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  1. Does anyone have any tips on measuring small and large Rathlos? I have fought over 50 of them and don't have a gold crown for either size yet. Thanks.
  2. You, sir, are awesome. Thank you so much. πŸ™‚
  3. If that is the case you are now my best friend ever. Do you have any screenshots you can share from the guild card? πŸ˜‡ Was Deviljho on your guild card at all or did you not fight him? Wondering if it makes a difference if it starts tracking him.
  4. From what I have seen other people posting, the new monster does count towards the trophy. People were able to confirm that it does count towards the research trophy, so it's fairly safe to assume that it applies to the crowns as well. I was down to 2 small and 5 large, back up to 3 small and 6 large. πŸ˜‹
  5. I hope Deviljho doesn't count for the crowns as well. I'm 2 small and 5 large away from those trophies. I fought him and captured him the first time I ran into him but I don't want to have to add more monsters to my crown list.
  6. I'm around 230 hours and I have 25/28 Mini and 22/28 Large. Still having fun and I'm done with all Elder Dragons and both Diablos. Really just a matter of time now. ☺️ For Mini I am missing: Radobaan Rathalos Azure Rathalos For Large I am missing: Odogaron Rathlos Dodogama Bazelgeuse Uragaan Feel free to add me if you are missing some of the same and want to hunt together. Please make sure to mention this site.
  7. Hang in there. It's definitely possible but it just takes time. One of the most important things is not to burn yourself out. I am around 220 hours in and I still need 4 small and 8 large crows. Luckily in 2 weeks we will have an event in the Rotten Vale with increased drop rates. In the meantime I'll probably be running investigations in the Elder's Crossing to see how many I can get there. Don't forget to run the investigations that have silver and gold rewards, no more than 5 attempts, and ones with 2 or 1 faints seem to have higher chances at small or large monsters. Running those types of investigations will drastically cut down on your play time.
  8. How do you go about measuring a monster? I play using bow so it might be a little more difficult for me to gauge the size.
  9. Is this already the final DLC for the game? 😭
  10. Post no longer necessary. Deleting.
  11. For the "Firefighter" trophy, will a bayonet charge count as melee or does it have to be done by swinging a melee weapon?
  12. I'm really enjoying the game. I have completed everything except for the "Permadeath" run (haven't started it yet). The game is really fun and gives you multiple ways to deal with any situation you find yourself in. The base game single player and the story DLCs are all very good. The one thing that holds this game back is Breach mode. As others have pointed out, this mode was obviously designed with microtransactions in mind. However, it can easily be done without spending any real money. Swotam mentioned the infinite energy glitch and simply by playing the mode you will get more than enough money to unlock most if not all of the stuff you need. It is fun for a little but then it just gets repetitive. Again, single player and story DLCs are great. Breach mode isn't hard, just a grind. Definitely worth a try.
  13. Hey guys. Need some serious help. I have 49/50 artifacts as well as the compass. I am in the room right now the game is saying the final artifact is in. I have searched every inch of the room for it and I also watched the 100% guide for that room. The room had 1 artifact and 1 flower according to the guide, both of which I found. Did my game glitch on me or is there another artifact that I am missing in this room? I have attached a picture of exactly where I am. Thanks for the help. Edit: And of course I just found it. 50/50 artifacts. Phew. 😌
  14. Wait... Do you mean the sword from puzzle pieces in battlepacks? Edit: Never mind. Naval Cutlass requires 20 flag captures while in a boat and 15 kills on swimming enemies.
  15. If those are all of the variants then this should be a bit easier than the ones from In the Name of the Tsar DLC. The boat ones could be a little annoying though... Edit: It looks like a lot of those requirements aren't correct. I'm looking at the Battlefield app on my phone right now and they are very different.