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  1. It's very easy, completed it in just under 9 hours. You can have a liiiiittle problem with the handling in the beginning, but it will click and you will win everything easily. I didn't find it so bad as the other in this tread, but it's a good game to play while listening to some podcast or something like this.
  2. I have the plat for both. Titanfall 2 is amazing and Monster Energy is a good enough Motocross game if you are into motocross. It's a 9~12 hour platinum, with the online trophies that can be done alone.
  3. It really sucks. I was planning do plat GTA V and GoW from the last month offering. Now I want to plat Persona 5, but I doubt I will have time to do it too. Also, I miss the minor, obscure games that the services provides.
  4. I hope it's better than Root Letter. All the back and forth between menus to travel in the city and the game looking more like a sponsored game of the Shimane Prefecture's Board of Tourism bring the experience way down for me.
  5. For races, pick the fastest car you can control well and upgrade everything related to performance. Anything that can dodge a wreck in front of you and is above 320 in performance points is good enough for races. For Demolition Derby, I liked one of the Wagon, upgraded armor and acceleration all I did. Just hunt enemies what are already low on health.
  6. If you like Tetris, you should go for it. The VR is not required per se, but the VR visual with the sounds is a simply stunning audiovisual experience.
  7. I hope that it has PS Aim support. I need to use mine more.
  8. Just platted the game, I found in another site a better method for boosting to the lvl 50. Use a fast car, but that is at least a little durable, Motorcity circuit, 60 laps, all the adversaries with the Lawnmower, realistic damage, hard difficulty and expert AI. Wreck everyone else on the race and after that, wreck yourself. Between 68000~72000 depending on how many enemies you wrecked in a 4 minutes run. Took me about 30 minutes to level up from mid lvl 39 to 50 this way.
  9. Not really, you should get to lvl 50 way before you complete all the other trophies and if you are missing something, it will be not fame related.
  10. Snowy Mountain 2. I got it just some hours ago.
  11. You just need to pass in the areas that the dude discovered and you didn't to complete this trophy. It will be shown on the map as discovered, but after you get to it again, it will be "discovered again". Edit: If it's doesn't work, you can do it in the NG+ anyway.
  12. Online doesn't seems hard because of the nature of the game. I can see some weaker player scoring some wins by being consistent and dodging crashes from the leaders and if you want do boost, it's only 20 wins (WRC series for example are about 70 for each player for example). The list could have been better, I prefer racing games with longer lists with random things to do, but at least there is no overly long grind it seems.
  13. Hello my dudes, I would like to announce that I made a double bingo, so My card is now this: I just completed my N4 - Adventure with AereA completing both my N column and 4 line at the same time. Also, completed my G5 - Historic Fiction or Mythology with SoulCalibur VI earlier this week. I hope that I see you guys soon.
  14. I was using Claude (I believe that he is carrying a violin and I talked but a cello, but I don't know) and the last boss was easy, because I was at lvl 48 I believe. However, game bugged on me two times where I could only attack using the special (I used the special attack and automatically after it was done, the character did the full combo) and needed to reset the game and I got soft locked on one of the latter missions because a door opened pinning me down between it and the wall. At least the story is now complete, I just have the boring grind to do and find two books.