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  1. No, you'll get 500 xp per hour at most. In case the cutoff is at 100k, you'll need to spend 200 hours over the week, which is somewhat impossible as the week only last 168 hours. Were it Ommega_Zero?
  2. 4 hours a day? In the current state of the competition, you'll need to play 10+ hours every day with at least 4 dummies to kill.
  3. I started after the announcement, knew it was going to be extremely competitive, got the trophy and I regret nothing. What risks? I would really prefer to have a 94% Killzone 2 in my list than not having it at all, I always do every possible online trophy even if there is a risk of not completing it. There's nothing wrong with unachievable trophies in aprofile, my goal is to try my best to avoid unobtainable trophies but if it happens, what's the real matter? At the moment I write, xEl_Cidx is at the cutoff 14th place with 49693 points. However, many of my friends and alts aren't ranked at the moment, so I assume the partial cutoff is even higher
  4. Perhaps just a trolling teen. I don't know, trolling teens are really rare over the internet. 😆
  5. Actually, it is not contradictory, it's just I used "trophy hunters" as a generic for "hardcore trophy hunters". Will correct that to make it more clear. Unfortunately, the "shitstains" are more spread throughout the hardcore scenario, of course. Their hunt for "100% profile completion" or even rarity goes to insanity, helping is not a meaningful word for some.
  6. Yep, FN4 is a 2009 game. It's shutdown shouldn't take long. Soon, he will be free of this burden of constant logins and matches every couple days, keeping the plat really rare. I admire his willingness in doing that, I hate when I have to keep logging in games for X days for trophies.
  7. Well, this thread is a mess. People offending Jeanmi: you guys are simply losing the reason in this discussion. It is a shame that accordingly to the Fight Night boosting thread, Potent_Delusions helped out Jeanmi in 2014 for the HW belt, and never got it back. As a matter of fact, also it is explicit that he's been holding it since then and even tried to charge people for it, that's probably something he dropped early on: people would just steal the belt back. I see this situation having two factors to blame: the belts system is stupid. EA should have limited boosting as blocking same IP or even further for such a picky mechanic. Also the lack of morals and honor is clearly present in Jeanmi. Shame, most hardcore trophy hunters are like that, and trophy hunters are (in a whole), just a subset of the greedy mankind. He is clearly doing that to keep the plat rarity at 0.13%, so I suggest everybody just to give up on this plat. EA will soon announce the server shutdown as it is a real old game, and Jeanmi will have fulfilled his wishes. I feel really sorry for the community having to deal with such immature behavior, some people just can't understand online trophies are for union and solidarity. It is the same case as when people flee the boosting session after they get their trophies. Let's move on and keep cooperating in other games, united we are strong. PSNP is a better community than this.
  8. We enjoy boosting dead multiplayer games. Fun is relative.
  9. You're lucky, my fat ps3 has died more than 6 years ago. Have a Super Slim since June of 2013
  10. Basically while it still has games of my interest AND the trophy sync servers are still operational. Games of my interest == every game that has a trophy list synced to PSN. In this scenario, I guess PS3 going completely offline and unsupported by Sony is the most probable reason of a future me abandoning the PS3 and finally moving exclusively to PS4. Rinse and repeat for subsequent platforms.
  11. Sorry mate, but people aren't looking for trophy score here, of course 70+ hours in a week for a gold trophy is a waste, when you could platinum at least 40~50 quick and shallow games. But the ones who are trying to go for VGC are looking for a nice challenge and to be able to plat, as our last chance, the whole Killzone series.
  12. It depends on many factors. I had a very poor Monday, I was thinking of giving up. Also, suffered with lots of disconnections and sometimes only 30% of my matches were saving. Moreover, some of my group weren't available all the time, so I ended boosting for hours with only 2 or 3 alts at most. In your scenario, you hopefully will have a better time. Oh, and logout 1 hour before the server reset. It is not confirmed that's the reason the trophy might glitch, but why would you risk? It is a good practice, anyway.
  13. Play 14 hours every day against 5 other players/ps3s and you'll get 100k+. Do 50 kills/5 minutes matches all the time, it seems to save better than longer ones (however I haven't tested 30 minutes too much, it failed to save 2 out of 3 matches I tried, so I gave up. In the end 30 minutes might approach the 70% with a large ammount of experiments, but don't waste your time like that). DLC is a must, you don't wanna worry with turrets and ammo. Tharsis is far from optimal. Also, I've found that some players are doing some alternative, much faster method, but I don't know how it works. Every week, 2 or 3 people without doing too much headshots are appearing in the top 1%, from my tracking, it is MUCH faster than the 25k I could manage to get every day.
  14. Yep, stopping under 100k is total bullshit. I guess this week people held their horses back lol, I expected a much higher score cutoff. Well, I thought the 100k glitch made no sense at all so I decided to take that (in my mind, low) risk.
  15. @llagnd https://imgur.com/a/2aKGI Which one is the game announced to close? I suppose it is only the first one, right? (Don't understand Japanese and a Google translation over the tweet didn't give me much clue) I wonder if the other lists will become unachievable too, specially the "VR" one Must totally agree