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  1. Damn I wished we got a harder list, since one is supposed to spend at least 500+ hours
  2. Played since first Monster Hunter game on the ps2, the hardest one so far but also the best one. Played the handhelds who were dumbed down regarding difficulty especially the ones on Nintendo. Favorite monsters is prob chameleos and I love mosswines/palicos as well. Eager Cleaver is my signature weapon had it in most games. Loved the beta, feels like MH finally getting back to its roots.
  3. Hoping for a Bloodborne sequel, dat game is too damn good to be trueeeee
  4. What ?
  5. Idd the E3 announcement was adorable ^^
  6. The standard thread! Oh god I'm excited for this game and never the less I expected it to include a platinum! I'm sure every kid who have grown up in Sweden (maybe Scandinavia as well? ) are going to get a punch of nostalgia to their face because of the atmosphere and environment that is portrayed in the game. Oh god, and the traditional swedish folk music is so pure! I also recommend anyone who is interested in scandinavian culture to have a look at this game, because the developers sure have done a fine job from what I've seen from the trailers. Anyway back to the trophies! My opinion, the game looks like it have the general "2D, go from point A - B with puzzels" trophy-set. For example the "complete the game without dying" and the standard collectible ones also "find the secret area" etc. However there are some skill based trophies which looks like they could be interesting. Like the "clear all the snowy branches in one go" judging from the gold rating. The same applies to the "flow" trophy. I expect the game to be longer than Limbo, and I hope it will be somewhat challenging to collect the Platinum. I wild guess from me would be a 5/10 rating. What do you guys think?
  7. ratchet and clank: full frontal assault. Its a chill game with a really easy plat. U are also like 61% trough. Shoudnt take more than an hour for you (y)
  8. john cena
  9. banned for 5/10 rating
  10. Singed vs Dante would be epic as hell, so yes
  11. i just dont know.. 6/10?
  12. Got my first warning point in the forums, that should state it pretty clear that im the mf beast

    1. LeiFangFan85


      OK. what did you just do wrong in the forums?:/

    2. liwenborg


      Called people retarded, who seriously said that using exploits to obtain a platinum was as honorable as doing it the proper way. To be fair, I aint even mad :)

    3. NotAFoxAnymore


      You little rebel

  13. Manus easy, the pace to which the boss had to played to counter him is why. It was the only boss that was enjoyable to lose from because you always felt and realized that you learned his pattern and mechanics the more you played him. This combined with the "intenseness" makes this the best boss fight. The rest of Dark Souls bosses were all kinda slow and dull with that bullsh*t move they had that took 3/4 of your hp. Only their appearance and lore is why I feel most people don't realize this. Sif was a perfect example for this, anyhow that's a different subject. So yeah, Manus was the best boss in Dark Souls.
  14. So this song had quite a catch on me and and I'm now struggling a bit with the tabs for it since the guy have composed it himself and I can't consider that my ear for hearing tabs aren't the best, so I've watched and concluded that he plays some kind of E(022120), and that it usually just continues that, but I feel he plays something more when the guitar isn't showing to the camera. So I'm looking if someone can correct me on this one? Also if someone can figure out the picking he does in the intro and some of the verses Even though you're not looking for the tabs you should watch it! (Warning: Its catchy as hell) Song starts 0:53!