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  1. The digital version is even glitchier. I played the disc version a couple of years ago and got the glitch where I didn't get one of the diamonds after completing a mission. I only realized it at the very end which totally killed my motivation, but I'm planning to play it again very soon. You really need to keep track of those pesky diamonds...
  2. Sorry for off topic but let's say Sony actually cared about trophies and clean leaderboards, do you think there's a way for them to identify trophies which have been earned via CFW?
  3. I'm still having a hard time looking forward to this, mainly because SE is turning it into an Action RPG. That's the main reason I hated FF XV. What is SE's problem with turn based battle systems these days? The fact that how well Persona 5 has been doing proves that the turn-based battle system is far from being outdated. I wish they had sticked to the original in this regard...
  4. Neither do we 🤷‍♂️ I suggest you play a few more games first 😅
  5. I think that if a large portion of the active community wants it, all of these features should be implemented eventually. Here's a breakdown of what I think about the suggested features: Ribbon System: I personally don't care about this although I do understand the people who do. Backlog on Profiles: Not sure what this is supposed to be and the link up there seems to be broken. You can apply the filter on your profile though to see all of your incomplete games and there's the trophy advisor too. Fixing Auto-Updates for everyone: Yes, definitely want to see this. Even if it's not going to make much of a difference it's the principle that counts. Finishing the series: This would be really convenient although it's not a huge priority to me since you can usually search up the games manually. White List for Trophies / Games: Yes yes yes. This is long overdue. I feel like some people tend to overlook this way too easily because they aren't affected by it (yet ) Option to remove completed games from gaming sessions: This sounds nice. I think this problem is especially bad for people who have lots of completed games on their profiles and use Gaming Sessions a lot. But then, you could also just click on the game on your profile that you are seeking to boost to view available sessions. So again it's "only" about convenience and should be prioritized only after other more pressing issues have been dealt with. Unattainable trophies color coded and tagged: This would be great since whenever I'm viewing the trophies for a game I have to hope that there is a guide somewhere detailing whether it can still be completed or not. Fixing the Rarity Leaderboard: This is not a huge priority to me but it would be nice to see it some day.
  6. I don't know about you but nobody would have to force me to go on a holiday you know? No but seriously, isn't that banking hours thing an issue for your employer? Because it certainly was for mine and I remember getting scolded for it every now and then. Now that I'm self-employed nobody bothers me (although I kinda wish someone would lol) but since I work in the evening I'm on my own for the most time regardless. Anyway, getting back to the issue at hand I think Nintendo is a great place to turn to since they haven't got a trophy/achievement system in place yet. I used to be a Nintendo kid during the 90s and early 2000s and still love the classic 2D Mario games. I'm amazed by how enjoyable they still are and how much fun it is to go for 100% completion without the need to throw out virtual bling as an incentive. I still miss the old times when I didn't care about trophies. I got my PS3 back in 2008 and the first Platinum I attempted was Uncharted 1. I was a mere casual back then and found some of the trophy requirements so daunting that I pretty much gave up immediately. And since I assumed that every Platinum would be that hard (my, how times change ) I didn't give trophies another thought. It wasn't until 3 years later when I got my first Platinum that things changed and trophies slowly became my drug. The problem we have is that we prioritize trophies over anything else when their original purpose has always been to act as a mere supplement, an additional challenge if you haven't gotten enough of a game. We have lost sight of what really matters when playing games. Remember why you started playing games in the first place. Was it for rewards? Was it to beat others? Was it to complete every single thing a game has to offer? Hell no. Video games are meant to be just one thing: Fun. That is what everybody needs to remind themselves from time to time. If a game isn't fun, stop playing it. Get rid of your trophy obsession and you'll have a much better time rightaway. Easier said than done, I know. After all, I can't even do it myself 😅
  7. This truly speaks from my heart. Couldn't have put it better myself. I even do it at work, spending way too much time on stuff to have it in perfect order (when nobody really cares about it). I could leave like 30 minutes early if I did things like everybody else but no, something keeps bugging me on the inside unless I've taken care of every last thing there is. OCD is a nasty disorder 💩
  8. I never got to know this program and always wondered what happened to the trophies you redeemed. Do they disappear from your profile?
  9. Cheapest one I could find in Germany: Realistically though you're likely to pay close to 100 bucks. Just another reason to hope for full backwards compatibility on PS5.
  10. I'd say there's no need to worry about this. Just get a PS3
  11. If you care about leaderboard rankings just ditch that profile and move on before wasting any more of your time on it. If you don't care you can just ignore all of this.
  12. You don't even need to put in an email when signing up for the PSN profiles section of the website. That's only necessary for creating a forum profile. Use your new ID for gaming sessions and keep using your old ID for the forum. You can also change your forum nickname to match your new ID like I did so that people recognize you. Very simple workaround for the time being.
  13. It's been explained several times that you can still do that. Just sign up again using your new ID. You can still keep posting using this account, it's just not linked to your new ID yet. edit: See? Simple as that.
  14. I've realized some time ago that in order to live a fulfilled life, you need to spend your money on experiences and not on physical things. Unfortunately lots of people tend towards a heavily materialistic mindset which naturally can never be satisfied. The one thing I can't afford, but definitely want to do once in my life is to climb Mount Everest. However, with the costs for this exceeding 60 grand it's unlikely to happen anytime in the near future.
  15. Whelp, now it's happened and everyone in this forum is to blame because none of you has tried to stop me 😒