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  1. Yes, it does.
  2. I wanted to get Dakar 18, but 40 bucks is too much for it. I will pass this one.
  3. I don't have a clue about the problem, but you should ask on the PSVR subreddit, they are really helpful and are the biggest PSVR related community that I know.
  4. No season pass this time around.
  5. Only played the time limited demo and holy shit, it was an amazing audiovisual experience. I will not spend 40 bucks on Tetris, but it's in my wishlist and I will surely get it on a sale.
  6. I have the same problem with this game. It's a amazing solution really. Anyone knows what happens with save files partly done in later patches?
  7. Could be interesting if they focused the story. I liked the vibe and the settings, but the progression in the story sucked and the different routes didn't make any sense between one or another.
  8. Elite (scoring 500k points) will the longer in the online if you can get the 5 roadkills and Death from Above in the between getting said 500k points. However, you can get between 10k to 20k per match, so it will be a really short plat.
  9. Have same problem as you, searched for solution, they said that they will return, I should just keep playing that they will appear.
  10. I think that players are in multiplayer (I hope you can do it in split screen) and opponents are CPU. Don't let the straightforwardness of the list deceive you, it will be a absurd grind. To run 10000 laps will be easily a 100 hours + task and destroying 1500 opponents potentially can take even longer. Edit: Just saw a leaderboard with the world records from the PC version, the fastest track has a record of 18.9 seconds. If we can do it consistently at 20 seconds (doubt it), 55 hours minimum. Long, but way less than I first expected.
  11. Hardcore mode in Battlefield tends to be 60% health, no health regen, no 3D spotting, no mini map and no reticle when not aiming down sight. Makes more sense it being a offline version of this than a permadeath mode.
  12. In the demo I was getting between 10000 to 20000 per match regularly, and I could have done better with some more practice. If you play the objective it will go very fast.
  13. Looks easy, destroying 5 manned weapons with a plane can be difficult if you don't know how do fly a plane, unless there is a way to cheese it, 5 roadkills can be annoying to get if driving vehicles is not your style and killing 10 enemies with secondary weapons in a single round could force you to play dumb for a while, but the rest are a really run of the mill trophy list.
  14. I'm late to the party, but after getting this plat, I can safely say hell yeah. It's a really fun arcade shooter and if you can get on a sale, it's not so expensive. Could be longer though, I got the plat in 7h03, but it's easily doable in less.
  15. Besides "You're the disease, I'm the cure" from Broforce that I cheesed the hell out of it, my rarest is Trackmania Turbo's Platinum, that game is hard as hell and there is no way to cheese it AFAIK