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  1. I'm at the same boat. It's just impossible for me to pay almost 50 dollar in just one game. I'll have to be happy just with the US version of 2nd. Luckily I bought in Japan the disc of the first game
  2. Thanks. This worked like a glove
  3. I'm just afraid to buy this game because of the "dancing with vr". When I use vr if I shake my head too much I'm gonna get. A headache. So I don't know if with this game this would happen. About the time trophies, is it possible to just use a turbo controller to start the same song again and again? Because it would be go to sleep and the game will play for you auto..
  4. Do you guys know if we ask for obt to create a mainland Chinese account, is it going to be verified? Or this is going to happen like if we create the account on our own.
  5. I'm going for my 6th attempt to get this shitty trophy. 4x in a row I got two worlds. Last Time I got archipelago and no Wes appeared there :x now I just deleted everything and I'm trying to go with the first character 😑😒 I'm doing the jp version. The us version took me 5 attempts to get Wes in a cold reception
  6. It seems buggy.. I tried to get the simple ones like finish a 1/2 player but no success. While the other trophies unlocked (just one, I needed to close the game and start a new one for another trophy to pop)
  7. After 2 hours just dying, even that I knew the location of the 3 keys. I finally got the last trophy. Unfortunately the enemy is random, so you need to listen carefully while you pay attention to your "range meter". I left the first key for last because it's close to the exit
  8. Definitely 🤣🤣 I don't even like "air games" I bought all sabec collection just because of the easy trophies (some games are really difficult and others are extremely buggy XD) And I didn't know about this in my avatar I went to Svalbard and loved this sign, so I took a photo and here it is
  9. It doesn't need to be in the same playthrough. I played the game 2 days ago and now I just got the trophy after Killing a few fighters. I recommend you press L1 one time to change for the pursuit missiles. It's extremely easy when you use them. If you use all of them, just die and restart. A video to illustrate.
  10. Even if you don't understand the language, it's easy to understand what I'm doing to survive. There's no secret. And it's very fast.
  11. In some hours I'm gonna post my portuguese video trophy guide. Extremely easy in comparison to other survival games. Like don't starve.
  12. I found on Spain and France Amazon
  13. Hey guys. I'm struggling to get 3 strikes in a row. Do you have a place or angle that I need to throw the ball? And what about the speed? I always get just one strike, even throwing in the middle with all type of strength.
  14. Extremely easy. You can do all the trophies on versus. Using only 1 controller. Just change to survival for the die trophy.
  15. Get a second controller and start multiplayer. Hit a little the 2nd controller and wait the clock to finish the round. Do the same thing on the other 2 rounds. U r gonna get the trophy to play a multiplayer match and winning by time. Now u are going to do this 9 times. Everytime a powerup appears (all the time at the up part of the ring floor) make sure to grab all the ? powerups for the trophy to get 3 good powerups on ? marks. After that, turn off the 2nd controller and go to options to change the difficulty to medium. Here you can lose 3 times. And do the trophy to lose while your opponent has 5% of health. There's a trick very good for winning against the machine. All you need to do is press square and triangle, do it in a fast pace, always alternating from one to another. But this is not enough to win. After doing that, you press X and start doing that again. Do this alternating press for like 2 seconds and press X do block, and start again.. Doing like this you will always win. Now win against the machine in medium, change to hard and win 5 times the 3 fights. Consequently you're gonna get the win 3 rounds with 50 seconds left on the clock. That's all the trophies Below is a video that I made, beating 5 hard fights and all the fights I won with 55 seconds left easy. Check my method of alternating punches and blocking.