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  1. Has it to be soloed like Bahamut and Ifrit?
  2. Base game with Comrades weights around 80 GB, with the new set we're saving 50 GB in case we just wanna play the online mode (which makes sense as once you're done with singleplayer those extra 50 GB are useless in your HDD)
  3. Not the beginning at all, we're right at the Eye Of the Storm for a couple months now.
  4. I got it last night in a smaller group where the Suitable Player hadn't met the original conditions. He had played in 2012, then 2017 and then earlier this year. We're looking for that anomaly because it might change what we know about SPs. If he showed at the leaderboards under those conditions, it means there are many SPs which might have been overlooked by us over those years.
  5. As far as I'm aware of the method, you'll have to replay some challenges for each individual booster, which can be huge as we currently have 30+ gamers in the session. If you could help all this massive amount would be incredible, but can be super annoying to you. I'm definitely giving a $10 card whenever I get Honor Upheld myself.
  6. @DSRage you could join the currently active boosting session . There's lots of players who could use some help (including me haha)
  7. All Comrades trophies should be obtainable offline as long as you grind properly. Last boss MUST be done with bots anyway and it's the biggest difficulty spike in the DLC. Kenny's trophy is purely RNG, should be obtainable also, I got it randomly with bots in NA stack. However it's guaranteed to pop if you find 4 players in a daily mission. Thanks for the heads-up I've updated the info
  8. Invokers Tournament and Mahjong Fight Club have been added as upcoming shutdowns
  9. Huh? I think you've confused my statement a bit. No worries, clarification has come: Unpatching online games like LawBreakers didn't work due to the server sided nature of the game, playing with the wrong patch simply will give you an error prior to server authentication. We have no workarounds for online-only games, downgrading patches is exclusively to offline portions that either made the game grindier, harder or even unobtainable (Mad Max scenario)
  10. Hey there, I'd like to try to guarantee 100% for all 5 stacks. It is gonna be expensive as hell for me to buy this chinese version, so I have decided to only do so if the servers for Comrades are cross-region with other stacks or, in the case it's locked to China-only, if it's active (I wouldn't think so due to past Chinese games servers activity). Well, the whole point of playing FFXV Comrades before the shutdown is to have help from other players as it seems to have difficult quests to be completed offline due to poor AI. As China is restrictive with external influence my initial guess is that it won't work unless I find hunters with this specific version (doubt it too), however I'd like a confirmation about it. Thanks in advance!
  11. Ecolibrium has been announced to shutdown
  12. They are always released with an expiration date in their manual
  13. Fixed. I'll never copy-paste something right lol
  14. Thanks for the heads up, I've added Just Dance 2017 and 2018, WWE 2k19 and NBA 2k19 as upcoming shutdowns. I'll change dates for Playstation All-Stars, Twisted Metal and Warhawk to 25th of October if they are still opened by tomorrow afternoon
  15. "Neymar and friends team"? Well, that sounds a lot like brazilian national squad to me =P Jokes aside, brazilian soccer federation sucks at licensing, they are simply too greedy and will always affect brazilian leagues and squads in soccer games. I'm afraid EA and Konami can't do a thing with their outdates policies