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  1. The PS5 would be the best option now for obvious reason, so you should check into that before buying a ps4. However if you want the ps4, definitely choose the Pro. Xbox One S isn't made for 4k gaming, it basically outputs 4k for Netflix and Youtube mainly. The Pro is much more powerful than the S, it renders natively on 4k for a few games (mainly sports and remasters), while getting decent graphics on 1440p upscaled to 4k which looks gorgeous on AAA games like RDR2, TLOU2, ... You also have the performance mode for ps4 pro, where it runs many games on 60fps where the regular runs at laggy 30. Recently I played Fall Guys on both my ps4 and the difference was huge. Destiny 2 is capped at 30 even on Pro, but it simply doesn't have major FPS dropdowns like on regular, where it's annoying. Seriously lol? Trading the better FPS performance, loadings and better graphics because of noise? Yes, the Pro is a fucking jet, but who cares? Just give me those stable 60fps where I would get 30 on my FAT (which also has a turbine embedded)
  2. The last day one game I've bought was GTA V on ps3 (definitely worth the $60 paid), however I don't bother with releases anymore, if a game is good, it will still be good in 2 years when it gets on a decent sale. Moreover, the videogame market is getting more inflationated than ever, I'll vote with my wallet and give companies the less money I can while maximizing how I play on next generation: definitely aiming at digital and retail rentals more than on ps4 generation.
  3. Not really, they said the same thing to my boosting partner. The truth is the rentals are glitchy at the moment, you pay and sometimes (more than 50%) it doesn't give you access to the server. We were almost ending our boosting when it started to happen. Our solution was just to try on different days, sometimes it would succeed, when it didn't we just contacted support and they refunded (but do that by your own risk lol).
  4. NBA Live 16 death is confirmed.
  5. I'd say it took me from 70 to 100 hours. There's a lot of content and you can expect at least 3 or 4 hours per location if you're efficient enough.
  6. Only Pirate Flag Battle Mode is being shutdown
  7. Seems like this game mode is not tied to any trophies aside from "unlock all modes". My bet is the shutdown won't affect the ability of unlocking it as it seems related to the campaign mode.
  8. Yes, I got secret Victories from completing all 6 normal ascendant challenges
  9. if you haven't done this week's challenge, you'd go to 3/6 and have 3 more weekly resets before the vault, then in this case it would be doable. But what about flashpoints? For the Wayfarer seal you need to 7 planets (7 weeks)
  10. Secret Victories is obtained by completing all 6 weekly ascendant challenges. As of the current season I think this is the only way (seems like Blind Well doesn't work anymore). So there's no time left for you to do all 6 unfortunately. Braytech Osprey is a guaranteed reward from the seasonal quest Evacuation Nope, it's not risky at all. Wayfarer is already unobtainable due to 7 weekly flashpoint and 6 weekly ascendant challenges.
  11. For anyone still wondering how to unlock this section: do Deep Friah's first wasteland mission.
  12. Thanks will, update, Good call there, was missing this one. There are trophies for this dlc pack so it's a must buy.
  13. I've been waiting for like a decade for this remaster collection. Guess it will never happen, at least those 2 games still run awesomely on PC, however having this plat would be nice.
  14. Ok this trophy sucks due to the game not having enough content to justify even for a third of the 100 hours lol But not the end of the world, it's easily fixable. As it is not an online game, you probably won't even need to rubberband, my guess is idling at any safe spot will suffice.
  15. What's the point of the repeat method in your avatar?The other methods already are in a while loop.

    1. EdinhoN


      I have already explained that a few times lol, but here it goes:


      The real reason is to make it clear for non-programmers.

      The "poetic license" to make it accurate is that the repeat procedure could be something that prepares whatever is needed for the next iteration.