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  1. Good to know that I haven’t been the only one with these issues… has anyone used the save file transfer? I can’t seem to figure it out and I finished the PS4 version, I would rather auto pop the ps5 and not play through that boring DLC again. ***Edit - I figured it out and will confirm that not all trophies auto pop on Dirt 5 PS5, after a crazy long load up. I can only test the 3rd DLC however, since I had both versions at 100% previously and this has also effed up my time stamps. When it was loading it popped only the two: 1. Get 3 stars in a main event and 2. Complete Race Oddity Gate Crasher event. So I decided to do the first race since its the Bentley Continental GT Ice Race Car and I was hoping to pop both the 30 miles in that and Earn All 81 stamps. Only earning all 81 stamps popped. Then I played the second race (which is the first of the two needed) for “Complete the "Rising Tide" and the "Surf n Turf" Brazil Land Rush events”. That trophy popped after that race. Now I need to still pop the 30 miles in the Bentley, which I guess I’ll try from scratch. - Super fun times, so hopefully the rest of the game pops properly if you try it. Sorry for the long play by play, I figured it’s here now for anyone who questions my weird time stamps for All 81 stamps and the complete rising tide and surf n turf.***
  2. So this started happening to me today. It started with Shadow of the Tomb raider when I was playing some dlc tombs, and two trophies popped offline. I went back online and they weren’t there. So I thought that was weird and I thought it was a hiccup with the game. I went on to pop another trophy while online, then all three showed up. I didn’t think anything of this until I decided to play through the new dlc for Dirt 5 PS4. The trophies popped fine and after I completed it, I looked at it, and it wasn’t there. I went offline, and can see the trophies are earned there, so I tried going to the settings and force a sync along with manually syncing from the trophy menu and I always receive the error NP-103374-8. I have logged into an alt and popped a trophy in a PS4 game and it worked perfectly syncing fine. Logged back in, no PS4 trophies corrected. Played Spider-Man Remastered PS5 and popped a quick trophy, sync’s fine. Still no Dirt 5 PS4 though. I have cleared cache, rebuilt database, shut down and restarted the system to no solution/fix. If anyone has a solution, that doesn’t involved factory resetting that would be amazing. Since this shouldn’t require a factory reset for something so ridiculous. Did the others in here who have this issue pop a trophy while offline? Cause that was my first time doing that, and I’ve never had any issue before that. *** It’s been almost 12 hours and it still hasn’t updated… so the responses that say it’s slow, are incorrect. Help would be greatly appreciated *** *** Update 2.0 - I popped another trophy in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and it registered perfectly fine, so it’s narrowed down to just Dirt 5 atm *** *** Final update - Apparently a bunch of people posted about this games trophy issues today, specifically on the ps4, so I’m really glad its not just me. So all of this can be ignored, and I assume there will be a patch or Codemasters will update Sony with the Trophy info.***
  3. I don’t know where you got that 100+ hour amount from, took me all of 3 hours to do the gold extractions with randoms (matchmaking) in November. If anyone is doing this game, 100% do the online with randoms … there’s a ton who are really good and as long as you can survive and are there to revive em, you will be fine. It’s much easier and quicker than the additional annoyance of Insanity on the full playthrough. Then just playthrough on easy and have fun with it. The game isn’t the best but it’s definitely not as terrible as people make it out to be. Just make sure to actually extract or else it doesn’t count. I didn’t extract on two maps and had to do 7 in total.
  4. Hey bud, I saw your post in Uncharted Remaster about playing offline since the servers seem to crash the game... you are spot on and now I can actually get around to playing through the game. Cheers and thanks so much!

    1. JoaLoft


      Glad to hear you got it resolved as well! Have fun playing through the remasters, the Uncharted games are top-notch products. :)

  5. Yes. PS3 is unobtainable though.
  6. Thanks. Yeah I figure I will drop a bit... but being top 1350 in the world and top 50 in Canada was really awesome to see at one point. Thanks for that info... I have a second copy cause I heard you can pop it having two systems on the same network.... but thats good to know. Thanks for removing me... oddly enough, I actually got around to finishing Evasion which has been on my list for a while... so I guess I am leaving on a high note hahaha. Evasion All 47 Trophies 29th September 2020 • Completed in 1 year, 7 months
  7. If the mod can remove me from this, that would be swell... I am going to be playing very minimally and won't really be going for trophies as much... I hit top 50 in Canada recently, which was my goal, so I'm good.
  8. Super simple, on your trophy list on the other part of the site, just highlight the info, hit copy and then paste it in a post... it will say at the bottom after the paste that it is a specific format, just hit the X cause you know that. It's one of the best features of this site, to be able to grab images and things like that and be able to share em. Also the game is not unobtainable whatsoever... bad information from EA support (saying it's down), because the DLC has been removed from the store and periodically the online goes down for a week or two every year, it makes a scare for everyone. Right on the back of the Dante's Inferno case though, it states plain and simple if they give notice of server closure, you have 30 days from that point before it closes... so you can always bring it up to the BB and force em to reopen it for the mandatory 30 days. Took me 3 solid days of grinding it out, so its not as bad as I thought.
  9. So I got my first of this month and I'm thrilled to be done this. Dante's Inferno All 55 Trophies 7th August 2020 • Completed in 9 years, 4 months - 100% = 0.79% Now I have finished a second for this month and another beauty. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End All 68 Trophies 10th August 2020 • Completed in 4 years, 3 months - 100% = 0.81% Here is my third for the month and most likely my last since I've been playing too much Apex Legends lately. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare All 56 Trophies 25th August 2020 • Completed in 5 years, 7 months - 100% = 3.93%
  10. I luckily got a big one done this month... Rock Band 4 • NA All 62 Trophies 19th July 2020 • Completed in 4 years, 7 months Hopefully I'll actually get around to completing Evasion and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor DLC next month. Edit - I stuck to it and actually finished off another one. Guitar Hero Live All 50 Trophies 23rd July 2020 • Platinum in 2 years, 11 months GH Live has hands down the worse calibration of any rhythm game and that 100% on expert was so frustrating due to the vertical notes. Glad it’s over with.
  11. Oh damn... well I think the issue most people have with it is the style of the fight itself. The entire game is essentially just running head first into things, this one you must play it like a Souls experience. Where dodging and parrying are 100% required. When you fight her, allow her to make the mistake first... if memory serves me correctly, she does two dives across the arena and then staggers for a bit... so thats an easy attack point, as is her four swing combo... keep dodging back and to left and you should avoid her and once she's done, pounce. Might be stupid question you have all epic/legendary runes equipped correct? And they are upgraded as well? Cause those make a big difference. Lastly, I'll gladly give it a go in share play if you want... I know it's Share Play is super laggy, but I feel like it shouldn't be too bad.
  12. I would just recommend fighting the Valkyrie Queen on whatever the easiest difficulty is... I crushed her on Normal first try, but I'm a loser and play a lot of games LOL so if you're having trouble, I think Easy wouldn't be too bad at all. Just double check your settings... cause if its on Normal, then it might help.
  13. I personally liked it more... the story is cliched but still fun, it's also better gameplay imo. On a plus side, if you don't like it, it's half the amount of time of an investment... the first is 35 - 40 hrs, 2 is only around 15 - 20 from what I recall.
  14. Congrats! I remember playing that and hoping for the RNG bs, until I realized that I could grab what somebody on my friends list had received for the chest... as soon as I realized that it was a piece of cake. Knack 2 is much much better imo. But I did enjoy this for what it was, I know most people didn't.
  15. That's amazing... I wish I finished that... I guess Chronicles of Riddick at the 10 year 10 months mark will suffice.