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  1. Trophies for the next DLC have been revealed: The Goddess of Creation - Complete Nuwa's Questline The Last Warlord - Complete Gong Gong's Questline Divine - Complete All Ruins of Heaven Stuff of Legends - Complete all Myth Challenges Lighter Than Air - Use Air Rings 20 times or more without touching the ground Balanced - Defeat Tao Wu I haven't seen a release date but just happened to notice them on my trophy list (none of them are hidden trophies).
  2. I don't have a PS5, so I have a question for those that do. It seems that trophies unlocked on the PS5 will not auto-pop on the PS4 list but those unlocked on the PS4 will auto-pop on the PS5 (after they fixed that issue). What are the odds that the new trophies will auto-pop from either console so those that have a PS5 can experience the content on the more powerful console? Or is that asking too much of DE?
  3. So this is the last of the content from the Season Pass 2? Wow... definitely not worth the asking price.
  4. With Operation: Orphix Venom releasing on consoles yesterday, DE has confirmed in the patch notes that they are working on adding the Heart of Deimos trophies to the game. They wrote, "Heart of Deimos Trophies: These are still requiring more time to submit and will be released in a future update." Full patch notes here:
  5. Yeah, the price of the season pass is pretty high. Knowing Ubisoft it will be on sale eventually. However, seems like this season pass might actually be worth it. I was reading about it and was surprised at how much it appears to contain. Definitely worth a look.
  6. Pretty much the title of the post. How does the game run on the PS4 Pro? Does it stay at a stable 30 FPS? Would it be worth waiting to play it on PS5 or is there really not much of a difference? Thanks!
  7. Aside from the fact that I can't find one at list price, I would want to wait for at least a few games that don't have a PS4 version before buying it. Right now I would just be using it to play my PS4 games, just on a SSD. I need to justify spending that much on a console by knowing there will be games worth playing on it, which I know there will be, they're just not out yet. Waiting on games like RE8, Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, before I get one. Right now the available games don't justify the price or the hassle, to me at least.
  8. I played through a bit on an alt account just to see how it would play. It's barely passable, but PC and next-gen are obviously the way the developers intend the game to be played. The frame rate is alright on PS4 Pro (not a stable 30), but there are some noticeable drops during heavy combat. When driving around there is a lot of pop in. Even walking around you will see textures take a while to load in. Last night when I was messing around it took a while just for the gun to render that I switched to. Definitely not the ideal experience on PS4/PS4 Pro.
  9. New trophy is now live. Believe it or not it's not a collectible trophy! From Here to Eternity - Complete wave 15 on Endless Hard or higher difficulty on Elysium The update is ~12.8GB.
  10. LOL! My thoughts exactly. I don't mind if they put in trophies for story quests, but the grind island trophies need to stop. They add no value to the game. Edit: So, the Deimos Arcana update changes were posted by DE. Found this: "Deimos Trophies : The new Challenges that launched with Heart of Deimos were not launched as Trophies simultaneously on release. We will be looking at bringing these in the new year". Also: "All previously unlocked Trophies on PS4 will auto-unlock on your PS5 once Deimos Arcana has been downloaded". They specifically mention the one for assembling a Railjack. Can be checked out here:
  11. @ChaoticDoomOfBob Thanks for the great info. Just wondering how they’ll do the PS5 list. Will every current trophy be under the base list and then they start adding the DLC packs from there? I know nothing is official yet, but it will be interesting to see how they implement it and whether or not they are done with trophy support for PS4. I wonder if that would cause any backlash for enough PS4 players for them to start adding them back in. I just can’t imagine having to do all of this on PS4 and PS5 to keep both lists at 100% though. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  12. So the Heart of Deimos: Arcana update arrived on PC yesterday and there are still no added achievements on Steam. What is going on with this game? lol
  13. Now, with 2 major expansions released without trophies (Shadow Keep and Beyond Light), it's safe to assume that any future major content releases won't have them either. It looks like they will be using the in-game triumphs going forward, like @PortaLuna mentioned.
  14. So is it safe to assume that Bungie is done adding trophies to Destiny 2 from now on? Asking for a friend...
  15. From what I've been hearing about the mode, it sounds like it needs a lot of work to even become fun. You can't use action skills, so it doesn't matter which Vault Hunter you take in. There is only one boss, no variety. Only one life, so if you're solo and stuck without an enemy to kill, your run is over and you just lost all of your loot. Now it REALLY feels like a half assed cash grab.