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  1. Thanks for the info. Luckily I found this thread on Google while I was searching for this game. Sony being Sony ¬¬
  2. Did you find some guide ?
  3. It doesn't work. Just got 500 headshots and no trophy.
  4. I just had this same question today. I'm gonna try, and hope for the best .
  5. Yeah. He was expecting something like this video here you can see all the trophies popping . Another friend that has a ps5, told him that all the trophies popped at the screen with all the auto pop games he tried. So, for my friend just one popped at the screen instead of 30 trophies popping :/ Sad for him
  6. Hey guys. My friend has a ps5 and he is struggling with this. As a trophy hunter all you want to see is all the trophies popping in your screen . But for my friend for some reason, just one trophy pop and that's it. When he goes to his trophy list, all the trophies are there but at the screen just one trophy appears, instead of 30 or more. He already tried with Killzone shadow fall intercept and marvel guardians of galaxy. In both cases just one trophy popped in the left side (I think that's the side they pop on ps5 xD). Does anyone know what this means? Because he didn't change anything related to trophies at the ps5 settings .
  7. I got a premium plus on my Germany account (even that I don't speak the language) and I tried to download the Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope - PS4 and just appeared the "stream" button . No download button appears there. I asked my friend to try on his ps5 and he couldn't run the game there. Anyone know why? And all the games I downloaded are going to finish at 07/07. But my plus is going to finish on 20/07 (I'm not gonna renew the plus). That's another thing I don't understand why.
  8. I finished the USA version first. Now I'm playing the Japanese one. No trophy auto popped here. Also, my saves do not appear on this game version (I didn't delete the USA version from my HD).
  9. I just got my money back. I needed to fill a police report of fraud against the seller (even the police told me this report was going to do nothing against the seller) and after contacting Sony the site (g2a) just refunded me. I paid using PayPal just for precaution but I'm not sure PayPal would help me if I needed it. But I always get psn cards from seagm, nice to know about this problem of yours. Now I always record the screen of my cellphone before opening a psn card code and using it.
  10. Exactly. That's right. Thanks a lot Smashero
  11. Hey guys. I have a little problem, I bought an used Spain psn card. I bought online at g2a, so my question is...... If I contact Sony, is it possible to know when they redeemed the code? If so, do any of you have a link for the chat support of Spain? I tried to find online but I couldn't. I'm from Brazil and I speak some Spanish, so that's why I'm asking for a writing chat instead of a call center. I'm just asking about this because I bought this psn card a month ago and still I couldn't get my money back from their money back program. So if I get this information, I can add there and maybe they are going to give back my cash. Thanks
  12. Is it just with me that this game glitch every time? Sometimes I look at the screen and it's all black with some green points/numbers and it become slow. After some minutes the game continues skipping normally until the next glitch point Here's an example, almost at the end if each chapter I receive this screen and just need to wait some minutes for the game to normalize.
  13. My playthrough showing how I got level 999 in everything. It took me 2h after my last trophy
  14. If you already played the other 2 summer lesson games, you already know how the game works, so I'm gonna leave a quick and simple walkthrough. I didn't finished the game yet, but I already know that this game is the same of Allison Snow's game (you can get a guide on truetrophies). The most important part is the answers to get splendid. At the bottom of this guide I'm gonna leave some photos with some charts. These are the ones I considered most important to evolve and get the genious trophy. I put in () the areas affected by that subject and if you're gonna get the same amount of ''XP'' or a little more [in this case it's always the last area that is gonna give you more ''XP'' (I don't know how to call the numbers that you increase each time you do a study). Now let's start. If you got the asian version (english one), you're gonna get 6 lucky events and some clothes at the beginning (related to the dlc). I'm gonna explain some trophies so you can get them quickly. Interesting Person Teased your student 5 times in total during breaktime. You can get this trophy by just stand close to your student after you pressed circle to disappear the notebook with her grade. (it's the same on Allison's game) Nice Chopsticks SkillsAttain a score of 100 in "Challenge the Game" within a single attempt. You can get this trophy by pressing the circle button at the right time to get the object at her game, just wait for the object to be in front of the chopstick Can't Escape from this Box!! Try to escape from the box in one event of "Magic Tricks Assistant" 5 times. You can get this trophy in just one session of Magic Tricks assistant (you're gonna receive 6 lucky events [it's the card icon] when you start the game for the first time), all you want to do is to move your head 5 or more times trying to get out of the box you're inside. I can't escape from her! Watch ending for "Breaktime at Shrine." It's the same thing on Allison's game, just check the guide. 3-year-old ChildDrop the drink in "Hydration" 3 times in total. It's the same thing on Hikari's game, just check the guide here on psnprofiles. Embarrassing ThingsSee her embarrassed face in "Hydration" once. You can get this trophy when you put the water bottle close to your mouth (like when you drink water from a bottle), instead of dropping it. The eating Karaage and popsicle trophies you get when you do the subject Field Trip. I recommend, at the beginning, you just do the challenges to collect a lot of cards to use on genious play. Probably you're gonna need to level up to 20 each one of the subjects below. When you see that you have enough cards (more than 50 I think is a good number) you try to get the lucky events as a reward on the challenges. If you use triangle to reload and you didn't get anything useful, just go to the options menu and halt game. You're gonna be at the first screen of the game, go to the challenges and try again until something good appears to you.
  15. So you guys know if I get the diamond trophies here, do they added to my US version? Or it is totally different one version to another?!