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  1. Hi, in the process of doing the dlc with friends and can confirm you need at least 3 people for some missions,Pretty much impossible solo. Also dealing with buggy servers and disconnects is a big issue so prepare for a really long grind with this dlc.
  2. #157 MotoGP 10/11
  3. #156 Warhammer 40,000 :Space Marine
  4. #151 Dead Nation (PS3)
  5. #147 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  6. Here’s the link explaining the method on Xbox achievements (for RLL2) https://www.trueachievements.com/a169740/golden-handshake-achievement
  7. AKnifeSpecialist Rugby League Live 2 Used a turbo controller almost the whole time. Just turbo’d X for the career mode day & night for 10 seasons. Played normally for other trophies. Also the guide mentioned by whoever reported this game is grossly wrong, it’s about 28 matches a season for 10 seasons at 10min matches equaling under 50hrs. Nowhere near the 350hrs it stated. Rugby League Live 3 Simulating pops trophy’s in this game, that’s what I did for a bunch of them before playing normally. Also this is mentioned in the trophy guide for the ps4 version.
  8. #117 F1 2010
  9. Heroes Vs Villians, Find that I’m generally getting 15-30k xp with double xp active.
  10. Would be Great, thanks a bunch in advance
  11. Looking for anyone to help with "Just dropped in " trophy from FiFa 14 (PS4) can't connect to anyone unless they're from Australia/New Zealand shouldn't be more than a couple of minutes.
  12. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 #67
  13. # 65 Madden 12
  14. # 64 Resident Evil 6
  15. #63 Resident Evil 5