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  1. They are always released with an expiration date in their manual
  2. Fixed. I'll never copy-paste something right lol
  3. Thanks for the heads up, I've added Just Dance 2017 and 2018, WWE 2k19 and NBA 2k19 as upcoming shutdowns. I'll change dates for Playstation All-Stars, Twisted Metal and Warhawk to 25th of October if they are still opened by tomorrow afternoon
  4. "Neymar and friends team"? Well, that sounds a lot like brazilian national squad to me =P Jokes aside, brazilian soccer federation sucks at licensing, they are simply too greedy and will always affect brazilian leagues and squads in soccer games. I'm afraid EA and Konami can't do a thing with their outdates policies
  5. Hey, is ModNation still playable offline? I find it funny that update 4.83 was made available the same day they closed the game that "won't be playable even offline after shutdown". I know it's just a coincidence, just wanna confirmation.
  6. Advantages: - I would have a 3rd "ps4" to boost games with Disadvantages: - No more remasters, which would suck a lot. No more trophy stacks to replay games playing improved versions Conclusion: - I hope there's no backwards compatibility again. The disadvantage is not fixable for myself, while I could always buy a 3rd ps4 for further boosting. Remasters are always a good extra option and whoever wants to play ps4 games could keep their systems.
  7. I totally agree. Received the notification thinking it should be some important info to add to the thread and it was some comments continuing the pointless discussion that nobody will ever read
  8. You should have asked for the most fair and feasible thing to be done: Sony to give us a decent ammount of time for the warning of shutdown. Less than a month for the next batch was an asshole move as they usually give 3 months+ Asking for a patch is impossible: the developers aren't working anymore on such an old game. Asking to unlock all trophies is totally unfair with the ones who actually played 200+ hours for them. Just deal with it, that you won't complete Warhawk, which is the same situation as me.
  9. Whatever, this discussion won't lead anywhere and is just flooding the thread. Sorry about feeding it.
  10. Most of the shutting games I do, I haven't bought them prior. I buy them as they announce it, so your point is a bit, err... not on point. I would never leave a Warhawk in my backlog for 10 years, however, there are many interesting games in over 7000 games synced to the psn servers. I'd like to play them as they come to be shutdown. Ok, is 3 months too much for your average multi-billionaire company? What about the 30 days notice that Sony has failed to give? Once again, i'll restate that: shutting down games is totally ok, everything has an end some day. However, give at LEAST 30 FUCKING DAYS, it won't hurt anybody. It won't hurt publisher, it won't hurt die hard fans of the MP, it won't hurt trophy hunters. Don't defend a flawed Sony's model. Giving around 15 days for three of their games when others got more than 6 months. It's totally disorganized and flawed, consistency is the key here. I hope they treat us better, but I know we're such a minority that nobody cares.
  11. These old servers are hardly reusable. Take Warhawk case: it's a small farm of PS3s. Moreover, most of the PSN newest services are structured as microservices and use cloud based servers like Amazon or Azure. As I stated, I don't care for old servers being deactivated. It's just ridiculous that Sony is so inconsistent in its notices. Starhawk haven't seen a proper announcement in their webpage, it was exclusively at PS Store. Some proper order was to be expected from PlayStation, they just randomly throw information at PS Store (not globally) and it eventually reach the Game Servers page. No other company is as disordered as this. Even EA, Ubisoft and 2k can be praised when compared to Sony's behaviour
  12. U hAd sIx YeArS tO tAkE pArT iN wOrLd WaR tWo, nOw iTs OvEr U cAnT cOmpLAiN
  13. It's not "extra 3 months". At least 3 months notice has been a standard throughout shutdowns of any online service including games. Old players should always have the opportunity to say farewell for an old game they are huge fans and trophy hunters should have the opportunity to jump in at last time to get their trophies done. There are around 7650 trophy lists synced to psn. Giving a proper notice is just a "little common sense" and good to all community. Servers cost are inexpensive for such a huge company and brand as Sony/PlayStation, they aren't bankrupt, which would justify a game suddenly closing in few weeks. I love how the "those shutting down games have been opened for years" and the "boosting is cheating" comments always pop throughout trophy hunters forums hahaha
  14. A 3 month notice would be enough for everybody interested. Giving less than one month only shows how greedy Sony is acting up. I don't care about companies shutting down servers as long they announce it properly: there's a famous expression in Portuguese which says "O combinado não sai caro", literally translated to something as "What is agreed isn't expensive".
  15. Warhawk is due to close at 15th of October too, according to German PS Store. As Sony is a mess, we can't infer which date to trust. Let's account for the worst