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  1. I saw somewhere that the bug is caused by dying shortly after getting a collectible, before the game can complete the auto-save. I never died soon after getting one and I didn't had any problem, just pay extra attention to cliffs and exploding barrels.
  2. Codie is really screwing with us putting those mileage trophies on games now. It's not as ridiculous as Grid with the 40000Km, but even if you have a medium speed of 250 Km/h (unlikely, offroad races almost never put something that high), it's more than 65 hours playing, with probably more than 3/4 of the time spent grinding. Everything else looks easy, they could be more creative in with it, but as least it appears that you don't need to play with other people online, so it's a plus.
  3. Agree, I'm all up for a low budget racing game, but this one is too much even for me.
  4. I got shafted hard again, first I completed all the invitations, and nothing popped. I deleted my save data, I put a timer of 50 minutes every time I started the game, and stopped playing for the day after I finished the race I was currently on and still nothing. Pissed out of my mind, I used the method of downloading the 1.00 version from this topic, and finally this MOFO popped for me. If I was starting the game today, I would recommend your method, but if you already started it like I did, I recommend doing everything else you can using your method and mopping it up downloading the 1.00 version.
  5. I got screwed again, I have 100% of the career done, 90% of the invitationals, but my 100% career trophy didn't pop again. I even took a break of more than a week with several trophy synchs in between and it still didn't unlock
  6. That "in Playstation we believe in generation shifts" or whatever makes me believe they will not give much effort for backward compatibility. It's a shame really
  7. So, I got 100% in the Career mode (with 62% of the invitationals with gold), but the trophy didn't unlock. I have about 1300 miles in the Career alone. I do believe I had some sessions with more than 1 hour playing (I did one championship at the time, and some took a little more than a hour), but nothing much longer than this. Do you believe this one will unlock while I grind the 2000 miles you I'm screwed and I should try again?
  8. By the "letter of the law" yes, but I would open a exception if I was in the mod team 😅
  9. Yes, I believe you do. If it didn't pop after leveling again, the unlock switch only activates on the lvl 100. Also, you just confessed to have hacked trophies, you should expect to have some trouble with the mod team soon...
  10. Yes
  11. So, do you mean that every trophy can be done in this last update (1.02), and I don't have to fiddle with lowering the version? I'm wanting to try it again, plenty of useful new infos. (You can answer in Spanish if you like, I can read it, but can't write)
  12. Yes, you can. However, it's so fast that some smaller fields you can it so fast that it's not even worth it to hire someone, specially in more irregular shaped fields.
  13. If you want to do everything with fertilizer, there is one vehicle under Crop Protection named Rubicon 9000 that have a width of 48.5m when unfolded and you don't even need to worry about attaching anything, only filling it with the fertilizer. Two passes is enough for most fields.