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  1. Time to try some visual novels 😁
  2. I agree, I only played Telltales games when it was free (I borrowed TWD from a friend and the games that were given in the IGC) or when it was already finished and WAY cheaper in a sale. I think I got Tales from the Borderlands for 5 bucks and that's it. They spread too thin with so many launches and I don't know how they spent to much if they use the same engine game after game. It's written administrative and marketing errors all over the place.
  3. Why would they put a PS3 and Vita symbol without ANY game for those consoles being on sale? 🙄
  4. I bought one just so I didn't let go to waste those IGC offerings, but soon I started to like it more and more. I need to pick mine up again, I love to read some Visual Novels in bed just before I go to sleep.
  5. Meh, about the same time last year someone "leaked" two good games on the IGC in this same subreddit, everyone believed it, news sites publishing it non stop and it was false, dude just wanted to prank "some friends" and when everyone turned on him he confessed. It would be a lovely month if it's true though, two games I'm curious but to cheap myself to buy.
  6. The one from Aqua Moto Racing Utopia, with only 28 achievers. The number is a little off because the EU version has a separate trophy list, but both together wouldn't pass my second place anyway. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5575-aqua-moto-racing-utopia/1-completionist Now I just saw how little this game sold. It's by no mean an excellent game, but it should have sold more.
  7. For one moment I thought that Multiplier was a different mode in quick race or something. About the "Km" debacle, It's because the developers are Portuguese. For some reason I also was told that the correct abbreviation for "quilômetros" was "Km". I just learnt that the correct form is with a upper case K now. I even lost some scoring in Portuguese tests because I wrote it right and now I'm pissed. 🙄
  8. Only time I boosted because of laziness was on Call of Juarez: Bound by Blood. I always could find some matches when I got it from the Instant Game Collection, but It would take too long to get the last one where you need to earn 1 million bucks. Other than that, only when I needed a friend because no one in my list had it to beat a score, (Grid 2 had a trophy like that), because the servers were empty. In the case of Wipeout 2048 for the Vita where the server was going to go offline soon, I could have demolished some boosting sessions winning some stages to progress faster than boosting, but It's such a scumbag thing to do, specially in a dying game.
  9. Nice, it was a really fun game. I bought it on the PS3 because I had some change to spare in my wallet and I have no regrets.
  10. I only bought the Pro because my vanilla died on me an I was planning on entering the VR bandwagon. My TV is the cheapest 30" Full HD LCD I could find, so 4K graphics were not a priority for me. The biggest perks I saw was the faster loading time I forgot if it was WRC 5 or 6, but the loading time in one specific level was of 43 seconds on the pro versus 57 on a Slim when I boosted it. You can also see always a first batch of players loading any game online when the new map is loading, and after some seconds, everyone else does. Another small but useful perk is the back USB port, I just adjusted my PSVR processing cable neatly in this port and I have two the two USB ports for personal use. Today I would get a PS Pro again if I needed too, but I wouldn't ditch my vanilla or slim PS4 for one just to "get the latest tech".
  11. I don't know why everyone complains about this game, for me it was pretty clear that this game had a focus on e-sports, so it would mainly online. The real shame for me is not having a proper Gran Turismo 7, with tons of content like 5. With all the updates, content-wise I feel it similar to 6, with a little less gimmicky events (like the moon stages) but with more instructional events and WAY less cars and upgrade options. If you wanted to have 20 versions of the Skyline and choose your upgrades, it's not for you, because now you can only buy packages of power and weight reduction, instead of individual pieces. At least, the car setup options are the same.
  12. Just saw the list and the grind looks real, at least 30k kilometers (about 18640 miles), with at least 10k done online. For the videos that I saw, the stage distance is scaled in about 10 to 1, but I don't know if the scaled version is that matters in those trophies. Besides that, there is several trophies asking us to complete stages in the hardest difficulty or one without damage. I can see it becoming one of those Ultra Rare plats more because of the grind (like GT Sports) than because of the difficulty proper, I'm still tempted do get it. Edit: Just gave another look on the list, and completing a full Dakar rally without missing a waypoint will be hell if there is no way to cheese it.
  13. You will keep everyone alive, unless you made other mistakes before and didn't notice. Just to be safe, give the next district to Vito.
  14. It's no big deal, just give the district to Cassandra as you were planing. Vito will get a little angry because you removed one of his rackets, but it will not be enough to see him turn on you. Give him the next district if you can, but you need to have screwed other things so that one mistake cost you the trophy of keeping everyone alive.
  15. I don't remember having problem in this track. Do you mean the cliff after the big jump where they give you the boosts and cut off your engine? If so, take well the corner before this straight so you can carry all your speed, point straight at where you need to make the jump and keep accelerating no matter what. Even with the engine off, the accelerator have a degree of air steering in this game, so you should go higher than without throttle. See this video as reference, he didn't take the gold time, so it's a better basis in what you are doing wrong than some godly dude who got a Trackmaster.