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  1. You can drastically improve the KTM's driving behaviour by simply using RH/RM tyres at the front and RSS tyres at the back. Having more grip on the rear axle always helps against the back kicking out, with the tradeoff being that the handling gets a little bit worse. I personally prefer the Ford GT40 over the KTM. It's very fast at N300 and has absolutely no trouble winning. It doesn't even need any adjustments to the suspension or gearbox. Unfortunately you can't tune it down to N200. Here's a race where I caught the leading LaFerrari (which started from pole position) at the end of lap 10. I have no doubt in my mind that the GT40 would be the go-to car for grinding if it could go just one class lower.
  2. Same thing was the case for me but restarting my PC solved it. I have run into an issue though where the script will complete two or three races without a problem but then just do nothing after receiving the prize money. Everything goes normally until the end of the second (or third) race but when the point comes where it's supposed to navigate to the right once and hit X (in order to retire from the championship) it does absolutely nothing for a while and then gets stuck playing the replay. My suspicion is that there's too little of a sleep period at this specific bit, but that doesn't explain why the cycle works flawlessly the first time round. The fact that the cycle works correctly one time but not a second time goes over my head completely as according to my understanding, the script is supposed to just repeat the same sequence of actions over and over. So, if it pulls off the sequence correctly once, it should be able to do that same thing over and over again by repeating the very same inputs it did on the first cycle. There's likely aspects to it which I don't understand though. Using it for PS4 in timing mode and color P1 setting.
  3. @Septomor The PS5 script worked perfectly fine for my base PS4, save for the bit where it tried to exit to the main menu before the second race menu had even loaded. Would you mind pointing out the specific sleep section(s) of the script one would have to edit in order to factor in the longer loadtimes? I tried using the PS4 scripts, they would either work (but take incredibly long to realize the race had ended) or just get stuck playing the replay.
  4. You can turn down GT5's diffculty drastically by cheesing the Red Bull X1 Challenge. I agree that GT6 is the easiest of the bunch, with GT Sport being second in terms of doability. The 91 victories and 65 pole positions seem daunting at first but can be done with relative ease by tanking your rating on purpose in order to get matched with lesser skilled players. When taking the glitch into account I'm actually not sure whether GT5 is harder than GT7. It took me four hours to gold license test S-10 and I can't remember anything in GT5 that took me that long. It's been close to ten years since then though, so my memories could be letting me down. I definitely remember though that you didn't have to do the endurance races on your own, you could just hand your B-Spec driver a ridiculously overpowered car and have him complete those races for you.
  5. Only Hard Work Pays Off as that requires you to achieve Gold on all licenses, which is currently impossible due to the cars in the offroad tests being equipped with the wrong tyres.
  6. I know that, but I'm not doing it for trophies. I just want to achieve Gold on everything. Currently struggling with the Le Mans circuit experience.
  7. Well, I'm glad I golded the Circuit Experiences for Fisherman's Ranch and Colorado Springs the night before the patch went live. Those are a complete jankfest even with the right tyres 💩
  8. These "Do xxx miles online with other players" trophies seem to be glitched in a good way. Because earlier today I earned "Going the Distance together: The Atlantic" while doing the Barcelona circuit experience. This trophy requires you to do 5810 km online while my actual online mileage is probably less than 100 km.
  9. You can redo just any license you fancy, It doesn't need to be a wet test. I just did B-3 again and the trophy popped.
  10. That rally event taught me that doing a barrel roll will void the clean race bonus. That's the kind of lesson you just don't get in other racing games.
  11. That couldn't be further from the truth. Just getting Gold on the final challenge of the S-License is easily a 9/10.
  12. License S-10 is the Final Boss of this game. Everything leading up to that I found fairly doable but golding that last one took me four hours straight. The effort pays off though. You get the Red Bull X2019 Competition as a reward which otherwise would cost you 3 million Credits to buy.
  13. The servers for GT5 and GT6 were shut down just over five months after their respective successors came out. If PD handles things similarly with GT Sport the termination date is likely going to be sometime in early fall.
  14. I have played through this game again and took note of which documents were unlocked after each character's playthrough. Depending on which you're missing, this will tell you where you'll need to look. There are 45 documents in total and they're distributed evenly across all three campaigns, meaning there are fifteen in each. Rick's campaign has Selena's documents 1-12 and Dan's documents 1-3. Selena's campaign has Rick's documents 1-3 and Dan's documents 4-15. Dan's campaign has Rick's documents 4-15 and Selena's documents 13-15 Go into every "bonus area" you come across (Markets, Pharmacies, Fuel Stations, Save Rooms etc.). If you blow something up, the blast will sweep away all eight adjacent cards. Avoid blowing up face-down cards as much as possible. If you have no choice, pay close attention to the cards as they fade away. There is a brief moment where you can see what the face-down cards were. If none of them was a document you got lucky and get to carry on. However if you do realize you blew up a document, you'll have to restart the campaign. My bad for providing false information on this. I'm going to delete the respective bits in my previous posts to avoid further confusion. The document you're looking for is actually in Selena's campaign.
  15. Looks like that was it. Appreciate the help 👍