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  1. Well glad you got the plat in the end. Made the video because I wasted time fast swiping for like an hour, other videos on Youtube were confusing, so I guess the more techniques we can try the better as this little glitch can be quite tricky before you find your own consistent way
  2. LBP2 servers died in April or May iirc. Why this guy would wait 6 months to sync such trophies? I mean it, servers are down. If you got the trophy prior to the shutdown why would you risk the chance of your ps3 simply corrupting or dying with legit unobtainable trophies in there? Moreover this guy has synced many ps3 games over the last couple months, which mean he would need to have a 2nd ps3 where the LBP2 trophies have been waiting magically to be synced after at least 6 months. Lol dude, that's a 99.99% that he will simply CFW his way to LBP2 online trophies.
  3. I'd prefer to keep the way it is right now because it makes way easier for me to see and collect info for the list. My preference is for an overload of info/notications. The more the merrier! Of couse, those annoyed by it, can unsubscribe from the thread and use a service like https://www.wachete.com/ to track only the first post, receiving email notifications on changes.
  4. Added Destiny 2 to shutdowns list. Added GTAs, Rocksmith, CERO-Z games to delisting list. Did I miss anything? Lots of messages hehe
  5. You are forced to retire on 25th season. Simulate seasons until you are OVR 97. That's the maximum I was able to reach without playing anything else, just spending my skill points whenever I had them. Then I simmed a couple more season until my player start to decrease, so I started farming at OVR 96 actually. Don't look at your SIM progress season by season, it's pretty inconsistent, some season you'll score a lot of points simming, others just 30. Of course when you're 97 it will be your peak. You can expect around 1600 points from simming 24 seasons. So best strategy is: - Sim until OVR 97 - Farm on Rookie/20min/play only your shifts/Sliders adjusted until you get around 1000~1100 points from actual gameplay. - Sim to last season and see how many points you have now. - Just farm a few more non-sim matches and trophy should pop. Be careful not to sim too close to the end of the last season, it's better to farm final points at beginning just to be safe you won't be forced to retire. Also I'm not sure if the milestone track correctly how many points you have in NHL (it might sum points from Pre-season and Playoff, which dont count for trophy)
  6. They are not too bad, to break Gretzky record you need around 2800 points, simming 24 seasons will net you 1600 automatically. Farming the other 1200 points should take around 10 hours or so playing 20 minute games with sliders adjusted, so people overrate how bad this trophy is. Level 50 would be grind legit, probably 30+ hours if you play only Ones Eliminator, however you can afk with a turbo/cronusMax/remote play script and get this trophy with no efforts afking 5 to 7 days. Mostly all easy stuff, like HUT Rush, where last year everybody thought reaching Tier 10 would be bad and it was doable in 2 hours or so. However this year we need to qualify to HUT Champions, should take a good while farming (on FIFA where I'm slightly above average player, it takes me around 20 to 30 hours farming Division Rivals, on NHL where I simply can't play at all, it will require afk farming once again, that's why I have 250 hours on NHL 20 lol, probably took me around 150 afk hours to get the competitive season reward, which should be similar to this trophy this year). Sim 24 seasons (you'll need to sim 25 for retirement trophy anyway) and you'll get 1600 points or so. The rest 1200 points will need to be through actual gameplay, but it's not that bad as it seems, doable in 10 hours on rookie, 20 min quarters (playing only your shifts) and sliders adjusted in your favour. You can always breeze through opponent's defense and just easily score on 1v1 against the goalie
  7. https://www.kirikiribasara.com/2021/10/06/digital-ps3-vita-versions-of-chaoshead-chaoschild-to-become-unavailable/ Japanese CERO-Z rating games (over 18 years old) getting "delisted" when the PS Store stops accepting credit cards, as you needed one to confirm you're a mature gamer. Unclear if they will get delisted but it doesn't matter as they will become unpurcheasable. Unlikely that this restriction will be removed as it's a japanese government bullshit law.
  8. https://limitedrungames.com/
  9. Jesus... Can't we simply play the way each one prefer? If you dislike autopop, play both stacks separately and be happy with it. If you enjoy autopop, make use of it whenever it's available. I won't say I'm a fan of the autopopping, however my time is limited and there is an infinite supply of games to play (it's infinite because more games are released than I'm able to 100% in any period of time), so whenever I have the option to cut corners and save time, I'll do it. I can buy new games every day. But I can't buy time.
  10. I'm inclined to believe it's not simple as they took the remaster route instead of patching. Considering Sony updated many exclusives to run at 60fps on PS5 (Horizon, TLOU2, God of War, Tsushima, etc), Uncharted very likely has a fps cap for the single player portion which was common on games that released up to 2015~2016. Specially for exclusives, which would run only on base PS4 hardware.
  11. You can't guarantee this game is easily upgradeable. As it was originally planned to release way before even the PS4 Pro release, it might be one of those old games which a patch would be a major rework of the game, as removing a 30fps cap has the potential to completely break those kind of games physics. I'm fine with a re-release for the newest platform (even if it's paid) because PS5 native games can reach a higher performance potential than a simple update.
  12. Nope, Uncharted 4 doesn't run at 60 fps. A remaster is more than welcome.
  13. How are you always so updated on obscure delistings. Thanks a lot for sharing those infos, it's always helpful
  14. PS5 is amazing and exceeded all my expectations. It had to actually because this thing is ridiculously expensive in Brazil (4 minimum wage salaries). Having a blast playing with blazing fast loadings, 60 fps locked games from PS4 backwards compatibility and even games like FIFA have way better gameplay on PS5 including better graphics. Can't wait to have a 120 Hz gaming monitor to test 120fps games.
  15. It's already virtually unobtainable if someone starts right now. There's no way to get easy good players for the 3000 team strength trophy (a 3000 strength is basically having all players in your squad at 88 OVR, however prior to PES 2021 release, getting 95 players was extremely easy which makes this trophy exponentially easier, you just needed a few 90 players to bump you quickly into 3000)