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  1. I remember massively struggling with the Mystic Art dojo missions in Nioh, and had the same trouble with my first one in Nioh 2. Then during my second one I just tried blocking for a bit and beat it immediately. Did the rest of the Mystic Art dojo missions first try after that, just blocking through a combo and punishing with a couple hits before resetting. I went through the entirety of both games not realising blocking was a legitimate strategy for human enemies, mainly because it'll get you killed real quick if you try it on yokai.
  2. You're in the EU so this should work: Currently one of the six Worlds in both the Chaos and Light Data Centres has Preferred status, which should give you the double xp boost if you create a character in that World.
  3. I'll second getting the expansions from the beginning, it allows you choose from all the races when you make your character and doing the grindy trophies bit by bit alongside excellent story content is definitely a more pleasant experience. Also the expansions let you level your character up to 80 (as opposed to the base games' cap of 50) which makes the only difficulty based trophy in the game, Seeker of Truth, laughably easy. I will say it doesn't take anywhere near 900 hours to platinum this game. I'm 400 hours in, with most of my time having been spent on story content in the expansions, and I've got 76% of the trophies, and I'm pretty close to getting most of the other trophies. The levequests are on a timer and take nearly six months to earn, but you can bang out 100 of them every 16 days in under an hour if you're doing tradecraft levequests. Lastly for subscriptions, you can get one for like £8 a month that limits you to one character per world, but any one character can level literally all jobs so you don't need more than that. Oh and when choosing your server at the start, make sure you look online to see if any servers in your Data Centre have the fast track to level 70 bonus, really helps with blazing through the game.
  4. Yeah after playing for a bit more I realised I can only visit the other servers within the Light EU data centre. Thanks for the offer anyways!
  5. That's really decent of you, I've looked at a few videos of the Twintania fight and it looks pretty challenging. I only started a couple weeks ago and I'm taking my time so I won't be there for a while, but if I feel completely outclassed by Twintania after a few tries I'll be sure to message you. Just so I know (since I'm on the Twintania server) would I have to migrate servers or can the fight be done while visiting another server?
  6. I enjoyed The Fate of Atlantis a lot, I liked how it went full sci-fi, felt like a good companion to Origins' The Curse of the Pharaohs going full supernatural. It's pretty strange to me that Layla got more plot progression in this DLC than in the whole main game, I like the modern day storylines but when you splice a one hour modern day plot into a 120 hour game I find it hard to keep track of it. Also Layla's two main companions have been her two medical supervisors, who have both died in the game they're introduced. Her longest relationship so far is the sociopathic William Miles, so good luck to her.
  7. Life is Strange and Gone Home both sat with me for weeks. The first is episodic and about 12 hours, the second an early walking simulator that's only about 3 hours, and that's if you look everywhere. Both mainly shine in their storytelling and character arcs. I second Pyre and add the studio's previous work, Transistor.
  8. No you'd be fine, that's pretty much what I did as well. The only thing is liberating enemies before actually getting the 'liberate 8 enemies in each region' quest won't count retroactively, you'll have to return to the forts and liberate 24 more soldiers once you've been given the mission. Overseers don't matter, you can't liberate them anyway.
  9. PhoenixRhythm You're missing a save room in the first castle.
  10. Time to Make History is always the first song I play when I start up P4D
  11. I just reset all their skill points in Lexi's lab so that they couldn't use any abilities, meant all they could do was shoot enemies and not destroy them with a concussive shot or the like. You can also direct them to take cover far away using the right and left d-pad.
  12. Ruby Swipers, because they're red, like treasure and steal things.
  13. Well done! I saved Life is Strange for my 100th because I found it so powerful. You've really powered through those platinums, you were talking about your 50th less than a year ago.
  14. Chose Life is Strange for my 100th platinum. I was swithering between it and the Dark Souls III platinum (which I unlocked 15 minutes later) but Life is Strange had such a powerful effect on me I wanted it immortalised.
  15. You're a man of great Faith and Patience. I'll pray at the altar of Amazon for you. One for you, one for Uchikoshi.