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  1. Wish I received my original code from Best Buy. 😋
  2. LOL. That's completely my fault. Just ignore me. Nothing to see here. 😊
  3. Cool. I just don't feel like changing discs out all the time. 😋
  4. Quick (and possibly stupid) question. I already own Destiny 2 in physical format. If I download the digital version from the store will the lists combine or will they be separate? I don't remember there being a stack for this game, so I would assume it would just integrate with my previous list and then the Forsaken trophies would unlock under the same list.
  5. Deleting response. Wrong game. 😋
  6. You don't happen to have a save on the last mission, do you? 😋
  7. I took a look in my PS App on my phone and I noticed that the Forsaken trophies are now live. Legends Grow - Earn 5,000 Triumph points (Bronze) Exotique - Collect 10 Forsaken Exotic weapons or armor (Bronze) Seal the Deal - Complete a Triumph Seal (Bronze) Fashion Statement - Complete a Collections Badge (Bronze) High-Stakes Play - Win a Gambit match (Bronze) Darkness Falls - Defeat a Forsaken Nightfall Boss (Bronze) Wishing for the Best - Complete the "Last Wish" Raid (Silver) The others are hidden and I won't spoil anything. The three hidden are 2 Bronze and 1 Silver. They don't sound too bad, just grindy. It really comes down to how many Triumph points are available (and whether or not they are tied to the Annual Pass) and what a collection badge entails. What are your thoughts?
  8. Trust me, unfortunately it's there. 😋 It's not showing on PSNP yet but if you check your trophies on your PS4 or in the app you'll see it.
  9. If you have played and completed the Mars DLC then you will have full access to the weapons from that. Simply use the "Tazer Spazer Annihilazer" and you won't ever have to worry about ammo or damage. It's basically a OHK on all enemies.
  10. Hi. Can I be added as well? 😇 I have completed: 1. Dust: An Elysian Tale 2. Headlander 3. Salt and Sanctuary I have Teslagrad, Apotheon, and Song of the Deep in my backlog.
  11. I'm torn on whether or not I should use the debug mode. While I like trophies this just feels kind of unfair. Admittedly, in my opinion, the game is pretty broken right now. It feels like an early access. There are plenty of bugs and it has crashed multiple times. The fact that the game can't close for the run to count makes it a very risky trophy to take on considering the amount of crashes I have seen. I was easily able to replicate the debug mode and get "The Perfect Run" trophy on an alternate account (despite several crashes in the process). Playing the game legit does make it feel a little better to play knowing you just can't face tank everything. However, the enemy and boss balance in the game is all over the place, along with some hit detection and a very frustrating stamina system. Some of the trash mobs are no problem while others will tear you to shreds. The same goes for the bosses. Some are very easy while others will kill you in one hit. I paid for the game and it's a single player game, so I'm obviously not ruining anyone else's experience by using the debug mode, but I just can't decide if I want this to show up on my profile. Dunno, maybe I'm just looking too much into it. Edit: I'm also worried that they will add DLC down the line that will require more speed running. However, with the reception that game has received so far I doubt any substantial DLC will make its way into the game.
  12. Meh. The first DLC was alright. The Mars DLC... absolutely terrible. Hopefully this one has at least some fun elements to it. Any word on a release date?
  13. I tried starting a Permadeath run and I can't even get to my ship before dying. It's brutal. 😋 Finally managed to get a semi-decent starting planet with enough resources that allowed me to stay alive long enough to get off the planet. Also, on a completely different note, this game feels so much better to play now. Very impressed with the NEXT update.
  14. I was just about to post this exact question. If someone has a Permadeath game going like HuntingFever has mentioned... 😉