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  1. This year was such a let down for me, I was on a fast track to be my best year trophy wise, but my PS4 died about 1 week after I made some great financial commitments that won't let me get another one until Christmas. I'm glad that my PS3 and Vita works well enough so I didn't get stuck without trophy hunting all this time. Realistic speaking, I plan to plat Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds (it's in the bag) and Root Letter until the end of the year in my Vita and Master Reboot on my PS3 if I find get the patience to do so. But who knows, if the PS+ offering in December is favorable to me, I can squeeze a couple more until the end of the year.
  2. I'm disappointed to be honest, good selection of games on the sale but I expected a bigger price drop. Any chance to have another flash sale on the Friday proper?
  3. I find the DS4 the best controller overall, but the shoulder buttons on the Game Cube controller were orgasmic.
  4. Dumb trophy. I didn't have THAT hard of a time to get this POS after I found the "make a circle between the crater and the two black dots", but after two short tries, when I was at 197 my neighbor started blasting a horrible version of Happy Birthday to You in full volume for his annoying kid, throwing me off guard only the time it takes to get a lightning up my ass. I got it the next , made it to 220 to be sure I was counting right.
  5. The game didn't crash on me not even once. You already tried the basic spiel of "delete and install again" ?
  6. I would love to have the ability to do so. My account is from the US, but it was only for currency exchange reasons at the time I made my account.
  7. It's two different beasts, Driveclub is way more arcade than Gran Turismo. MatchBarrichello's 322 F1 races will be a really long grind...
  8. Volume, a easy, enjoyable 5 hour platinum.
  9. I duct taped my controller hard so the button was pressed down and leaved the console on overnight.😅
  10. I agree with you. I approached the game trying to go for gold medal first, and return to get the Trackmasters after and only got the medal in track 144 without going for it, but getting the other 49 Trackmasters was a breeze after I got all 200 gold medals because I honed my skills. I became so good in Canyon and Lagoon that I got maybe 30 TM in the first or second try. The last 20, I used your spreadsheet and compared with my time, going for the tracks that I already were more close to the goal "organically".
  11. 1) Final Fantasy XIII 2) Final Fantasy XIII-2 3) Grid 2 4) Spec Ops: The Line 5) GTA V 6) The Walking Dead 7) Skyrim 8) Need for Speed: The Run 9) Borderlands 2 10) Bioshock: Infinite I'm in doubt if it took me more than 140h to platinum Grid Autosports but, if not, Final Fantasy XIII was my first and longest platinum.
  12. I did some time ago, so I don't know how the leaderboards are today, but I did it picking a Stock Car (Monterey Stock car if I remember correctly) and racing in one of the small layouts of Cadwell Park. I was off the pace by 18 seconds in my first clean lap but still got the 21th spot at the time on the leaderboard of 30 people. I think that Stock Car with those small and twisty tracks should work best for you.
  13. Shift 3 is not going to happen, at least with the same studio. They split up in litigious ways: http://www.dsogaming.com/news/ian-bell-on-ea-and-need-for-speed-shift-3-they-tried-to-fck-us-over-we-have-no-respect-for-them/
  14. Yep, my wallet will become lighter in a sec 😬
  15. The game this year looks better to be honest, but the list is the same at least since WRC 4.