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  1. I enjoyed the opening and R-Truth is one of the most under rated superstars. AJ/Bryan vs the Usos was good. The Evolution segment was excellent and Batista vs HHH must become a real thing (sorta how the Rock vs HHH should have become a thing a few years back). Cena selfie promo sucked (not his fault: all the selfie promos except Joe's are trainwrecks). The Rusev match was a disappointment. Edge and Becky were the highlight of the night (give up Vince! The fans love her. JUST GIVE UP!!!) New Day and the Bar disappointed me. The match was good, but it is the New Day/Usos all over again (2 teams fighting over and over and over). I mean what happen to Sanity? Where are the tag teams? Shinsuke vs Rey was nice but needed more of a build up. The Undertaker segment just felt randomly tacked on. My favorite smackdown moments: -any Eddie/Chavo Guerrero Lie/Cheat/Steal moments -completely agree -Brock Lesnar crushing Hulkamania (I'm not a lesnar fan at all btw) -His Majesty King Booker's royal run -Cena's promo on AJ and the Miz in 2017 -Kane fanboying Timberlake/Nsync (just hilarious) While I prefer SmackDown to RAW, I preferred it on Friday nights. It was a great way to ease into my weekends.
  2. Minecraft for PS4 - Map Room (4.13%)
  3. Nope or I wouldn't think so. No outer party helped you and cloud saving is not only a feature of the game, it was one of it's main selling points. It is also not a glitch since it is by design.
  4. Amen! (To your last 3 words)
  5. Yes. Yes. Yes. 1. Using trophy guides, cheats/codes and boosting are technically cheating so yep. My Naruto UNS2 titles were me and a PSN buddy passing wins for 100 matches (though we did do the first 5 matches legit for bragging rights -- I lost 2-3...). Minecraft also, I guess, since I shared a world with myself. 2. Picked up infinite fire AKs during multiplayer on Dead Island. I hated every second of the game (hate FPSs), but I accidently unlocked a trophy so I had to complete it. In hindsight, I'm glad I rented it & ran over the disc with my car 1 or 17 times... wish the disc would've cracked. 3. Glitched the Energy Cycle ones & accidentally glitched the 2 Arkham Origins ones. I also used the greatest glitch on Slyde: just paused , played back the captured video and wrote down the moves.
  6. Megaman 11 (arrives today), Shadow of the Tomb Raider (had it on pre-order, can't play it yet because of the big day one update file I can't download), castlevania requiem (because life is best when you're slaying dracula's hordes), and Kingdom Hearts 3 (which I will pre-order only 2 weeks before its release date because I will only believe when I see it).
  7. #130 - Minecraft for PS4 + 100% DLC
  8. Just a hockey lovin' cowboy bringing order to dark, soulful battlefields
  9. Actually i bought it day, gave it a glance and it seems like coll-1 an easy plat if you have beat the series before (i did on snes-ps1 & do mm8/mml/mmx powered-up on psp annually). The x-challenges seem to be easy (you can choose difficulties and pre-load special weapons of your choice). I didn't play through them all yet, though. You have the beat each game twice, but that's easy done.
  10. Uncharted: Lost Legacy
  11. You should find a way to watch Ziggler v Seth. It was a solid match.
  12. In fairness, let me say I'm a just a fan so anything I say is rumor. So rumor #1: Brock MMA drug test must be done by this Saturday. If he fails, no more UFC , but he can still squat on the Univ belt and collect WWE checks. That leads to rumor #2: So he can look strong, is he passes, he may pull an Alundra Blayze (leave with the title, not eating a loss). And rumor#3: he fails, WWE may have to suspend him (thus missing Summerslam), so they can't commit him to the card. Hilariously, since they disregard the 30 day rule for him, they can't vacant the title easily without voiding his contract. Always have (the pitch is annoying and delivery is bad). That aside, I liked him alot a decade ago, but I can't stand him now. For some reason his fingers during last nights promo also bothered me. Fingers looked weird when he ok'ed and pointed. Also that headband looks stupid.
  13. Last of August/start of September he can be medically cleared.
  14. Skipping the everybody happy ending, my 2nd playthrough was: Marcus, killed by Connor on Jericho. Kara survives crossing the river to Canada. Connor, successful non-deviant but replaced by a new model. Alice dies crossing the river (Kara gets the option to kill herself) Luther: dead on Jericho. Hank: killed by Connor in rooftop fight. Simon: Dead at tv station. Alice's father: redeemed at bus stop by Alice. Josh: killed at battle North: killed by Connor Chloe: killed by Connor Traci A: killed by Connor, ripped off head to fool other Traci B. Leo: dead by marcus. Lance H: dead, i think. Junkyard robot A: spared her Junkyard robot B: killed him Rupert: dead, suicide.
  15. 2018 WWE Money In The Bank Predictions Warning: I'm an old wrestling fan (since 1984) who likes to focus on storylines and the future. Some of this is me thinking ahead to a little after Wrestlemania next year, so it goes on a bit. Also, I don’t know the official match order. 01) WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) The Bludgeon Brothers. I'd prefer if Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson won since they are more versatile and better suited for later storylines (Styles reunion). 02) Singles match (Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn) Bobby Lashley (more on this later). Lashley needs to move on because this rivalry is helping no one. I'd prefer Sami Zayn since Lashley's UFC and TNA stuff mean nothing to me. 03) Singles match (Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass) Big Cass, I guess. Don't care since I don't like either, but a loss here can roll Bryan into a rivalry match vs Joe at Extreme Rules (continuing their thing from SmackDown a few weeks back) and Nakamura/Bryan at Summerslam. 04) WWE Intercontinental Championship (Seth Rollins (c) vs. Elias) Elias. Elias losing helps nobody (both are red hot now), but winning lays foundations for later, bigger things for Summerslam. I'm fine either way though (love both) 05) WWE SmackDown Women's Championship (Carmella (c) vs. Asuka) Asuka, because I love her and she makes for a better story. Asuka's wins here, Charlotte cashs in at extreme rules during Asuka vs Carmella rematch and takes the title, then summerslam's either a wrestlemania rematch or Carmella/Flair/Asuka triple threat. 06) WWE Raw Women's Championship (Nia Jax (c) vs. Ronda Rousey) Ronda Rousey. WWE wants Rousey wearing the belt when she goes into UFC's hall of fame (July 5th). Nattie will heel on her at Summerslam. 07) Singles match (Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal) Roman Reigns. Don't care (don't like either that much right now). The story is just dumb. 08) Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship (AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura) Shinsuke Nakamura. Like ItachiTheDestroyer said, if they don't it now, then Shinsuke's done. Bonus: Shinsuke as champ can face Daniel Bryan later and can lead to Bryan vs Styles further on down. Great way to restore excitement to the WWE Universe. 09) Women's Money in the Bank (Ember/Charlotte/Bliss/Becky/Natalya/Lana/Naomi/Banks) Charlotte Flair. I want it to be Becky Lynch, but WWE loves Charlotte and it'd work for the reasons I listed above. Everybody else on the list either doesn’t need it (Ember Moon) or it’d be wasted on (Lana). 10) Men's Money in the Bank (Strowman/Balor/The Miz/Rusev/Roode/Owens/Joe/New Day) Kevin Owens. While the Miz would be gold with this, Kevin Owens solves a ton of problems on Raw. After beating Sammie, Lashley moves on to face Lesnar. KO reunites with Sammie and becomes the Authority's new main guy, beating Lesnar/Lashley by cashing in at Summerslam pinning Lashley. KO does the same thing Seth did when he beat Lesnar, so Lesnar can leave for UFC after being indefinitely suspended. This allows KO (with Sammie) to fued Balor, Stroman, Dean (when he returns) & whoever else between Summerslam and Wrestlemania to get the Universal Title's respect up. Roman beats KO at mania and we all finally move on. Then we draft Joe back to RAW for the Joe/Roman fued WWE screwed up. Since WWE finally got Lesnar past CM punk’s record, he can drop the belt. Geez, Demolition/New Day, A.J.Lee/Nikki Bella, making Bret Hart invalid for GrandSlam with petty technicalities, and now Punk with Lesnar. WWE is pitifully petty.