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  1. As long as it doesn't use CFW (custom firmware), it generally shouldn't violate the leaderboard rules (https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/52663-what-constitutes-a-flag/) and you are okay to post here.
  2. This all seems like a sensationalist story at the moment. I’ll wait and see if there is more to the story as this unfolds.
  3. We don’t allow the discussion of modding software in the forums.
  4. I’m pretty sure continued harassment is also against the developers terms. False reports of harassment, like you described, probably resulted in the reporter being penalized for abusing the reporting system. Continued harassment, like is being accused/described by others in the thread, is absolutely the stuff that should be reported. While boosting might be frowned upon by the developers, it should be less harshly dealt with than actual harassment.
  5. Then the only other solution to try is the hide everything/ earn a trophy routine listed in the first post of the thread.
  6. The developers never uploaded their trophy list to Sony to load onto PSN. This happens fairly often. It’s completely on the developers to finish the process.
  7. Have you actually reported any of this to one of us mods? I haven’t seen anything come through yet.
  8. I think the coolest part of getting any PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP games coming to PS4/PS5 through the new Plus or otherwise is that I can remote play them on my Vita.


    It's awesome I can already remote play any PS1 game on disc I already to my Vita through my PS3, but for any I don't already own physically, it would be a compelling reason to buy any I don't.



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DaivRules


      So you can’t Remote Play any of the PS4 versions of these new games on a PS5 with a Vita? Why would they put such an arbitrary limit on them, that’s dumb of them. 

    3. HusKy


      Not just these games. Vita can't connect to PS5 for Remote Play at all.

    4. DaivRules


      Right, so just get the PS4 version of any of the games coming out for the PS4/5 and Remote Play them on a PS4 with the Vita. 

  9. The good news is that when the games with trophies sell exponentially more copies of the games with trophy support than those without, then the developers will look at those tens of millions of dollars they missed out on and since these are then PS4/5 games, they can patch in trophies. /s I think many of these developers are well aware that their audience is mostly people who have heard about these titles but never played them. They’re more interested in getting more new people access to these titles than the tiny percent that will wait for the most efficient way to pop all the trophies as cheaply as possible before moving on.
  10. When does the new PlayStation Plus roll out for your region??
  11. No, there are no leaderboard rules which specifically grant leniency on using CFW, let alone using three times. Assuming any of the leaderboard rules explicitly allow using CFW is a misunderstanding of the rules. The link I posted is explicit about the subject.
  12. The only known way to have a trophy date in the future is with custom firmware, and that earns people a one-way trip off the site.