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  1. Resident Evil Village and Worms Rumble. Worms Rumble is going to take a bit..
  2. Man, it’s been awhile. 

  3. I manage to get 500 free kills but thats it, I'm at 7,017 kills at the moment, so hopefully i should get to 10,000 kills before the first of March...HOPEFULLY haha.
  4. Thanks! Will try this
  5. Dang, Im still stuck in the basement...
  6. 4,978 kills left in Resistance 2!

  7. Snowed in, you know what that means! Game time!!



      Send me some of that snow, please. Lol.

    2. Adision_011


      Haha! where you from?

  8. Nothing like training martial arts for two hours, I'm beat but it was worth it!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Adision_011


      Not yet haha, one of these days maybe!

    3. d3m0nd00d


      Do you learn weapons? That is the only thing that pissed me off with my style - we had one knife form and that was it.

    4. Adision_011


      We do Bo staff forms.

  9. About to give up.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Dark_Tooth69


      Never gonna run around and desert you!

    3. Adision_011
    4. daftprophet


      Never gonna make you cry...

  10. Lets hope not, I'm half way to the Killing Machine Trophy.
  11. Resistance 2 servers are acting up big time...

    1. Dr_Mayus


      I'm having no problem getting into games

  12. I can't find a single game to boost in the DLC maps, let alone in any regular map. What is going on??
  13. I can't wait till inFamous Second Son!

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    2. F22-Razgriz


      and so am I! :)

      starting to feel much excited on 2nd Son rather than WatchDog.. that stunt there that UBI...soft pulled off has its own pros and cons.. sigh...anyways.... Back to OUTLAST for the time being. :D

    3. Adision_011


      Ah, Outlast! What a game!

    4. Adision_011


      Ah, Outlast! What a game!