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  1. Worked flawlessly, thanks dude.
  2. Amazon is out of every card below $50 since May at least. It's really annoying.
  3. As BlindMango said, the game is very time consuming (I'm dreading getting to lvl 50, for example) and the online part is very skill based. However, as you are matched against people with the same level, if you "tank" your results to get demoted, you will rack up wins and poles very fast. I'm naturally good (but not excellent) in racing games, so I won the pole on my first race, started and finished second on my second one, and won from pole me third. With those results, I was put in a higher tier and I was starting 9th and finishing 6th and crappy results like that, until I got in a quarrel with a dude and our next 2 races turned in a demolition derby, getting us demoted to lower tiers fast. I stopped playing for the day and returned the next day, and dude, I was owning the competition, the combination of my unintentional sandbagging and being lucky with the car and track choices for two days straight put me way ahead than I should be if I kept in my "correct" skill bracket. I had 21 wins and 15 poles with 54 completed races, but for the last 20, I got only 1 pole and 1 win, but I'm constantly finishing in other high places, so I will not get demoted so soon. I have no intention in sandbagging again because as I said, the road to the lvl 50 is way to long (more than 4 million XP, when a win nets you about 1000XP if you do everything clean), but it's a way if you are stuck with victories. However, if you are hopeless in more simulation style racing games and you don't want to invest a long time to get good at it, I suggest that you pass this game.
  4. Yep.
  5. They could just revoke it, but I never saw they do that.
  6. I thought that putting a MECHANICAL ARM in the girl a little to much, but the rest of the trailer was so over the top that any complaints about "authenticity" is bullshit IMO. If someone say to me that it was a rebooted trailer from Brothers in Arms: The Furious 4 I would believe it. I heard somewhere that you can customize your character as you like in the online mode, so you can expect reeeeeeeeeeeally wacky shit. I have I friend that I'm sure will play as a nazi black woman with some strange colored face paint if the games allow it just for the lulz.
  7. If you are crazy enough, if you unlock all the 200 trackmasters, another mode opens with a new set of medals way harder than the normal ones. Only for the best of the best.
  8. If it's not pre-order, it's valid.
  9. Thanks. I almost renewed my PS+ account yesterday. I'm glad that I waited. Edit: It doesn't work with the PS+ renewal. Oh well, I will wait for next week sales them.
  10. I got mine literally in that LMP1 race in the prologue 2 minutes in. Braked hard for a turn, braked hard just after the turn to not crash in a pileup that formed in my front, trophy popped.
  11. Dude, I love this kind of game. First time I played it, Picross was just released for the DS, I downloaded it just before bed, wanted to play only 5 minutes to see what up with the game and I ended up playing about 3 hours, I suffered hard with the lack of sleep in the math test I had in the day after. After that I discovered that they sold a magazine with several puzzles in the newsstand and discovered some online versions also. I even "bounded" with a math teacher that didn't like me much because of my magazine that she took interest in because of the mathematical logic applied in the puzzle. I played the hell out of this game all my high school years and some years after that, but somehow forgot about it. I will surely pick it up when I reduce my backlog and have a change to spare. Try https://www.griddlers.net/ also
  12. You need to STOP NOW what you are doing and go to a technical assistance, you could be screwing more with your motherboard. Same thing happened to mine intermittently and I kept using it until it gave up and didn't turn on anymore. The repair in my case would be more expensive than buying a new one, but maybe you can salvage your console before it's too late.
  13. Jezz, golly dude, you need to keep attention with that potty mouth around your little friends. It's ridiculous, but I always speaks like that in messages so nobody can report me by dumb shit like that.
  14. I fundamentally disagree with the last part. After playing the later levels, if you return to the earlier ones you will shave seconds of previous time in the first or second try just by the racing skills you earned playing the later ones. Because of this, it's recommended that you first do the 200 gold medals and only after that you go for the Trackmasters. The other way around must also be true, I doubt that if you go straight on the black series without playing easier levels first you could get a gold medal without taking at least 3 times longer than someone who did the "right progression".
  15. My favorite game in this generation by a fair margin.