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  1. 60 dollars for 3 old ps3 games. Had enough ripoffs, no thanks.
  3. Leatherface was another classic character from a well known horror movie and the doomslayer is who exactly? He was born in 2016. Even Shaggy from scooby doo is more popular than him and some idiots actually wanted to put that cartoon character into this brutal game. Guess what, I did the google search and the cheapest was around 7 dollars converted. You are extremely lucky to find it for only 5 dollars on some black market but that's not for everybody else in the world. My fucking store is the european store.
  4. What's your problem kid? You said the game sucked balls I'm just adding to the criticism of it
  5. Let me tell you exactly what opinion you should have in the world and if you refuse then you are an enemy of everyone!
  6. Those characters are from legendary ultra popular movies not a fucking videogame that only got rebooted now, doomslayer is too fresh and not popular enough. I just checked and MKXL was lowest on october. november 2018 and june,july 2019 but it was 4490Ft which is about 15 dollars so it was never ever 5 dollars!!!!
  7. WTF is this comment supposed to be? What don't you understand about my comment? I hate that cringy ass spiderman and now there is no more spiderman S FUCKING YES!
  8. Doomslayer and ashley williams are from completely different game serieses and the less females there are in a game the better, dont need more feminist shit! Dude not even the fucking Mortal kombat XL edition is ever 10 dollars, it's usually 20 on a good sale. By the time you actually buy it at that price nobody even plays anymore.
  10. But before that the ps5 will come out making all that worthless and you need to wait until they port them again for another 200 dollars When will you change your gif signature? I see it everywhere you go and Sekiro is an old game. If you want a cool gameplay gif that looks good try one of them devil may cry 5 combo videos 60 dollars for 3 old ps3 games ARE THEY FUCKING SERIOUS? What a ripoff! They didn't even remake the games completely.
  11. Who can pay for games in this economy with the asshole government and commute stealing your money from bankkard?
  12. Neo fighting a million fucking agent smith and beating the shit out of them over and over and over was the best fucking shit ever!!!!!
  13. Ohhhhh sooooo scared of atmosphere ...NOT. The shit I took this morning had more "atmosphere" and looked scarier than a fucking metro game looooool
  14. Remove the horrible glasses from the "mama" character. Norman Reedus with the hair in a pony tail doesn't look good at all, it's not long enough, better to let it down.
  15. What horror lul?