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  1. Thanks so much! This was a huge help, couldn't figure out why it wouldn't pop after spending 4 hours trying to find them. It popped almost instantly. Cheers! Hopefully they fix it with a future patch cause that's ridiculous.
  2. Thanks a bunch for the headsup! I already had Crackdown 1, but I still grabbed 2 cause heck, it's free! Cheers!
  3. Absolutely fantastic!
  4. @FarSideOfSaturn is amazing! Thanks again for the help and to get me 100% on this!!! Cheers!
  5. If you have update 1.22 up to 1.26 installed already. Yes. If not, you could try and use the links in an earlier post on page 1, where somebody shows the old update location, but I heard it's a complicated ordeal ("that requires a PC or a proxy redirector on any type of device to do this"), but I personally don't know the exact protocol for it, that was second hand information from a friend. Otherwise, if you don't have it already installed. No. It's not possible to get 100% anymore.
  6. 100% agree, does not make sense whatsoever - One of the biggest fuck ups by Square Enix imo that's for sure!
  7. Just go to the settings and turn off auto updates... easy. Also you should go to settings>network>uncheck "connect to network" ... it will DC you from the internet and it loads fine... I will also confirm trophies pop as per norm, because I popped the 99 lvl chocobo last night after everything shut down. I believe the Comrades standalone takes from the update of the regular game for some stupid reason, because they added in a bunch of stuff for comrades in that DLC... one reason which is an assumption, is because they rolled out the update across all platforms and FFXV Windows Edition will not have a standalone Comrades, so everything is updated in game. Again, why the fuck couldn't Square Enix, just done that?!? Or one better... just shut down the servers... it works fine offline... that way you can 100% it, but you won't have help. Ridiculous, they literally went out of their way to fuck people over. http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_XV_patches https://finalfantasyxv.square-enix-games.com/en/updates - this one gets cut off for me, but you can see the "introduction of secret missions and bonus quests"
  8. Hmmm, interesting, maybe that's why mine stopped unlocking for people after a certain point. So stupid. It should be based on games played.
  9. Join Area:NA West Team:PlayoffChamps Playoffs trophy will be available forever... I don't plan on playing another game with the club. Please join and leave and enjoy the trophy. If you wanna send your thanks to LinkinBenjamin, D-Reck906, NiIGHTSHADE4200 and Tony_GUZ88 ... they were the ones who helped make this possible. Cheers On a side note: Join the club "opg romashka" ... you will unlock On a Roll, Conference Champs, and Promotions for All. That should cover all of the main club trophies in EASHL.
  10. Ah yeah fair enough, totally was reading about demon souls, and just instinctively thought about Dark Souls... the rest of those should be all Sony Published, including Bloodborne.
  11. Thats a great list, I would also add... PS3 Crash Commando Dark Souls Dark Souls 2 Foosball 2012 Payday: The Heist The Last of Us PS4 Alienation Bloodborne Dark Souls Remastered Dark Souls 2 Scholarship of the Sins Dark Souls 3 Driveclub Driveclub Bikes Driveclub VR Farpoint Gran Turismo Sport Killzone Shadow Fall/Intercept Nex Machina RIGS: Mechanized Combat League The Last of Us Remastered Vita Freedom Wars Foosball 2012 Soul Sacrifice Soul Sacrifice Delta I know the Souls series technically doesn't need the online, but it definitely makes a ton of things super easy, like rings and items for sharing purposes. I believe the rest of those have online associated with it, like leaderboards or whatever.
  12. Kraven and Honor and anyone else debating on Twisted Metal plat, I second Potent on this, I started this game back in 2012, didn't do much cause of the difficulty and I didn't think I could finish it, so got one trophy, and it's been sitting... I really started the grind yesterday, and I finished the Entire SP trophy experience already with that infinite ammo glitch... it works perfectly. Me and some guys are boosting the online, and so far its half done and I've only put in around 15 hours or so total across everything. I'll need another 6 - 7 hours to finish the online except the 30 days one. That will require by my guesstimate around 5 hours by itself, for the wins, the time change, the reloading of the game, everything. Just because it's so tedious... honestly I would give this game around a 5, maybe a 4 in difficulty with that exploit, without, surely an 8 or 9. So it can be done for sure within a couple days. I gotta get it done quickly too, cause I still have the behemoth that is Warhawk to do.
  13. From what I understand, there are random challenges, but they said you can send challenges too... so I assume you can send one to a friend and beat it quite easily. EDIT: Took a look at the achievement guide and it says you can challenge the same person as long as its a different video/song it will count as an additional challenge completed. So you'll need 2 boosting partners, cause I believe there is around 60 songs or something like that. https://www.trueachievements.com/a209045/take-all-comers-achievement?showguides=1 On an additional side note, we should probably take this to the just dance 2016 forum, since this has nothing to do with the actual server shutdown, just about a trophy that will be related to the eventual shut down.
  14. "You can find challengers who have scored very little or just left their game on in the background and haven't scored anything." - https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/just-dance-2016/trophy/125101-Take-all-comers.html That being said, I feel like you could boost it easily, just have a friend send 100 challenges where they don't play, then beat em. (That is, if there aren't any easy ones left.)
  15. OMG, yeah totally meant share play it... and yeah I don't know if it would work, it was a random thought at 230am
  16. The online doesn't look too difficult on that, the 5 stars might be hard, but I would just recommend having a friend come over who's really good (or even semi good-I'm terrible imo but I tend to get 5 stars pretty easily). I luckily was going through online titles recently and finished off 2014. Now, just gotta find two more move controllers and do the stupid 4 player trophies and the remainder songs 5 stars. LOL Another thought,probably a stupid one, but you could possibly game share and get some help with songs that you can't seem to do, I don't know if it's possible with the camera and having somebody dance for you, because how that would work, is beyond me.
  17. I was just curious if there was a way to blacklist a player from ever joining your sessions? Because I have made several sessions where "t-sas-g" https://psnprofiles.com/t-sas-g has joined, but he/she doesn't respond to any messages, nor actually joins the allocated times posted for the session at hand, thus taking a spot that rightfully could have went to another player that wants the trophies. I have left negative feedback when I can (I don't like that the feedback can't be left immediately after the session - you have to wait something like 2 hours after the session is finished) ... and it doesn't seem to stop him/her from being able to join. I just made a session for Dead Nation PS3 ... they joined that, taking the only spot I had for a person, and they have not responded to my messages, nor been available. I have kicked em out of the session but I could have potentially missed out on a real boosting partner in the meantime. I have also spoken with several players and they have all had MAJOR ISSUES with this player specifically, whether it be disturbing the session, not showing up, not communicating, whatever. I feel as if somebody can't even send a message saying that they can't make the time or something has come up, they shouldn't be allowed to be on a community site, that is all about communication and support.
  18. Like I said, I didn't host all of them, I gave him 2 chances... the other five he joined after the fact I had joined, so I had no control over it. I also love the idea of having a list of players that you "gold star" or highlight, that you had a great session with. Also cause my friends list is crazy huge right now, and I don't even remember the players I played with 5 months ago and had a good session with. This is also because I went through around 40 online titles in about 3 months. In a nutshell yeah, you answered the questions, and no I didn't message a mod, I didn't know which one would actually be taking care of the session portion or who implemented it... as for the contradictions... when you are trying to crush through 100's of games, having 5 or 6 sessions in a week, Have to jump back and forth messaging people, then like I had mentioned, not based on join time, it would be based on responsiveness time, where somebody was busy and couldn't respond to the pm's that day that I sent them, but could have made the session. So in turn, they would get screwed out of a session that they should have been apart of all along, that's not fair, so basically I should just do a manual approval for everything, and just live with it. It's not even a ban from the site, it's just a ban from joining sessions I'm at least hosting. Kinda like the "preferred players" thing that several games implement. I feel as if we had a preferred players list which included banned players, and when you made a session it would send a pm to all of these preferred players and not allow the banned players from joining. It would make things much easier for finding good players that want to do certain games.
  19. I would hope that they don't lock up this post, considering not one person has actually answered my questions at hand. And yeah DarkB1ke, I do hope feedback would solve this, and I agree, if you are a trophy hunter, this generally is like a second job, if you do it casually then the sessions should be "just for fun" - I see a bunch of those and that's awesome, but I'm trying to get through my backlog and people who don't show up for a "boosting" session. That's a problem. That's amazing that he's shown up and you have had a fine session with him, and I can say I first met him on Crysis 2 about 3 months ago, where he was messaging in english, so he does speak it somewhat, but he wasn't paying attention to anything that was said in the group chat nor was he actually interested in the help I was trying to give him. So I gave up trying after 2 hours. Normally, I would care if this behaviour was over a span of say a year... but these sessions have been over the last 3 months... that A LOT to bail on in 3 months. Plus, those are only the sessions I joined too... I heard from others it was much much more.
  20. I just find it very peculiar that in the grand scheme of this comment, that I am frowned upon because I "named and shamed", the problem with not ever calling somebody out on their crap... they still stay crappy. That person has bailed and not shown up on not 1, not 2, not 3, 4, or 5 sessions I've had, but 7 (I can even list the games for you - and not all of them are hosted by me, but by people who don't know about his history!) I really wanted a mod to look into their feedback since I can't seem to see it and I feel as if they should be banned permanently from this site, after xx amount of negatives of not showing up/being disruptive. Otherwise what's the point of the feedback?!? It doesn't stop them from joining sessions I don't control, it doesn't ban them eventually, and no one can see the feedback as far as I can tell. Basically players can be crappy, take up spots and not show up and delay game boosting and trophy hunting for a couple weeks, without repercussions. If you don't feel like your time is valuable that's fine. Mine IS. I boost fast and efficient, and anyone who's come to a session I've hosted will vouch for that. As nice as the manual approvals are (which I am aware of, and telling me to use a search function to find this, doesn't actually help this scenario, because I searched for banning players from the site, cause that's what I wanted to know, not how to manually approve players), if say xx1 asked to be manually approved as does xx2 and xx3 for a game that only requires 3 spots, now I have to message each one, find out about how much they really want to do this, and potentially, screw somebody over, saying they can't join because they didn't message me back right away. So as nice as it is, it's kinda not. Cause usually I will get messages from players asking to join in on my session even though its full because of the manual approval thing. Plus I feel bad they can't get it now so I help them. So my main questions still stand, where can you see the feedback? Does it actually do anything? And can you ban somebody from here? If not, why? Post Script: Phil I had a absolutely terrible experience with Discord, so I won't do it. Not after the ridiculousness that was involved with making a simple session, plus that doesn't help this site, which is a problem, because it's nice that there are other services out there, but on the site that I enjoy using we should be figuring out how to make it better, not straying people away from using it's services. Cause it's always a good thing to want something to be better, right?
  21. Bravo Oz! Bravo! ... Such a pain in the ***! I can't do it... been trying... gonna give it a go this weekend.
  22. So I was just curious if anyone else had this issue or not... basically I am self boosting with psnow and a PS3 to get the kills and xp. However after the match ends and it shows that it's registered. I back out to main mp menu. While in there I go to my online statistics. And it shows me at approx 1050 kills and 682k xp. But when I look at my friends leaderboards. It only shows 945 kills and 522k. This all said I used the unlock points for skills already. And they show up when I go from the base game to Killzone MP Standalone... so it's really really weird. I'm probably just going to play the remaining legit today.... out of this annoyance the last couple days. Because this is
  23. Basically, I just kept playing and trying to match up with my dummy account... I never accepted a match that gave the error at the beginning... and for some reason EVERY match registered when I played with my buddy but not my Dummy account... it was sooo weird. Yes indeed... if you do it properly, you can gain up to 80k easily each match... that being said... you need to play 8 matches at that, having no randoms and or trolls... on top of all that the points need to register. You can tell right away, cause your level will increase at the end of the match... just pay attention to it repeating the same amount from the match before, that's what screwed me over. As for my points it was weird... it was like it registered but it didn't.
  24. Thanks to Empovyle for seeing this post and helping. Got my plat now. But I feel if anyone else has this issue and has a solution, it would be great to share it.
  25. I think the last time it was available was August last year. Sorry bud.