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  1. Sony = total shit. Change my mind. I love seeing 2006 Xbox servers still being hosted in 2020 by their awesome infrastructure. I'm totally ok with shutdowns, some commercial decisions are totally unpopular anyway, but a silent shutdown is just a total disrespect with your customers, I'd expect at least a "Sorry guys, we tried to fix that but shit didn't go well, we sincerely apologize with our valued customers". This omission is unacceptable, I really hope the support chat guy simply didn't know shit he was talking about.
  2. Any trophies that depends on the purchases being disabled this year? I'll put the shutdown date to 1st of June, 2021 then
  3. Well, after reaching 98% completion on the game trophies I had to try something. Inspired by the Saintfied trophy in https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/66341-how-to-get-the-saintified-trophy-after-the-servers-shutdown/ At first, tried to do the same method and nothing. Then, I decided to use some Unix tools, like dnsmasq and nothing again. I found that the servers the game tries and fails to connect when sending a gift (obtained through Wireshark) are: 501158-gosprapp1139.ea.com ec2-52-26-44-81.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com In case anyone wants to try to setup a custom DNS Server, this might be helpful: Settin Up a Simple DNS Server Whenever I tried spoofing the first server, I couldn't connect to EA at all, seconds one at amazonaws had no refuses but the same infinite loading screen happened, so I guess the game awaits for a response of the gift receival. Probably the trophy got unobtainable because the gift mechanism was being handled by a server at AWS, which expired and EA simply left it like that as normally. If anyone wants to try the same method, who knows if we'll have different results. Or even to do some more research for a new method, but at first, I'd say this is definitely unobtainable
  4. Anywhere that's not inside a Final Fantasy 6 boss fight, which will kill all your party in your next turn. And you'll be using just ONE save state in an emulator and no default in-game saves for whatever reason. Oh, and being like 30 hours into the game. Anywhere outside that... Feels just fine lol
  5. If you guys aren't from nearby countries at least, you probably won't find each other If you go to the main menu there is something like online settings which you can change for less strict matchmaking, have a look at these settings
  6. I boosted with a friend, so each of us used 7 accounts. After you finish half of the boosting (for one of the mains to reach 4 wins) you can delete the club in the already used accounts and use them to boost again. You don't need ps plus for all of them, just your main account. As long as it is Primary in your ps4, every other account will have online multiplayer access. OH! I remembered a crucial point: make your friend create his main account club before doing anything. There is a limit of accounts per console on this game and he might get blocked on his main (however if you create in another console, it will be able to access FUT normally)
  7. I've made a spreadsheet when I played https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Am4PqD_elgKks5uVmYxyo3TOE_W_Jv8I8-aviZMfkTo/edit?usp=sharing Things to keep in mind: 1-Accounts will only find each other if they have the same number of matches played in placement matches and the same record of wins/defeats 2-You can delete your accounts clubs and reuse them when repeating the process for the 2nd player 3-To guarantee you found each other in search screen, don't press ready to select your uniform, just add and remove a guest with the second controller and ask your partner if he saw it changing
  8. Delete your team and boost the placement matches with a friend. You can only find someone with the same match record as yours in placement. It takes a good while but eventually you'll reach 4 wins for each of your mains, then just play a match between them and draw. Both should be placed in Div4. You can't find the same player again in matchmaking
  9. Thanks, it has been added
  10. Can you resend the forums link for TA and TT news so I'm able to update in the list? I'll keep 29th due to Japan timezone being 30th for us in the West Probably Spelunker/CN is out of this shutdown due to being different publishers but I'll keep track anyway
  11. Yes, I totally agree that's the case. The tricky part is to know when the servers are going to be operational again, we don't know how often this happen, but the timeframe seems to be something like 5 or 6 hours at most. We, "the Brazilians" (I loved the nickname lol) got lucky by someone trying at the exact right moment, the info spread through our Whatsapp trophy hunters groups and of course, every recent achiever stopped whatever they had planned that night to achieve this horrid trophy. All evidences seems to point to this issue being server-sided so there's absolutely zero things we can do to render it achievable. For anyone trying to achieve it, the best bet is to play some match in a squad periodically and if the trophy pops, warn in every forum possible. By the way, get the screenshot trophy ASAP, it has been broken before and upload features breaking out of the blue in old EA games is a classic platinum breaker
  12. Nope, my contracts transferred just fine. I just wanted to get all achievements for Google Play (on Android) and GOG (for PC). I have all trophies on PS4 aside from the premature shutdown features, however they don't seem to pop on Android or PC
  13. Couldn't agree more with such a reasonable point of view, I've seen too many tears of people insulting CD Projekt Red. I don't agree with them not giving us proper warning that they would rip the console version apart months before the shutdown (this way we could play and get all trophies), but it's not the end of the world, it's just a sign of how irrelevant trophies and trophy hunters are. I won't give a damn about CD Projekt Red not warning and will keep playing their amazing games (even Gwent is so fun, I have already moved to GOG). By the way, did you manage to make your achievements autopop on Android? Because I have already played a bit on PC and I didn't get achievements like "Reach prestige 1", which makes me wonder if they are unobtainable as I transfered progress or if i'll have to reach prestige 2 for it to pop on PC
  14. Nope, there are 2 lists NA version https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9662-truck-driver EU version https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9661-truck-driver [HuntingFever, have you confused with "Truck Racer"? haha]
  15. Oh, that explains the low amount of players who entered the leaderboards in this challenge. I guess it's not worth going back to play it cause I'll definitely will be in bronze tier