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  1. A bit off-topic but just to let people know if you haven't unlocked the "Keep it Secret" Trophy then you can get it now in Living Towers mode. The Premium Tower "Mortal Kombat ll" is live. Make it to the 8th opponent and finish him with a Brutality or Fatality and you will unlock the secret fight and trophy.
  2. My first. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 on PS3. Not difficult but at the time I put in a lot of hours trying to figure things out without a guide.
  3. I really wish I picked this game up at the beginning of the month. I had the chance and missed a good opportunity with Summer Slam. I wish they gave a new date to when servers are closing.
  4. I recorded getting Squad Goals and Ultimate Fall Guy (Platinum) Trophies. I am from Australia but had to play Squads in Europe server because it was a ghost town in Australia server. High ping but I was super lucky to get the win and finally get the 100% It was my 100th Platinum Trophy milestone.
  5. I saw this thread by chance as it appeared on the home page and I just quickly downloaded the game and got "DIE WILL YOU" trophy. Very happy. Thanks, guys! Now I need the "INVASION" trophy then the other online trophies and I should be safe.
  6. I haven't watched WWE in a very long time and I tuned into the last episode of SmackDown it was good. Roman seems to be on top of his game now.
  7. #100 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout #101 Sonic Forces
  8. I finally unlocked this trophy. I suggest as others have already, play all launch maps in one go. I had to do this multiple times and it finally unlocked so it's fair to still call this trophy buggy.
  9. Same here. I used it for the Squad Goals trophy in Fall Guys. A few joined and they were very helpful and a few of us ended up getting the trophy. We still trying to help the others get it as well but it's been a blast with them. Very cool people.
  10. 139 unearned platinum trophies for me.
  11. My last win of season 4 and I got super lucky. I lost the tail in the last few seconds, got it back and someone just missed me right at the end.
  12. I have two clips where I am sure it's a glitch? I made finals back-to-back on Fall Mountain. I grabbed the crown first but I get eliminated. First: Second:
  13. I've played each of the launch maps shown on the guide 5 times, still no trophy pop. It's a very demotivating trophy.
  14. Wow! I wished I saw this thread before playing the game. I don't have the motivation to delete everything just so I can replay RPG mode offline for one trophy. Edit: I have digital so ignore the above.
  15. I recently got the platinum after 2 playthroughs. On the second playthrough, I saved after the fragment chapter, talked to the ninja in the Hokage room but did not view the story list or change teams. In the guide, it said to interact with him first before collecting the remaining scrolls in the Forest of Quiet Movement and the pathway towards the Land of Rivers. Then I returned to the Hokage room to talk with the ninja there, viewed the story list and the trophy did not unlock. I then reloaded my save, ignored the ninja, and collected the remaining blue scrolls. After this, I returned to the Hokage room to talk with the ninja there, viewed the story list and the trophy popped. I had a friend who focused solely on the blue scrolls, did what I did and the trophy did not unlock. He did not pick up any red scrolls or memory crystals either. You can tell by the notification you get, in-game, when you have collected one for the first time. Has this happened to anyone? Anyway, this bug is terrible, and having to play again is brutal.