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  1. There is no rule against typos on the site... yet. I do feel like it does say something about a person who communicates with frequent typos. And generally, unless you’re trying to make the case for something, as long as I can interpret what is trying to be said, typos don’t bother me.
  2. Playing good games I enjoy motivates me to pursue trophies.
  3. I revived the first new laptop I ever got: a Toshiba Satellite 1805. Pentium III 1ghz, upgraded to max ram at 512 mb. It’s running XP SP2. I think the most amusing thing about it is the only browser it has is IE v 6 and just about the only site that will load on it is Bing. Can’t even get Google to load. 

  4. Did you try to earn a new trophy, then sync with PSN, then try to update here?
  5. Yup, PSN had an update recently which messes with people's trophies. Have you followed all the directions in this thread:
  6. This thread is getting off topic and should be moved to PM if it is not about the walkthrough and guide to Gravity Duck.
  7. Little Deviants. Finding the time to grab those last couple Gold trophies always takes a back seat to just about everything else.
  8. There's nothing to fix. Just be patient while the server experiences greater than normal activity and when it gets back to normal, the captcha will go away.
  9. You can post in Status Updates if you want to try to get help that way, but no boosting threads.
  10. Up to 63% completion. 64%, here I come!

    1. Masamune


      I was getting close to staying above 98%, but the last few games I've played has DLC I probably won't be doing (anytime soon at least). Now I'm back down to 97%...


      THE HORROR!!! https://i.imgur.com/MsOYCGQ.gif