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  1. By the "letter of the law" yes, but I would open a exception if I was in the mod team 😅
  2. Yes, I believe you do. If it didn't pop after leveling again, the unlock switch only activates on the lvl 100. Also, you just confessed to have hacked trophies, you should expect to have some trouble with the mod team soon...
  3. So, do you mean that every trophy can be done in this last update (1.02), and I don't have to fiddle with lowering the version? I'm wanting to try it again, plenty of useful new infos. (You can answer in Spanish if you like, I can read it, but can't write)
  4. Yes, you can. However, it's so fast that some smaller fields you can it so fast that it's not even worth it to hire someone, specially in more irregular shaped fields.
  5. If you want to do everything with fertilizer, there is one vehicle under Crop Protection named Rubicon 9000 that have a width of 48.5m when unfolded and you don't even need to worry about attaching anything, only filling it with the fertilizer. Two passes is enough for most fields.
  6. You can do it with chicken (buy the Wheat Bigbag), but I used my own field to produce it (grinding the 100 harvested acres trophy at the same time), but sheeps only accept bales, however, you can buy it in the shop the same way you buy seeds. I deleted the game just now, but there is a trailer with loading mechanism at the right side that can transport 16 bales at a time. 32 bales in total should be enough for the trophy to pop.
  7. I will do one better because I would flub my English trying to explain and I did a video for you guys. Pay attention at the upper left menu. Feel free to use other tractors and trailers.
  8. Just park any tractor with a trailer that can carry the pig food (I used the TDK 1600, with 14000l of capacity) besides the pig feed bag in the store and it should give you a prompt to load the content in your trailer.
  9. I will not get it day one (some bad experiences made me remind why I don't get any game day 1), but to be honest the leaks raised my expectations, instead of lowering it. A zombie game pure and simple doesn't hype me as before, but for what I saw about the leak, it will go in a novel direction that is more my jam now.
  10. Very, very easy, but it's long. With the money earned in this method you can buy everything you need to do the game faster like buying more and better tractors, but still, it will take a while. I'm 6 hours in and only did 25 of the 100 contracts needed for example. After the initial learning curve, I believe it will take about 25 to 30 hours, a good deal of it being AFK while your workers work your fields. Edit: I underestimated it a little, took me 42 hours in my save, but I did leave it running while I did other things, did some long missions instead of focusing in transporting and fertilizing that are the faster ones and wasted a lot of time and I sucked at the multitasking at the end. If you are really good at multitasking and pay a great deal of attention in your game all the way through, 25 to 30 is hard but doable, but 35 to 40 hours for a more laid back approach is correct.
  11. I hope it's about bonus objectives like some of the rewards in MoT.
  12. Nobody did it in this site, but there is someone who did it by the PSN statistic and I believe everything should work. The problem with this game is that it's hard, both in concept and against the AI and is really grindy, with collectibles that spawn in random spots inside a largish area, so there isn't a definitive guide to it.
  13. No, I'm dumb. I platted F1 2017 to 2019 almost at the same time and confused the games, it was included in F1 2018 I believe. Still, the tips about the upgrades still stands, it's worth it in these 3 games.