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  1. ^^ Season 1 of The Walking Dead is a given platinum.. Probably revisit AC Revelations
  2. Its basically a skin upgrade to Fifa 11 without any online component.. However, it seems to have an easy platinum.. other than that not value for money
  3. Started listening to IGN's Podcast Beyond and they kept talking about trophies and I didnt understand the fuss since I only focused on finishing the single player campaign for the story and moving on to the next.. Once I started, I haven't been able to stop.. Planning to go back to all my previously played games and getting a plat on most of them..
  4. Once I removed this game off my vita after the platinum, I realized how special and awesome this game really is... So I finally checked out the P4 Anime.. Guys, if you haven't watched it yet and you love the persona games, you owe it to yourself to watch that anime.. It'll take over your life
  5. PSN ID mudzsri PS Systems PS3, VITA Accepts Blank Friend Requests YES
  6. Hey Guys Thus far in my playstation journey, I've been primarily a SP campaign fella. However, I want to get into MP games and improve my trophy collection but I have a really small friends list. Would really appreciate the community in helping me out by expanding my PSN friends list. My PSN ID is mudzsri. Cheers and happy trophy hunting...
  7. Damn this trophy is frustrating.. 3rd playthrough done and still nothing.. I guess I'll follow the same routine as you to get this pain in the ass trophy
  8. So I finally finished my play through of P4G and this game alone justifies a VITA purchase.. (Gonna platinum this game, but hardcore risette fan is such a pain in the ass trophy)... Can you guys recommend other RPGs that I can play on my VITA ? Cheers