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  1. Thank you and @n9rawy_5220 for the great replies. Once I do a little more cleanup on KH3 I will be diving back into the Metro. Can't wait!
  2. Quick question, not really about the difficulty though. I have this game ready to go on my hard drive but can't figure out if I want to play through it on the default difficulty to learn the layout of the game and the new crafting mechanics along with getting the collectibles or if I want to start on Ranger Hardcore and try for all of the collectibles on that difficulty. While I definitely want the plat I also want to enjoy my first playthrough of the game. While it's all opinion based, would it be a better idea to start out on a lower difficulty so I can enjoy the game and then go for Ranger Hardcore last? πŸ€”
  3. I bought this game but I have been hearing about a lot of technical issues with it. Aside from corrupt saves I have heard of bad frame rates, slow load times, some graphical clipping, and a few other things. I really want to play it as I loved the first two, but I almost feel like I should wait for these bugs to get taken care of so I can enjoy the game without worrying about at least the major issues. 😞
  4. Not necessarily true, but a NG+ trophy in this game would be brutal. Not only is it pointless (looking at you Spider-Man), but it's a very long game to play again to get the same outcome. If there were branching paths and different endings then maybe, but the story plays out the same each time.
  5. Metro Exodus Days Gone Rage 2 Honestly, those are the only 3 games I'm really interested in this year. It's going to be a slow year for me...
  6. Very curious to see how this will play out. From what was leaked prior to this there was going to be another expansion the size of Forsaken in September of this year with another Annual Pass to take them into 2020 for the release of Destiny 3. Hmmm... πŸ€”
  7. I'm pretty sure I failed that exact same quest and had no issues at all on my way to the Platinum. You should be good. πŸ™‚
  8. This grind for exotics is wearing really thin at this point. I checked my conversation history with a friend on PSN and the last non-quest exotic that I got was 3 weeks ago. I am sitting at 8 Forsaken exotics and it doesn't look like that number is moving any time soon. The dupe protection also doesn't seem to be working very well. Was in a gambit match with another friend last night and they saw an exotic drop. They were all excited with the patch saying ones you don't have will carry more weight. He received a Graviton Lance... something already in his collection. πŸ˜‘
  9. I'm pretty sure that they are random drops from doing activities in the Dreaming City. I had the sparrow drop last night after completing the weekly mission that rotates with the corruption cycle. From what I have seen and heard they are all very rare drops.
  10. Will the DLC be tied to the main game? I am planning on starting a NG+ on Ultimate and don't want to worry about the DLC with that. Are they handled kind of like Far Cry 5's DLCs where you had a separate tab and separate saves for them? Thanks.
  11. All I have to say is not to give up on this trophy. Through quite a bit of grinding (and luck) I managed to complete the Curse of Osiris/Warmind Collections Badge last night. The only other thing I am missing is the Vouchsafe scout rifle from the Dreaming City and I will have all 3 collection badges for the Destination seal. After that I just need to wait for heroic adventures on Titan and the EDZ. I will then be a Wayfarer. πŸ™‚
  12. That is one recommendation I am definitely going to listen to. ☺️
  13. I know it's not many, but how have people unlocked Exotique (get 10 Forsaken exotics) already? The drop rate on them is extremely low and then the odds of getting a new one are even lower. I have 4 new exotics so far since the expansion released, two are from exotic quests and the other two are Warlock armor and Lord of Wolves. I have had two other exotics drop but they are ones that I could just go into my collection and purchase. I know Xur isn't selling any new exotics now, but hopefully he will in the future to make this trophy somewhat manageable.
  14. Wish I received my original code from Best Buy. πŸ˜‹