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  1. So NBC-USA tripled their contract on WWE RAW but now can't afford SmackDown. With all that new income, maybe WWE will bring back intro pyros. I wonder where SD will end up.
  2. Smackdown was good. Didn't care about the Bryan-Cass thing (not a fan of either). The Miz's comment is crazy talk: if New Day were to split up, Kofi would be fine, but Big E and Xavier would plummet down the card (not their fault--- creative wouldn't know what to do with them). Love that Becky is in WMITB (really want her to win it). Carmella needs Absolution or the Iconics to become her faction (kinda how the Miz had the Miz-tourage). It was downright stupid she beat Charlotte and would be just crap if she beat Asuka. At least if she won-retained dirty, i could accept it. Lana will likely lose to motivate her character to invest fully in Rusev (ie: break up Rusev Day since WWE hates it despite it making them money). Shinsuke v. AJ disappointed me, but for the right reasons. It was a good match with (imho) a great Eddie Guerrero: L,C,S style finish by Shinsuke (plus it's the first time I saw his full new intro). I was disappointed because this is the match and resolve we should have gotten at the rumble or backlash, not a SD stipulation match. I'll still enjoy their next match, but this would have made it really fun for me if Shinsuke won the title this way (actually jumped up cheering and laughing when Shinsuke did his thing). For those who missed EG's Lie-Cheat-Steal moments, go watch them.... some of the most fun a wrestling fan can have.
  3. Thank you for this.
  4. Legit questions: 1) What is the point of this Rumble? Usually it's title shot at mania, but what's this for? 2) What is Lesnar's contract? I feel like they're just repeating Lesnar-Rollins (when Rollins got the title, Lesnar got "suspended"). I feel like Roman will win a Lesnar will be suspended after attacking refs or something (so he can go do UFC). 3) why are branded titles being defended across brands? Its kinda obvious they can't change brands. 4) how come one Sighn brother didn't transfer? 5) is Rusev still working off his punishment? (from when he and Lana messed up that dolph story line). I know Vince is petty, but its just dumb now to not push him.
  5. You forgot the Revival... served up to DX and buried since.
  6. His injury was pretty serious (December) and he needs 8-9 months to rehab, so think Summerslam (I miss him as well).
  7. Vince's hearing was acting up. He thought they were chanting "This is awful-ly great!". And the cage match will be great. One more chance at the lottery (I'm calling 7 F5s and 8 SM punches right now) So he's gonna pull a 96-97 Bret Hart? I just assumed WWE was trying to teaching me how to say "this is awful" is every language so I'd be more cultural.
  8. "So they are trying to remove the fact that Brock Lesnar lost to Goldberg in about 126 seconds at Survivor Series 2016? Then that would be the biggest waste of time bringing back Goldberg to WWE!" Don't forget Royal Rumble... Lost there too. And sad because any wrestler, well heck, any of us regulars can probably go undefeated wrestling like 8 popcorn matches a year. Man I miss the 30 day rule...
  9. Joe vs ko for wwe title & finn vs styles vs nakamura vs rollins vs miz for universal in a scramble match (was playing wwe vs sd on ps3 and now i'm longing for a scramble match). Wrestlemania 34 feelings 1) Cruiserweight Title: It was fine [Thumbs Up] 2) Men’s battle royal: I'm cool with Matt winning (he'll probably commune with statue of the giant of andres). Officially makes Dolph pointless right now. [overall, Thumbs down] 3) Women’s battle royal: somewhat disappointed. Seriously, MITB these things already. Give the winner a title shot or something. [overall, Thumbs down] 4) Kev & Sami vs Shane and Bryan: it was ok (I couldn't get into into) [neutral] 5) Angle-Rousey vs HHH-Step: Far, far better than I expected. Great match. [Thumbs Up] 6) SD tag title match: Went as expected-- loved it. [Thumbs Up] 7) Raw Tag Team Match. So Raw Tag Team division is dead and buried now, right? [overall, Thumbs down] 8) US Title Fatal 4-way: Having Rusev lose at Rusevmania on Rusev Day. Criminal. Enjoyed the RKO fest. A little disappointed Jinder won (probably because they're going to Saudi Arabia). [Thumbs Up, barely] 9) IC Title: This, WWE! Do This!! You don't go wrong doing this!!! [Thumbs Way Up] 10) Raw women's title. It was fine [Thumbs Up, barely --- still want my beautiful monster back...] 11) SD women's title. Definite Thumbs Up to the match. The ending fell flat (a tap out to a broken figure-8? Really?) 12) Taker/Cena (Cena/Elias): Well done & well played! Taker dominating was great. If Taker chooses to retire or go on, it works out great. [Thumbs up] 13) WWE title: Thumbs Up to the match. Not estatic about the heel turn, but I can get behind it. 14) Universal title: Did we have a lotto winner: ithink it was 6 F5s, 8 germans, 4 SM Punches, 4 spears. [Thumbs Down, repeat at Greatest Royal Rumble] Funniest quote of the night: Michael Cole: "Lesnar has been undefeated since SummerSlam 2016..." I found it sadly hilarious.
  10. What are playing on now? I had 20in I bought in 2000 until 2012. It could be rough on the eyes on some games.
  11. If anything, PS4 will be first to go. First I'll do my PS4 backlog. I'm kinda sick of re-masters & PS4 does not have many games that are fun or interesting (Telltale games, Sonic Forces and Tomb Raider excluded). Vita next, then PS3 to end my achievement chase. The PS3 was far more functional for me since I have 40 Movies, 10 TV shows, lots of music plus 200 games saved to the hdd. The games aren't as bloated as PS4 (30 -50gb!!!) and I have a metered connection (2gb) so netflix at home is out.
  12. I wrote mine in my email app and the formatting stayed when i pasted it here.
  13. WrestleMania 34 Predictions - Is there no host this year? The 1st Annual WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal Match (WrestleMania Kickoff Match) Winner: Ruby Riott My heart wants Bailey or Becky. They will have probably have Sasha and Bailey eliminate each other, WWE doesn't know what to do with Becky, and the roster is already too bloated with wasted talent to throw another NXTer on the pile. Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (WrestleMania Kickoff Match) Winner: probably Dolph Ziggler, but I'm going rogue on this: Chad Gable Chad and Jordan Reunite to make American Alphas v3 (like the freebirds or New Day, except with Shelton, Chad, and Jordan). It will added to the tag division and erase the Angle's son nonsense. Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali (WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals) (WrestleMania Kickoff Match) Winner: Cedric Alexander I'm not really into 205 Live anymore (so many problems this year), but some people say it's gotten better now. Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax Winner: Nia Jax I preferred "Monster" Nia to "This Is Me" Nia. I liked the storyline of her protecting Alexa for her own title shot over the current one. And isn't it weird "Piggy James" (DEFINITELY NOT insulting her, using name for reference) is on the LayCool (Bliss) side of this? I see Mickie betraying Alexa. Don't know why some people think Braun's gonna be involve though. That's like thinking the Miz is gonna her Asuka because of the Mix-up. Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Braun Strowman and a partner of his choosing Winner: Braun Strowman and... Broken Bray Wyatt? Yeah, it'll probably be Big Show, Big Cass or Samoa Joe. I'd love it if his partner was just random people (a cameraman one week, Coach the next, etc. He just walks up, grabs them, and say "C'mon partner!"). Him winning solo would just finish breaking the Raw Tag Team division. WWE likes the 'they hate each other, make them partners thing' which makes me think Elias (it's gonna be Elias, isnt it?) But why Broken Bray? Bray Wyatt was deleted, so have Bray return with amnesia and lost in a fog. Then at Summerslam, pull a woman from NXT to be Sister Abigail, here to restore Wyatt and be a heel in the Women's Division. My Braun other partner choices (from likeliness to just plain fun): 1-Big Show 2-Cass 3-Samoa Joe (he's supposed to be back 4-16 on RAW, so a little early) 4-Rey Mysterio (lots of Mania rumors were floating around. Injured though) 4-Y2J (yeah njpw, but he has a unique contract) 5-RVD (no way, but it'd be a fun) 6-CM Punk (same as RVD) 7-Stone Cold (the stadium would explode) 8-Repoman (Simon Miller would die. Tragic.) 9-Hulk Hogan (I would die... Killed by my inner child's wrestle-gasmic stroke. Wouldn't even make past Real American.) 10-Bret Hart (I would die happy from my idol returning. Just a mega-fan's silly dream.) Rock vs Elais impromtu concert ??? United States Champion Randy Orton vs. Bobby Roode vs Jinder Mahal vs. Rusev (Fatal 4-Way Match) Winner: Rusev I mean it is Rusevmania on Rusev Day. Plus, feels like Ginder was always in it to get pinned. Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor Winner: Finn Bálor I don't want anyone but the Miz (cuz awesomeness), but he should get the time off to be with his daughter (& wife). Let's start Finn towards his Universal Title (He never lost it!). SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers (Triple Threat Match) Winner: The Bludgeon Brothers It will be a show stealer. Move the Usos to RAW afterwards (seriously, it's a tag team wasteland over there). Though, Triple Threat matches are usually no DQ or CO. Couldn't the Bludgeons just smash everybody with their hammers right off the bat? SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka Winner: Asuka Streaks are boring after 10+ wins, but this is another show stealer. Only picking Asuka because I like her looks maybe 1% more than Charlotte. Yep, gotta be lamely superficial because they are both too great in the ring to pick one on wrestling skills. I like Asuka's hair, ring gear, and intro more , so... I don't think Carmella will cash-in though. I think she move over to RAW and the contract will transfer so she can cash in on Nia. Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Winners: Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon I like Shane, but don't need another stunt show (I'm not convinced he's healthy enough) & still don't like Bryan. Kev and Sammie can move over to RAW and save it. Besides, Bryan fans will whine if he loses. Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Winners: Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey Honestly, I'm hitting the bathroom during this. I only know Rousey from movie cameos (I don't care or think much about UFC, so that part of her is a dull mystery to me). I'd like Rousey to betray Kurt and join the Authority at match's end. WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura AJ has kinda maxed out SmackDown, but who cares really? Let's just agree to just enjoy this wonderful thing. Wish it was 2 out of three falls though. Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns Can we just skip this... No?... Fine... Going rogue again. Winner: Reigns by CO (then Vince restarts), then Lesnar by DQ (then Angle restarts), then Reigns by pinfall Lesnar hit F5 from the start. Lesnar gives 15 Germans and 3 F5s but Roman won't stay down. Annoyed Lesnar decides to book (Vince restarts as no CO) Enraged Roman recovers beats on Brock after 6 superman punches and either ignores rope count or shoves the ref and gets DQ'd. Angle restarts as no DQ. Lesnar with 2 more F5, goes outside for chair. Gets Speared though barricade and then again though announce table after taking 4 chair shots. Brock recovers with F5 though other announce table before getting back in ring. Roman recovers and hits 2 more superman punches, get caught on the third for 3 straight germans. Brock goes for another F5, Roman escapes, hits 2 back to back spears for the win. EPIC WAR match ends. Total: 7 F5s, 18 germans, 8 Superman punches, 4 spears, and 4 chair shots. John Cena vs. The Undertaker Winner: The Undertaker As the show starts to close, Biker Taker rolls in (I hate biker Taker though) and accepts challenge. Cena and Taker make war, Taker wins an epic match, formally retires and gets Cena respect & drives off on bike into the night to fan love and live Kid Rock song.
  14. Have KO and Sammie be co-champs feud and lose to Braun while Reigns and Joe feud (Joe becomes #1 cont). Joe beats Braun at Fastlane or whatever after KO and Sammie interfere. Have Cass win MITB and cash in on RAW night after WM35. Have Balor win RRumble and face Reigns and Joe (champ) at WM and win. KO and Sammie face Braun in handicap match at WM.
  15. They should do Samoa Joe for two months (controversial finish for first ppv, then Roman wins the 2nd). The KO & Sammie (have them lose mania & go missing) show up on RAW and feud both joe and Roman. Ride that to a triple threat or four way at Summerslam.