1 raid boss, which was a joke, and some short story missions with Ava? I don't count the Vault Card as it's nothing more than a battle pass. Is that really it?
  15. I played the demo on a PS4 Pro and honestly found nothing exciting about it. The game felt like a clone of games I've played 100 times before. Personally, I don't understand the hype about Outriders. Oh well...