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  1. I'm really enjoying the game. I have completed everything except for the "Permadeath" run (haven't started it yet). The game is really fun and gives you multiple ways to deal with any situation you find yourself in. The base game single player and the story DLCs are all very good. The one thing that holds this game back is Breach mode. As others have pointed out, this mode was obviously designed with microtransactions in mind. However, it can easily be done without spending any real money. Swotam mentioned the infinite energy glitch and simply by playing the mode you will get more than enough money to unlock most if not all of the stuff you need. It is fun for a little but then it just gets repetitive. Again, single player and story DLCs are great. Breach mode isn't hard, just a grind. Definitely worth a try.
  2. Hey guys. Need some serious help. I have 49/50 artifacts as well as the compass. I am in the room right now the game is saying the final artifact is in. I have searched every inch of the room for it and I also watched the 100% guide for that room. The room had 1 artifact and 1 flower according to the guide, both of which I found. Did my game glitch on me or is there another artifact that I am missing in this room? I have attached a picture of exactly where I am. Thanks for the help. Edit: And of course I just found it. 50/50 artifacts. Phew. 😌
  3. Wait... Do you mean the sword from puzzle pieces in battlepacks? Edit: Never mind. Naval Cutlass requires 20 flag captures while in a boat and 15 kills on swimming enemies.
  4. If those are all of the variants then this should be a bit easier than the ones from In the Name of the Tsar DLC. The boat ones could be a little annoying though... Edit: It looks like a lot of those requirements aren't correct. I'm looking at the Battlefield app on my phone right now and they are very different.
  5. The assignments for some of the guns are a little crazy. One of the LMGs requires you to destroy two planes with machine guns... The grind to get these weapons is going to be a long one.
  6. Luckily I already have all of the other DLC trophies. I'll just have to focus on getting to rank 44. A very weird move by Bethesda though considering how little attention this game's MP received.
  7. Awesome. Good to know. I didn't want to have to do every vault on Insanity. 😋
  8. Very quick question regarding the Cryptographer trophy. I'm going through on Insanity difficulty as my first playthrough and have solved 9 of the Remnant puzzles currently. Do I have to solve all of them prior to completing the final Priority Op (main mission) or can I use free-roam after completing the final Priority Op and do a clean up (assuming I didn't miss any of the missable ones)?
  9. If you have a fully upgraded Aloy and the Shild-Weaver outfit you should be fine. I would assume it's beating the story missions on NG+ on Ultra-Hard so it shouldn't take too long, meaning side-missions and collectibles are not necessary. It's free, I love the game, so bring it on!
  10. The trophies for "The Depths" are live on PSN. So close - You'll do better next time. Not Alone - What's new with you? Hidden Trophy - won't spoil it Can't wait!!!
  11. According to there will be achievements, so I would assume those would translate into trophies. The Silence When You Speak to Me - Listen to all of Master Ordan's conversations in the Pandemonium Fortress Serve the Balance - Reach level 70 with a Necromancer Bringer of Order - Complete Act V with a Necromancer Bone Skewer - Damage 40 enemies with Bone Spear in 3 seconds What is Dead Can Sometimes Die - Kill 1,000 Undead enemies with corpses Curse Your Enthusiasm - Kill 5,000 cursed enemies Terror in the Blood - While under 10% life and fighting Diablo, use an ability that costs health and then defeat him Game of Bones - Use Bone Armor to rip the Bones from the Skeleton King Skeleton Crew - Kill 500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies with Command Skeleton minions Self Controlled - Kill you own Shadow Clown with Simulacrum during the Diablo encounter Edit: Don't know if they mean Shadow Clone, but that is what is out there right now. 😋
  12. #100 LittleBigPlanet "100% Complete" Finally, after 7 years, 2 months, and 1 week I got the Platinum for LittleBigPlanet. It was one of my first PS3 games when I wasn't that into trophy hunting. When I saw that my next Platinum would be #100 I decided it had to be something special. I really love this game (and the plat image is awesome) so I decided to jump back in and make this my 100th. There was a small issue with my plan however... The PS3 that I started this game on got the YLOD so I didn't have my save file with a lot of the levels already aced. Seeing as the last trophy that I needed was "Play" I had to go through the entire game again and ace every level. I had a great time despite some of the more challenging levels (I'm talking to you Boom Town and The Bunker). Great game and proud to have it as my 100th Platinum.
  13. I can confirm that this method works. If you are on a streak and see that you are about to lose simply quit the game from the dashboard (not the in-game phone). This will not register as a loss and you just keep going until you get 4 wins. I know it's a cheese but this mode is so broken right now that it's not worth the effort.
  14. Not sure. Feel free to add me and we can see how many we can invite. Just want to get this stupid MP trophy out of the way. 😋