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  1. I had the same issue with the FedEx cup not popping upon finishing the season atop of the rankings. However after browsing numerous forums, you have to win the season finale event and be top rank. Popped at the end of season 2 for me (I skipped every event until the last five and won all)
  2. Espionage DLC is being listed for a 26/11 release here in the EU. Shame I sold the game off long ago. Man the DLC on this game was worse in gaps than Rambo!!! Hahaha
  3. One that I could throw into the mix is trying new titles. I used to be the yearly COD player but since I use guides both here and on as a review instead of the mainstream reviews, I found myself playing games I'd never think about before just due to the excitement some guide writers share. Fallout 3 for example. Not necessarily down to trophies, but the hunt inspired me to try for fresh and newer challenging games.
  4. Yeah I started that topic many months ago, felt like it was shot down somewhat because I browse for all sessions instead of one title each time. Good to hear it's being considered. Thanks guys.
  5. Just finished Mortal Kombat X, working on The Evil Within & Uncharted 2 (PS3)
  6. I finished it Saturday with no problems. I knew about possible glitches so backed up data as a precaution, but fortunately didn't need it. I would advise that you complete the challenges before you clean out the territories as it can become near impossible and time consuming to ween out the last few spawn spots. Enjoy.
  7. Once I allowed the game to install, with dlc and update also, I left it at the game menu whilst it also installed the game data. Then began story mode with no problems, no restarts either. I did have to clear a fair amount of space on my HDD. All in all took under an hour. Safe to say that playing games whilst pre loading isn't a sure fire feature on PS4 eh? Awesome game, enjoy when u get it going.
  8. Anyone know a workaround for this? Currently at 203 matches online but no pop. Any help would be great.
  9. As much as I enjoyed playing GTA V, twice! After 18 months of release on the Ps3, persuading me to upgrade to the ps4 version. I'm now expected to go back and buy a copy on the Ps3 again? Erm no. My completion percentage will happily take the hit. Heists is about a year too late and overdue. Newer games to play, happy hunting guys.
  10. Anytime I had issues as such (I did with both waste management and the bail bonds missions) I just reset the game whilst offline and replayed each and they popped. Offline seems to work for me.
  11. This issue came up last week on PS4, could be something similar.
  12. This month marks the 20th anniversary of the gaming magazine launched in the UK. For me I just wanted to give it a mention as it's probably THE magazine that introduced me to Sony gaming. Towards the end of 1994, the world was bracing itself for a shift in power of the console market. Nintendo were readying up their N64, Sega had the Saturn and Sony was introducing a new console that would dominate and eventually lead in the years that followed. This magazine had everything you needed to know about, then, next gen gaming. This for me was a must have before the age of Internet. Was just throwing it a mention to see if anyone remembers this magazine. Showing my age I know, but it was a great read. The only thing I read back to back.
  13. In regards to the slots, I wasn't given a choice of which slot to place my transfer in. As soon as online loaded, straight from the loading screen (not in game single play) it asked if I'd like to transfer, it gave me an alert that it would be transferred and that I'd be sent back to SP whilst this is complete. I gave it a minute then zoomed into online play where it then showed my characters in a police line up. On the left my previous guy and the right a generic default female character at rank 1. I say this method as I'm wondering if any of you guys began online with a new character first and then loaded up your character again after playing with the new one for a bit. I can only guess as to why the generic one is in slot 1 (left) and not the way I saw it. So as I didn't get to choose a slot but whichever character you began with could take slot 1 by default.
  14. #1 Mate. The second slot was a generic character ready to edit. Skipped straight through onto my guy.
  15. Well the trophies that popped that youd assume were from single player like the stunt jumps are also possible to accumulate online too, so the trophies popped probably due to that. The other trohies such as rank etc may not be popping due to a number of issues today such as the patch debacle and also the small fact that some profiles wouldn't carry over if you hadn't played the PS3 version in 2014. I spent 4 hours wsiting for the update patch, took 40 minutes to download and then when i finally found a lobby initially I recieved: - Numero Uno - American Dream Zoomed back to single player and then back to online: - Unnatural Selection Zoomed out again and back in: - Pop Pop Pop The remaining online plus the two offline ones all one after the other in 8 second increments. Just a run through of my process so hopefully youguys can do the same. Good luck.