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  1. Yes, that’s not possible. It’s only possible to hide a whole game at a time.
  2. Yes, all other features of the site are still available if you are removed from the leaderboards. You copy the menu from someone else who used CFW to first obtain the mod menu and so since anyone can do that, it should be okay? That’s a bit like saying anyone can load CFW so it should be allowed. There is nothing installed with the Vita region trick. It’s an email attachment that can be written out manually with the keyboard if you choose. No external data necessary.
  3. I’m watching the Road to PS5 since I only caught clips before and there’s so much I don’t feel like anyone is talking about. If I get some time, I’ll do a breakdown and translate in a thread post. 

    Something that I thought should have been huge: Sony is implementing a massive change in programming architecture that will significantly reduce or eliminate resource redundancy and a method that will exponentially reduce patch size. A lot of people complained and  focused on ssd size comparing it to PS4 architecture (massive game sizes, massive patch sizes) but it’s a completely false comparison. 

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    2. Lan Stee

      Lan Stee

      A lot of whining over what the machine can't do (which hasn't been confirmed, making the whining even more ridiculous) rather than the awesome things it can do

    3. TugaSonic


      A lot of details went over people's heads and some I feel like they are either confused about their meaning. Like PS4 backward compatibility, Cerny talked about them having to test each game to ensure they ran in Boosted Mode yet people are spreading the idea that PS5 won't be able to play PS4 games (which can occasionally be seen here on the forums).




    4. DaivRules


      @TugaSonic Yeah, that's the other part I wanted to break down further in the thread that would probably have been explained during this weeks delayed presentation. The hardware is already 100% backward compatible with PS4. It's not "removable" in any meaningful way. People didn't catch that the 100 top games reference were just in games being able to take advantage of the extra power of the PS5. The whole clip for that segment is less than one minute, but people caught wind of one sentence, took it out of context and blew it up.

  4. Please use the Sessions instead of starting Boosting threads.
  5. 7 hours is probably a safer bet
  6. Give it a little while, then type only your new ID on the main page and click Update. Might take a bit. Typing your old ID will only cause more problems.
  7. Refreshing take from someone considered an authority who took second hand things someone else said about Playstation 5 and railed on them, but went back to the source to realized they were wrong and apologized.


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    2. DaivRules


      He does a great job explaining what he got wrong too!

    3. Dreggit


      It's takes a lot to admit a wrong, it is admirable. Especially when you have a following.

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      Class! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Okay, earn one new trophy on your profile as of right now. Then sync your trophies on your console to PSN. After your console is done syncing, come back here and type in ONLY your new ID in the search field on the main page and click Update when you are done.
  9. You can only do that if you hide a game where you have only earned one trophy. You can hide one game at a time and however many you have earned in that game are the number of trophies hidden.
  10. That’s not how you do it. What is your old PSN ID? What is your new PSN ID?
  11. What a troll, FUD "article". And referring to their own article from April 2012 (2 months after launch) that Sony hadn't had 100% BC with PSP games on the Vita already as "Sony make promise on backward compatibility that they cannot keep, for example with the PS Vita" is a stretch at best, or clickbait trolling more likely. Come on people, this is opportunist clickbait tabloid content. Don't be gullible.
  12. Do I like this person? If yes, LittleBIGPlanet is a great place to start If no, Attacking Zegeta 2. I'd probably have so many questions though, I'd never actually get to recommend a game. Why have you never played a video game before? Do you like any other forms of entertainment? Movies/Shows/Books/Music? If so, what do you enjoy and why? And so on...
  13. Please do not create boosting threads. Use the Sessions to find boosting partners.
  14. There was an article circulating a long time ago that they're not going to patch, but instead put out a different version of the game. On topic: The rarities of several of my trophies have dropped due to this update, none by a huge amount but some by 7 hundredths of a percent. Nice to see stats lining up