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  1. E3 Is here. Time for my annual PSNP vacation. Taters!

  2. I disagree that “we” have too much. *You* have too much. Perhaps you’re underestimating the video gaming demographic for 2018. It’s never been bigger, which means it can support more options than it ever has. Especially all the things you choose not to support. And because it’s so big, you reap the benefits of being able to choose to do what you do. Everyone else makes what you want to do possible. If too many people were like you, games would never make it to Complete or Game of the Year Editions. DLC is a thing because the market supports it. That same market that makes price drops possible because the distributor knows there still a segment to tap after all its pre-orders and launch sales come in. The same market that pulls new people in by offering new and different stuff that possibly never appealed before but now exists. In a way, you’re thanking people for not being like you.
  3. Do you think, current day, people only look to be good video game players because guides are accessible and free, but gamers from the 80’s and 90’s had to be better because guides were costly and hard to come by, so they had to use their own brains to figure things out? You can limit your answer to 400 words so that you’ll have time for the other questions. Thank you.
  4. That's brutal. Why the name change?
  5. What percentage of Call of Duty: Black Ops II players here on PSNProfiles have to have their trophies popped by the mod menu before we recognize it as no different than Read Dead Redemption.


    I mean if 40+% of the PSNProfiles members have been flagged, that's pretty significant and I would think should be considered an acceptable part of the game, just like RDR. If it's somewhere around 5-10%, that's still pretty significant, considering the install base.


    What's the tipping point?

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    2. DaivRules


      @MMDE My whole original status post was my argument. Did you ready any of it? What you quoted was what you chose to focus on?


      TBH, there really is no point to continue this status, you're only going to see what you want to see anyway.

    3. MMDE


      Yes, I read that. RDR being accepted has nothing to do with the amount of players, which I addressed in my first reply:

      "It's not how many who does it that makes a difference..."


      Sergen actually addressed the difference in his first post:


      "But now it’s going to look incredibly stupid for the website to ever flag people for using that method to rank up, considering it has been part of the trophy guide on the website for over 4 years."


      That is why that is a special case.


      BO2 has never been acceptable AFAIK, and so it's not a special case, no matter how many. As I told you:


      "You're making an assumption that is false, which is that the number of people doing it will change how it's viewed."


      This has never been the case, and you're arguing that it should be so in this one case, because anything else is ignorant.

    4. DaivRules


      @MMDE I was only asking if the numbers supported a significant portion of the players were flagged for something happening passively, when does it become more like RDR? Your responses were extremely unclear to me what exactly you were responding to and what your context was.


      So, what you're saying is that if the RDR playerbase was only about 1% impacted by the glitch, PSNProfiles wouldn't just make the call to flag those 1% of people and update the guide?


      Not being open to future individual cases where almost half the players are passively impacted by something is one of the most stubborn stances I've ever heard.

  6. About to head into Detroit, again. Good luck, me!

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Which Detroit? :awesome:


    3. DaivRules


      @PooPooBlast You caught me! I work in Detroit. How many time will I be able to play this off in the future though?! Gotta take advantage!

    4. PooPooBlast


      Haha already knew that. You mentioned one time about people putting up a statue that they weren't so keen on. 


      Googled the statue, and the news said it was in Detroit ;)


      Anyways thought you were talking about the game initially after remembering Konoe's update lol. 

  7. You can tell at&t now owns Cricket Wireless by looking at all the fees they have implemented for everything under the sun. 

    1. Masamune


      They also own Direct TV too, although their prices sucked long before that. :P I can only imagine what they're like now. xD Even our basic landline from at&t was getting ridiculous (around $60 a month?), so we dropped that & just have cells now. <_< 

  8. Clearly the poll indicates that no other PS4 is owned so there is no possibility of buying the same product twice. So in this instance the extras for buying the pro are definitely worth the extra money to prolong the life of the console. Plus, as others have indicated, the Pro is often seen as part of promotions so the price may already be less than the poll.
  9. As long as this has a big, bright construction cone orange H so people people can be judged for having on their profile. /s Really, I wouldn't even worry about the cheaters floating in and out. Leaderboards are watched tighter than Wikipedia article owners and they'll get flagged quickly enough.
  10. ...Which turns out to look like an awesome 2D platformer after all the uninformed shit talking based on ignorant judgement! Those videos sold me on it as soon as I saw them.
  11. So you’re allowed to hate on as many teams as you want, but only show support for one team per sport... And it has to be support for a bunch of people who lived elsewhere, but got paid to put on a shirt with a geographical areas name on it... And an area which you had no real choice to live in until you were old enough to move yourself somewhere else... And you must refer to this group of strangers as “We”, as if you are on the team? Sports is entertainment. I don’t root for any teams and watch it to be entertained by any and all good plays, regardless of which team is making them. Yes, I’ve clapped for both teams in the same game. I really don’t understand what the drive is for people to limit their appreciation and set themselves up to be upset over something they have no control or input on.
  12. I’m on a website called PSNProfiles.
  13. Can you really have a "Perfect TrophyLog" without Disgaea on it?


    This is just a rhetorical question. You don't need to answer it.

    1. DamagingRob


      Not having Kingdom Hearts on it, is what really makes it imperfect. ;)

    2. ProfessorPlat


      I bought 5 a week or so ago but have yet to play it. I played whichever was the first to hit the vita years ago A LOT though

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami


      If you have ディスガイア

  14. Yes, but FRIST POHST!!!1!!ONE!! is out of style, so this is what it's devolved to.
  15. Maybe. But definitely not. I'll go ahead and submit that description change to the Wikipedia page for updating.