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  1. Yes it's still doable. However you'll have to play one of the PS3 titles if you want a UR entry on your list.
  2. Not sure I understood it all but here goes: #8-bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry BlazeRush Chronovolt (UR) DuckTales: Remastered (UR) E flOw (UR) Gone Home Hamster Ball (UR) Inside Jet Car Stunts (UR) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Limbo (UR) Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom (UR) N O Puzzle Dimension (UR) Quell Memento Rayman 3 HD (UR) Syberia Table Top Racing Uno (UR) Valiant Hearts: The Great War Worms X Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium Duels (UR) Z
  3. Gran Turismo is my favourite video game franchise and the series I'm spending most of my time on, so I have the Platinum Trophies for GT5, GT6 and GT Sport in my cabinet, though I've played many more games that would be worthy of a spot. However I don't want things to get too cluttered, so I'm limiting things like this. Here's hoping that I'll be able to earn GT7's Platinum as well when it finally comes out.
  4. Honestly, the last AAA game I remember buying at full price was way back in 2016. I bought Uncharted 4 right when it came out, along with a PS4. And the next time is going to be when Gran Turismo 7 releases which is when I'm going to buy a PS5. However that game will most likely not come out before late 2022. Ultimately it depends on each individual player whether they see the countervalue of 70 pounds in this game. If you want to spend less, just wait. There are so many games these days that you'll most certainly find something to spend your time on, simply by going through the list of games on this website. You also might wanna gauge how much you're going to get out of a game. With a R&C game there's probably not much else to do aside from playing through the story. With that in mind I definitely don't see the countervalue of 70 £ / 80 € in this game, but this might be different for someone else. With GT7 I won't mind paying full price because it's an important franchise to me and I know that I'll be spending thousands of hours playing it. Looking at it from that perspective the GT titles on my profile are probably the cheapest games I've ever bought (even though that includes the 250 € GT5 Signature Edition), simply because of how much I've been getting out of them. Also having a game you really enjoy playing long-term will save you money indirectly because you're less likely to go out and buy a new game out of sheer boredom. I'm still spending so much time playing GT Sport, who knows how many more games I would've bought had it not been for it.
  5. Whenever your Persona stock is full I'd advise you to go to the Velvet Room and fuse as many new Personas as possible. That way you'll never have a Persona go to waste and you'll also start building your compendium early on. Doing this a lot will save you money too because for every Persona you fuse this way you won't have to buy the fusion materials for later on. You can easily fast travel to and from the castle's front gate (where the Velvet Room is) from any safe room you find.
  6. Well, I brought up Steam for Persona specifically and for the vast majority of players buying that game physically is just not feasible. I did a quick search and the cheapest offer I could find was 91.19 Euros from Playasia. Add shipping to that and you're at almost 100 bucks. You might be willing to treat yourself to a physical copy but for the average Joe getting it for 20 bucks digitally is just a no-brainer. Plus again, the game will most likely run on the computer they already have so they don't have to buy another dedicated gaming device. I adressed portability in my previous post. While it is a good thing on the surface, for the vast majority of people this is just not relevant because hardly anybody these days is willing to carry an additional mobile device with them next to their smartphone. You are entitled to your opinion about Persona 4 but with all due respect, I doubt that you know the game all that well. You can't actually softlock yourself in Persona 4. If you find yourself unable to beat the boss on the final day before the deadline, all you have to do is leave the TV World upon which you will get a Game Over. Then the game sends you back one week which is easily enough to catch up on any grinding you previously missed.
  7. For Germany at least, I can confirm that both the base game and DLC are still available as of today. I just bought the DLC and will track down a physical copy of the game asap. I only have the DLC trophies left to do. edit: Correction: The base game available on the store is the PSP version. For PS3 it says that it's only available physically. The DLC however is definitely for the PS3.
  8. I know OP has made their decision already but I'd still like to share my thoughts. The Vita holds a special place in my heart for reigniting my passion for JRPGs. Persona 4 Golden is one of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had and had it not been for the Vita, who knows if I would ever have played it. The Vita also got me into the Zero Escape series, which is another incredible Mystery Visual Novel I only came across because it was a free PS Plus game for the Vita at one point. With all that said however, would I recommend getting one in 2021? Probably not. Let me explain why: Since I played Persona 4 Golden about three years ago the game has released on Steam. It's super bizarre that Atlus decided not to port the game to PS4 so if you insist on playing it on PlayStation and earning its trophies, there's your excuse In all seriousness though, spending 20 bucks on Steam on the PC you already own is a barrier of entry so low that the Vita can't possibly compete. Plus you get to play the game on a widescreen TV/Monitor and are not confined to a tiny handheld screen. And no, I'm not forgetting about PlayStation TV. But that is just one more thing you have to buy and set up in order to offset one of the disadvantages towards PC gaming. Plus, a vast array of the Vita's library is crossplay compatible with PS4 anyway (and are usually way cheaper on there as well). Sure, the Vita has portability going for it but in all honesty, how many people these days are actually buying a Vita to play it on the go? In the 4+ years I've been owning it I only ever took it with me a handful of times and even then it's always been a casual decision rather than something I was planning to do when I bought the thing. Smartphones have completely killed off dedicated mobile gaming devices and I doubt there's many people left in 2021 who are willing to carry a Vita with them on a regular basis. The Vita is a great thing if there are games you enjoy and want to play and earn trophies for multiple times. It's a great thing for playing the old Persona games without spending a fortune. It's also a great thing if you're just a fan of PlayStation and want the experience. If you're getting it for that, by all means go for it. You're going to have a blast! 😉 Just keep in mind that some of the games you're looking for might be taken off the digital shelves already, so be sure to look those up beforehand. I for once had to buy the Danganronpa games at a huge markup before they got delisted, simply because I wanted to re-earn their trophies. We're still in a relatively safe era where the closure of the Vita store has recently been averted but it's something you definitely have to take into account because one (not all that distant) day it's absolutely going to happen at which point you're going to lose easy access to an overwhelming portion of the Vita's library - for good. PS: When Sony announced they would cease production in March 2019 I bought myself one last Vita in Aqua Blue, had it shipped to me from Japan and kept it sealed for the 2+ years since. I was going to treat it as a sort of investment but due to its heavy reliance on a digital infrastructure I'm having doubts that it's actually going to amount to anything in the long term. So, if you haven't bought one already and fancy the idea of having your Vita experience on a factory-new (albeit blue 😅) device I'm sure there'd be a way for us to come to an understanding. Feel free to PM me if you're interested 🙂
  9. I tried this out just now. When I was done restoring the default settings I created a new device password on PC and entered it on the PS3 to log in. It confirmed that the password was right but gave me the same old error message when I tried to access the store.
  10. I'm getting the same error code and can't log in. Just as I was hoping to download and replay Beyond Good & Evil 😔 edit: When I try to start some of my digital games it says that I need to go the store and renew the license. Does that mean that my PS3's CMOS battery is dead?
  11. I am one of those guys playing this game religiously (as someone mentioned earlier) and I have never ever been in a Sport Mode lobby on my own, not even at 3 or 4 AM in the morning, in my EMEA region at least. Things might be different for other regions but in EMEA there are just so many countries and different timezones that there are never any problems with matchmaking. And even if by some miracle it was to happen and you got into your own lobby I have my doubts that the win would be counted towards the trophy. On GTPlanet there are reports by people who - after a collective disconnect - ended up alone in an FIA lobby and didn't earn any points at all when they "won" the race. This might very well also apply to whether the Sport Mode win is counted towards the trophy or not. edit: Since I noticed that OP is in EMEA as well, here are all the countries in that region. Starting from the West it begins with Iceland and stretches as far East as India and Russia.
  12. Any chance for discounted PS4 controllers? Two or three years ago they were on sale for 30 bucks a piece. That was a total steal for a new DS4.
  13. Apart from Mario Maker 2 I don't really play Nintendo anymore. I used to be a great Pokemon fan but looking at the latest games the franchise has really lost its edge. Achievements wouldn't change that. I have a dream however that one day I will play an official release of Pokemon Yellow on Playstation and earn its Platinum Trophy.
  14. I just got a notification on my PS4 saying that the game has been updated to version 1.47. Update history says it's for "Content improvements." Just throwing it out there.
  15. I'm hoping this sale carries over to EU but it's comforting to know that all of these games have a PS4 release as well. So even if the Vita store was to go down there'd be no risk of missing out. In fact here in Germany Alteric is cheaper on PS4 than on Vita. 1.79 € vs 6.19 €.