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  1. Pixar’s Soul ended up being a great movie with a fantastic story and unfortunately the people that would probably benefit most are the most likely to have entrenched themselves in rejecting it before considering it. 


    1. Dr_Mayus


      I am excited about watching it :)

      I hate Disney except I do still love Pixar.

  2. This was to warm people up to a mere 50% price increase in the next 6 months that people will thank Microsoft for, using this doubling in price to justify Microsofts generosity. They had already decided and implemented their plan to double the price on their service and yet there are still people thinking there is even a possibility of them going completely the opposite direction and expecting them to make parts of their paid service free?
  3. You forgot your birthdate?
  4. There are certain "impossible" trophy scenarios that are programmed to remove people because they shouldn't be possible under anything except timestamp editing. For example, having timestamps from 2007. Guess what? There were no trophies in 2007. Another example, stated here, would be timestamps from a time in the future that haven't existed yet, say next week. Since those scenarios should be impossible to occur under any conditions except manually editing timestamps, the accounts are auto-removed.
  5. I don't have a clue about what you're going on about. "and you know that" What do I know? You've made no point here. The original story still exists. This remake doesn't go back in time and stop it from existing. There is no one forcing anyone to only acknowledge a singular storyline. These are just game stories. Remakes are for keeping or altering aspects of an original under any conditions the creator wants. Are you claiming otherwise? Do you have a convincing explanation for that claim if it is your claim?
  6. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/01/22/update-on-xbox-live-gold-pricing/ The bolded is their official pitch on the price increase.
  7. The author of the guide is listed in the guide and the guides themselves have a comment section to discuss guide related things, like difficulty, can be had there.
  8. If those families made a budget for this up until now, they're not going to stop for another $5 a month.
  9. I just remembered it wasn't that long ago there was a rumor about Xbox Live Gold multiplayer going free. That fell like a lead balloon. Plus 12 month subscription is available regularly for about half price, are people able to find Live Gold 12 month subscriptions similarly discounted?
  10. “Follow through” happens when something has been promised and it happens. In this case, I believe you meant “follow”. These digital services prices are pretty high if you pay retail. $30/12 months of Plus is about what I’ll pay. Maybe $40/12 months becomes out of my price for what I’ll get out of it. I’ll just go without at that price. Luckily sales/CDKeys has been able to provide Plus for my price point.
  11. That's one way of looking at it. Or you can acknowledge that Disgaea has never released in the West and Japan at the same time on a Playstation console. For historical context it took 8 months after the JP release for a NA release of Disgaea 3 on PS3, 5 months for D3 on Vita, 7 months for Disgaea D2, 6 months for D4 on PS3, 8 months for D4 on Vita, and 7 months for a NA release of D5.There absolutely no reason to jump to conclusions just because a NA/EU release isn't coming out simultaneously with a JP release of a Disgaea game. There has never been a worldwide release of a Disgaea game. Even D1 Complete took 3 months.
  12. If the list is identical, use the other list's trophy thoughts thread.
  13. Might be some information about that here:
  14. I don't know, did you see that Parler lawsuit against Amazon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7r-Nt5j50 I think there are some actual lawyers out there who think that Twitter rage is a legal standing.
  15. You should be able to do that. Download the Remote Play app on your phone. Launch and connect it to your PSN and your PS4. Launch the game you want to play, your controls should be on your screen. Now, just be close enough to your PS4 that your Dualshock 4 can connect to your console and hit the PS button on your controller. You should be prompted for who is going to be the 2nd controller and you should now have two controls, one on your phone/app screen and one the physical DS4.