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  1. What are Threads for exactly DaivRules? Please fill me in

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    2. AtomicAltruism


      Then call them "Discussing things" and not Threads... A Thread doesn't mean anything in specific, "a theme or characteristic running throughout a situation or piece of writing" The running theme is about Monster Hunter. Or "a long strand of cotton, nylon etc. If you want it your way than make it clear before someone takes the time to write something, say I dunno... As I press start new thread! Don't halt posts that aren't harming or offending anyone, plus a Session goes away after a short while, my enthusiasm for Monster Hunter does not.


      My "Thread" was about myself and other psnprofiles users who enjoy a game and wish to play together, so unlock my "Thread" or admit you're bending what "Thread" means to suit yourself.

    3. DaivRules


      If you'd like to continue the discussion, please send me a Private Message.

    4. AtomicAltruism


      Should i launch a new "Thread" then, you know... For our "discussion"? lol


      No i got my answer mate.