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  1. Is that picture of the video actually in the game?
  2. Dead space trilogy, lords of shadow trilogy, uncharted trilogy, god of war trilogy, metal gear solid HD trilogy pack +4, Shadows of the damned, alice madness returns, there's too many games to list, would be better to know what type of games you like
  3. Where were you in the beginning of the year? Plenty of big games that werent soulles or shit
  4. I'm using the fastest bike ever, all stats are nearly maxed, I'm going at the limit of the possible speed, and yet the cheater ai is still faster!
  5. It would be a cake if everything was doable first try but it's not! I'm sweating bullets with this overtuned difficulty! What is the secret? Even if I watch videos, the ai is different and the player is very lucky to not touch anything AND be first place AND do a super fast lap. When I slow down I go back to the last place. Oh and btw why do I always need to start at last place in a championship even if I won the last race? This is outRAGEous!
  6. I bought the season pass for DC and the bikes expansion because of the shutdown news. I already had trophies in DC from PS plus version so I didn't want to lose my chance to get all those juicy hundreds of trophies. Then while I was checking out my driver, I accidentally unlocked a trophy for bikes for dressing up the biker. No problem, I got some more trophies very easily but then I realised that getting all the stars is a requirement as well for the platinum but I can't do the later stages because the fucking ai is cheating, it's impossible to win all 3 stars for every stage! Win while doing a super fast lap and without taking any damage? I was already shitting myself around the halfway point of the tour let alone the end! Instead of clearing out 1 game's trophies I created even more!!! The fuck!
  7. Why is your Uncharted 2 side cover in black when mine is brown? Looks way cooler with black and the snow on the top
  8. Forgive me for asking but I'm just curious, are you chinese or korean?
  9. I think you can use that slingshot to knock off something on their head lol Also how is this game 1886 vibes when it's in the freaking middle ages!
  10. There will be boss fights probably
  11. Just a bunch of weeb games. Not buying a single fucking videogame again
  12. Not surprised at all by your reaction. This game is really not that good, it's insulting to be an re game. Oh and nothing carries over so you will have to do it all over again, along with seeing the horribly uncomfortable first person unskippable cinematics
  13. Yes it was worth it even at launch
  14. Probably better idea to get the game on disc because they will remove it from the store, so no chance to redownload digital version?