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  1. Hey guys! Any idea, when I get new offers for higher paying sponsors for the trophy? I will slams and tournaments. But I only get low class offers. Any idea to fix this? Kind regards, Christoph
  2. Hey guys, just a quick question. As I want to clear up everything in my secon playthrough (weapon upgrades, artifacts, skills..) I am planning on just starting a second playthrough, as the cleaning up via chapter select is pretty inconvenient. Maybe you can help me. Kind regards, Christoph
  3. Hey guys! I am deep into post-game-grind and sick of just looting the different locations. Is there a way to replay missions as i am quite bored of it? Or do I have to restart? Thanks!
  4. The lift level fucks me up really really hard. There is nothing i can do.
  5. I cant throw the yellow thingy in Level #20. Any idea what buttons i need to press? When pressing O it just falls down
  6. Is this trophy bugged? I gave all three parts new skins and it is not unlocking? Cheers.
  7. Thanks guys got it!
  8. Thanks for the reply guys! How can I remove one action skill?
  9. Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask how can I throw grenades as Moze? I just have shield on L1 and a drone on R1. But how can I throw a grenade, after picking them up? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys any idea how to get the 25 perfect shots in a game? Really hard to get that as i rarely get a perfect shot? Am I right that it shows PERFECT SHOT after hitting the ball?
  11. And how is this in concern of the trophies? Are booth getting them or just the guy who sends the invitation?
  12. Hello everyone! For me it seems that this trophy is a little bit buggy. I had more than 10 serve bars completely full with Rafa and I always had around 177 km/h. Any ideas?
  13. Hey everyone, the simple online trophy Free Association doesn't pop for me. What am I doing wrong? Maybe you can help me. Christoph
  14. Hey guys, I bought the Season Pass in the german store, while playing the CUSA 07378 version (Nazi emblems). So I think there is now possible way, that I can play the DLC, without creating an US account, and buying the season pass again?😱 Maybe you can help me Greetings, Christoph
  15. Hey everyone! I'm having really massive problems, when playing online. Sometimes the game freezes for seconds, or puts me back to the place I started at. This is so freaking annoying. Is anyone of you having the same problems? Greets Christoph