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  1. Sea Shanty II ofcourse !
  2. 2 psychical and around 5 digital, i have had 150+ games but i buy em, plat em then sell em.
  3. FC2 was one of the funnest games online i've played with friends, but isn't it dead nowadays anyways?
  4. i would say call of duty, every kid blindly buys that game. so i think it has a BIG chance.
  5. your name is extremely familiar i think i had you in my friends list at some point. Crysis 3 i believe lol
  6. the games are fun but so is every good fighter game... but then WWE itself.. blegh so much show, it all seems so freakin' fake i just can't stand it.
  7. it's Sunday that means a new Cosmos: a space time odyssey episode. i'm excited ! watching the original carl sagan episode's right now

  8. HTC 8S windows Phone 8.0 also known as the: we have no fucking support from any fucking app company's OS™
  9. there is no in-game clan system, i don't even think there is ranks. but CoD doesn't have a clan system either, and i just made a website for me and the clan back then to go on , forums, talk etc and we played together. good enough for me, and it seems that GT6 is the same, just play together is all there is, no in game clan system or race team system or whatever. i've only seen in game clan or guild systems in Socom or MMO's.
  10. wait a second 22.000 players online? WTF is this on the 360 or the xbox one? this is nothing, i remember playing black ops 2 years after the release and it still had 70.000 players on.. and MW2 on it's release had 800.000 players while i was playing... i guess cod ghosts must really suck cause I've never seen a CoD game be this ''deserted''
  11. ha, love it when developers do this, more online games need events! sadly you only see this stuff on MMO's and rarely on console games.
  12. next time ( not sure if you did this already) go look up Trophy guide's. they'll tell you if there are any missable trophy's and stuff you need to look out for. psnprofiles has a new trophy guide section too, check it out!
  13. Saints row 1 was the best , i played it on the Xbox. saints row 2 was good and funny (ps3) saints row 3 was no where near as good as the first 2, but still fun. yet to play saints row 4 but it looks very stupid. i would enjoy an Saints row release with trophies, but this will probably not happen as it was an Xbox exclusive and who the hell cares about it nowadays?
  14. Resident evil 5 (hated it!) dead nation payday2 (terrible game) borderlands 2 arkham city also why do i see superb games such as RDR and uncharted3 ? come on.. how can you not like those!
  15. when life gets to busy.