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  1. Fresh Character follow the introductory quest from the Cosmo drome, visit the NPCs in the tower, the quest will then say get gear level 770, play a few bounties, do some stuff on EDZ until you have the requisite, it then sends you back to the tower, keep following it will trigger Shaxx's quest. And then unlock the Introduction: Curcible quest as well. Get the bounties in crucible and the trophy pops. Did this an hour ago after days of trying to figure it out.
  2. This is great Thanks for this!! Much appreciated.
  3. While not all elements are online yet STO is absolutely 100% free to play and the plat is possible without spending a penny. That been said alot of the really cool and best ships are locked behind the pay wall, but with a lot of time invested you can get enough dilithium to convert to zen and get them still without spending a penny, so its a matter of how much time you wanna put in for the really cool stuff, I know from experience (3 years on PC) that some of the content is a royal pain in the backside! (Cardassian Campaign is hard as hell).
  4. The problem for me was Dead Space 3 was about as far from Dead Space as they could have gone, the first one was the best in the series and in belief it's because they used the survival horror perfectly, they had combat in an enclosed space that made the game feel dangerous around every turn, one wrong door and you were engulfed by Necros and had the fire fight of your life to survive. Dead Space 2 they tried to open up and I get why giving us bigger environments to play in but it still felt forced, and the sense of danger from been closed in corridors just wasn't there, the enemies were nastier, the regenerating one was a pain the ass if as it chased you through the game but still just felt forced, they took everything they learned in Dead Space then ignored the entire formula! Dead Space 3 just wasn't the co-op was a nice idea it just didn't work for me, I liked the mission system a clear point of where to go, I also liked the freedom they tried to give you but again it felt forced, they tried to close you in in some areas and then open others up, it just lost the scary what's around the corner or behind the door element, but they did try to close you back in, it was a good try to balance the previous two games but it is not the best in the franchise it will remain Dead Space 1. EA force hands and not only that but they damage good games by rushing the development cycles and then thinking they can fix it later. Dead Space needs to go back to drawing board, back to what really worked and then pile more of it on us, they have a lore established, they have infinite number of places to go but IF there is a 4 it needs to be better. I played Dead Space 3 finished the story and it hasn't been picked up since.
  5. Dead Island online is easy enough there's only 3 or 4 but its actually easier to 100% by taking the game OFFLINE, deal with the online trophies first then turn of the connection and 90% of dead islands problem simply go away.
  6. Some people just plain out do not have the talent for modern games, its always something about the game that's the issue not the fact they are just plain not cut out for it!!

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    2. gothicsyn


      I have my issues with GTA V :P But I just think people should perhaps learn they are at fault instead of blaming every aspect of the game rather than the fact they simple dont adapt well

    3. DragonCharm
    4. gothicsyn


      Feel free to delete> Lol

  7. Multiplayer for me, if it has multiplayer trophies I tend to not want to know, or the fricking complete every level without dying & 100% bubbles on LBP been sat on those for almost 2 years now, pity cos they're the only 4 I need for the Plat, worst is I tend to complete a game to its story conclusion and move on, unless its a series I really enjoy I have both Demon & Dark Souls Plats as well as FF13 & 13-2 will of course add 13-3 to that list as well as FF X & X-2, hopefully Uncharted 2's at some point this year as well.
  8. Sometimes I forget just how much fun Lollipop Chainsaw is, if it wasn't for the stupid online trophies I'd actually consider Platting it!!

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    2. VetoShizuko


      Yeah you have to complete it without dying but that should be easy if you just go through it like on normal. I think it's ok to play on easy? I don't remember. If you were struggling with the gondola game then I understand.

    3. snakebit10


      Yeah you can do them on Easy and some of the scores are pretty easy to beat. Shouldn't be much of a problem.

    4. LouTheDroog


      Lol yeah you can't die.

  9. Sorry to spoil the party but the shield will be loosing Reigns who is set to turn shortly they will try to "hold onto" the Shield angle by replacing him with Mason Ryan so that should stunt the shields popularity though it should be amusing to watch, Also CM punk vs HHH at Mania with Reigns as the fail safe if anything happens, and yet agaibn another wasted champion in Lesnar who should either commit or go home another wasted champ just like the rock was
  10. The thing is Resident Evil started with zombies and terrifying moments to open each door wondering what the hell was on the other side, they set a bar that they themselves couldnt meet so they are clutching at straws trying to figure where to go, I have been with RE from Resident Evil 2 then of course went back and played the first, 4 wasnt bad but too much of a step away, 5 well ... it was good in its own right but it just didnt feel like resident evil, 6 was more Call of Duty than Resident Evil, especially Chris' campaign even the zombies in Leons campaign somehow lacked the bite they once had, the game can be rescued all they have to do is go back to its survival roots, let the player experience that kind of terror and we will all stop whining at them that Resident Evil is no longer a survival horror game. I bought Re4 and Code Veronica HD much as I would any other resident evil game BECAUSE its resident evil, a franchise I happen to enjoy, I just feel they have lost their way in trying to keep up with other games.
  11. Wonder when Episode 2 to Walking Dead is released, with my luck about the same my PS+ subscription is due to be renewed!

    1. Bonofifa


      Late january, february or march.

  12. Worst thing that ever happened to me in gaming was in 99 during my first ever encounter with Sephiroth at the end of Final Fantasy VII, I remember a colossal battle I was under powered but somehow managed to get through just as I struck the final blow and the final FMV began the power tripped out!! Absolutely heart wrenching!! Wouldnt play for about a month after that!!
  13. 10,000 hours .... damn gotta have done that we've been working on our prototype for almost a year now, and solidly working too, altered many aspects and then rebuilt it from the ground up, our aim of course is to deliver a fun and engaging experience even so much as the prototype will be release for everyone to play before we begin the beta build of the game, we have taken our time over every aspect because we want things to be as good as they can be. Unfortunately we are suffering from staff leaving to do their own thing and that includes severely crippling our art department. But we are determined and that is something that is hard to match.
  14. I do appreciate the honesty though that vid is from quite a while back when we were still kind of rag-tag, we have improved many things since then it's just the only "in-game" video we have isn't really ready as none of our animation was working at the time. Hopefully we will have a much better ready shortly, it is a real "shot in the dark" type project which is why have smaller projects on the go as well to help us learn to implement things much better. We are also preparing several Developer Videos as well.
  15. Its going to be open world go where you like, do as you please, the story will be objective driven, but there will be plenty to do, one storyline will have you scouring the city to find an escape another will net you a grand prize and another to discover what really happened and who is responsible, ultimately you will be able to play the game the way you want, create traps, to slow down the enemy or run like hell your choice, the more you repeat an action the better your stats become the better your traps, running hiding sneaking will become the levelling system is entirely dependant on your actions, of course those illusive trap materials require you to go hunting, and we will of course hide some items on the enemy, there will also be a secret team hunting you down to stop you finding their secrets it all adds to the element