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  1. Love FF13 so much, it's amongst the best entries in the series for me. I'd say my top 5 is FF12, FF13, FF15, FF07, FF10. FF13 has an amazing battle system strongly based on how well you can play your strategies. It might get overwhelming as soon as the game difficulty steeps up, but once you master it, you're up for epic battles. The story is good (though it didn't catch me like 12 and 15) and I don't feel like the linearity was a problem at all. Content related, platted it in 105 hours, which felt me like having quite a significative amount of content. However, it doesn't come even near FF12 as the best FF game, it's a very far runner up. [I know that stating FF15 is better than FF07 is dangerous in the interwebs, but just screw it for anybody who complains. My opinion doesn't need to be taken as a fact]
  2. Wasn't properly announced like many games, which simply break/go offline without warning
  3. 2 updates: - FIFA 19 will become unachievable soon due to Weekend League shutdown - Angel Senki was mentioned by delistedgames as shutting down, however I couldn't find a trophy list for it (F2P japanese game from 2009), I won't add it to the list then as I supposed it's trophy-less. (In case someone manage to find, warn me and it goes to the list)
  4. Angel Senki is going offline on the end of next month 

    1. EdinhoN


      Thanks for the heads-up can you send me the source so I can add to the shtdown thread?

    2. mckbros
  5. I haven't played RDR2, but considering it at 300 hours to finish, I'd hardly even think about doing that for less than 2500 pounds. Come on, time is precious. 50 pounds?? Really???
  6. UPDATE: Invokers Tournament is dead, don't know when it happened but now all we get is a "Unable to connect to the server or connection has been interrupted" message
  7. Nope.
  8. Yes, Premium Edition content will only work with the account that purchased it EDIT: LMFAO at everybody who was relieved 2 years ago with the "6 wins in a row" being gone. Such innocence... (Including me of course, who started saying such bullshit haha)
  9. And I can add even more info: you can use it wireless with a CronusMax Plus as it comes with a Bluetooth USB Dongle in the packaging. It's great since my ps3 controllers are suffering of loose analog sticks and every now and then I have to open them up to clean, put some electronic component alcohol and screw it firmly again. Not to mention that a CronusMax gives scripting power to your boring grinds, every committed trophy hunter should have one, it's a supercharged turbo
  10. Hey, @TheYuriG. You probably already know most of my rules, but it's nice to write them down somewhere. I'm gonna copy your rules and adapt them as we share similar ones. -GOLDEN RULE: always try to go for all possible shutdowns to minimize your unachievable trophies losses as long as it fits your budget and your free time -you must always get max possible % in every game, every trophy counts. So it's ok to add trophy list when there is at least one achievable trophy. -you WILL NEVER add a F rank game in your list. There's no point in adding an online-only game which was already shutdown just to keep it in your list even at 0%. Also, whenever you add a new game, try to always earn at least one trophy before stopping playing for the first time, unless of course it's not viable due to all trophies depending on time you don't have at the moment -stacking games is a lot fun (of course, after some months/years you'll forget most of the plot details anyway...), but always take a break of 6 to 12 months before replaying the story in a new stack, unless you must do it to avoid a shutdown or whatever. -try to play everything, you usually can have fun with most games. You can count in your hands the amount of stupid and boring games you've played, most were decent. But if you can, AVOID FIGHTING games. You suck, man. You'll never learn how to play them properly: SxT will be stuck at 98% forever in your profile, but of course, don't give up. (It's ok to play ezpz fighting games: you'll be able to finish them lol) -avoid super ezpz games like Ratalaika, Mayo, etc as they mostly don't add for much content and experience. It's only ok to do them if you want to adjust ASAP to some milestone you care to achieve. Take no prejudice with Telltale games being easy, most are awesome games and worth the overall experience -avoid boosting when the game online community is healthy and the online portion is fun. But of course, don't stress too much over retarded online stuff: boost the hell out of it -avoid games that are constantly updated until they reach their final form. It's horrible to keep playing the same game and never finishing it for real (hey there, Minecraft) and even worse to keep it installed at all times or having to reinstall every now and then -you must be the one popping all your trophies in your account. It's prohibited to let others access your account to do a trophy for you: if you lack skill (hey fighting games), just git gud or accept you won't achieve it. If you have weird connection issues, you can solve it no matter what: use proxies, vpn, reinstall, format, router your 4g, whatever. Just don't ask others to do even easy online trophies just because you can't connect -you must always pay for any sort of microtransactions that you judge to be affordable and not a ridiculous crash grab. Examples are: NBA 2k, just ignore their ridiculous myTeam collection trophies as you'd have to pay thousands of dollars for it (and you'll probably won't have thousands of hours for a yearly game), but it's totally acceptable to save time when it's cheap like in Jetpack Joyride, where you can save a few dozen hours for a small amount of money. -try to earn the plat trophy as the last one, it's nice finishing the game together with the plat. However it's ok to avoid it if you're waiting for boosting sessions in DLC trophies or even if DLCs are better/easier done after finishing the main game -you should always share found strategies for trophies. You always want to make your life easier by searching good methods all over the web, so do the same whenever you found something. It's a lame move to keep excellent methods for yourself due to selfish reasons -avoid adding new games to your already huge backlog (unless it's for a server shutdown), in some years you can be done with your backlog and enter the joyful cycle of adding a new game and then finishing it without no other unearned achievable trophy in your profile (what a dream!) -NEVER spoil the main story experience to achieve trophies quicker even if that means you'll have to stand an extra playthrough
  11. I wish I could have a team similar to mine on 2019, lol. Overall strength at 2900 or so, all black balls. I have one month left to try to plat all 6 versions of 2018 =P (Realistically speaking I'd be happy with one plat in ps3 and another in ps4). Well, I'm pretty optimistic at my ~84 overall gold ball team, seems like a big improvement from my first try in US version. Now is just to keep trying until I can overcome the cheap AI
  12. I wonder if Golden Abyss upgrades in Fight for Fortune works using the region trick. Will probably give it a try before the "shutdown" (highly doubtful that the servers will be fixed to shutdown in some months, though)
  13. I have mostly silver ball players from buying 10k GP Top agents with my 250k GP that came from obtaining the other trophies in the US stack version. How did you manage to obtain that many black ball players? Because it has 2.5% chance, so I guess you've opened hundreds of agents, right? Well, in this EU stack I've been buying cheap 4 star scouts from the Auction House, so I'm already with a decent gold ball team. Wish I had played this before the release of 2019, using those Special Agents would easily give an awesome black player team.
  14. Uncharted Fight for Fortune is supposedly closing together with the other Uncharteds, however it is already broken for almost a year
  15. Do you still have the link to that guide for cheap players? Because I'll need to farm tons of GP boosting with my secondary ps4 so I can buy new players from scouts (and I'll need to think about 4 and 5 star scouts! At least gold players). In PES 2016 and 2017 I had used all my GP in the 10k GP normal agents, being able to build a solid 3 stars team in most of the cases, however in this 2018 it's not enough at all. My only chance at the moment I guess is buying those cheap agents but of course refraining from famous ones: scouts used for players like Ronaldo and Messi will cost 30k+ GP With my current team I can easily beat superstar weak teams, superstars medium teams are inconsistent (would say 50 to 60% of wins) and I almost always lose to the superstars strong teams, so as you stated, I'm probably "not good to go" thinking in terms of Legend level right now