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  1. Looks easy and straight forward. There is two annoying online trophies, but looks like a easy grind, unless you need to do some stupid requirement to get some car or livery.
  2. Damn, I was hopping to pick the game the next time it would be on sale. So basically, if I start now, I can't get the plat and the mofos don't even give us feedback? They still appears to support the game or they don't speak of it at all?
  3. I use Rumble and I miss it when I don't have it when I play PS3 with my DS4. What gets me is the useless light on top of the controller, SIXAXIS and the speaker, but the mic jack is very nice, I hated the default bluetooth mic for PS3.
  4. Yes, my depression come in droves, but I'm better now. I found some treatment, so don't worry.
  5. I will say that I spent about 8 days playing online for about 3 to 4 hours a day to do it all, mixing between boosting sessions and playing with randoms. Mind you, the matches are short, so you will spent most of your time waiting for the match to finish, voting the next track and waiting in the lobby, so you can watch some TV, browse the web or read a book between the matches. You will find people playing legit in lobbies in specific times of the day (4~7pm, 11pm~1am UTC-02) and you can find a group in this site to boost easily. I somehow became good in the combat aspect of the game, so I could grind about 2/3 of my wins alone in pub making my work faster, but you can idle your Vita to unlock nodes (if you fail 3 times in a row, you will unlock the next one) and reserve the harder ones when you find a boosting session, cutting your active time greatly. Overall, if you can play at the times that the servers are active, you will get it with time to spare. If you can't commit to it, don't touch it
  6. Man, I wish that developers won't shoehorn these dumb online trophies in games that don't need it. It's a shame, this game is awesome, I double 100% myself some time ago.
  7. Sony is not shy in doing it. They put Saints Row: Gat out of Hell on sale and the next day they announced it in IGC
  8. Starwhal. I was in such a bad shape mentally that time that allied with the boringness of the grind put me in altered state of mind that let me complete the platinum and contemplate suicide at the same time in a period of two days give or take. I passed out drunk 2 times in that period. Fun times. Beside this, I always cringe when I have to duct tape a controller and/or leave my console open to grind something, like the 24h race in Project Cars and Gram Turismo 5, running distance in Farming Simulator 15 and Gran Turismo 6, or the dreaded Slot Machine in FF XIII-2.
  9. This year every nominated award would be in the top 10, only 8 guides had more than one vote, so the other ones where tied in 9th.
  10. Yep. The game works adapting the difficulty of the campaign based on the player base and the success in the last one. If the players fails because there is just a few playing, the next one will be easier. Add enough loses, and a dozen player can win the campaign if they are smart enough. The plat only will be unachievable when the servers shut off.
  11. Dead Space was amazing. I was a scaredy cat when It first came out, but I downloaded on PC anyway expecting to give up on the first stage. Somehow I overcame my fears with this game and now I can play and watch horror media all I want without getting so spooked that I would give up. I bought my PS3 after my PC died, just in time to get DS3 on the launch. I was disappointed, but as a stand alone game, it wasn't so bad. After that, I got the DS1 and 2 to PS3, the first time I bought a game for a console that I already played on PC, 3 comic books (one my custom office confiscated, I don't know why), 2 books and a figure that I lost in a freaky shelf accident. I really miss the franchise. 😭 I think it was a common preconception because the game had coop as their first tough, the sense of loneliness was lost and I confess that I agree with this. I simply cannot see myself be so threatened with another one person (player or NPC) in my fight that being alone. Another problem is the creepiness is locked behind being player 2 in a coop mode that I had no interest in. Dead Space 2 for me has good action pieces, but I was something more like a mad man going wild in his enemies trying to stay alive, unlike DS3 that looked like more of a man in a mission, still crazy, but more on control. Dead Space 2 is my favorite to be honest.
  12. Yes, exactly. The way they did it removed the way you needed to scavenge for resources like the 1st and 2nd one. The other nail in the coffin was that they made the game coop oriented, removing some of the horror aspects and making it more action oriented because of this. Sadly, I only discovered about a month ago that the second player would experience hallucinations in real time where the first player would not see, but I didn't bothered to find a coop partner.
  13. 😭😭😭 Sometimes, the games have different contest based on the region (like Wolfenstein or South Park that absolutely CANNOT had a Swastika on the game in Germany, so they needed to change it), but about what get a platinum and what don't, I really can't tell why. It's more of a smart marketing team that knows that a platinum will sell a game, while some indie developers don't want do meet the requirements for a plat and potentially suffers from it.
  14. Just to ease you a little more, even my main account is not from my country and I didn't had a problem with it in 6 years.
  15. If you care about the platinum for the game, the first one is out of question because a trophy is unobtainable now. Even still, PC 2 is regarded as better in general.