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  1. anybody want to trade to get the 150 items trophy?... msg me psn... same tag DARKSCORPONOXR managed to 100% earlier... traded twice with MariusGhost... cheers dude... ppl watch out for beggers like FireAndWind... begging me for my premium RL items on PSN, bragging how great they are at RL & bought it then finished it before it was f2p... its not exactly a challenging game, took me less than a week to plat it & i didnt have to pay a penny for the game... ha...
  2. anybody playing fallguy: ultimate knockout tonight?... looking to party up with a solid team of 3 to 4 non quitters, to take it in turns trying to get the squad trophy... msg me & i'll set a session up... mics not needed

  3. aint got this either, yet have got 12 cars & won with them each... anybody want to party up for the trophy then feel free to add me... everybody keeps quittin if goin a goal down ffs... edit: got the party bravas trophy now...
  4. surprised ppl have struggled with mk11... its a piece of piss compared to stf3 3rd strike onwards upto stf5...
  5. its not that difficult so i dont agree with ppl advising to use the save exploit... im doing the olympian run & can make it through to world 4 without getting killed... seriously if you cant do games legit then you aint a gamer...
  6. playing through gta4 online & rdr for ps3... hit me up on psn

  7. is anybody playin through mk9 on the ps3... need a boost partner to get through the online stuff...

  8. if anybody is still doin the online trophies for rdr on ps3?... lol...

    1. HaserPL


      I got DLC trophies like a few weeks ago. Community is still active.

    2. TheYuriG
  9. is destiny still worth gettin for the ps3 or are not many ppl playin it these days...

    1. SlimSanta94


      Apart from completing a strike with a fireteam of clan members you can solo everything on the trophy list on the ps3 version.

    2. Stevieboy


      PS3 version doesn't have access to the Rise Of Iron DLC content though. That was only added to the current gen versions.



      no way... u can solo everythin?... apart from some pvp stuff im guessin... might have to get it n give it ago on ps3 despite it lookin proper stunnin in upscale on the ps4 lol...

  10. awesome list of games there... looks like hundreds upon hundred of hours there... loads of cool, super tough rpg games platted... 👍

    1. Dreggit


      Thanks :D I enjoy the games I play greatly and don't tend to get new games frequently

  11. cant believe that in shitty gran turismo 5 i have a racer on the b spec i can send out to race, earnin me cars n money... wtf... so im sat here with a spliff and a beer laughin that my rookie spec b character is dominatin races in expensive cars ive won/purchased... lol... earn me pennies spec b man!...

  12. think i got my trophy list back up... representin my lego plats with pride...

    1. Dreggit


      I'm not sure if I'll ever go for the LEGO plat collection. So many games on that list... x.x you have much of my respect



      they give me a break away from real games cause they are like games of old... fun, simple n breath if fresh air... after some of the nightmare games i used to solo play, i need the break n fun of gamin back lol...

      thank u for the msg about my trophy list... been away for awhile but back for some gamin again with my beautiful wife sat cheerin me on to plat my games...

  13. fallout 3 goty edition has been my first proper game plat in years... jeez... 4 days of hell... didnt crash tho as i kept the save below 1mb... original save was upto 30 mbs lol...

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Loved that game, but have not heard good things about the PS3 version. 

    3. Condemned09


      I remember the game would crash at least 10 times, especially when playing the DLC 



      gotta keep the save small and it runs smooth on ps3... you do this by not droppin items around the world, make sure to fast travel everywhere apart from when gettin every location, makin regular saves incase the frame starts laggin... most importantly make sure to delete the system save data once it gets over 6gigs then put the game on again...


      no trophy glitches, no crashes except the odd few in busy missions and very quick to get through...


      original fallout 3 g.o.t.y edition save reachin 40mbs on 300 hours...


      new plat run save reached 7840kbs on 20 hours...


      if anybody needs any tips feel free to ask...

  14. put my trophies on private and now ive lost a couple from view... i thought they would show the trophies but not the games... doh!... lol

  15. this is why i stuck to the ps3 longer than i couldve... the ps5 is download only rumour has it so fuck knows what kind of dramas its goin to cause with the storage... whether its download only or not, gonna be another nightmare like the ps4... wait a min, thinkin back... every sony games console ive owned has been shit for memory/storage, had to delete loads of things just to play on a new game... started with the ps1 memory cards... sort it out sony 😂😂😂😂