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  1. Would rather see new titles. PS4 is pretty boring sometimes playing the same title 3 different times just to have something to play. Would rather have PS5 break the cycle and have more new titles than remakes or ported old gen games.
  2. You could always help me get the platinum on my account and play it for fun on your account hint, hint...
  3. ok got the glitch to work in a new world. For a trial, I tried again in converted save file, and I think the reason that it doesn't work here is you cannot get to the creative mode menu (or at least I couldn't) the same way from a new world. How did you get to creative mode in a converted save ?
  4. Don't remember off hand, but my world is at least 3x3 maps since I got the Map Room trophy. On one edge for sure I hit the wall and cannot go any further. I'll check my size settings on my world and check. If it's a small size, then probably it's max is 3x3 maps.
  5. ok thanks. Yes, I was trying in my converted save also, so I'll try a new world. What do you mean area that was unexplored ? If I have the map room trophy with all maps explored, can I still find bees in my converted save world ? It would make life easier if they would spawn in my trophy world so I can continue to use it in Bedrock edition. ok I will try this method also. Just sucks that if I explored everything already, bees won't spawn. They should spawn randomly like enemy mobs at night, or the other animal mobs while walking around. There's always a random farm animal that spawns close to my minecarts, and then they choose to ride in them; I wish the bees were like that so when I am playing there will be a beehive in a tree close to my town I'm in. At the very least, everytime you load your game, you should have a chance to spawn the bee nests and bees.
  6. Can you tell us what steps are changed or the process ? Since there is no disabling auto-save, the creative glitch is different. I tried 3 times and it didn't work the old way in bedrock. Also, you cannot get the bee items (honey, honeycomb, nest, hive, spawn egg) in old edition, so using the old edition to get duped items only works for exp pack 11 but not 12 (bees). So how to do it in bedrock edition ? Other method, since I have silk touch in my trophy world, if I could find bees in my old world after converting my save to Bedrock edition, this would work also. I have not seen any bees in my old world, I had to create a new seed in bedrock to get bees to spawn (but now in that new world, I don't have silk touch). I saw a video that someone did got bees to spawn in their old world, but he was saying it had to be an area unexplored. Since I have explored the entire map to get the "Map Room" trophy previously, I don't think this will work for me either. I look across 4 maps in my trophy world to get the underwater treasure map I got from the cartographer, but didn't see a single bee So the Total Beelocation trophy is the hardest one for me, and do not have a solution for yet.
  7. You guys are missing the point... Playing offline coop will prevent local friends and couples from buying this game. Offline coop doesn't require 2 consoles, 2 games to be purchased, as well as access to PS+ on both consoles in order to play online. Too expensive !!
  8. Last one was PS4 version Borderlands Pre-Sequel Plat trophy. 382 total ultra-rare trophies for me lol.
  9. My issue I found out yesterday was region issue. I'm using complete edition USA version, but my digital version and VIP Pass are Australia, so I will purchase Australia complete edition disc, and I should be OK. If not, having someone share their VIP PASS who is in USA is the other option. Any takers ?
  10. I have the digital copy with VIP pass, and I can get online with my digital copy, but cannot download the dlcs since they are delisted. I have already logged most trophies (except challenges), completed all online trophies on main game, and I am ready to do the dlc stuff. So I bought the complete edition disc (used) so I could use my VIP Pass I already have used with my digital copy. After numerous tries, and deleting game data and all that, the digital VIP Pass that came free with PS+ does not work with my complete edition disc. My only theory is that since I have "used" my VIP Pass with the digital version, I need another VIP Pass that's not used yet in order to work with the complete edition. If anyone has gotten this to work please let me know the steps you performed, and I can test with mine. So I will be in pursuit of a sealed copy. Right now ebay only has normal version, not complete edition, for sale as a sealed copy with VIP Pass. Will this work, or do I have to wait for a sealed copy of the completed edition ?
  11. #1 by far is Uncharted 3 random treasure drops in dlc. Ruined the entire series for me. #2 Speed runs. Absolutely no enjoyment there. You don't get to enjoy the story at all. Very stressful. #3 Playthroughs that are "no death" trophies that have no saves the entire game (DuckTales Remastered, Outlast). #4 Some challenges that require you to be an expert at the game without missing anything once. I've learned to read the trophy guide first, and if any of these 4 scenarios are in the trophy list, I will not play them.
  12. Anyone have Dirt 3 digital copy with all dlcs ?
  13. @DarkLordSHTR, Can you help ? PSN smiegelfleegel
  14. Any help you can give for Master of Trickery trophy ? I've played multiple tracks and can't seem to get it. I have a few more cups to play to finish 'Hall of Famer' then back to this trophy. What track did you get it on ? Any preferred shortcuts you went to in order to get more jumps/tricks ? Did you randomly jump ALOT in between ramps to get the 70 tricks ?
  15. I have 9 plats/100% for Lego games; all PS3.