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  1. you need to buy this map if you want 100%, classified dead of the night ancient evil alpha omega tag der toten that's all. also these DLC are included in season pass.
  2. NO,you have to buy is only main game.
  3. Will it affect the email app? Because vita trick may not be usable.
  4. In my case, it started with about 40 people,so I think minimum 50 is wrong.
  5. according to battlefield wiki, "As of November 2016, the gamemode was seemingly abandoned by the developers: instead of having seasons last a few weeks, instead they were reset so each season would last 4 years, ending on the 31st December 2020." so I don't think it will be obtainable again.
  6. unfortunately,but you may have to reach level 55 again.I had a same problem,so I decided to reset my multiplayer progress.
  7. came out patch.and I got platinum trophy
  8. I'm sorry but I don't know.However, the original version included Japanese, so maybe the Japanese version could be played in English.
  9. same command,same method.I got a platinum using dev console.
  10. can't imagine how to do it...please tell me. I only need this trophy for platinum. thanks.
  11. it can be completed in about an hour.I took about 3 hours,but it's possible enough. thanks for PSTHC.
  12. god mode code when you pause menu,follow the code right,up,square,square,cross,down,up,square,down,up,square input the code as fast as you can.sometimes doesn't work but keep trying until activated god mode. I hope your help.
  13. すみません。。シンギュラリティのトロフィーをとりたいですがサーバーと全然繋がらない。




    1. stream_force





  14. this guide might be helpful.
  15. you don't have to complete all other easter egg.I haven't complete in shadows of evil,but trophy had popped. sorry for my poor English.