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  1. Will DE continue support for Warframe on PS4 or do you think they'll focus more of their resources on the PS5? I can only take so many DLC trophy lists. 😋
  2. Agreed. They got around to fixing the unobtainable DZ trophy as multiple people kept bringing it to their attention. If this is in fact bugged as well it will take multiple reports. The game is in a bad place right now. Lots of bugs, terrible loot, a HUGE lack of re-playable content, and a declining player base. They have TU 9.1 and TU 10 supposedly releasing within the next 8 weeks. TU 10 will most likely include the 2nd raid, which will most likely have a trophy attached to it. Yay... Like @Sky_RykerXD mentioned, your best bet will be their official forums as they do read them. It might just take a while to get a fix. Good luck!
  3. I may check it out. All depends on price and, more importantly, if it looks fun. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from this game after the Electric Whisper trophy completely glitched out on me. When The Following DLC came out I got the blueprint for the Electric Arrows. I went back and played more of the Bozak Horde, and despite meeting the requirements to unlock the arrows and even showing that the challenge was complete, the trophy never popped for it. I think the only solution would be another save file and run through until I have access to the Bozak Horde and the bow... don't really feel like doing that.
  4. I honestly don't know when Massive is ever going to get around to this. After their latest disaster, the damage glitch, combined with the 7 day bans and 2 week account rollbacks, they definitely have more important things to focus on just to keep the playerbase engaged and playing. The game is definitely not in a good spot right now. I don't remember seeing anything about this in the patch notes either. It would be great if they did fix it though.
  5. 100% this. Warlords released in an extremely buggy and unbalanced state and they are working to get it back in line for their core player base. I remember seeing a few posts about the trophy being unobtainable on their official forum Hopefully it's at least on their radar to fix, but at this point they definitely have some bigger issues to worry about.
  6. The list for The Foundation DLC is live. The DLC comes out on March 26th. < Make/Unmake > - Use Shape and Fracture a combined total of 100 times Hostile Work Environment - Kill 50 Hiss Sharpened Rush Job - Kill 100 enemies with Shield Rush Niche Position - Find all hidden locations in the Foundation Subterranean Research - Collect all Collectibles in the Foundation Supportive Staff - Have a Deployed Ranger kill 5 enemies A Strong Foundation - Complete all Missions in the Foundation There are also 3 hidden trophies. I'm assuming they are story related. Can't wait! Had a great time with the base game.
  7. This does look much easier than vanilla P5. Most actions just need to be done once, you only have to max out one confidant, and it just looks a lot less grindy. Very nice list!
  8. I think you have to be the host for the trophy to pop. I would give that a try.
  9. My fault. You are correct. The seasons do have a free track for all Warlords owners. I kind of wish they would have gone the route of new game modes with replayable content instead of the season/battle pass route though. We're really just playing the same missions over and over again with some modifiers. Underground and Survival were fun and added a lot of replayability to Division 1, something the second game is sorely lacking. Enough of my rant, lol. Thanks for the correction.
  10. Not sure. It sounds like the roadmap for Year 2 revolves around the seasons, each lasting for 12 weeks. Each season will cost $10 if you want to participate. Doubt they will raise the level cap or put any more major story missions in. Like @mikem192 mentioned, there will be the raid. That might get a trophy. The dev has also clearly said that Year 2 will not get any new game modes, so the seasons look to be it for this year. Since they already have a trophy for manhunt I doubt they would add another one. We’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂
  11. There's definitely games with more DLC trophies. But in terms of the 31 DLC lists, not sure. It's just crazy at this point. But, as others have stated, they are still a ways off from the max amount of trophies for a single list. At the rate they have been releasing content, this game should continue easily into the PS5 life cycle. Whether or not they'll continue to support it on the PS4 is yet to be seen. DE has been extremely quiet since Railjack released and the playerbase just keeps getting smaller. The clan I'm in used to have about 30-35 people on at all times a few months ago. Right now we're lucky if we could make one squad. Not really sure what DE is up to.
  12. Yup. You will need to beat the Warlords or New York campaign first. After that you are given the option to change the world difficulty.
  13. What you will want to do is change your world difficulty to challenging. After that go to the final mission for Warlords of New York and select story difficulty for that mission. Run the mission and after you complete it the trophy will pop. Just did that and I can confirm that it works.
  14. Not sure how, but someone already has the trophy. Does the Keener manhunt count if you run it on challenging?
  15. You might be right about that. The last date that people earned this trophy was March 1st. They'll have to rework that one somehow if that's the case.