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  1. Well you said it yourself you don't like AC games, and since Origins and Odyssey are going after the witcher 3 crowd it's safe to say they aren't real AC games. I mean you can't even one shot murder someone with a hidden blade like you wrote. That's the problem with RPG stat systems, it's not really realistic when you think about a headshot should kill someone immediatelly but can't because oh it's a guy 5 levels higher lol. Maybe you should play other RPG games instead of (not)AC games masquareding as RPG games.
  2. All unreal engine games are bad
  3. All of them would put in dlc as well. And multiplayer DLC! It's written that it doesn't have multiplayer or microtransactions. It's going to be a one and done linear single player campaign. Like Way out or unravel. You know the thing that nobody else does because they make open world checklist games or BR games LUL This isn't Devil May Cry lol. And dismemberment? This is star wars, no blood allowed.Can you actually imagine a star wars game ala ninja gaiden with buckets of blood and chopped off heads and legs and bodies? Nope
  4. They put put in dlc too
  5. It was a straight fucking line and I was going with maximum speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. How come people are already getting trophies when this game isn't even in the store????
  7. That's what I said in the bikes forum. It's fucking impossible to get all those stars! The ai cheats, the game cheats with penalizing you everything is just impossible. I only got the driveclub platinum but the bikes and all dlc I will be stuck with forever on my profile...
  8. Why a couple days exactly?
  9. So much better than shitiro
  10. Is that picture of the video actually in the game?
  11. Dead space trilogy, lords of shadow trilogy, uncharted trilogy, god of war trilogy, metal gear solid HD trilogy pack +4, Shadows of the damned, alice madness returns, there's too many games to list, would be better to know what type of games you like
  12. Where were you in the beginning of the year? Plenty of big games that werent soulles or shit
  13. I'm using the fastest bike ever, all stats are nearly maxed, I'm going at the limit of the possible speed, and yet the cheater ai is still faster!
  14. It would be a cake if everything was doable first try but it's not! I'm sweating bullets with this overtuned difficulty! What is the secret? Even if I watch videos, the ai is different and the player is very lucky to not touch anything AND be first place AND do a super fast lap. When I slow down I go back to the last place. Oh and btw why do I always need to start at last place in a championship even if I won the last race? This is outRAGEous!