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  1. Doesn't work, tested one unused pass last week and it stated it was expired. Well I have no way to guarantee 100% it was unused but the seller said he bought this game near launch and never went online. Dunno if the error message would say "used code" instead of "expired code" otherwise.
  2. Nope VIP passes had an expiration date of 31st of March, 2016 Actually none because I guess servers are still acessible in case you have a VIP Pass or borrow one, so not a major deal at least.
  3. I'm a PS Now noob because it's not available in my country but where do you check for upcoming removal of games?
  4. It says a lot about a Hitman game that whenever you blow your cover (shit stealth mode in a stealth franchise lol), I usually end up on gunfighting like it was GTA. On Hitman 2 2018 (a masterpiece!) whenever I blew my cover, I always reloaded checkpoint because stealth is well done on this reboot, maps are all good with a lot to explore in each one, stealth works pretty fine and it encourages you to try new things "hmm what happens if I put sleeping pills on the AC unit?"
  5. Simply, why? If you don't wanna play stacks, simply keep not playing. I love replaying games on another region and do all trophies again, while they are still adding to my main account. If I could choose, I wish every single PS Store had a different stack, this way we could play the same game 20+ times =P I'd love to have 20 TLOU platinums lol In the end, it's a win-neutral situation if we have stacks: - People that don't care about stacks don't play, so they shouldn't even be bothered by stacks existence - People who enjoy stacks can be happy playing how they enjoy. I even go further than stacking: if I have already done a game on PSN and there's no more stacks but there are achievements on Xbox/Steam/Google Play/whatever I'll go look there.
  6. You can use a rubberband to hold the back paddle, it sucks not having auto turbo like most decent (and expensive turbo controllers) but it's a minor annoyance
  7. For a cheap "turbo controller" I recommend this acessory: https://www.ebay.com/itm/144010324110?hash=item2187af288e:g:kT0AAOSwkOhgeQt0 Actually it's just a plugin to an original DS4 but it works pretty well for turboing stuff quickly. Another option is to do a script through PS4 Remote Play app on PC or even an auto key presser through the 3rd party remote play app Chiaki as it allows you to control the ps4 through the keyboard keys. Best and most versatile option (although a bit expensive) is a Cronus Max/Cronus Zen really worth the price due to its multiple scripts and comboing capabilities all together with making it easy to play with any controller on PS3/PS4 (really useful when good PS3 controller are scarce nowadays).
  8. Finding good controllers is a headache for PS3, you can't find good quality ones easily, most will suffer from inacurate analogs and sensors (if they even have sixaxis sensors). If you can, buy a CronusMax, it has good compatibility (and you can use it as a buffed turbo controller for combo scripts) and will make Dualshock 4 work pretty good on PS3 (probably even with Max Payne 3, as the system detects cronusmax as a PS3 controller).
  9. Lots of jerseys lol Brazil, Germany, Japan, Cameroon. Red Bull New York, SC Corinthians, Grêmio, Fiorentina, Athlético-PR, Liverpool, and so many others. My favourite jersey is definitely SC Corinthians 3rd jersey for 2019, paying homage to Ayrton Senna, such a relic that I was able to buy even being sold out for months. Edit: I totally forgot about my local hometown team's jersey: the almighty União São João So sad they basically died after the 90s (we were Roberto Carlos' first team - yeah that LB with such a powerful curve shot lol) and today only focus on U-18 championships.
  10. My 2 cents to try to clarify this glitch: I've got really annoyed by how NOT functional the glitch was proving to be from some failed tips, plus fingers getting tired of spamming the swipe on touchpad. First of all, I've speculated the character is able to bypass those walls due to some frame pacing issue which usually breaks collision detection, so (as I'm playing on PS4 Pro) disabled Boost Mode from Settings > System. I don't think it's needed because I was trying to make a CronusMax script to avoid wearing out the rubber on my touchpad lol, then after many failed attempts to tweak the script I've done a quick and steady swipe from fully right (between the square button and touchpad) over to the left (between d-pad right and touchpad). Bingo, my character easily passed through the wall. I've made a video to demo the swipe:
  11. It's only possible by buying a lot of 25k agents until it finally pops with the sub 5% chance. PES games usually shutdown 2 years after launch, but after 1 year Konami removes all good agents to force people to move to the fresh released new game.
  12. You've probably received a "stop-and-go" penalty for whatever reason and as you fail to pit and serve the penalty within a given period of time, it's a DSQ. Pay attention to your race engineer more often, as you have no HUD, I suppose the game should give info via radio, just like in real life.
  13. Does anybody know if it's safe to currently renew a PS Plus subscription? I'd like to get it renewed before the price raise at 7th of July, but mine only expires on Feb 2022. In case there's a risk of me losing all my PS+ games (which Sony will NEVER give you back, much likely), I'd prefer to wait until nearer the expiration date, even if I have to pay a bit more.
  14. Try obtgame.com to buy from KR PS Store I already bought with them credits for China Mainland account and they have always delivered quickly
  15. Simply because you can get 2 plats for the time of only one. I do agree it would be better to play the enhanced next-gen version, but as doing on ps4 saves time (which we can't buy more in our lives), I'll definitely do that a lot when I put my hands on a ps5