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  1. If you are struggling with the base games, you are screwed in the DLCs. You are using any assists (some make your slower)? If you want, upload a video of you driving so we can see what you are doing wrong.
  2. Nice, I was just yesterday playing Dirt Rally 2.0 thinking that they should have made a Grid game instead of a third Dirt game in a row, and now they announce one. I hope the handling is more in line with Autosports than 2, but I'm happy either way.
  3. Bartender VR Simulator for the PS4
  4. I don't know if this is the right place to post it or if you guys can do something about it, but Bartender VR Simulator (https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4731-CUSA15146_00-BARTENDERVRSIMUL) still don't have a trophy list uploaded here.
  5. Upload a race video to us so we can see what you are doing wrong. The bikes version is easy, the stars that should give you a little trouble aren't related to the IA adversaries.
  6. I agree with Wolfenstein, The Order 1886 (bought it for 5 bucks, so no complaints here) and Titanfall 2. To make a top five, I would add Driveclub (I think that with Grid Autosports are the best racing games that nailed the cross between arcade and simulation) that have a bad rep because of the Instant Game Collection debacle and Trackmania Turbo that is my favorite game in this generation.
  7. 151 out of 179. I'm quite surprised to be honest, I thought I had way more easy plats in proportion, because besides the easy games that I don't shy from, I also love visual novels.
  8. They just released a patch today fixing Mobile Armory and Firepower. You should be able to get your plat now.
  9. This remembers me when Texugo-982 did the Broforce 100% in 8 minutes, when the second place was at 1 day and 22 hours when it was first introduced in the IGC offering. Some people freaked out calling him cheater, wanted him removed of the leaderboards. Some time late Gray-Fox-44 did it in 5 minutes 11 seconds presumably using the same route and recorded it and uploaded to Youtube. Just saying, if a guy is good at the game and is set in getting the fastest achiever, you can't make accusations just because he has "fast timestamps". Hell, he took 10 hours in the multiplayer alone in this case.
  10. It unlocked to me fine, no secret weapons. Did you buy all the re-skins too? They count as a separate weapon.
  11. Just to add, sometimes EA fucks with something server side in Autolog trying to fix or patch newer games and the later ones can become unachievable. NFS: The Run has a unobtainable trophy because they screwed with the online leaderboards and didn't bother to fix it.
  12. If I remember correctly manual was needed only a bunch of time in those license tests in a straight line because of faster acceleration in a standstill in the very beginning of the game. After that, it was not necessary.
  13. Anyone knows if the latest version of the PSVR camera works to get the mugshot trophy? I never got after this platinum because of the lack of the camera (and stupidly high price of importing one here just for one trophy), but if it works, it can make the changes to my setup to unlock it 🙃
  14. You must be delusional if you think someone FOUR SECONDS BEHIND YOU can get some slipsteaming to such a degree where he can recover 4 seconds of difference in ~2 seconds while the leader is in the REV LIMITER.
  15. Protip: Play the Chernobyl missions with the big head cheat on. Funniest easter egg ever.