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  1. I really hope they work on better performance for the Switch version. I really wanted to play it on that but I've heard some really bad things.
  2. Hey everyone, What's the plan with the DLC for this game. I saw there are 13 pieces of free DLC that are going to be released. Any chance that they will have trophies attached to them? Thanks
  3. Well, there are already posts complaining about catering to casuals with this mode and this, which is right from the PTS patch notes: Discovery Mode difficulty for the Washington National Airport raid. Matchmaking will be available for this difficulty. Gear sets as well as the Eagle Bearer Exotic are not included in the loot pool for Discovery Mode.
  4. Interesting. There is no mention in the trophy description that says what difficulty you have to beat it on. It is Ubisoft though and they could change it so it only unlocks on normal difficulty. Very interesting to see that though after their stance of never making the raid easier. If they do go the route of making an easier version of the raid I can see some interesting things happening. One that isn't so much interesting at it is funny, would be the so called "elite" raiders who are telling UbiSoft not to give into casuals and make the raid easier. Their forums will be very fun to visit if this does happen. Another thing I could see happening is UbiSoft nerfing the loot drops in Discovery Mode where the players can't obtain the gear sets or the Eagle Bearer. There's going to be complaining no matter what they do, but if they do allow the trophy to unlock on Discovery Mode I honestly see no issue with that. Let the players enjoy the content without having to bash their heads against a wall. I already got the trophy and another 3 raid clears. No full gear sets or Eagle Bearer but I don't feel like running it again. Trying to find a good group is a pain, the mechanics aren't that fun, and it just feels like a long mission. Honestly nothing special.
  5. The raid is designed solely around DPS and DTE. I have not seen a successful skill build in the raid and people will kick you if your DPS isn't at least 1mil+ You really won't see much build diversity in the raid. You will pretty much see people running an AR with LMG or dual LMGs. For skills you will see chem launcher and revive hive. Really not much else. The raid honestly feels artificially difficulty through bullet sponge enemies and bosses. The mechanics aren't too bad, but the NPCs will destroy you. Terrible first attempt at a raid and Massive has even said that they know the raid is harder on console and yet they are still happy with where they are (whatever that means). Last I saw over 7,000 people had cleared it on PC while only 200 or so between both PS4 and XBOX had cleared it. Hmmm... 🤔
  6. The raid has 4 bosses. Most teams on console can't even make it by the first one. The trophy also requires that you have a full group of 8. If you complete it with only 7 you won't get the trophy. I'm giving the raid a pass for now. It's just a bunch of bullet sponge bosses.
  7. A trophy for completing it is fine with me. I’ll probably only want to run it once or twice. Those other trophies that were data mined might be linked to in game trophies like Uplay or commendations. Definitely looking forward to running it though. It will be cool having 8 agents (hopefully) all working together.
  8. Looks like the raid is being pushed back again. Hopefully it will come out some time soon.
  9. Exactly. A trophy for simply replaying the game does not, in my opinion, add replay value. If someone wants to replay the game on Critical then go for it, no one is stopping them, but there shouldn’t always be a trophy there as incentive.
  10. I just updated to 1.05 and there are no new trophies. They added Critical Mode and what looks like a NG+.
  11. I can confirm what @chozume said. I just got the trophy and I did the same 9 bounties. The trophy popped right after the 9th one was complete. Good luck to everyone who is having trouble. 😊
  12. I know this isn't a boosting thread, but if you guys want to add me feel free. I'm only level 7 but I would like to knock out the DZ trophies as soon as possible. 😋
  13. My main concern is since my last run was on Ranger Hardcore, does that mean I have to do NG+ on Ranger Hardcore with Iron Mode as well or can I change the difficulty? 🤔
  14. I didn't time my run, but RHC really isn't that hard if you play carefully and it adds a whole new level of immersion to the game. RHC adds a lot of tension to the game and makes completing the hardest difficulty that much more satisfying. Don't ruin this experience and use some stupid exploit.
  15. Thank you and @n9rawy_5220 for the great replies. Once I do a little more cleanup on KH3 I will be diving back into the Metro. Can't wait!