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  1. Got back to Hustle Kings these days. I've tried restarting the career 4 times already. I'm getting stuck at 18/40 events completed in the in-game trophy tracker. I have completed more than 40 events once already to no trophy. Just advising anyone trying to complete this game to avoid it if possible. I've been trying to debug this trophy, no success at all until now. Utterly frustrating...
  2. Hardly doable without chalk. AI is perfect, it never misses on the latest matches. You have to beat its perfection, which is only doable with chalk. Of course, you might be a god in video game pool and beat it without, however I would give it a 11/10 difficulty in this case. Either pay 5 dollars or give up finishing this. To add more BS over it: my career trophy glitched for me, the trophy counter stopped tracking halfway through it and i'll have to redo it (and pay again...) I don't think so, the chalk doesn't show in the PS Store. You have to buy through the in-game store and after the servers close, I assume it will just vanish from there.
  3. I would say: every trophy. This game IS NOT a relaxed experience, it is a frustrating cash grab. You need to buy special chalk to be able to finish the single player portion of it, without it, most single player trophies are virtually impossible. Fortunately, the chalk is cheap (1 dollar for 99 uses). So, you can finish the game spending only 5 dollars or so. You need an online connection to buy the chalk, however it is advisable to play offline while using it, as in case you fail a match, you can restore your ps+ backed up save with the same ammount as before. Playing online registrates your use to the server, so quitting the game to save chalks won't work
  4. The date has been changed after the 22nd of June. As far as I know, it's still available. Will test it tomorrow.
  5. The game might have been closed. Everybody is getting a "Login Invalid" error whilst trying to connect now.
  6. Thanks for the honesty in your reply Of course, you'll be removed from the leaderboards as those are the rules, but I guess you valuate more your plat. Some years ago I thought of doing the same. Hacking unachievable games that I like so I can have their platinums, however keeping my account clean and participating in leaderboards has spoken louder. Congrats in your upcoming Fifa 12 illegitimate, but deserved plat.
  7. Actually, the new controller is an awesome new challenge for GH veterans. I'm having lots of fun with this game and I barely played it yet. So sad to see it dying.
  8. See? Completely hacked. It is quite suspicious, as 3.68 CFW has been released recently... As I said, there is no legit way to pop this trophy. Many trophy hunters, including me, have tried different methods to debug it. It is just poor coding from EA. It WON'T pop by random chance as all players who got this trophy illegitimately claims.
  9. Oh really? Get my facts straight? Wow, of course, i'm just accusing a random guy that has obtained an unobtainable platinum which I have never researched anything about... Look at my profile. Look at that 96% in Fifa Soccer/Football for Vita. You can't pop Home and Away trophy legit. Period. "I know the guy who recently got the trophy". Great, instead of offending me here, you could be fruitful to the community and ask him how he magically popped a trophy that everybody has been trying to pop since 2012. No method to debug this trophy has worked, so it is plainly broken in the game code. Period. Go ahead. He is a hacker, until proven the opposite.
  10. True Achievements is always a life saver. In case someone is interested in levelling characters to 20, let me know and hit me in my psn inbox
  11. Thanks for the heads up. It has been added to the thread
  12. I haven't played much of this game yet. What about these tips? https://www.trueachievements.com/a219085/jack-of-all-trades-achievement Seems like an awesome way to level up. If it is true that you can get from level 12 to 20 in one hour. We're probably looking at 1.5~2 hours to level up each one of the 6 classes needed for XP. Then, it would be missing just finishing the story 6 times, which of course is a pain in the ass, but at least there would be no worries levelling up
  13. Hacker. Just flag him. This trophy is unachievable for good, there's no way to make it unlock legitimately.
  14. I'm looking for some D4D, will be downloading the creations from this thread and sending messages. My ID is EdinhoN, so if you download message me and I'll download your back Thanks.
  15. I forgot to remove it from that section when they added new events again It's fixed