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  1. I'm pretty sure this is being fixed with the next patch. There were a lot of people on the official game forum talking about this. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Bounty-Hunters-are-bugged/m-p/8483019#M2984
  2. The problem with the path in the video is that the barrier is up for me after the story, and without access to the elevator I had no way of taking it down. The barrier I'm referring to is down in the video, not the one that is down in the Imperial Dig Site that's activated for story reasons. Definitely seems like a bug. I spent hours trying to find a way around it with no luck. Here's a quick video I took of the issue: Just as comparison, check his video starting at 5 minutes and you'll see what I mean. I basically recreated what he did just to show the difference.
  3. Yup. I did a full 2nd playthrough. Luckily I remembered where everything was and I put it on Story difficulty instead of Jedi Knight. Wasn't the best option but I really like the game so it didn't feel like a chore to be honest.
  4. Still the same problem unfortunately. The barrier is up and the elevator from the Imperial Dig Site doesn't move. This is what happens when I try to use it: Looks like I either need to hope that this is patched or start another full playthrough for the last 2 trophies.
  5. I'll give that a try tonight. The instructions are a little confusing, but hopefully it works. Quick question for you. When you finally got into the tomb, you didn't enter through where you exited the first time, did you? Just read through it again. This is the part that's blocked: Continue on this path, and you'll pass the area where you acquired the ability for BD-1 to hack probe droids. I'm unable to get to those far left ledges with all the wall running to get back to the elevator that you exited the tomb with. If you skip to 5:20 in the video, that barrier is up for me and I have no way to take it down:
  6. I tried multiple times and the elevator doesn’t work. The game gives me a message saying that it can’t be operated from “... that end at this time”. I have finished the story so it shouldn’t have a reason not to work. I made cloud backups of my save data and uninstalled the game. Going to see if that fixes it. If not, I’m kinda screwed.
  7. I ran into a major bug on Zeffo that is completely blocking me from returning to the Tomb of Miktrull. The one way is blocked by a laser shield and on the other side is an elevator that’s accessible from the Imperial Dig Site. I have completed the story and have all upgrades for Cal and BD. I go to the laser door and I have no way of taking it down. I go to the elevator and it doesn’t work even though it’s green on my map. Both ways into the tomb are blocked. The tomb just happens to have the last few collectibles I need. Has anyone run into this?
  8. Completely agreed. Warframe is a great game. I just think most trophy hunters have had their time with it and are ready to move on. If you look at the recent players on PS4, at least from PSNP, the count is under 400 recent players with a .01% completion rate.
  9. What frame and weapons are you running? I have a setup that I can swap between multiple frames and melt level 100-110 enemies. It's all about the mods. Also, I've found kitguns can really be some of the best weapons in the game. The Rattleguts that I put together is so much fun. 🙂 In terms of credits, you can run High Risk Index and walk away with 500,000 credits every 15-20 minutes. I was 3 million short, and then a couple of hours later I was sitting at 6.6 million credits. The only things I'm missing now are the new resources that arrive with Rising Tide and Argon Crystals. However, the game is a grind and always will be a grind. I took a long break from the game and that allowed me to come back and enjoy it again. I know some people that play this game and this game only (don't know how). But after 6 years DE is still putting content out and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. I'm honestly looking forward to Empyrean, but I'm sure I'll get tired of the game at some point as well. Playing the same thing for this long will definitely take its toll on people.
  10. Yeah. I checked my resources and was actually shocked to see how close I am to having everything necessary. Aside from credits and the new resources, I only need 2 more Neural Sensors and 15 Argon Crystal, which are pointless to farm for right now anyway. That's a really steep price for admission to the new content though.
  11. Wow... Those requirements are kinda crazy...
  12. Rising Tide was released for PC today. There are two Steam achievements associated with it that I assume will be the same when it's released on PS4. Gonna Need a Bigger Boat - Enter the Dry Dock Some Assembly Required - Collect and assemble all Railjack components Let the grind continue!
  13. Well, it looks like we're getting more new content sooner than we thought:
  14. That's the only one I hope we don't get. 😋
  15. Unfortunately the in-game payoff isn't even really worth it. Yes, you'll get back all of the stuff the Lich stole from you during your missions and you'll get whatever gun they have, but from what I've seen the guns are pretty bad. I got the flintlock rifle and it is absolutely terrible. Oh well. Now to wait for the next update.