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  1. Yeah, literally the two latest games right now are for the Vita. Both of them cross plattform titles admittedly but still, there's gotta be a little extra work involved with making those games available on Vita. The fact that they're prepared to put in that work still gives me hope that the Vita store isn't quite gone yet. After all a corporation like Sony surely expects to see a return on that work. The latest game on the Games tab that I can find on my (EU) store is Takotan which according to PSNP came out on the 9th of September. There is a tab on the storefront that's supposed to show you the latest releases but they don't seem to be updating that anymore.
  2. Whaaat? Persona 5 on PS5 doesn't come with a new set of trophies? Man, what a bummer 😞

  3. I'm fine with multiple trophy lists for a single game because it gives me another reason to play it if I really enjoyed it. I've done this with a couple of games already and I'm really looking forward to platting Persona 5 again on PS5 (although that might take some time, I haven't even played Royal yet). I do understand the concerns however for cases where you just start up a game and unlock all trophies in mere seconds because you've already completed the game on another plattform. I can see this being an issue for people who care about leaderboards but since I personally don't, it does not really bother me.
  4. Yup, everything can be done on a DS3. Especially if you make use of glitches. Delete the game data and reinstall the game. Now download and install all updates up to the sixth one (1.10). As soon as update 7 starts (62 MB) press to cancel. This turns the most difficult challenge in the game into a cakewalk.
  5. The number one nuisance that kills PS3 for me is the lack of good and durable replacement controllers. Obviously you can't buy new DS3s anymore and all the third party controllers I've had so far started showing issues pretty quickly (usually drifting analog sticks). One of them also had a weird quirk where you couldn't use it when it was plugged in and recharging. If someone can recommend a really good third party controller I wouldn't mind paying quite a lot more than these knockoff DS3s usually go for. And no, I've already had my fair share of "refurbished" original PS3 controllers. Ultimately, a Sony console with full backwards compatibility at some point down the line would be the definitive solution to this issue but I have my doubts that anyone at Sony is going to care about Kutaragi and his flippin' Cell architecture ten years from now.
  6. I didn't even realize yet that the wishlist was missing on the new storefront. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. To be honest I already noticed issues with my base PS4 when I played Spyro the Dragon. The framerate drops that occur when simply turning the camera around are so bad at times that they cause eyestrains. I bought into PS4 in 2016 when Uncharted 4 came out and wasn't very pleased when PS4 Pro got announced a short while later. I don't mind games looking better on a higher spec PS4 but they should be made first and foremost with the base PS4 in mind and then have built-in "boosting mechanics" for when you're playing on a PS4 Pro. If a PS4 game doesn't run properly on a base PS4 something is clearly wrong.
  8. But the Dacia Sandero is not coming to the UK ☹️
  9. Really not sure. On one hand there's no game intriguing enough for me to get the console at launch, on the other hand I'm really curious about what that SSD is gonna do for some of my PS4 games. I stopped playing Kingdom Come Deliverance partly because of the woeful loadtimes so I'm wondering whether the PS5 would speed them up as dramatically as it does with native PS5 titles (probably not though). Since the PS5 is going to launch here with a week's delay I'm hoping to get an answer to my questions about the console in that time and then make an informed choice once there is an opportunity to get one. Maybe Black Friday will have a deal or two available. In any case I'm not going to reward any scalper for their scalping. I'm mainly buying the PS5 for Gran Turismo 7 and since we don't even have a release date for that I'm in no rush to secure myself a unit. Who knows, I might even get as lucky as this guy and walk into a store on launch day to find a PS5 just waiting for me there ☺️
  10. The privacy concerns are completely legitimate but I find it hilarious how some people are losing their shit because this might stop them swearing and force them to act like civilized human beings for once. That's gotta be tough man.
  11. So, inevitably someone showing up out of nowhere on the fastest achiever leaderboard and cutting the time in half on a game that's infamous for its grind is going to raise some eyebrows. So just in case anyone is suspecting foulplay, the entire run has been documented on Twitch. Also, here's the thread on GTPlanet with more detailed information on the route taken. Getting the GT Sport Plat in 230 hours is truly an incredible feat.
  12. I bought FF VIII Remastered last week at full price and of course now it's on sale. Oh well 💩

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      Something like that happened to me just lately. I bought a version of Bear With  Me I thought was the base game, but it was a key to the DLC. After my anger cooled down I then bought the real game (that has that DLC included). Two days later, it went on sale.


      Don't fret, it'll just rob you of the fun of playing the game. FF VIII is worth full price, at least to me.

  13. No info on GT7 but I guess that was to be expected. It's unlikely I'm gonna get PS5 right at launch.
  14. There better be a giant enemy crab this time round.
  15. Man I wish there was a season pass for this game like a kind of flat rate for people planning to 100% it. Right now the cost is crazy. $ 29.99 for the base game $ 24.99 for West Somerset Railway $ 29.99 for Ruhr Sieg Nord $ 29.99 for Long Island Rail Road $ 29.99 for Northern Trans-Pennine $ 19.99 for BR Class 33 (for some reason not available in EU store) $ 29.99 for Main-Spessart Bahn $ 19.99 for DB BR 182 $ 19.99 for DB BR 155 $ 19.99 for BR Class 52 $ 29.99 for Tees Valley Line $ 19.99 for BR Heavy Freight Pack $ 19.99 for Amtrak SW1000R $ 29.99 for Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose All for a grand total of $ 354.86 or € 299.37 converted. I guess making all this DLC must be quite expensive. I'll at least try the base game and see where it goes from there. edit: I just bought the Collector's edition. It comes with this DLC included: - Ruhr Sieg Nord - Long Island Rail Road - Main-Spessart Bahn - Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose - Leeds Manchester (I think this one has no trophies tied to it though) At its current price ($ 54.99) this bundle saves you $ 94.96 over buying the base game and DLC seperately.