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  1. is anybody else shocked & somewhat befuddled when they look at other ppls trophy lists & see that theyve platted the exact same games like 20 times over?... the point?... lol

    1. DaivRules


      "the point"... is to get points. Their game is to earn points, not play games.

    2. Demon--Prototype


      I didn't plat The Evil Within 3 times for "points" @DaivRules i did it because i love the game. Is that a good enough "point" for either of you?

    3. DaivRules


      3 is waaaaay less than 20. I don't think there is anything wrong with anyones approach. They all have their own reasons and they're all equally valid. 


      If someone had multiple games on their profile and they've all been played 20 times, their case is generally going to be pretty specific.

  2. happy gaming xmas everybody... hope every one the world over got the games they wanted this xmas... ho ho ho

  3. i finished RL months ago & have helped as much as i can, so please stop sending me requests to help... cheers ppl... happy gaming
  4. anybody playing fallguy: ultimate knockout tonight?... looking to party up with a solid team of 3 to 4 non quitters, to take it in turns trying to get the squad trophy... msg me & i'll set a session up... mics not needed

  5. aint got this either, yet have got 12 cars & won with them each... anybody want to party up for the trophy then feel free to add me... everybody keeps quittin if going a goal down ffs... edit: got the party bravas trophy now... finished this game months ago now so please stop sending me requests to help... cheers ppl
  6. surprised ppl have struggled with mk11... its a piece of piss compared to stf3 3rd strike onwards upto stf5...
  7. its not that difficult so i dont agree with ppl advising to use the save exploit... im doing the olympian run & can make it through to world 4 without getting killed... seriously if you cant do games legit then you aint a gamer...
  8. playing through gta4 online & rdr for ps3... hit me up on psn

  9. is anybody playin through mk9 on the ps3... need a boost partner to get through the online stuff...

  10. if anybody is still doin the online trophies for rdr on ps3?... lol...

    1. HaserPL


      I got DLC trophies like a few weeks ago. Community is still active.

    2. TheYuriG
  11. is destiny still worth gettin for the ps3 or are not many ppl playin it these days...

    1. SlimSanta94


      Apart from completing a strike with a fireteam of clan members you can solo everything on the trophy list on the ps3 version.

    2. Stevieboy


      PS3 version doesn't have access to the Rise Of Iron DLC content though. That was only added to the current gen versions.



      no way... u can solo everythin?... apart from some pvp stuff im guessin... might have to get it n give it ago on ps3 despite it lookin proper stunnin in upscale on the ps4 lol...

  12. awesome list of games there... looks like hundreds upon hundred of hours there... loads of cool, super tough rpg games platted... 👍

    1. Dreggit


      Thanks :D I enjoy the games I play greatly and don't tend to get new games frequently

  13. cant believe that in shitty gran turismo 5 i have a racer on the b spec i can send out to race, earnin me cars n money... wtf... so im sat here with a spliff and a beer laughin that my rookie spec b character is dominatin races in expensive cars ive won/purchased... lol... earn me pennies spec b man!...

  14. think i got my trophy list back up... representin my lego plats with pride...

    1. Dreggit


      I'm not sure if I'll ever go for the LEGO plat collection. So many games on that list... x.x you have much of my respect



      they give me a break away from real games cause they are like games of old... fun, simple n breath if fresh air... after some of the nightmare games i used to solo play, i need the break n fun of gamin back lol...

      thank u for the msg about my trophy list... been away for awhile but back for some gamin again with my beautiful wife sat cheerin me on to plat my games...

  15. fallout 3 goty edition has been my first proper game plat in years... jeez... 4 days of hell... didnt crash tho as i kept the save below 1mb... original save was upto 30 mbs lol...

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Loved that game, but have not heard good things about the PS3 version. 

    3. Condemned09


      I remember the game would crash at least 10 times, especially when playing the DLC 



      gotta keep the save small and it runs smooth on ps3... you do this by not droppin items around the world, make sure to fast travel everywhere apart from when gettin every location, makin regular saves incase the frame starts laggin... most importantly make sure to delete the system save data once it gets over 6gigs then put the game on again...


      no trophy glitches, no crashes except the odd few in busy missions and very quick to get through...


      original fallout 3 g.o.t.y edition save reachin 40mbs on 300 hours...


      new plat run save reached 7840kbs on 20 hours...


      if anybody needs any tips feel free to ask...

  16. put my trophies on private and now ive lost a couple from view... i thought they would show the trophies but not the games... doh!... lol

  17. this is why i stuck to the ps3 longer than i couldve... the ps5 is download only rumour has it so fuck knows what kind of dramas its goin to cause with the storage... whether its download only or not, gonna be another nightmare like the ps4... wait a min, thinkin back... every sony games console ive owned has been shit for memory/storage, had to delete loads of things just to play on a new game... started with the ps1 memory cards... sort it out sony 😂😂😂😂
  18. going to start gran turismo 5 and dark souls for my next 2 plats... damn

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    2. ShonenCat


      Good to know, you should be golden then xD

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Good luck on Gran Turismo 5. That game is hardcore.



      ive been smashin it so far... not the greatest gt by a mile but still quite cool, instantly better when i turned the utterly shit list of borin jazz menu music off lol...

  19. retired gamer... now back part time lol...

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Welcome back, part-timer! :D

  20. not sure whats goin on... new ps3, fully synced... my trophies showin... soon as i put a game in ive played through, it wipes the original trophy progress n restarts the progress fresh... any ideas on what to do?...

    1. PermaFox


      Is this true on all games or just RDR?  Are there any games under your save data?



      im not sure dude... i finished rdr when it first came out, got a new ps3 3 years ago, synced everythin over n started playin mgs4 again... it recognised i had pereviously earnt trophies on it as have other games... yet after a few years break from gamin, my ps3 doesnt recognise ive played through rdr n earnt the main story trophies... bizarre...

  21. ive not been gamin for quite awhile n fancied switchin the ps3 back on for a quick fix of red dead redemption... only thing is... im reearnin the tropies again?!... how is this possible n any way to solve it... ive got lots of games i wanna replay but aint up for havin my trophy stats scrambled up...

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      ive still got all my save files dude synced over... but for some reason its just restartin the trophy progress, i havnt tried any other game as im not sure whether it will wipe over any progress i have made trophywise n then scramble my stats... i mean i really dont understand it- if i continue with rdr, does it mean my rdr trophies i have from years ago will wipe n be replaced?!?!?!... if anyone else has this problem let me know...

    3. PermaFox


      If you've earned a trophy on this account, you can't "overwrite" them as they are saved on the PSN server.  So if I earn trophies on a game, and then start a new game, my previous trophy dates are there for good, they won't be written over.  It sounds like you will need to start a new game and try to progress to where you left off in the past.  Don't know if that interests you to replay part of a game.



      i know what happened... i havnt been a psn subscriber for a few years so any game i replayed on with my new ps3, i reearned... i resynced and everythin is back to normal...

  22. think im due to play another lego game... which tho?... the new marvels, ninjago 2 or wait for the new star wars?... decisions, decisions...

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Wait for the new Star Wars.

  23. im not braggin here or anythin but i really cant believe how difficult gamers are sayin the game is on sith master difficulty... i breezed through the game, it really doesnt need any cheats to get you through it and in all honesty it sounds like way too much of an effort to keep doin the cheats constantly especially when there are so many exploits to the games mechanics that allow you to get through it without any hassles... i actually found my first playthrough really challengin, i did it on sith apprentice?... it was agonisin but once i knew how the game played i was better prepared for sith master... all i did throughout was to stay well back behind cover the began grabbin objects/enemies and slingin them at other enemies or i was grabbin them then slammin them to the ground/into force fields/off the edges of the map... i defeated pratas in two tries and hes meant to be a gruellin challenge so im gonna list my tips on this for anyone that wants to play through the game without cheatin... my strategies are very much hide/grab/throw so abit cowardly for a jedi or sith but fuck it, its far better than runnin in then gettin killed or usin the cheats over and over... if one bit of a level is too difficult just make a break for it to the next check point, most enemies are optional to kill so you can just simply run past them and get to the next checkpoint... all enemies except shielded stormtroopers and imperial stormtroopers can be grabbed and thrown off the map... red guards and shadow guards are grabbable but your best to just battle them lightsabre to lightsabre as they can block you grab... make sure to get as many holocrons as possible cause they unlock lightsabres which give damage bonuses, also they give you upgrades... only get the upgrades which are useful to you... > force lightenin... get this first, u will be able to have it at rank 2 by the time you face twattus paratus... > force push rank 3 > force grip but only rank 1 > i dont think you need force repulse as i never used it on my first playthrough except to get the 500 kills but could be useful... > lightenin shield rank 3 > get resilience first > force affinity > force focus > vitality > fortitude > any combos that give the lightsabre attacks better damage, also combos land an attack which juggles enemies into the air which is especially handy for the bosses like proxy/darth maul... all bosses can be defeated by force pushin to throw them off their feet then overwhelmin them with light sabre attacks, most of their attacks are blockable leavin them vulnerable to constant lightsabre attacks... also if you just keep spammin attack on them more often than not they will stand blockin and their health will get depleated little by little... > at-st's and at-kt's... find somewhere to hide behind and use force lightenin or go face to face by usin mid air attacks and force lightenin... > rancor... just like all enemies throughout the game, the rancors are an optional fight... you can just simply run past them but if you want a battle with any of them then find either somewhere to hide behind or a ledge above the rancor and it will just walk around next to you in circles so use force lightenin or if you wanna go face to face use force lightenin from a distance then run away until its replenished and rinse then repeat... > bull ranchor... dodge in either direction when he charges and also its great it you can make sure brood is between you when he does charge as he will take her out for a few secs and ruin her attempts at stealth attackin you... when you do dodge him turn around, jump and air lightsabre attack him the throw your lightsabre as it stuns him for a split second allowin you to dash away, you can use force lightenin on him too as a follow up... you can even dodge between his legs to his tail and attack his underbelly but always keep movin else he will swipe you or stomp on you... > junk titans... stand from a distance and they should always do an attack where they smash the ground which then causes an explosion beneath you, its avoidable by just doin a simplebdouble jump on the spot... when they do this attack use force lightenin when you are jumpin on the spot, if they go to throw an object at you just use force lightenin and it will stop the attack, if they walk towards you just get the distance between you again and they will revert to their ground explosion attack on you... > kota... use force push on him to juggle him then attack, when he force grabs the objects just stay to the right underneath him as he will be on the upper ledge and his objects will hit the ledge instead of you... > pratas... target him and go towards the background where the junk is flyin over in a line then just keep double jumpin over him and usin force lightenin mid air on him, he is helpless as all he will try to do walk towards you and try to force push on you... once he is down on health he will call the titan which is simple enough to defeat plus once you do defeat him you get a checkpoint which is very handy... when you defeat the titan, pratas will throw objects at you which are avoidable... all you do is stand behind the large structure next to him so the the structure is between you both, all his objects will fly into that... then the battle resumes so you can just rinse and repeat, remember that it auto saves after you defeat each titan so if you've got only abit of health allow pratas to kill you and you will then restart with full health whereas the little bastard will only have abit... just make him follow you to the background where the junk is flyin and keep double jumpin him whilst usin force lightenin... he really isnt that difficult, all i found difficult was that the buttons become very unresponsive against him so you may find yourself pressin the buttons over and over, also make sure to target him and keep r1 held so you dont waste force lightenin on the objects surroundin the level... > shaak ti... keep force pushin her to juggle her then attack, when she is gettin ready to lightsabre attack you in return just block and it leaves her open to a counter attack... in the 2nd phase go to the far right either behind the explosive bubbles or in the middle of them so your surrounded then keep force lightenin her, she will also walk into the explosive bubbles killin herself bit by bit for you... when she calls for back up just force push them over the edge/force grab/force throw them over the edge or wait for the plant thing to whack them... > maris brood... use constant lightsabre attacks to overwhelm her and use force push to juggle her then keep attackin... > proxy as various forms... the same strategy, use constant lightsabre attasks to overwhelm him and force push to juggle him over in his various forms then keep attackin him... theres a useful combo that allows you to force push him into the air where you can just keep attackin him... when you are force pushin him it will topple him over so just keep attackin him with lightsabre attacks... > death star hangar... note that all you have to do is kill everythin except for the first at-st walker as killin him will spawn countless waves of enemies so from your startin point go to the containers behind you and jump up to the walkways, take out the laser snipers and then go to where the holocrons are... stay there and wait for the two jetpack stormtroopers to fly up to you, take them out then jump down to the hangar and hide behind the large containers you used to get up to the walkway... kill the stormtroopers on the guns by simply throwin objects at them, there are plenty of explosives right next to the contaainers your hidin behind... kill the remainin stormtroopers by comin out from behind the container a little bit then wait for the imperial stormtroopers to walk up to you, just come out from the containers little by little again and use force lightenin on them, it takes 6 to 8 uses of force lightenin to kill them... all thats remainin is the at-st walker which will be walkin around somewhere tryin to grab objects to throw at you, simply dont kill him as the next wave of enemies will spwan, instead force grab all the objects next to him away from so he just stands there clueless... now pull open one bit of the hangar bay and jump down to the next check point, simple... > darth vader 1st phase... do the exact same as you have every boss so far which is to overwhelm him with your lightsabre and use the force push to keep jugglin him then just keep attackin him with your lightsabre > darth vader 2nd phase... vader gives you a clue on how to defeat him quickly here so copy him by immedietly grabbin the objects that are surroundin you and auto throw them at him by usin the L3 stick and pointin the stick in his direction, dont use R3 as it wont auto fly towards him... once hes hit he will be open to attack but just work your way around the room grabbin the objects and continously throwin them at him, he should be down to 50 percent fairly quickly and if your quick enough he wont get a single attack in on you... > darth vader 3rd phase... he will jump to the back of the room but is very open to the usual overwhelmin lightsabre attacks and force push juggle combo... also you can lightsabre throw at him and even grab the objects either side of him to throw... he is extremely quick to defeat... > darth vader final battle/sith endin... use the same attacks as previos boss battles by overwhelmin him with your lightsabre and jugglin him with the force push then carry on attackin him with the lightsabre, he really doesnt put up a bit fight but like all the bosses he can take you out quickly so dont panic, just keep battlin away and he will be a quick battle... i admit i didnt face the emporer on sith master as he sounds way too difficult so fuck him... i defeated him on apprentice lol... there you go, sith master without usin cheats... piece of cake
  24. i just finished chapter one and didnt get any trophy for completin the chapter... lol anyone else get this happenin or do they all unlock at the end of the last chapter, im assunmin they wouldnt right?...
  25. is any EU gamers playin through alien breed 3 at all?... ive done all the online stuff but need to play through every mode again...