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  1. It's a total waste of time for me. Could I do better with my time? Absolutely. Would I, then? Absolutely not.
  2. @TheYuriG I love these threads. Let's feel morally superior because we're both sAnCtVm gAmErS [Irony detector: ON] (in 2019 it's a must)
  3. Everybody can achieve anything legit. I just don't wanna spend time with something that is quicker glitching the hell out of it. Time is precious.
  4. Unfortunately you can't check for what reason an user has been banned, but probably using CFW or downloaded saves to pop trophies illegitimately (I don't remember if PSNP bans players who shares their accounts to have trophies being earned 24/7)
  5. It is not an issue: they have been banned from PSNP's leaderboards, as you don't see their rankings appearing in their profiles anymore.
  6. As far as I'm aware, CS:GO servers on PS3 went offline/crashed. It's still obtainable but a few of them are going to be a minor pain due to their luck-based nature, whereas boosting would get them instantly, zero pain.
  7. Well, I'm personally not excited for backwards compatibility. It'll cool down the remaster market which adds replay factor for me with a brand new trophy list with an improved game. Even if PS5 runs all PS games via emulation chances are I'll never run a non PS5 game in it: I won't sell my PS3 and PS4, thus I will prefer playing in them to avoid stressing unecessarily my brand new (expensive) platform.
  8. Awesome game, had tons of fun playing it. Reminded me the good old nostalgic times from PS1's and PSP's TMs.
  9. Urban pasta? You really don't understand people lol Some a-holes like to screw people when they have the means to do so. Dunno if you're new to online trophy hunting, but the most abundant type on old servers are the ones which will try to annoy your boost or even disrupt it like those hackers. Well mate, believe it or not, doesn't matter, but you have been locked from your final Worms trophy, I'm sorry. Over those years I've had dozens of problems with a-holes throughout old servers
  10. Most ps3 old online servers are messed up by hackers. They can do anything they want, sometimes to cheat as in old Call Of Duty games, sometimes to block trophy hunters like in Warhawk recently, where they unfortunately blocked everybody from boosting to get their plats. This whole situation in Worms is the same, the mess up with your stats and break your connectivity with the servers somehow.
  11. This. The game was in my cart with DLCs and then I noticed people complaining about the servers. If the servers come back somehow, I'll insta-buy it and do the MP trophy asap, but I hardly doubt it will ever come back. In this case just a big "F* it" to the game.
  12. It is not a bug. You've clearly been hacked by a douche as you mentioned a "strange player". They probably know that hacking your stats will break the game for you and might even be one of those self-righteous justice guys, trying to punish you for boosting. It happens in lots of PS3 games, Warhawk being one of the most recent annoyances. Is there a way to block randoms from joining in Worms?
  13. Has it to be soloed like Bahamut and Ifrit?
  14. Base game with Comrades weights around 80 GB, with the new set we're saving 50 GB in case we just wanna play the online mode (which makes sense as once you're done with singleplayer those extra 50 GB are useless in your HDD)
  15. Not the beginning at all, we're right at the Eye Of the Storm for a couple months now.