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  1. Have you checked recently? Because last night the FUT servers were down for me
  2. FIFA 18 FUT servers are unreachable right now, is anybody having the same issues? .org Unobtainable trophies
  3. I guess it's possible to reverse engineer this with Wireshark
  4. Yep, totally worth the test. It could be as easy to achieve as the Saints Row trophy
  5. Oh no, nobody expected it! But NBA 2k20 is shutting down at 31st of December, 2021
  6. It's still up
  7. The new complimentary thread is here (link)
  8. Hey there, complementing the list of "Known Upcoming Server Shutdowns" (link), we're here to try to track games that had servers issues somewhere in the past and/or broken features and trophies. This way, we can avoid procrastinating on these ones before they break again and it's simply too late to earn these trophies. I don't think it's worth to add games like "Oh, LBP1 is 10 years old, it'll surely be offline in the next year" But it's surely worthy to add games like Battlefield Bad Company 1: "Oh, the game is 10 years old, and the upload trophy was broken for ages until EA fixed it, so just do it because it can break again, who knows" PS3 LIST: PS4 LIST: PSV LIST:
  9. Any newer FIFA is harder than 14: 15 had the stupid luck based trophy to score from the ground, which takes more effort than any trophy in 14 16 and 17 had the online draft trophy, which is a pain even to boost And 18 requires you to reach first division, which requires you to be a decent player at least (higher divisions in offline FUT seasons will put you against 4~5 star difficulty) 19 and 20 require you reach D4 on FUT which is way harder than anything in FIFA 14 too, so I don't see the whole point of your statement
  10. Totally agree, didn't expect that amount of information so quickly haha. I'll probably structure a new thread and compile the information by tomorrow's night
  11. But as long as I'm aware, everything's fine with KZ ShadowFall right? I don't think it fits in this section because I think it's aimed at erratic and problematic servers, which were broken at some point and luckily were fixed by the devs, etc. KZ Shadowfall will definitely close in 1 to 2 years max, but Sony shall give decent warning about it. Thanks, good call. Totally forgot about Project Cars Yup, both already had problems in the past and were fixed, who knows when they will break again and simply never be fixed
  12. Great. The new section is already there. I hope to receive some new info from who follow this thread whenever them (and I) come across new finicky servers/ potentially prone to break features
  13. I've done the weekly too. That's EA we're talking about and all of the worse can happen when they simply can't communicate things properly. Anyway, both are quite quick to be done.
  14. Daily Objectives will no longer be available in FUT soon. - Star Pupil and Objective Complete trophies will become unachievable. They should be easy to complete. so rush while you can to earn them. Source: In-game screenshot
  15. FIFA 18 will become unachieavable soon due to Daily Objectives becoming unavailable in 2 days EDIT: I had an interesting idea, what do you guys think of expanding the thread scope with a "Watch out" section? I'd like it to be pretty much informal (no sources due to them not existing lol) and keep track of stuff like: - MKX has been unachievable and was fixed. Keep that in mind and try to do asap - Splinter cell blacklist passed through the same - FIFA 20 haven't announced the end of FUT competitive mode but it will surely happen by 1st of September, 2020 rendering the same trophy from FIFA 19 unobtainable - PES 2019 will probably close in August 2020 So, does anybody oppose to that or have a better idea? It's useful information nonetheless and of course, everybody is welcome to helping expanding it with more recent info