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  1. I was planning to pick up a couple of DS4s but it seems they aren't discounted at all 😬 Last time they were 30 bucks a piece.
  2. Phew, no Kingdom Come Deliverance. I took a gamble by buying that game a day before the next PS+ games lineup was supposed to be announced.
  3. I'm about to buy Kingdom Come Deliverance even though we are just one day away fom the announcement of next month's PS Plus games. There's no way it's gonna be on there right? I mean come on, what are the odds of that happening? 😬

    1. IntroPhenom


      Best of luck.  It does have DLC, and Sony loves to couple freebies with purchasable DLC this year.  So beware!

    2. Icebrand1270


      I would hold back if you're that worried. I bought one of the worst games in PS4 history only to see it become a PS+ game 3 months later... on a friend's recommendation no less! The game? Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. Let's just say II wasn't going to do it again on my current PSN ID. "Oh you'll get the Plat in 6 Hours!" 6 Hours later I was saying "What weirdness did I just walk into?"

    3. MidnightDragon


      I would wait until tomorrow.

  4. Just watched a complete playthrough of the first game when it came out. Loved the story but I felt like the gameplay wouldn't be my cup of tea. I had this feeling confirmed when it got on PS Plus. I've never been any good at stealth-focussed games, that's why MGS doesn't work for me either. So no, I won't be playing it but I'll watch a playthrough for sure.
  5. The game is now on sale for € 27,99 until the 27th of May. Still way too much for me, seeing how it offers hardly anything new, but it's a 30% discount nonentheless. So if anyone's been keen to play it, now is your time. Or if you don't need the Platinum just get the vanilla game for € 19.99 instead 😎
  6. Trophywise it doesn't make a difference whether you have bought the game or play it via PS Now.
  7. Not sure. Depends on how well the whole backwards compatibility thing with PS4 works. I get annoyed with loadtimes on the PS4 sometimes and if the PS5 eliminates those for PS4 games as well that would be a huge incentive for me. I never got a new console at launch (only got my PS4 in 2016 when Uncharted 4 came out) but since loadtimes are an important aspect for me this might actually be my first time 😎
  8. I am a completionist and in favour of this as I've forced myself to play quite a few horrendous games because of this issue. You can judge me for my behaviour but I doubt that you'll comprehend my motive if you don't have OCD yourself. It doesn't matter really though. Sony won't do anything about it as they've never really cared about trophies. It's an issue that doesn't hold any significance to anyone except for a small fraction of Playstation fans with an excess of free time. Just another meaningless first world problem us first worlders love to debate and get lost in.
  9. If that is ever implemented it would also make sense to autoflag games based on the date when certain trophies were earned. I noticed quite a few games where online trophies were earned after the server shutdown date.
  10. I think it's really not that bad. At least there's no microtransactions like with the PS3 titles. On the vanilla game I was able to gather together the cards for a broken FTK Exodia deck that wins almost every game on your first turn. And it didn't even take me that long. (You can look up the deck list on Should be the same this time around. I'd rather pay a bit more for the full game and have it bought completely than have a cheap/free game with microtransactions all over the place.
  11. Great for anyone who hasn't got UC4 yet. I first saw that game in my local electronics store in 2016 and was a PS4 owner not ten minutes later. A literal system seller 👍
  12. Can you use your savegame from Legacy of the Duelists or do you have to start from scratch?
  13. Aight you've got my permission. Would've made more sense to do a status update though.
  14. Where did you get that from? Official website still says 24/03. edit: In fact it's in the store right now. I'll be waiting until it's on sale though.
  15. First ever Yugioh game with a Platinum 👍 Kinda sad though that on PS3 and PS4 combined there have only been 4 Yugioh games so far, the two PS4 ones being almost identical.