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  1. @Sly Ripper Got a minute for an investigation?
  2. Rule #4 still applies to your threads that were shut down.
  3. I have fully investigated the incident. Your threads providing information for as well as offering account or game sharing were shut down appropriately. Any further threads about game or account sharing will be shut down as well.
  4. Amazon wants $300 for their new Kindle Oasis (a 7 inch ebook reader). https://www.amazon.com/All-new-Kindle-Oasis-now-with-adjustable-warm-light/dp/B07L5G6M1Q/ Seriously Amazon? This is not 2001.


    Also, was going to pick up another router identical to the one I own to expand my network. There is only for sale. It's $719.96 + 1,998.00 for shipping. I should sell mine for that amount... (https://www.amazon.com/RT-N66W-Dual-Band-Wireless-N900-Gigabit-Version/dp/B00FK1E46U/)

    1. Masamune


      I have an Amazon Fire 7, but I only paid like $30 for that. 😅 I love how they're advertising that warm light like it's something new. xD 

  5. Getting old, getting married, and having a kid killed my completion rate. I still haven’t hid my age or family because of it. Come to think of it, I probably have the highest completion rate on PS3+ than any other consoles I’ve owned... I doubt I would have a completion rate above 25% on anything from NES through PS2.
  6. Hit up your local library and check out their game selection. You’d be surprised how many libraries have a wide selection of console games that can be checked out.
  7. I don’t know why you keep saying “the moderators” when it’s just me. I have locked your threads and asked you to use the sessions. I also requested you Private Message me if you have any more questions. Since you didn't do either, I sent you a private message with some solutions that work for your special scenario.
  8. This is already being discussed here
  9. Install the game and launch. Once it’s 0% on your list, you can create a session and go from there. PM me if you have more questions.
  10. The trophy list hasn't been loaded by Sony yet. Once Sony loads it, your trophies will sync correctly and so will psnprofiles.
  11. Please use the Boosting Sessions: https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  12. Check out some boosting information here: You can always post Discord information in a session for organizing it.
  13. If you’ve hidden the game that is flagged, earn a trophy in any other game then sync and you’ll be back on the leaderboards. Presuming you’re only flagged for one game.
  14. Please use the boosting sessions for this. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  15. @Golem25 Sly reads all the suggestions in the Site Suggestions section. He also does ALL the coding himself so maybe you’ll understand why even good suggestions either aren’t implemented or take a while to be implemented.