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  1. Resi2 and DMC5. Won't need any other action game for a long time with that.
  2. It's a fine game. Difficulty wise the game is merciless until you get a few more party members and levels and able to craft gear with special on hit abilities. Since there is no healing, you have to rely on a special stat on gear that will shield you from attacks. If you want to go for the hardest difficulty, I reccommend choosing a rogue and looking up builds for it. It has really good damage if you choose your talents and gear right, so much that you will be the dragonslayer of your party.
  3. How is this a bad sale? They are all cheaper than if I went into the story to buy it, and they even have sales for the dlc bundles which would be even more expensive if I bought the disc and then the dlc separately.
  4. There's someone named Mori-101 who got the darknet file trophy on the 23rd. What's up with that? Maybe there is a way to avoid getting booted out forever if you don't complete the first darknet file just continue on to the later tiers?
  5. Wow, so many games! Can't wait to get my paycheck this week and buy a ton of games! I rarely buy games on disc these days because those sakes are more expensive than digital in my country. I'll be buying Hellblade because I haven't seen it often in sales or as cheap as now, Arkham Knight Premium (wanted to buy it since 2016 lol), HZD DLC, The Darksiders collection. Really thinking about picking up wolfenstein 2 as well, along with Vampyr. Want to get to 99 platinums before January 25th :))
  6. Finally they made a boss in this game that wasn't a pushover or a cutscene fight.
  7. That's the tactic for the second phase, you need to stun him and kill him as fast as possible. I think I killed him when I was at 25% oxygen. Just keep shooting the weak spots.
  8. If you go back out of the room in the toxic air area after the enemy spawns, close the door and wait a little before going back in, she won't be there anymore.
  9. For the next to last fight, you need to get lucky with the drops in the room before entering, and abuse the mellee system. Once you know where the enemies spawn and which ones, you can set up your shots.
  10. You shoot the special ammo into him once, then you land a mellee on him. Always shotgun his head while aiming down the sights. Throw the stun grenade into him if you have it to get some extra shots on him. Run around the truck and dont let him catch you. If he starts running and you run away as well, throw a grenade under yourself. That will stun him again for a mellee.
  11. This seems easier or harder or the same as dead space 2 hardcore? What do you think?
  12. Catherine! Very rare platinum and such an interesting game that I got from PS plus originally, but I stopped playing it because I'm very bad at those block puzzles. Even on easy I cannot do them.
  13. Wouldn't it be easier to destroy the flamethrower tank on the boss, that way you can get rid of the nasty fire. As for the chapter 14 bosses, I read that the flamethrower makes short work of even the 2 keepers.
  14. I saw a stream of this mode the other day. It is pretty managable and at least you don't die in one hit. But why don't people use the preorder gun? It should be better than the standard handgun because its a preorder bonus
  15. Without a guide you say? That's impressive since the keys could be well hidden in a big area. Were any of the keys placed on high ledges or trees? I think I found way less than the first game, mostly because of the more open environment.