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  1. Moved to the Vita section. Please check out the dozen or so threads that have already documented what you're asking for here: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/forum/845-playstation-vita/
  2. The only thing on the site that’s instant is profile updates. You need to wait for the next cycles for leaderboard/club updates. Be patient.
  3. Sorry, I thought when you offered it before, you were actually offering. No, that’s not the only way. Wait for Cheater Remover to evaluate everything they need to and they’ll ask if they need anything else. There is nothing promised about Disputes being completed on any kind of schedule. You just have to wait.
  4. If another play through could reproduce exactly the same trophies popping in the exact same time and order, then yes. Upload away.
  5. And if those people wore masks, they would reduce the spread of viruses that are going to happen. That change we can make now, on our own. This isn’t a binary situation. We can all wear masks while we are sick while we wait for systemic changes to workplace changes to happen.
  6. When I see people out in public who are clearly sick, sneezing and coughing all over the place, they’re already drawing attention to the fact they’re sick and I already give them dirty looks and have on occasion told them to find other ways to do what they need than spreading their sickness to others. In several places, it’s already the norm to wear a mask out when not feeling well. People not getting sick time is a different issue all together. Regardless of how someone “could” be treated while wearing a mask in public after COVID, I hope fear doesn’t drive the decision making process and rather responsibly and accountability do and we start to teach wearing a mask when sick IF you have to leave your house. We now all have masks. Who wouldn’t mind one less cold virus in their life?
  7. The idea that Sony needs to buy a publisher because Microsoft did is dumb. It perpetuates the fabricated console war. It’s completely speculation that the recently purchased publishers titles will all go MS exclusive, but if the Minecraft purchase can show anything, it’s that things will probably still be released on Playstation. Comeback? W? Come on, don’t take this seriously.
  8. It’s only certain instances when the sites coding detects specific indefensible scenarios. The others situations rely on human review and decision in case of possible mistakes.
  9. Good on these developers for not compromising their work to make some extra dollarbucks.
  10. I was really hoping once we're mostly past COVID, people will keep their masks and actually wear them when they're sick, like they're supposed to be worn. Because we all know they're not going (or sometimes able) to stay home, but the least they could do is keep their bodily projectiles to themselves when they leave their houses while sick.
  11. While they didn't copy and paste the reason for their flag, they did state it in their eloquent opening:
  12. If trophies sync with one set of timestamps and that’s captured by the site, then those timestamps change afterward, that is something the Cheater Removers can see but everyone else can’t.
  13. Or the timestamps were edited to look like everything is in place.
  14. Locked until one of the Cheater Removers can come clean this up and respond.
  15. You can't go back in time, but ideally you would sync your earned trophies on the PS3 before you shut it down so you know they're synced to PSN. Since you didn't sync before you deleted and reloaded it, it appears as if you downloaded anyone's save from the internet and loaded that.