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  1. Thanks for the useful heads up I wasn't able to find Neverwinter on the HK store, so I assume it has already been delisted, however it's page is still listed on google and that's the link I put there regarding the shutdown Couldn't find the Knights of Valour in China Mainland store too, anyone had any luck? I also couldn't find an official delisting date for it to link to main thread EDIT: Found it, delisted already too
  2. Yep, lol. It's just a matter that there's no spacing between the words hahaha
  3. EDIT: stupid overcomplication of a simple explanation
  4. I didn't know about that option, where is this purchase located? Wouldn't have helped me though, as I was always low on VC
  5. As long as you qualify to the last PPV before 17th of May, you should be good to plat. Qualifying isn't that bad, takes around 2~3 hours for each character as you need to achieve 65 stars in online matches. However, I strongly recommend that you qualify all your 3 characters to have a better chance of completing all 10 challenges needed, otherwise you might easily get locked out of the plat.
  6. Accordingly to a in-game message, Invokers Tournament correct shutdown date is 31st of May instead of 15th. It has been corrected in the list even though their website still says 15th.
  7. I'm in South America, so I'm probably trying to access NA servers and failing anyway
  8. Thanks for the heads-up, I've added the game to the list
  9. Probably hackers? Unless the servers are working in other specific regions, like Europe, Asia, etc. It just gives me dead end error and it never seemed like I could ever connect at all even "getting lucky" (whatever that means)
  10. You don't need to keep moving. I just leave it idling (and plugged at USB) a few steps from the door circle, i have been able to stay 25 hours like that without disconnections but two times I lost a few hours of progress due to random internet drops.
  11. I'm getting the same error, so I guess it's safe to assume it's gone for good. Thanks, congrats for your sweaty OMDU platinum too
  12. Has been added to the thread, thanks for confirming it's online
  13. Thanks for the heads-up. So it's a potential shutdown at the end of the month. Will add to the thread
  14. 3 months after and I have the same issue. I guess the auctions were gone all this time and we probably have no hope as the game closes in less than one month
  15. If it wasn't shutdown a few months ago, it's probably going offline on 29th of April https://www.ea.com/service-updates/i-q I've checked and the game was delisted in February, does anybody know if it's still online for a potential shutdown in April?