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  1. Does it lack a trophy list or have they failed to upload the list to Sony?
  2. The question is which is the bigger problem? Games that only have an issue in one region or console, but not the others, or games releasing across multiple regions and consoles all having separate threads when the content of a thread in one applies to them all?
  3. Looks like it was moved from another thread and maybe you were following that one. It’s one of the significant flaws of this forum software.
  4. They got the platinum within a month of making this thread, so there’s your answer to their question.
  5. Your profile shows 244 games and doesn’t show any hidden games. Are there any specific titles that you have earned trophies on that you know are missing from your profile?
  6. Im quite certain the title of the thread indicating the version is enough to resolve that concern.
  7. The PS5 occasionally chooses to only sync PS5 trophies. You just have to wait for it to actually sync all your trophies.
  8. Go ahead and read the last couple pages of this thread of people having the same experience.
  9. From the conversation already happening about this, the answer appears to be yes:
  10. The “Trust me bro” part, and that no other companies as large or even close to as large as Sony have a ‘ban on first changeback, but customer support will totally let you redeem PSN credit and have all the other stuff you’ve paid for over the years back’ part.
  11. I'm well aware of what chargebacks are, I was in retail management for 16 years. And I also know what merchant agreements are and they, while not explicitly, pretty much forbid what you're describing. What I'm questing is the actual accounting and process that Sony would have to engineer for this process to take place to balance their books. Not conceptually, actually. This isn't some mom and pop shop with a paper notepad tracking inventory and people's transactions and IDs of forbidden customers hung on the wall. It doesn't matter, there will always be stories of things like people getting banned after just one fill-in-the-blank. People should remain skeptical. And a non-response from a vendor to deliver paid-for goods is absolutely something I would consider a chargeback for, as that's exactly a scenario it's designed for.
  12. ModNation Racers: Road Trip has 2 ad hoc trophies: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/1329-modnation-racers-road-trip/2-anonymous https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/1329-modnation-racers-road-trip/31-beat-down
  13. Since there are no PS5 trophy exploits, there hasn't been a report implementation for PS5 trophy lists yet. But the answer to your comment is already answered in the appropriate thread:
  14. Please use the Sessions to find other players for a game as new boosting threads are against the forum rules.

  15. What? How on earth would Sony account for this? The person would be forced to repay for the same game and then someone on Support just overlooks this transgression against Sony? Something about that part of the story doesn't stack up. Although instant retaliation against first time chargebacks also doesn't stack up. Banning the financial account with the chargeback, sure why trust the same credit card that already authorized a chargeback without trying to resolve things directly with Sony, but whole profiles? I know there's stories out there, but I'm suspicious of the circumstances.