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  1. Because it’s not stripping anything if it’s a whole new code base. They have to recreate functionality from another code base inside a new framework. And when it’s all being created from scratch on a new project and on a timeline, there is an order to which features get recreated. It’s a bit like saying every new house that’s built starts by stripping all the bathrooms and the kitchen and not understanding why they couldn’t use the same kitchen that was in another house.
  2. Well the same law firm that tried to do class actions with Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony for their stick drifts (because yes, they all use the same potentiometer) has been forced into individual arbitration with the Nintendo and now with the MS cases ( https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/the-xbox-controller-drift-lawsuit-has-entered-arbitration/ ) Looks like it’s only a matter of time before the Sony case is also forced into arbitration as well since they all have the same legal clauses and the lawyers were unable to argue the issue is as widespread as they are claiming. Still need a better design for the potentiometer though.
  3. If you define “launch” as the first six months after release, then yes. That will make it much more likely to get a sequel green lit sooner. Doesn’t guarantee anything though and long term consistent sales can also show that a sequel could be warranted, but a developer is going to want to recoup costs sooner than later.
  4. I also redownloaded LBP Vita and has no problem with the servers. Closing this false thread.
  5. Vita online is working just fine. It took me a while to redownload it and test it, but I just finished an online level and had no issues.
  6. Game series was added after 17/18. Discord was added after that as well. One thing I’ve said before is there isn’t really a consistent way changes are have been documented to show there have been changes to the site.
  7. The major things to consider at minimum: Sony takes a 30% cut of retail price off the top. If there’s a separate publisher, there’s another cut (not the case here) of up to 15%. Theres game sharing as you mentioned. And theres the fact that these games (including this one) are already on the illegal download sites and have pretty high traffic. I’d be surprised if 10% of the numbers on this site are legitimate sales.
  8. No, that’s not how it works.
  9. Check the @littlebigplanet Twitter for updates.
  10. I think Sackboy has more mass appeal as a mascot than any of those characters and I’m glad he’s made it to PS5 already.
  11. It’s the code PSNP asks you to put in the About Me to activate their profile on the site.
  12. I think the point was more that it’s not a “Known Upcoming Server Shutdown”, which is the topic of the thread.
  13. The devs tweeted yesterday they’re still working on bringing all the LBP servers back up.
  14. The devs just posted yesterday on Twitter that they’re making progress on getting their servers back up and they did have them back up for half a day a few weeks back. I think it’s too early to call it unobtainable yet.
  15. Purchasing items will add them to your download list, for people who think the download list is only a history of things that you previously downloaded.