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  1. Happy to say that the list is finally up to date, it's took a while but I'm happy that it's done. I'm open to suggestions on how the list could be improved or what games I could go for next. Enjoy guys!
  2. Hi, I'm Cryax a 19 year old trophy hunter from England and this is my list of platinums and 100%s. My goal is to reach 100 platinums by the end of the year, which might not seem like a lot to most people but is to me given the time that I actually get to play. I try not to seek out easy platinums a lot and try to just play games that I enjoy. I've not yet decided what I'm going to chose for platinum 100 but I'm open to suggestion. Thanks for any comments on what I should go for or how I could improve, this is my list 🙂 Platinum #1 Borderlands Defender Borderlands Platinum #2 True Thevius Raccoonus Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Platinum #3 The Lombax Triumphant Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Platinum #4 NFS Hot Pursuit Elite Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Platinum #5 Platinum Trophy Megamind Platinum #6 Platinum Trophy Skate 2 Platinum #7 Master Of The Jungle Far Cry 3 Platinum #8 Unlikely Bandit Sly 2: Band of Thieves Platinum #9 & #10 Top Of The Heap Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Platinum #11 Guacamelee! Platinum Trophy Guacameele! Platinum #12 Platinum Trophy Skate 3 Platinum #13 Fait Accompli Jak 3 Platinum #14 Platuminary SEGA Megadrive Ultimate Collection Platinum #15 Toy Story 3 Champion Toy Story 3 Platinum #16 Determinated Terminator Salvation Platinum #17 Kingpin Saints Row: The Third Platinum #18 Top Of Your Game Hitman: Absolution Platinum #19 King Of Iron Fist Tekken Tag Tournament HD Platinum #20 Ultimate Knack Knack Platinum #21 Awarded All Trophies Minecraft Platinum #22 Have You Ever Tried Shwarama? LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Platinum #23 The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Platinum #24 The Piece Of Resistance LEGO Movie: The Videogame Platinum #25 & #26 Full Moon The Wolf Among Us Platinum #27 Enjoy Your Powers InFamous Second Son Platinum #28 Master Of The Raven The Raven Platinum #29 & #30 Borderlands Defender Round 2 Borderlands 2 Platinum #31 Master Assassin Assassins Creed 2 Platinum #32 Congratulations Saw Platinum #33 & #34 I Came, I Saw, I Blew Stuff Up Resogun Platinum #35 & #36 All Star Legend- You've Done Everything Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3) Platinum #37 Punchtime Explosion Pro Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL Platinum #38, #39, #40, #41, #42 & #43 You've Gone Platinum Sound Shapes Platinum #44 Master Of Kyrat Far Cry 4 Platinum #45 Nobel Achievement InFamous First Light Platinum #46 & #47 Lunatics Unite Motorstorm RC Platinum #48 Platinum Trophy Heavy Fire Afghanistan Platinum #49 Guacameele! Platinum Trophy Guacameele! Super Turbo Championship Edition Platinum #50 Rocksmith Platinum Elite Rocksmith Platinum #51 Academy Award OlliOlli2 Platinum #52 & #53 We Had Fun, Didn't We? Tales From The Borderlands Platinum #54 It's Good To Be Back Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Platinum #55 Hardwearing Hardware: Rivals Platinum #56 Completion Final Fantasy X HD Platinum #57 Validation Ether One Platinum #58 Everything's Ruined Super Exploding Zoo! Platinum #59 Scorched Saviour Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Platinum #60 Complete Hero LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Platinum #61 Agito Achieved Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Platinum #62 Thy Flesh Consumed Doom Platinum #63 Virtuoso Rocket League Platinum #64 & #65 Kingdom Hearts Master Kingdom Hearts Platinum #66 The World Wanderer Final Fantasy XV Platinum #67 True Grymorian World Of Final Fantasy Platinum #68 Traveler's Chosen Destiny 2 Platinum #69 My Name Is Mayo! My Name Is Mayo Platinum #70 All The Goat! Goat Simulator Platinum #71 Valedictorian Bully Platinum #72 Big Adventurer Little Adventure On The Prairie Platinum #73 & #74 Borderlands Defender Round 1.5 Borderlands: The Pre- Sequel Platinum #75 The Hero Of Heroes Ratchet And Clank Platinum #76 TTR Legend! Table Top Racing: World Tour Platinum #77 Lord Of Ironrath Game Of Thrones Platinum #78 Earn All Trophies Secret Of Mana Platinum #79 Done Done Done Jak 2 Platinum #80 100% Clear Watch Dogs Platinum #81 KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master Kingdom Hearts Platinum #82 The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Platinum #83 ONRUSH Onrush Platinum #84 Hip Hop Hero Parappa The Rapper Remastered Platinum #85 Borderlands Defender Borderlands (PS4) Platinum #86 To Crush All Trophies Beneath Sandeled Feet Conan Exiles Platinum #87 The N. Vincible Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot: Warped Platinum #88 Human Human Fall Flat Platinum #89 Your Royal Eggsellence Realm Royale Platinum #90 VE Call Of Duty: WWII Platinum #91 Tropico 5 Platinum Trophy Tropico 5 Platinum #92 All The Ways Out A Way Out Platinum #93 Ultimate Vault Hunter Borderlands 3 Platinum #94 King Of Medici Just Cause 3 Platinum #95 Masterful Sky Scrappers Platinum #96 Ruler Of Earth Destroy All Humans 100% Games Backlog
  3. Would love to see Guitar Hero 3, Tony Hawks Project 8 and Skate 3 on PS4. I quite fancy starting to play guitar hero again so why not start with the best eh? 😎 Be nice to see Guitar Hero 3 and Project 8 with a trophy list as well.
  4. I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned but I haven't had time to read the full thread. One of my personal all time favourites is from Final Fantasy X and it is Jecht's Theme .
  5. I've done OlliOlli2 so by rights i am The Kid
  6. Hmmm i thought getting the plat for FFX was quite and achievement but being Lightning's Sidekick feels slightly degrading
  7. I have Plats for Far Cry 3 and 4 and I've done Blood dragon so I guess that puts me at tourist.
  8. I've only ever managed to get to the warpriest with a team but then a few people had to go. I'm a 297 hunter so people don't usually like to accept me to their runs but I would really like to finish it. I live in the UK and can make it on anytime after around 3 on week days and anytime on weekends.
  9. Looks quite a lot like far cry 3 and 4.
  10. This all looks really easy and short for an expansion that's supposed to be so big. Even with the raid trophy it doesn't seem too much of a stretch but like you said the raid could be something ridiculously hard but I doubt it.
  11. ^ Dark Souls, personally I've never played it so I'm not sure how hard the trophies will be but you're so close so just do it.
  12. Infamous Second Sun or LEGO Jurassic World both very easy platinums but out of the two I would pick Infamous because I found it very fun and easy.
  13. Mine is the Rocksmith at 0.49%
  14. Luckily me and IEEE31 managed to get our accounts back but still we both know we might not have been as lucky so I strongly advise people to be very careful we sharing details and gamesharing. The individual you are sharing your details with might be very close to you and you may trust them but that doesn't mean you still cant get hacked which me and IEEE31 found out the other night. The hacker may pose as your friend and steal details that way, it sucks to know that people are low enough to do this and that the hacker didn't want even sell my account for a profit but it happens and all I can do is encourage people to be extra careful with their details. You may not realise how bad it is until it has happened to you, so don't let it.
  15. Thanks man and honestly I'm not sure but I know the guy hacked one of my friends about an hour before I got hacked.