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  1. Don't forget about the 5 year plan for Destiny 2 starting with the release of Shadowkeep... That should be interesting.
  2. I'm confused now. lol Some people are saying that the rare spawn missions are required and others are not. Which is it? 😋
  3. While I still have yet to play the game I have been following it closely. It looks like the Adventure Mode update should be out today and it bring with it a lot of welcome changes. Aside from quite a few QoL changes, and what appear to be quite a few buffs to a lot of items in the game, there is one thing that stood out to me as a trophy hunter: "Untouchable" is now unlockable in multiplayer! I know a lot of people have said they received it while playing MP and while it might have been a bug, it's now officially obtainable in MP. Adventure Mode will also make it much easier to farm bosses and find any that you can't seem to spawn in your normal playthroughs, which should make the platinum easier. Wonder if they will ever add any more trophies to this game in the future...
  4. I could be wrong, but in this case that looks like the equivalent of a platinum trophy, especially given the gamerscore associated with it and the fact that it states achievements, not challenges. My guess is that is the same as the platinum for PS4.
  5. List definitely looks like your typical Borderlands trophy list, but that is a good thing! The only one that I can possibly see as missable would be the one for completing all side missions (I doubt it though). Also, not sure about the trophy "Damn, Gina" for getting all Vault Rewards. Does anyone have any idea what that means? Other than that, can't wait for Friday! 🙂
  6. I'd love to clean up this game but I'm not good enough. 😋 I have the plat and most of the DLC trophies, but I know there are some I will never get. Beat the game in local co-op with your friend, without dying. Nope. Don't have someone to play it locally with. Two from the Defenders DLC - Destruction Preventer and I eat asteroids for breakfast I used to try these in online co-op but I can never find a game anymore and I just can't get these done solo. The other rank related ones and feat related ones are also out of reach for me as I just don't have the skill needed. If it is only weekly challenges that are broken you won't be locked out of any trophies, it just takes away a potential source for XP to rank up.
  7. Sounds cool! I'm still on the fence about the game. I want to play it but at the same time I know Borderlands 3 is right around the corner. There are a few things that have me concerned. Right now no one on my friends list is playing the game and I would have to rely on randoms joining to enjoy the co-op aspect of the game. I would rather have people who know the game so it's more enjoyable. Another thing is the bugs I've been hearing about such as save corruption and crashing. Are the devs doing anything about that? Finally, since this a trophy site after all, some of the trophies have me worried, but mainly beating a boss without taking any damage in single player. From what I've seen of the game the bosses throw lots of adds at you while fighting them and it doesn't look like an easy task. I'm also concerned they might add in trophies down the line for beating the game on harder difficulties or even a permadeath run. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 🙂
  8. Not so much about the trophies, but what class did you start out as? Thanks! 🙂
  9. For the most part the game runs great on my PS4 Pro. As a few others have mentioned, when the particle effects start going crazy then there are VERY noticable frame drops. The encounter that @reiner-mentioned was pretty bad. It was basically a slideshow at that point. Hopefully they can put a patch out that locks it in at 30fps. Honestly though, I'm having a great time with the game despite the occasional frame drops.
  10. Yeah. I changed it after starting the DLC since there was no option to choose a difficulty before hand. Oh well... the only annoying part is really the end. I can just speedrun it.
  11. Hmmm... I might have screwed myself then. I started a new game, the difficulty was on Reader and the first thing I did was set it to Normal to go for the trophy without healing. Does the fact that I started it on Reader void the trophy? If so, I'm going to use a healing kit in the final area because Dodge Expert is so freakin annoying. 😋
  12. Quick PSA. If you go to the Remnant game page on the PS Store they now have 4 free downloads. There is 1 starter package with things like an EXP booster, some bandages, scrap, etc. There are also 3 DLC armors, one for each class. Not sure about other countries, but it is live in the US PS Store.
  13. Looking for some honest opinions about this game. While this game does look interesting and fun I am worried about how a lot of people are saying this is best played in co-op. I know the game has matchmaking, but that can be hit or miss depending who you get matched with. Is this game worth it for single-player only or is this a co-op game at heart? Only asking because I really have to pick my games carefully due how little time I have to play them with a full time job, a wife, and an 8 month old. Thanks. 🙂
  14. I'm seeing and hearing some mixed things. From the gameplay that I have seen the game can be pretty punishing, especially solo. Also, when playing co-op the enemies will scale to the player with the highest level. So if you are way below your co-op partner(s) you are going to get destroyed. The trophy list isn't really anything crazy, mostly just grinding out gear, traits, scrap, and weapons. The bosses, I'm assuming, are story based depending on whether or not each boss is in each playthrough due to the randomized nature of the game (not sure on that one). I read the Slant Magazine review and it's a terrible review, not going to pay attention to that one at all. It's almost a given that this game will require multiple playthroughs if you are going for the plat. It's going to be a grind for sure. Now I'm just wondering if I should wait as the dev has stated there will be DLC for the game or pick it up while there is still a playerbase. Since this game is flying under the radar of so many gamers it is hard to tell just how big the community will be for the game in a month or two, especially with Borderlands 3, MHW: Iceborne, and Shadowkeep releasing soon. To anyone who has played the game: How are the loading times in between different areas and after deaths?
  15. WOOOOO!!! More Metro!!! 😀