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  1. Is this maybe another case (like Train Sim World) where the trophies have issues on PS4 but on PS5 they actually unlock when they're supposed to?
  2. Congrats on the Plat! Back in the day I too failed to overcome Vettel the proper way. Only managed to beat him on Monza and glitched my way to Gold on the other two tracks. The Vettel Challenge was something otherworldly even to the most experienced Gran Turismo players because it introduced us to speeds two or three stages beyond what we were used to. Makes me kinda grateful they didn't add more trophies to GT Sport when the Lewis Hamilton DLC came out. Otherwise my 100% on that game would be a thing of the past now.
  3. I've glanced through this entire thread now and while I do understand that video game preservation is a substantial issue here I personally don't feel all that afflicted about the store closures. In 2021 I am - for the most part - done with the PS3. A couple of years ago I have started going through the list of games on this website, starting from the very first and slowly made my way up the list. I have watched at least a review or gameplay video for every game along the way and since I am currently looking at games that came out in early 2019 I can confidently say that there are no more PS3 games for me to play. Anything I was going to buy on PS3, I have bought it already. So from that standpoint there'll be little reason for me to mourn after the PS3 store when it'll finally be gone. For the Vita it's not too bad either. Although I have 394 more games to check out from where I am now, that number includes trophy lists from all different regions as well as games that are crossplay/multiplatform with PS4. So the actual number of games I still have to look at is vastly lower than that. In the coming weeks I am going to focus entirely on Vita-exclusive digital only games and make sure not to miss out on anything I still want to play. It is without a doubt a sad time for the Playstation ecosystem but as many have pointed out already, your average corporate mindset is not going to give much thought to the preservation of old, supposedly "outdated" videogames that are long beyond their lifecycles and won't make a quick buck anymore. It was fun while it lasted 😊
  4. Interesting... My trophy with the least achievers is nowhere near my rarest one. 23 achievers at 4.07 percent rarity.
  5. I think it would also be interesting to take into account the overall percentage of UR trophies on someone's profile. There is actually a decent number of games you can play (or even complete) and only earn UR trophies. That's a category everybody could start competing in right from the getgo 🙂
  6. I'd be happy already if they brought Playstation games to Playstation, namely Persona 4 Golden. Atlus' reasoning behind releasing an enhanced version on Steam but not on PS4 was (and still is) a mystery to me. P4G is widely regarded the best Vita game of all time and withholding a modernized version from the very lineage of consoles that gave birth to the series seems bizarre to me.
  7. Close to two weeks ago my motivation has run into a brick wall when I failed to unlock M7: Change at Jamaica (Operate the M7 for 700 miles) after doing it exactly the way pointed out in my post from January 29. Before I go to work tomorrow I'll start the game up and hope that the trophy will have popped when I return. I think I haven't had the game running for a total of five hours since meeting the trophy requirements. If it doesn't work I'm honestly thinking about calling it quits...
  8. What do you think is the best way to farm route level 20? Also,  NTP scenario trophy popped immediately using our normal tactics. Hope it works good when you do it.

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    2. ImStylinOnYaBro


      Those methods definitely work. i was skeptical too, so on LIRR when i was at 65 services (while working towards all 181 for new yorker) i did that save exploit and popped 70 services and 70 passenger boarding.  I wasn't sure if doing services legit might be better, because I noticed you have MSB level 20, but not the 100 service trophy. NTP is gonna suck grinding 1001 miles, because the 101 is tedious to drive and the speed limits are constantly going up and down.How much xp does level 20 take also? i imagine its a ton. save exploiting all my LIRR services and doing the scenarios + milage afk for m7 i was only at level 14. 

    3. Baka_Marimo


      Level 20 on MSB was a bit of a grind, but not too terrible. I just kept doing services normally until I got there. It took some time but again, it wasn't too much of a drag. I think the services that went all the way from one end of the line to the other netted you something around 12.000 AP and if I remember correctly you needed 25.000 AP for every levelup. Don't quote me on this though.

    4. ImStylinOnYaBro


      i think i'll split the grind to level 20. its very annoying (even thought its easy) to baby sit the game every 15 minutes to 30 minutes to reset a distance afk, so i think i'll do some legit services to also knock out some distance for those trophies.

  9. I don't really know. There were a few cases when the trophy didn't pop initially but when I came back the next day I saw that it had unlocked in the meantime. I didn't look into it but I'm guessing it was three to four hours after I had met the requirements.
  10. Finally got this bloody trophy. What did I do? Reinstalled the game with only the RSN expansion Played offline Deleted all save data and started out fresh Completed the initial tutorial instead of quitting out The bold stuff is what I did differently to my previous try. I have no idea if completing the base tutorial made any difference whatsoever but it only takes a few minutes, so I'll just do it every time from now on.
  11. So, I turned off internet, backed up all of my save data on an external HDD, then deleted all of it on the PS4, launched the game, created my first profile, exited the initial tutorial, did all the RSN scenarios in one sitting trophy. If it's not going to be a delayed pop I don't even know what to do anymore at this point.
  12. Whelp, you're right. I did the RSN scenarios on a new profile and for the first time it didn't help popping the trophy. I'm gonna try your method next but MAN, doing those scenarios over and over is a drag for sure. Especially that long-haul freight service in the nightly rainstorm. Looks like something happened after May 2020 that prevented people from earning that trophy. Did update 1.46 arrive at that time? Anyway, I'm grasping at straws here, but the game shouldn't send you back to the menu if you take over a different train just before you run the red light. Maybe you could stop just before the red light, put the throttle into notch 1 so that the train starts moving veeeery slowly and then quickly run to a different train and take it over? Then quickly run back and hop back into the driver's seat once it has gone past the red light. It's probably not gonna work but maybe that kind of method would help in different setting. I'm not even close to thinking about the additional expansions yet but this is going to be one deterrent for sure.
  13. That is a worrying thing to read. The 640 mile trophy on the base game popped instantly for me (it can even be split between the three trains mentioned in the trophy description). May I ask what method you used to accumulate those 700 miles with the M7? Is there a good afk setup? That should be an easy fix. Just create a new ingame profile and do the tutorials on those and the trophies should pop. From my experience that isn't the only condition. Two days ago I complained in another thread about not getting the trophies for completing all scenarios on LIRR and RSN. As a solution I suggested backing up your save just before completing the requirements. However this proved unsuccesful. I completed the final RSN scenario three times after backing up my save and none of those times the trophy popped. Then today I created a new ingame profile, completed all LIRR scenarios on it and sure enough the trophy popped instantly upon completing the last service. Therefore I would suggest doing all "Complete X number of services" and "Complete all scenarios" kind of trophies on a new ingame profile. There's also no real drawback to this as completing those trophy requirements does not help all that much to work towards the other ones, especially with the Spawn Walk exploit. I can't recall having had issues with the "Operate train X for XXX miles" kind of trophies but your first quote has me worried. Right now I'm at 340 miles with the M7 on my main profile and I'm torn whether to risk doing another 360 miles for naught or starting out fresh. If there's a good afk setup where you only have to be there every now and then to restart a service and get the train going I'd be leaning heavily towards the latter. I hope those trophies are going to pop for you soon.
  14. Yes I will and if I manage to do so within the next five months I'll even be the fastest 100% achiever (though someone who does a serious speedrun and knows what they're doing will easily beat that). The trophies still keep putting up a fight however. When I completed all scenarios on LIRR and RSN the respective trophies did not pop. Thankfully though there's only five scenarios for each of those DLCs, so redoing them is not too much of a pain. I'd advise anyone to ALWAYS back up their saves before completing the requirements for the "all services" and "all scenarios" trophies.
  15. There are a few services that only have you move a train in or out of the depots near Atlantic Terminal and Jamaica. You have to do those by yourself but they take no more than 5 minutes each. Then there are a few passenger services out of New York Penn where you still have to take the train to the depot at Belmont Park after the final passenger boarding at Jamaica. Those too just take a couple of minutes if you take over the train at that last passenger stop. Also for the direct services from Port Washington to New York Penn it's actually quicker to drive yourself (assuming you've already loaded up the service to check out the arrival time). According to the schedule the journey takes 9 minutes but the route allows you to go full throttle and overspeed which lets you get there much faster than it would take you to go back to the main menu, get into Spawn Walking and then wait another five minutes because the train arrives at XX:45 o'clock, so you have to spawn in at XX:40 because if you do so at XX:45 you won't make it in time. Heck, I would even wager that it's always faster to drive the train yourself on that route, even if you know the arrival time beforehand.