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  1. Sounds like your Privacy Settings aren't set to Anyone, more than likely on your PS5. Double check and follow all the PS5 instructions on the first page. As indicated in the instructions, you might need to earn a new trophy for the changes to be reflected here.
  2. You bought a used PS3, presumably with a blank profile on it that had never connected to the internet. When you logged in with your profile, it added all the PS3 trophies to your account with Missing Timestamps. There is now nothing you can do to remove them. You can’t go back in time, but when buying a used console, formatting it should always be the first step and then connecting to PSN. Then add your existing profile. You’re stuck with them unfortunately once you synced them to PSN.
  3. Disgaea. All of them.
  4. The only ones I have experienced up until now had all non-English characters as the title and I was able to reach out to @BlindMango to create them when requested. I’m also curious which game(s) currently don’t have them.
  5. I’ll probably be picking this up for my kid. Blaze and Paw Patrol ended up being great introductions to video games and building hand-eye coordination. This one looks to have some good puzzles to figure out.
  6. Don't you mean the Mintiendo Breakcuve? Any screenshots of what it was replaced with? Seems to be a lot of effort for something that has 8 PlayStation releases, a Windows, Steam, Linux, Xbox, 3DS, and a Switch release.
  7. As mentioned above, the PS4 and PS5 can't read CDs at all, otherwise, this is mostly just a technical battleground. The legal issues with this topic are largely irrelevant with how it would be implemented. Sony engineers could create a sandbox wrapper app that would read PS1 and PS2 titles on disc IF it could read CDs, or that exist digitally, that has all the framework to implement trophies. They could also take all the time to learn where to interject and create the trophy implementations, naming, etc. They wouldn't be altering or creating new titles that would require new licenses, just reading titles they already have a standing to distribute. They would however, need a team of engineers, unfamiliar with each games code, to examine all the titles they want to have trophies, one at a time, and hand implement trophies. Reaching out to the original developers to do so for their own titles would probably have the uptake level of the PS2 on PS4 games and be futile. The real problem with this idea is the mountain of manual work that would need to be done to make any kind of progress. When you add in that trophy hunters are just such an infinitesimal percentage of PlayStation gamers, and many of the loudest ones already want Sony to allow less trophies to begin with, it's just not worth the cost. The whole trophy system may have had grand notions when it was conceived and implemented, but it looks like was handed off to interns in the first year and has been handled so inconsistently that it's just laughable. As I said before, the only reason trophies were the way they were in the beginning was because the PS3 was a pain in the ass to develop for and so it locked out lazy porting developers and so developers that spent the time needed to learn to program on the PS3 also took the time to look at the original notion of trophies. Once PS4 released on an x86 platform and porting became trivial, the trophy system that appeared relatively consistent fell apart because there was no wizard behind the curtain. It just happen to look that way from the outside. Now that PS5 has outsold the Switch (https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2021/10/18/ps5-just-snapped-a-33-month-nintendo-switch-npd-sales-streak/) I'd love for the folks at PlayStation to invest some more time and money into pet projects like this (maybe an external branded CD player for the PS4/PS5 to read the PS1/PS2 discs). Also to publish actual consistent guidelines for trophies for developers and mandate shared trophy lists for games going forward including regions and even PS4/PS5. I know I'd be expecting way too much from Sony and their PlayStation engineers, but it'd be cool if it happened.
  8. Sony has already considered it, considering they filed for a patent that does exactly that in 2013. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2013/03/sonys_latest_patent_could_bring_trophies_to_older_games The patent application was updated again last year:
  9. Movie funding comes from completely different external sources that wouldn't be used for games, ever.
  10. As has been said before, you keep missing the point and only try to fit others in the mold you want them to be in. For some people, climbing the leaderboard is the game. They’re not interested in how you’re evaluating your measurement of your hobby because that’s not what they’re trying to do. It’s fine that you can’t seem to understand it, but at least acknowledge that their goals aren’t your goals and so measuring them with values that don’t apply is a bit ignorant.
  11. If your Operating System (obviously OS X) is out of date, you can update it to fix the issue. Otherwise there are work around in the thread linked above. Post in that thread with any further questions.
  12. The PS5 will not allow you to hide/unhide PS3 or Vita trophies, but the rest of these instructions still work if you follow them: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/12212-trophies-are-missing-hidden-or-private-trophies-how-to-fix-it/