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  1. Yup, SASO did the trick, I’m so glad that I don‘t have to delete my save.
  2. Oh my god thank you so much. I had the same. Did the fight against the twins again with Stephen Stills (where it happened to me) (not the whole level) and went back to the last phase of Gideon (again, not the whole level) and I unlocked Nega Scott! No need to do it all again!
  3. Oh my, thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. How do you get all outfits?
  5. No, sadly not :/
  6. You can still get the DLCs and do a few easy challenges there
  7. We really like the game as well, but I wish there was a possibility to switch from 3 racer teams to 2 racer teams.
  8. Yes, you can. Put your PSVR Headset onto a Bust and put it in front of your PS-Camera, you can still use the analog sticks to turn.
  9. Well, your english was so bad so I thought you would be happy about german texts Just kidding. But if I‘m not mistaken you can choose the language ingame.
  10. German
  11. Like the first one?
  12. I have fun playing it. It's a bit of a Devil May Cry / NieR Mix.
  13. You even can use hints in levels you've already 100% completed without locking yourself out of the trophy.
  14. The trophies are even easier than in the first one. Just play through the game and you'll earn everything.
  15. Totally worth it. I preordered it and since then, i bought tons of games and a lot of them I haven't even finished yet, because there are too many great games. And there are still a lot of games I would like to buy...
  16. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn You can move the Cursor over the screen via Touchscreen. This makes it a lot more comfortable than its PS3 Version.
  17. Bought this Game only because of the fact that it's from Platinum Games. And because you can use the 4 elements. And it was good, just a little bit short.
  18. Sure? Mine is Programmers can do anything^^
  19. Each or just some?
  20. 94% Concrete. I would love to have Paper Powers:)
  21. Is this comparable to Soul Sacrifice? Looks like a must have^^
  22. I think we can expect one very soon, as nexus is a prologue for a new trilogie.
  23. BigDaddy The Marvel one.. Not the Bioshock guy..
  24. Compared to other current gen games it is scary. It is way better than F.E.A.R. But in the end it is just a Shooter. I really enjoyed the first DS.