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  1. Well turns out in my case LIS was set to hidden automatically, which is weird since I've never hid any before. I was able to turn them back on to public, and since earning another trophy they populated. Thanks ahmedelebiary
  2. I don't believe so but I will double check
  3. Yes, and I took a break last nite to earn a trophy in a different game then when back to LIS and earned a few more. No luck still.
  4. I just got this with this June's PSN+ games, but after already finishing the first chapter and earning all it's trophies... none of them are populating here, or my official PSN account. I wasn't sure if this is an isolated case, or something to do with the flood of new people all playing the game recently. Anybody heard anything or experiencing similar problems? P.S. - enjoying this much more than the usual Tell Tale bleh