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  1. So how do these seperate trophy lists for PS4/PS5 work? As far as I can tell there's only one version of the game, so it should simply depend on which console you're playing on, right? If you insert the disc into a PS4 you'll earn the PS4 version's trophies and when you put that same disc into a PS5 it will pull the trophies out of the PS5 version's list. Did I get that right?
  2. I'm pretty sure offline play wasn't an option in the initial version of GT Sport. It won't let you access most parts of the game or even save. Feel free to go ahead and try your luck though.
  3. This is an interesting thing to think about. So far there is not a single shared PS5 trophy list, so GT7 will most certainly have two seperate ones. And yes, with the online saves autopopping trophies might indeed be a thing. I am not too familiar with autopopping trophies (only done it before once with GTA V) but if both versions of the game share the same save file then autopopping is inevitably going to be there, regardless of which way you're switching platforms. Or at least that's how it is in my mind.
  4. Oh well, guess my conclusion about the location of the documents was complete rubbish 💩😅 However this game was so much fun that I'm planning to stack it. I'm definitely going to pay more attention next time. Anyway, none of that matters right now. Congratulations on the Platinum! 👍
  5. What is the region of this version? I bought this game on the European (German) store and here's the list I got: However this list is a different one: (Note the different number). How can I find out which store I have to buy the game on in order to get this second list?
  6. I found the document I was missing in Selena's campaign and earned the Platinum. It was in the laboratory towards the end of the story. My initial assumption that you collect Dan's documents in Rick's campaign was wrong. The documents of each character are distributed as follows: Selena's documents: Rick's campaign Dan's documents: Selena's campaign Rick's documents: Dan's campaign Thus, the document you are missing MUST be in Selena's campaign. It can't be anywhere else. Don't waste your time on the other two characters, just play Selena. Flip up absolutely every card you come across and be sure not to blow any of them up. You will find it. 100%.
  7. For me it's the second document from the right (bottom row). I just did a second playthrough of Rick's campaign (which is where you collect Dan's documents) and didn't find it anywhere. I made an effort to uncover every card I came across, though I blew some of them up by accident. I'll just do another, more careful playthrough. The game is really fun after all 👍
  8. In one of the final battles (the one against the Ghosts in Purgatory) I got Altyria's Bow & Arrow skill to Level 40. The trophy did not unlock. In the next battle (the very last one where you have your familiar group of companions by your side) I even got it to 41 and again the trophy did not unlock. What I find curious is that - depite how old this game is - I seem to be the very first one encountering this issue. A brief search did not yield any results, so I'm kinda puzzled about what to do. Also I got the Altyria ending when according to my calculations I should've gotten the trophy for Luce's ending. Really strange. However, since the game isn't that long I'm thinking of retrying from a fresh save. Perhaps you have to get a skill to level 40 before going into the Research Facility battle (which is the point of no return). I'll report back as soon as I know more. edit: No, getting her Bow skill to 40/41 and returning to the map hasn't helped to unlock the trophy either. Seems like my game has bugged out. Not sure I'll be trying another playthrough.
  9. The servers for GT5 and GT6 were shut down just over five months after their respective successors came out. If PD handles things similarly with GT Sport the window will likely close in just under a year from now. That is plenty of time to get it done. In fact the current fastest 100% achiever time sits at just over 9 days, although that guy didn't do anything else for those 9 days, plus he was very good at the game from the start. Here's the thread on GTPlanet documenting everything. Whether it's going to be hard to pick up the necessary wins and pole positions in Sport Mode really only depends on you. Once you've gotten a bit of practice your DR (Driver Rating) is going to improve and you'll be matched with players closer to your level of skill. However you can deliberately tank your rating by coming last and picking up as many shortcut penalties as you can in the meantime. That way you'll get paired with lower ranked players in the next race and the lower you go the more likely it becomes that your qualifying time will put you in pole position. Needless to say that winning will be much easier too. I'm expecting GT Sport's servers to get a lot less crowded once GT7 is out. Things will likely become even easier then. I would recommend focussing on grinding your way to Level 50 now and tackling the trophies related to Sport Mode in March.
  10. So far I didn't have any trouble beating the time trials on this game but this level had me run into a brick wall. The target time is 50.2 seconds and after an hour or so my best run is a 50.3. I'm trying to reduce my steering inputs to an absolute minimum and taking the corners as tightly as possible. I beat the target time on some of the other levels by 1.5 seconds but somehow can't shave off that last tenth I need to pass this one. Am I missing something?
  11. This has been the bane of my life ever since my last DS3 stopped working. Although you can use the DS4 and the DualSense on PS3 they don't work with the Gran Turismo games. On top of that many third party PS3 controllers are made cheaply and lack the analog stick sensitivity a game like Gran Turismo 6 requires. That means you can't make as precise steering inputs as you would with a DS3 which mars the gameplay experience quite badly.
  12. OP hasn't visited the forum since February 17th but is playing and earning trophies. I've just messaged them on PSN and asked if it would be possible to provide an update. I've also taken a look at their list and seen that they only have the most grindy trophies left. I think the devs went way overboard with the trophies for dealing 100,000 damage and defeating 5,000 spiders and 5,000 Orcs. I've only started playing this game a few days ago, so my knowledge about it is rather limited. However I highly doubt that the game is extensive enough for the player to achieve those figures without a mindnumbing amount of grind.
  13. Yes it's still doable. However you'll have to play one of the PS3 titles if you want a UR entry on your list.
  14. Not sure I understood it all but here goes: #8-bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry BlazeRush Chronovolt (UR) DuckTales: Remastered (UR) E flOw (UR) Gone Home Hamster Ball (UR) Inside Jet Car Stunts (UR) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Limbo (UR) Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom (UR) N O Puzzle Dimension (UR) Quell Memento Rayman 3 HD (UR) Syberia Table Top Racing Uno (UR) Valiant Hearts: The Great War Worms X Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium Duels (UR) Z
  15. Gran Turismo is my favourite video game franchise and the series I'm spending most of my time on, so I have the Platinum Trophies for GT5, GT6 and GT Sport in my cabinet, though I've played many more games that would be worthy of a spot. However I don't want things to get too cluttered, so I'm limiting things like this. Here's hoping that I'll be able to earn GT7's Platinum as well when it finally comes out.