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  1. Yeah this will work as well. The game also makes autosaves somewhat close to the turning point trophies so you could just reload if you wanted.
  2. Only the final boss is different, and you only need to reload a save and pick the opposite choice at the end of the game to fight the one you havent prior.
  3. 10/10 I laughed, cheesy puns too good.
  4. If you like mobas/action games, you could try out smite. Star wars the old republic is free as well(but i seem to be in the minority of enjoying that game).
  5. Came here to warn/ gather some info on this. Thanks for the heads up. i was going to inquire on if enemies still spawn or if there is some sort of "Thunderdome" for the melee challenges. I'm curious though, since the map is apparently infinite and spawns random stuff,(not entirely sure what yet) would it be possible to run into melee combatants out in the unknown?
  6. Definitely that, who knows when they'll go away
  7. It's gotta be WKC especially now with no online. Maybe FF14 as well, considering you have to wait a few months for the Levequest trophy.
  8. Generally speaking, if i really want a platinum i don't give up if i feel its too hard. Two games that com to mind though are Alice :madness returns. I started out with the intention of getting the plat with one play through but the difficulty was severely hampering my fun with the game. A Recent one is Geometry Wars 3, for some reason my mind just cant comprehend some of those boss levels, so i gave up for now, will probably return in the future.
  9. Ubisoft has a way with trailers. Sadly, this will be the first ac i don't pick up on launch
  10. Started Playstation recently and found a new trophy addiction.
  11. Damn messed that up pretty hard. uhh, i dont think you need advise with a 94% completion, but id go for that last Rayman legends trophy!
  12. Those Mad Max Dragon Quest Heroes (so excited for a new DQ game) Toukiden (but not on release) Persona 5 Star wars battlefront Not to many compared to previous years.
  13. If they ever announced the .hack or .hack//g.u. games for a remaster, i would probably die.
  14. First post in the forums! Anyways, this has me super hyped. Not only will i enjoy re platinuming this, but i feel like the graphics will transfer over in an awesome way!