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  1. Well you're doing better than me. I still haven't been able to get it once. I've taken a break from this because I have gotten so frustrated. I have been able to get everything else so it's not like I'm bad at guitar hero, I just have those calibration issues as well too. Just annoying...
  2. I am having a lot of troubles obtaining the Ooooh, You Fancy trophy on the PS4. I know you cannot share play this game on PS4, but is there any method that a person that is way better than me can help out somehow? I have been practicing on Demons by Imagine Dragons and I consistently miss just a few notes. I think my guitar may be messed up from getting the million strums trophy a few months back and since this is basically my last trophy for the platinum, I do not want to have to buy a new guitar...
  3. Hi Sly, I have been receiving ads for about the past week now that have been redirecting me. I just received one right now and I am GMT-6, located in Minnesota USA. This happened on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone in the Chrome browser. I was just browsing my profile page when it happened. Here is the link of the ad it brought me to: States&region=Virginia&city=Ashburn&isp=Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless&lang=en&ref_domain=&os=Android&osv=8.0&browser=Chrome&browserv=71&brand=unknown&model=unknown&marketing_name=SM-G960U&tablet=2&rheight=0&rwidth=0&e=4
  4. Can you give an estimate on how long it took you to complete the trophy using this method? For example, an estimate on how many strums per hour you were getting? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I only need 20 more plays. Thanks!! P4P!
  6. Hmmm yeah this seemed to have resolved it. I previously was using an old email (and it was working in the past!) but now that I switched it over to my gmail account, I am getting emails there. Thanks!
  7. Is anyone else experiencing this same issue? I used to receive email notifications when my gaming session was about to begin, when a new player joined the session, and when new comments were made to my sessions. However, I no longer receive these notifications even though I have my settings set so that I should. I also checked by junk mail and the emails are not getting sent there. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  8. Hi everyone, I need help with level plays, level hearts, and author hearts (H4H, P4P). Here are my levels. Thanks!!
  9. From what I have read is that the dlc is indeed on disc, but locked behind a psn code that is given with the disc.
  10. Since the muppets dlc had been removed from the PS store, one work around to obtain it that I have seen is to purchase the Extras Edition of LBP2. Since I am in the US and this was a Europe exclusive release, if I were to import the game, would the dlc work in my US account?
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. However, the reason I was looking for games without using the DS4 is because I plan to play while laying in bed before falling asleep. I think having a DS4 would be awkward while laying in bed lol.
  12. Curious if anyone out there recommends a PS4 game that plays nicely on the remote play app for their phones? Specifically, I am looking for recommended games that work good using the virtual controller in the app and not a physical DS4 controller. Thanks!