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  1. Currently working on inFamous 2 on the PS3 On the PS4 i'm working on the Telltale Collection and am going to start Batman Arkham Knight as soon as I get back from vacation. Really looking forward to completing those
  2. Bloodborne all the way baby
  3. Wondering if I should buy Batman Telltale right now or wait 'till all the episodes are released

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    2. snakebit10


      I am trying very hard to wait. I usually cave and by them as they release each episode. I did end up waiting on The Borderlands game and played it all at once.

    3. playdemos1


      yup, TT games have sales almost every month ahah and it's better playing a game rather than one episode today and another episode 5 months later or something...

    4. DutchRusher123


      Yea I hear a lot that it's better to wait but it's so hard :)

  4. To me Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the best games ever made
  5. Infamous 1 & 2 Skate 3 AC 2
  6. PSN ID: DutchRusher123 Games i'll be playing: Batman: Arkham Knight Telltale games The inFamous franchise Games i might buy soon: EA Sports UFC 2 Grand Theft Auto V Need For Speed Anything from Assassin's Creed Star Wars Battlefront
  7. I've finally bought a game that i've wanted for a long time Although i am probably going to buy Batman Telltale soon
  8. Batman: Arkham Knight Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Uncharted 4 Bloodborne Shadow of Mordor Infamous Second Son
  9. Currently working on inFamous 2

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    2. DamagingRob


      I played 1 first, and still thought 2 was a masterpiece. Still one of my favorite PS3 games.

    3. DutchRusher123


      Yea I really agree with you that 2 is a masterpiece

    4. TigressLion


      2 really was great, I loved the elemental take on it. For me the cons in 1 were fixed in 2, but the pros in 1 became some of the cons in 2. It's a mixed bag, That's why I think I feel more towards 1. Simply because it was new and amazing, and I was hoping 2 had improved everything and was a bit saddened when it went awry in some of my preferences. Though 1 will always have a hatred for the Rock Shards haha.

  10. Well i do like the MCU a bit more, it's just that the Jurassic World game seems like a better game. Thats why i'm not sure which one to get
  11. I'm about to platinum LEGO Star Wars 3, and i really liked it, even though it's supposed to be a kids game So now i'm looking for a new LEGO and i've narrowed it down to these two, because i like both movies. What i'd like to know is: What's the most fun game in your opinion What's the easiest to platinum if you don't feel like commenting it's enough to just choose your answer on the poll
  12. I'd say the guilty gear one, since you've already got 80%