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  1. You can buy them from Dollar Tree Stores for $1 each. They have all the packs and Razor pilot so far that I have found. You may have to look around between stores for the whole set.
  2. If I have 2 ps3s, can I play online multiplayer with myself? I inherited a 2nd PS3 and I'm curious. For example: I want to do Scott Pilgrim DLC trophies. Can I download it to both PS3s and score the trophies playing with myself? Note: I have a PS4, a PS3, a PSP, a Vita, a PSTV and possibly a PS VR (don't know if it counts) registered to my account. I remember hearing that there was a system limit per account so that might effect things. I'm pretty sure the ps1, ps2 and ps classic don't count.
  3. So you can have 2 or more externals plugged in at once? I have been wondering about that for a while. I have a 4tb WD elements plugged in right now and was going to swap with my seagate backup 4tb plus hub (has 2 usb ports on front) because i need more ports (for my PSVR). Can you move games between the two externals or do you have to move it to the internal first and then move it over to the other? Also, I read once a long time ago that PS3 can't use 2TB drives. I upgraded mine to 1.5TB instead a few months ago (originally 160GB I upped to 500GB). Now I have space for all my vita and PS3 games.
  4. Super Showdown predictions (aka "Let's make this fun ourselves...) Usos vs Revival: The Revival with help from Shane and Drew (setup something for later) Lars vs Lucha: Lars Braun vs Lashley: Braun 50 man Battle Royal: the Miz, who afterwards challenges Shane to meet him in the next Best in the World Tournament. Roman vs Shane: Roman: Shane comes down with Drew. After Shane loses, he blames Drew. Drew attacks him (like he did Dolph). The revival come out, but opt to help Drew give Shane a massive beatdown. After they leave, out comes Miz to mock Shane. Interlude: Backstage Joe chokes out Rey again and challenges Dominic at Stomping Grounds to avenge his daddy. Orton vs HHH: After winning, Randy punts Hunter and becomes the Legend Killer again. IC champ: Demon Finn vs Andrade: Demon Finn WWE Title: Kofi vs Dolph: Dolph Ziggler Near the end of the match, Brock attacks and destroy Kofi. He then cashes in and makes it a triple threat. Brock F5s Kofi, but Dolph rushes in, tosses Brock out, pins Kofi, and runs off with the belt, leaving Brock in the ring screaming "It should've been me!!!" Universal Title - Seth vs Corbin: Baron Corbin. After a cheap prematch assault with Lashley's help, Corbin wears down Seth and beats him. THEN Brock comes back and destroy Seth. THEN Heyman reveals the ref never restarted the match before Dolph stole the title from Kofi. Brock cashes in and obliterates Corbin. New Universal champion: Lesnar (then Drew/Revival comes out and chases him off then destroys Rollin and Corbin again) setting up Corbin v Rollins v Lesnar v Drew at Summerslam Undertaker vs Goldberg: after 2mins the match limps to an end when ORTON RETURNS!!! 2 quick RKOs and then the Legend Killer punts both, setting up the fall Saudi event fatal four way: RKO vs HHH vs Goldberg vs Taker.... In a cell. (Taker)
  5. Honestly... Vince's whims. Everything's just random nowadays. He'll probably have Brock cash in on Bailey to become the IC champ somehow as chaotic and unfocused it's all become. I mean Alexa was using Nikki, Nikki is normal now, Vince is stealing Smackdown talent for Raw and filling SD with those awful RAW plots. Just no focus. The biggest dumpster fire is the 24/7 title (only four wrestlers can pull it off: Joe (who'd hunt down and destroy anyone who takes it from him), Braun (having people sneak victories from him because they're afraid to fight him), R-Truth (because he can keep it fun), and Rusev (because he can do all those thing... But WWE will never use him). R-Truth's keeping it fun right now, but he the only thing making it work.
  6. Yeah... I don't think anyone's taking up for WWE shows lately. Bayley winning & AJ/Seth were my highpoint. Low point: Yippee, Brock is back... As for Joe, he has to get in line behind: Nakamura (cuz Vince hates asians, Rusev (esp when Rusev was almost the most over guy on Smackdown), Asuka (because Vince's manbits hates asian women), The Revival (just pettiness these days), and Lashley (which is wierd because he's basically Vince's porn history, except black). AND WTF IS UP WITH CORBIN OBSESSION? He is terrible and yet over and over again... I don't have a problem with more titles, if they are managed properly (which WWE is terrible at). The Womens tag titles were created on a whim and only afterwards did WWE noticed the had no division. At least the Iconics having them makes them feel legit since they are an actual team and not a pair of singles thrown together (plus love their annoyingness). The IC & US haven't felt significant since Miz & Cena held them and the Tag Team division is a mess since Vince brought his creativity to SD. It will probably be something stupid like the WWE Network title (that can be 'wild carded' between Raw/SD/NXT) or a regional belt to suck up to a marketshare (ah, the Middle Eastern title to suck up to Saudi Arabia's money... I mean people). Personally I hope it's the TV title (it is my personal favorite, with its built in time limit and everything).
  7. Rewatched YuYu Hakusho (last arc) & Dragon Ball Super: Broly (it's pretty bad in alot of ways). Starting Coppelion (in my backlog) and Bleach 320-340 (never got around to watching this arc). Still working up the nerve to watch Mob Psycho 100 (the live action).
  8. Thanks for the info. Evidently it is over 2400 yrs old.
  9. Bad Dudes - Lightning speed, Sengoku Basara - Naked arms, Fist of the North Star - Overpowering All Castlevania (minus LoS 1-2), Mega Man, Sonic, SF games in general
  10. Deal Island. Just boring and tedious and I hate FPSs. Rented it, Ran it over with my car so I ended up owning it, and played it cause I had to pay full retail for it... You are a gosh darn champ because I gave up on that somewhere in the first level. I'm not a MCEU fan (I prefer the X-side of Marvel Comics), but Captain America (game) was a little piece of alright.
  11. Cross/Sanity are horribly wasted. The biggest problem with Lacey Evans stuff is no focus. For instance, if she only did her distraction walkway thing during Asuka's matches or promos, then they'd at least be telling a story (disrespecting Asuka), but right now she just walks out there randomly for no reason. When they made Asuka and Naomi buddies, I was hoping Naomi would become a mouthpiece for her since Naomi has solid mic skills. Personally, I'm fine because I like when she tears into someone in japanese then finishes with "You are not ready..."
  12. This is not SmackDown booking's fault. It's a mix of RAW awfulness (stole two our big guns to save their Women's division) and a Vince is Vince. If she's asian, she ugly and has no appeal. If she blonde, he'll push her to the moon. To him, Mandy Rose is the new Sable (except Mandy has a personality, talent, friends, some mic skills, an IQ, work ethic, a great bod, heart, talent, a personality, talent...). I know I repeated myself, but Sable was terrible. I don't mind them pushing Mandy and Sonya vs Asuka, it' just forced and the women already have triple threat happening. Personally, I wanted Naomi since she's the most versatile next to Charlotte. I usually don't disagree with but... Hmmm... nope, still agree with you. I like Kofi, last night was ridiculous. Beating all five more or less clean was insulting. Beating both the Bar... OK Beating Rowan... A stretch, but OK Beating Joe... maybe if Joe was the first opponent... maybe... but after the Bar & Rowan destroying him? BS. Beating Orton after all the rest? Nope, no, nadda, I think not. What really annoyed me though was people name checking Kofi, like he was a legend. Miz did it, I think Styles did it, Owens did it...
  13. I have to admit that I was enjoying R-Truth's run and his Cena's my hero ("I see John Cena all the time") gimmick. He even made the Lacey Evans stuff tolerable ("Come back Miss sexy gloves" got me good). That being said, Joe was way overdue and if they don't mess it up, Joe will put prestige back on it. I doubt it will make mania though since the IC title barely makes the pre-show. Not liking a face KO (and that is all on me), but still great having him back. Glad to Ali is back. The Usos promo was top notch. Seriously not wanting a Miz vs Shane match that rumors say we are getting. As for Ciampa, I hope it is not as bad as Edge's issues. Edge was a high level main eventer at the time with a lengthy career so he had lots a resources available to him. Edge could do some acting, WWE cameos and promos, back office stuff, and had higher end WWE paychecks which helped because WWE makes wrestlers contractors so they don't have to provide health insurance and the wrestlers have to pay their own way (which is why I support them doing movies and crappy reality shows for extra cash). I don't think Ciampa really has that (I think Vince would lowball anyone in NXT) and he wouldn't have much back office value yet. I hope can recover from his injury and make a comeback.
  14. They botched the Shield reunion in my opinion. The Fastlane match will either bury Drew and Lashley (Baron is lousy so no probs there) or ruin whats left of the Shield's nostalgia. They should have let Dean 'quit', make up with Roman out of ring (some social media, some backstage, some Renee mentions). Then at mania during the end of Brock/Seth match, have them come out (either distract Brock or after Seth wins clean) and reunite by destroying Brock and putting him through a table. Vince rushed Reigns back because he has ran the RAW product into the ground and he's desperate. Despite their promises, WWE has broken or messed up most of their promises: universal title is still a unicorn (I believe it exists, but I haven't seen it enough to be sure), elevating new talents was a bust (Nikki Cross, Sanity, EC3, that fashionable blonde who randomly test out the entrance ramp's sturdiness), properly elevating and displaying talent (if you plan to quit and go to a different promotion) and no rematch clauses (unless you are Shane...).
  15. Sin Cara, by a wide margin. He was supposed to be the next Rey. However, when he wasn't injured, he was botching & when he wasn't botching, he was kinda dull. Unlike much of the WWE talent, WWE and fans (kinda) went all in for Sin Cara on day one and he couldn't pull it together. Itami's situation was sorta everyone's fault (especially fans that have evidently never seen two wrestlers use the same move before...EVER). Becky and Charlotte started it off pretty hot. The Truth/Nakamura thing looked all kinds of botched up but I guess it is what they planned (I think it was botched). Still, I like that Truth got the title and I'm happy for him. I also like that they fixed the Mandy/Naomi feud (now it feels legit instead of being some nonsense). I still notice that, even in a tag tournament, Sanity can get a d--- invite. Joe+Mic=Perfection. I hope he wins EC or they do a four way at mania (joe/aj/ali/bryan) and he wins there. I wanted Almas (never using the other name) instead of Hardy, but everyone else is excellent.
  16. R!-K!!-O!!! ...and that's how you end a good show before a PPV. I think it was scripted (a lot of awkward pauses) but the hair thing was...odd.
  17. As for RAW and Smackdown: I though both shows were good (Smackdown doesn't usually have problem, but RAW is getting better in baby steps) I only had 3 real grips: 1) the NXT callups nonsense (especially Heavy M). 2) the whole Naomi/Mandy thing is just dreadfully bad. 3) Cena eating the loss to Finn. Hear me out: It is not because i love Cena (I do! Been a big fan for a longtime and he is my 6th all time fave). Likewise, I have nothing against Finn (been wanting him back at the top where he belongs). My problem is that in this Cena/McIntyre feud that I want McIntyre to defeat a prime Cena and get stregthened as heel. I wanted Corbin to eat the pin while Cena and McIntyre were outside destroying each other. Have Cena win the IC at RR or EC to get his overdue Grand Slam and then have him destroy Cena for the belt. It'd get Drew as a supetstar and a beast, lay ground work for hom to main event mania 2020 plus it'd put fire back into the IC title.
  18. Or Cody knows Vince will try to jam him back into being Stardust again so screw that. I think we should post here until double or nothing in May.
  19. And no one on the show comments on or mentions it at all. Like it never happened. That'd be awesome (and the best RAW moment in a good while. Well, it is Vince. He may come out, crown himself Universal champion and make the show all about himself. High point: Dean turning on Seth (such an incredible set up... then somehow they blew it), KO and Sami pre-wrestlemania storyline, Bayley's assault on Sasha (awesome...then went nowhere), Randy destroying Rey on SD (there's the psycho I love), the rise of Becky & the women TLC last night (yahoo Asuka!!!). Low point: the murder of Nakamura's career, Roman's illness ( I'm definitely not a fan, but didn't want him out like that), all the injuries, the Suadi stuff (on so many levels), and every minute of Corbin screen time (to me he has always been dreadful). On a side note: thanks to those who gave me the writers/creative info. I thought it was a core set of writers writing for multiple creative heads instead of seperate writing teams. I generally avoid WWE social media and backstage/offstage info... minus Taz and Cornette's podcast/youtube stuff.
  20. 1) McIntyre 2) Seth - he's progressed alot since the last match. 3) Somoa Joe To a lesser degree (maybe not Mania, but just a match) 4) Ziggler - yeah, he would lose but he is a great performer. 5) Cesaro - Cena and Cesaro's US Open Challenge was my match of the year pick a few years back. I think he can make something good with Brock. But definitely not Strowman. I like him fine, but I lost interest since their match last year and Strowman is a far weaker character now.
  21. Sometimes I wonder how WWE's creative staff works: Is it three teams with Vince micro-managing (RAW), Shane loosely managing (SD), and Triple H supportive managing (NXT/205 Live)? Is it single team of writers? If so, why are they so bad one on one show (RAW is just terrible now), but SD stays relatively decent. I wonder because here's what's going on (injuries aside) on RAW: Universal Title scene (might as well not exist) Intercontinental Title scene (mostly forgotten and Dean vs Seth has lost its steam) WWE RAW Tag Tiltes scene (at an all-time low) Raw Women's Title scene (so dull it has to involve the SD women to try to be relevent) And the other storylines are barely mentionable (Nattie vs Riot Squad, Corbin's nonsense, and whatever way we waste Finn, Bailey, Mickey, and Sasha these days) but over on SD: WWE Title scene (on point-- heel Bryan vs Styles. I may hate Bryan, but the build is near perfect.) US Title scene (mostly forgotten but reviving with Rusev v Nakamura) WWE SD Tag Tiltes scene (The Bar v The Usos- a bit jarring and repetitive, but the PPV matches are consistent highlights) SD Women's Title scene (was hot before with just heel-ish 'The Champ' Becky, but now has 'Genetical Superior' Charlotte with absolute over face Asuka. Now it's more or less 'The Match' at TLC) And the other storylines: Orton v Rey is doing really good (because psychopath Orton is always good), Joe will build Jeff v Joe into excellence (cuz c'mon, it's Joe), The Miz v Shane is spreading seeds and The New Day doesn't even need to wrestle; just appear for giggles (or rival Sanity... please). If they could squeeze Almas back in somewhere (like revive the Euro or TV [low card] title or a rivalry or something), it'd be sweet... but there's only so much you can squeeze into two hours. Heck, even the announce team is better. And NXT and 205 are perfectly fine because... well Vince doesn't care about them. Side note: Am I the only one who easily pictures Vince screaming into the Raw announcer's head phone "TALK ABOUT THE PEE! THE PEE IS TV GOLD! TALK ABOUT THE PEE, DA--IT!"
  22. So alot of things people skipped over these... It made my tv smart before smartTVs were really a thing. (Netflix, vudu, wwe, etc) Memory cards died as a console thing (remember managing saves on ps1 and ps2) Free to play games (Like PS Home bowling alley or dcu online). It gave uou something to do right out of the box. UPGRADABLILITY!!!! (pause for amens)... You could upgrade your HDD with anything off the shelf and Sony not only didn't mind, they basically walked you though it (I still have my original 160gb hdd as an external drive). Media free gaming. No needing a cartridge or disc. Better interface than vita or ps4 (they are sloppy) Better controllers than ps4 (no worthless light or "was a fad" touchpad). But for me the best feature, which I still use, which PS4 still doesn't have, is the ability to store media locally on the system. My favorite movies, wallpaper, and music instantly. No bandwidth wasting downloading/streaming, no need a usb drive plugged in, no need to subscribe to this monthly service. PS4 just got custom wallpaper this year...
  23. Starting Stats: 95.57% 181 games completed out of 222 GUACAMELEE! SUPER TURBO CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION [PS3] Expectations: A Lucha-themed beat'em up game? A cross between Double Dragon and Metroid? sounds interesting. probably be an average game. Time frame: Nov 01-03 Total Time played: 6 hrs Finishing stats: 36% (50% core game, 0% DLC) / 30-B / 2-S / 0-G / 0-P Current Status: 95.14% Graphics: 3.5/5 Sound: 3/5 Controls: 4/5 Story: 3/5 Rating: Silver - A One night stand [will play it all the way through then delete it and may never see it again... maybe.] All in all, a decent and colorful beat'em up with a generic OK story. It doesn't break any new ground in terms of gaming, but it's worth a go. Little kids will probably love it. I started off on Hard mode and played all the way through to defeating X'tabay (who I will admit owned me quite a few times). However, even in Hard mode you have infinite lives, respawn relatively close to your death point, and health during exploration is never a large concern. As a side note, getting a 400+ hit combo gains you $780. Nothing is gained beyond that (made to around 13500-hits before I stopped). Just something to keep in mind for any of you who play it. Recommend?: Yes [---- REMAINING ----] Nov 04-06: L.A. Noire [PS3] Nov 07-09: forma.8 [PS4] Nov 10-12: HEAVY RAIN [PS3] Nov 13-05: The Surge [PS4] Nov 16-18: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate [PS3] Nov 19-21: Transistor [PS4] Nov 22-24: Shadow of the Tomb Raider [PS4] Nov 25-27: Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments [PS3] Nov 28-30: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag [PS3] *I swapped L.A. NOIRE and GUACAMELEE! around by accident
  24. I would like to participate. Here's what I'll go for: Nov 01-03: L.A. Noire [PS3] Nov 04-06: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition [PS3] Nov 07-09: forma.8 [PS4] Nov 10-12: HEAVY RAIN [PS3] Nov 13-05: The Surge [PS4]* Nov 16-18: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate [PS3]* Nov 19-21: Transistor [PS4] Nov 22-24: Shadow of the Tomb Raider [PS4] Nov 25-27: Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments [PS3] Nov 28-30: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag [PS3]* *subject to change (but not likely) with Plus freebies. My current percentage is 95.57% so I didn't choose any PSN-315 games. That way my completion will take decent dent.
  25. I enjoyed the opening and R-Truth is one of the most under rated superstars. AJ/Bryan vs the Usos was good. The Evolution segment was excellent and Batista vs HHH must become a real thing (sorta how the Rock vs HHH should have become a thing a few years back). Cena selfie promo sucked (not his fault: all the selfie promos except Joe's are trainwrecks). The Rusev match was a disappointment. Edge and Becky were the highlight of the night (give up Vince! The fans love her. JUST GIVE UP!!!) New Day and the Bar disappointed me. The match was good, but it is the New Day/Usos all over again (2 teams fighting over and over and over). I mean what happen to Sanity? Where are the tag teams? Shinsuke vs Rey was nice but needed more of a build up. The Undertaker segment just felt randomly tacked on. My favorite smackdown moments: -any Eddie/Chavo Guerrero Lie/Cheat/Steal moments -completely agree -Brock Lesnar crushing Hulkamania (I'm not a lesnar fan at all btw) -His Majesty King Booker's royal run -Cena's promo on AJ and the Miz in 2017 -Kane fanboying Timberlake/Nsync (just hilarious) While I prefer SmackDown to RAW, I preferred it on Friday nights. It was a great way to ease into my weekends.