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  1. I'm playing through the career mode and have currently a 52% in the career mode screen (there's around 48 events there, 8 sections of 6 events). However, in the trophy stats screen, i'm stuck at 16/40 events there. I have completed 24 until now. So, I started to think that events completed with the special chalk (using Second Sight) won't count for that trophy. I don't wanna risk continuing like that because it would be useless to finish the campaign only to find out that my trophy won't pop. Trophy guide in .org recommended the use of chalks (AI is quite cheap, would be a pain to finish it legit, in the best scenario, where it is achievable). Did anyone stumble in the same thing? Thanks in advance.
  2. Awesome work there, mate. I was curious about that game and will probably start it soon. How many hours do you estimate to complete it? I've made a translation of all trophies through Google Translate: Welcome to the chaotic world I cleared the tutorial. Traveling way of the journey I cleared the Extra Quest. Special training! I strengthened the character. Collector We collected "50 kinds" of characters. To unknown area I released the upper limit of the character's level. The dream of the future is a bride I cleared the Episode Quest "Yulina's Handjob". I want to spend peaceful time I cleared the episode quest "D jokes". A skilled adventurer Player rank has become "30". Use chaotic chikara "Chaos character" was obtained. Chaotic dyed We added three or more "chaotic characters" to the deck. Chaotic world's strong man I cleared the difficulty "Extreme" of adventure quest. The 6th trophy seems a bit... Weird.
  3. The thread has been updated with the new info
  4. GHL has been added to the list, thanks
  5. The Last Of Us ~Best game of all time
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. The game has been added to the thread 2k announcement says that "Player Profile data" and "Player Badges" are going away, so it can be considered a high danger. Will try to confirm that when I research more about the game and eventually download it.
  7. Thanks, Starhawk has been added to the list
  8. I have played some local games before jumping online for the first time. My intention was to try to pop some grindy trophies offline so I wouldn't need to connect 4 controllers. I realized that the only trophies that popped in local games were the ones that you can achieve in a single match. Checked my stats and it said 0 goals, even after playing a bunch of matches, which surely put me over 50 goal but no trophy at all. As soon as I played my first match, scoring my first goal, 25 goals trophy popped and my alts got disconnect before the afk timer hit 60 seconds, popping the 50 goals trophy in results screen. Afterwars, I've checked my stats and it stated "51 goals". That weird glitch left me wondering if stats in local games are saved and only syncs for trophy progress when you go online, because some time after the goals trophies, I've got the 100 kills trophies in my 2nd deathmatch (killing around 4 dummies in each before the afking limit run out). 25 goals trophy: https://i.imgur.com/elKcvYM.jpg 50 goals trophy: https://i.imgur.com/VSvRO7J.jpg
  9. You should try to come earlier to boost certain games. There was a nice boosting group for PS4 WWE 2k17. Gold players were helping everybody to glitch their ranks for the trophies, saving around 100 hours of grind.
  10. As of yesterday, this HK version has become online as soon it's worldwide version went off. It has been updated with new messages with events they will be helding in a near future, so I guess it is out of danger of closing by the next days. I was idling with a friend today (the game is completely dead, not a single random there), and then the Level 5, 10, 15 and 20 trophies popped at the same time for us, as soon as we hit Level 5 in the end of the match. I don't know if it was affected by our Worldwide version game progress (don't think so as nothing transfer), so I'm reporting it to others being able to benefit from these easy trophies this way. Unfortunately, we still need to grind to Level 20 to be able to complete Proving Grounds. Also reporting here, to (try) to avoid incovenient flags, as still was a quite unexpected glitch from this game. Should we worry about getting flagegd as the game has such a small player base? (Only 9 owners here) The trophies screenshots below: Level 5: https://i.imgur.com/SHdKxbo.jpg Level 10: https://i.imgur.com/52C6viA.jpg Level 15: https://i.imgur.com/YVEjkOz.jpg Level 20: https://i.imgur.com/KlBZzVg.jpg
  11. No, it's a complete different game from progress point of view. I don't know why all the trophies popped for me as soon as I reached Level 5. Same thing happened to my friend who was boosting with me. I guess it is broken (in a good way) since last update I have made a post about it in Loadout HK forums. Worried somehow about an unfair flagging about this weird glitch.
  12. Hitman Absolution and Loadout are closed. Weirdly enough, Loadout HK has become online again!
  13. Yes, the platinum is supposedly obtainable. However around July, they always remove booster packs from myTEAM mode, which will render "buy a booster pack" trophy unachievable. Also, it gets way hard to complete 82-0 trophy without being able to improve your team ("way hard" could be "impossible") Also, gathering players for the Win As a Crew trophy is a bit hard. We have a session ongoing for it, if you can jump in this bandwagon ASAP, it would do you a great favor.
  14. Loadout HK is returning network errors everytime you try to search for a match. Currently, only 1/13 trophies is obtainable in it
  15. PES 2017 has been confirmed as closed