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  1. Getting all golds on PS3 daily was a hard task even prior to the shutdown, and would take around 3 months to reach max online level. With only 2 months remaining, you'd need lots of diamond cups which is not feasible at all.
  2. Thanks, thread has been updated with Just Dance and also WWE 2k22 shutdown.
  3. Thanks, it has been added to the list
  4. Interesting, they released the game on February 2022 on Brazil. I wonder why they took so long, perhaps some weird licensing here? At least it was good to confirm it wasn't available on October 2021 when I got the plat, my memory usually don't fail me. By the way, for global players: this kind of licensed games are always at risk of a delisting without warning, probably won't happen so soon but most certainly will not last 5+ years like many other games. Edit: Adding some useful information for delistings. This curator on Steam list a lot of games with confirmed shutdowns and delistings (and also lots of games with potential licensing issues, etc). https://store.steampowered.com/curator/31857481-Games-at-risk-of-removal/ I recommend looking at the "Informational" section, because there are lots of multi-platforms games listed there with licensed assets.
  5. As far as I remember, Aladdin + Lion King was never available on brazilian PS Store, so it's not something to worry about: a global delisting is unlikely right now. Dunno the reasons why it was not published digitally on Brazil, but I can guarantee it wasn't on the store when I played it, I guess it was around September 2021
  6. It was shutdown in the GDPR batch, but nobody saw the quite hidden announcement at the time, if I remember correctly. As it was already gone, there was no point adding it to the list. (For unobtainable games, the .org thread and TA/TT) does a better job,
  7. Updates: - NHL servers seems to be down as expected - FIFA 20 getting removed from EA Play on 1st of July. Usually EA Play removals are coincident with the delisting itself from PS Store
  8. Seems to be already delisted, damn.
  9. Brazil should be fine too, before FIFA 21 where you had stamina and so had to rotate players, I had a Brazilian squad and a Premier league one. I used to prefere the Premier League due to better diversity of top tier players, but a Brazilian squad will work just fine thinking about FUT trophies.
  10. Just swallow your frustration and keep grinding Rivals, after the week ends (or the 40 match limit), you'll get a weekly reward with a lot of coins. Use your coins wisely, try to form an English team with the cheapest gold player you can find, and slowly evolve it to a Premier League one. In no time you'll get better with the game and will have a cheap 83 team or so. You'll still be in considerable disadvantage every time because most players will have ridiculous OP cards due to playing since launch. Unfortunately Rivals on FIFA is not a fun mode anymore for casuals/trophy hunters, you have to constantly be playing and farming. Also, buying a few FIFA points (even 5 dollars or so) and selling the packs content can jump-start you for a bit.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, will implement that soon. Also, PES 2021 is shutting down in August, added the 4 stacks to the list
  12. It is way harder because if you're adding trophies through emulation, you'll be checking memory addresses and popping trophies as those addresses' values change. It can be quite tricky and way harder than implementing it natively, which would use simple programming. I doubt Sony will add trophies to these games, it is too much work, guys on RetroAchievements do that because they love old games
  13. Nothing will happen to your console by running 24 hours without stop. Electronics are able to handle long periods of usage quite ok. Of course, provided your console is not a mess on dust and without thermal paste. I've seen normal computers in a lab/library running for 5 years+ without being turned off (well, perhaps due to lack of power they were for a bit, but still having long streaks of usage).
  14. Thanks for the update, it has been added