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  1. I hate online trophies..... In this case finding someone for 2 co-op seasons. Just because I crashed, granted it was into my team mate. Doesn't mean I'm going to do it every race... LOZ! bloody try hards. — playing F1 2013.

  2. 28 Hours to fully format a 500gb PS3 only to have 412gb available after all that..... Good Job PSN is down than. Why does it take that long?

    1. N7-XenoRoxas


      It doesn't really take 28 hours. At least not for me.

  3. Not necessarily essential as you may not have the games but theres a few "companion" apps that release every now and than. I think theres a Dust 514 one on the way and some developers worth mentioning. Than theres such things as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Youtube, Netflix, Music Unlimited, Play Memories, Video Unlimited, WWE, Twitch, eBay, Amazon, PayPal etc. All depends on the things you use, search it and theres likely to be an app for it. Official PlayStation App AC4: Black Flag Companion App BEYOND Touch Battelog Call Of Duty Destiny Watch Dogs Companion App iFruit (GTAV) GTAV Manual (official game guide) Knacks Quest Puppy Parlor (Vita Pets) Titanfall Companion App THIEF Companion App Uplay Steam Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide: Here Rockstar Games Inc: Here EA Mobile: Here Ubisoft Entertainment: Here Activision Publishing: Here Square Enix Ltd: Here Theres probably ones Ive forgotten or missed. Theres even an Official F1 App
  4. Found Something. Sorry should have maybe tried Google first
  5. Parker is there similar stats for EU? Edit: EU List Voted for A. Considering the cost of running the network I think having online added as a plus inncentive is justified as we get back so much. In my opnion the online, cloud saves and automatic options are worth it alone and I would consider 1 or 2 games for free a great deal. I think plus is a great thing for those who may not have the money or budget to spend on games on a regular basis and has encouraged me to try games I would not have otherwise brought or even knew about. Because of the money I have technically saved in not buying that game I can put towards DLC if I choose and 9 times out of ten you will find the free game comes with discounts on the related DLC, a further discount added for plus members. I will say though that its not without its issues or to be honest more just personal niggles then anything. For example I would like to see some form of grace period between when your plus sub ends and can be renewed, say a 7 day period as theres those of us that cant guarantee money by a set date for whatever reason. I have yet to run out or miss my renew date but I do remember Sleeping Dogs being included one month and as always I added it to my list regardless of weather I was planing to play it or not. Decided to give it a go a few weeks ago and the download of that version no longer existed and I haven't been able to download it. I am hoping this is just a one off issue and not something that will become common.
  6. Thanks for giving an explanation, makes more sense now
  7. ¡lOl ɯɐ I uɐɯ pɹǝᴉʍ ɐpuᴉʞ ǝɥʇ sʇɐɥʇ ǝsɐnɔǝq sᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ oʇ ƃuᴉʎɹʇ ɹnoʎ ʇslᴉɥʍ llɐʍ ǝɥʇ uo ʎlɟ ɐ ǝq oʇ ǝʌol plnoʍ I

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      that wasn't very hard :)

      Now buzz off fly

    2. Gotakibono
  8. I probably just dont understand it right being an F1 noob but can they "fail" homologation and what happens if thats the case? It souds like something that should be done say durng crash tests etc and again I might be just being dumb and this maybe better in the new rules thread but if these new regs etc are a recant change how can Ferrari say we have been working on the car development for 2 years. Do they have bods just coming up with "what if" designs? Sorry for the silly questions, still learning here
  9. I am geting quite excited over this season with all the new changes. I know between now and say mid season the cars will be developed by than but I really hope they dont all start adopting the same technique and by the end of the season we have most of the cars on the grid looking more or less the same, say the most effective nose shape overall. I really like that most teams have approached things in different ways and its resulted in various looking cars. Seeing who has got it right and who hadn't. And is it me or are those green lights on the cars (something to do with voltage?) really distracting. I do like the sound of the new engine but what I like even more is being able to hear the varius electrical sounds under breaking and when the cars cut off in the pit. Dont know if they all sound as clear as the Ferrari.
  10. Lincolnshire witch pending where your from or witch side of the fence your on is partly within or part of the Yorkshire Region/North Region (Humber) Im about an hour from Skegness, 3ish to Lonon. Would be nice to find some "local" gaming folk
  11. I watch things like game reviews or something like the stuff from NerdCubed, Lets Play sessions by Achievement Hunter etc for the comedy value and silly things or to discover something other than just the mainstream Triple A games but I tend to avoid full walkthroughs. Depending on the game I may avoid anything related to said game say for example AC4 Black Flag. I might watch the odd trailer but for the most part I want to enjoy it all first hand even down to the menus and music so I avoid the releated media as much as I can.
  12. I can confirm that at least for me with the latest patch, 1.02 trophies DO work in split screen regardless of it being a guest account or PSN. However just to make it clear it appears only the host will unlock/obtain them.
  13. Can you save the progress of a guest account? Was going to play Split Screen but this issue has put me off starting it unless there planing on a patch. Or is it set that way for a reason
  14. Feel free. Always floating about on the PS3 & Vita