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  1. Hi, i need pure bladestone. I've tried everyday to get that stone but no luck. EU version of the game. My soul level is 260, psn id : Arrgonauts212.
  2. I just beat orphan 2nd form over and over and still got no rating. My party that i used are lightning, vanille and fang. I have equipped the best weapons and accesories for them. All roles are level 5 (maximum). I have equipped gold watch too on lightning and still got no rating My target time is 30 seconds and i just beat this crap on 45 seconds and still got nothing. I'm really tired of this and don't know what to do. Can somebody help this problem?
  3. When i reach the top of the mountain to meet the keeper of the secret, the game started to freeze. Can someone help me to fix this? I really don't know what to do. This is my first time to play this game.