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  1. # Platinum 98 # MediEvil Saviour of Gallowmere Obtained date: 24th Nov 2019 Time to completion: 2 week, 5 Day, 14 Hours Time for another trip to a better era, where games weren't so full of colours and lights, where polygons ruled the world and era than when be look at comparison between orignal and remaster we think, did it always look that bad? Grab your sword or arm and walk once more the land of the living infested by the dead, to earn you place among heroes until you get awake again because a 2 part reclaims your skills. It's time to hunt down the lands of Gallowmere once more, with your guts and a lovely pack of necromancy potions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: Mostly Armless Kill something with your own arm. Who needs weapons when you got and indestructible bone arm, that you can even use like a boomerang --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: Sir MoneybagsCollect 10,000 gold coins. (Spyro is that you?), Gold coins, because saving the world is never cheap, you need ammo pay for it, that's sword needs some magic to hit harder, pay for it, you need to recharge your shield, guess what pay for it. Jokes aside by the time you complete the 2 runs you should have most of the 10k gold. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : Soul Saviour Lay all the Lost Souls to rest. Grab the original game, which for some reason feels easier than PS1 version, keep it the same so people can still hate the asylum, but still deliver something new making them having to play the game twice to get 100% of it. Souls bring a while still pretty easy challenge a bit of fresh to and old game, so they are welcome, and since this is a bit more of a puzzle/challenge that just getting the chalices here we go with it. Also the reward for obtaining this trophy is simply amazing.
  2. # Platinum 97 # Resident Evil 5 RESIDENT EVIL 5 Platinum Trophy Obtained date: 30th Sep 2019 Time to completion: 1 week, 4 Day, 21 Hours Time for another re-entry of a PS3 Platinum on their PS4 version, because who needs new games, when you can play the old ones over and over in every console. So weeelcome back to the clash of titans, as you fight along side Chris Redfield on the fields of Africa against definitively not zombies until you finally get to the final crash against his legendary archnemisis. The one and only Volcano fight against the invincible indestructible all powerful Giant boulder a fight so magnificent that would put every muscle of your hero to their limit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: Meat ShowerDefeat 3 Majini with one grenade or proximity bomb. What can I say after so many runs one learns a trick of two to survive in mercenaries tutorials --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: Take It to the MaxCompletely upgrade all weapons. Make those weapons shine with licker blood, farm those shiny hearts for those welcome gold to upgrade those fancy weapons that you gonna stop using at all after getting that lovely Hand Cannon with infinite ammo, who are we gonna lie. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : War HeroComplete all chapters on Professional. This is the point you know the game is mean to be and action game instead of the survival horror of it's predecesors. Enemy kill you on a few hits, no ammo anywhere, and since you can't run from every enemy well the only and have to open your way through them the only viable option ends up being infinite ammo and most of the time your best friend, your beloved Magnum, since any other conventional weapon won't deal enough dps so you don't die because you let them attack you. Most of the mode is a breeze, other like Wesker first fight it's about knowing a trick or two ( I don't know about any Rocket Launcher sir), but still you got hellish fights like Chapter 2-3 Boss that can become and probably will become your nightmare.
  3. # Platinum 96 # One Piece: World Seeker I'm Going to Be the Pirate King! Obtained date: 30th Sep 2019 Time to completion: 1 week, 2 Day, 22 Hours -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to another entry of our favourite pirate of all times, because what is a one piece without a platinum, well probably a lot of no grinding hours ( not looking at you at all pirate warriors 3) Take a new approach on the long list of One Piece games that at this rhythm the gonna have to create a new game genre since you got it all, action, platforms, rpg, musou, party. Maybe next time it's One Piece Dance Party move those limbs gomu gomu style, or enjoy or cooking simulation Cooking Sanji or our Doctor simulator Dr.Chopper( so much wasted potential on those last two). Honestly the game ain't bad but compare to the previous adventure games that where the unlimited cruise feels a bit lacking, although a mix of the strong points of botch could be a great game --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: Find Chopper!Complete Main Mission "Find Chopper!" I'm pretty sure that getting another first trophy means you got a grinding problem. Basically take a few steps into the game story and you will find your first ally scattered through Jail Island, as you travel your way Gomu Gomu no Rocket styled --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: Exploration StrategistAsk Straw Hat Pirates to go exploring 12 times Let's just say that I play quite a lot the game in too few days, and learn that you can see the exploration time that it will take when selecting the exploration meal a bit too late. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : I Won't Lose to Anyone!Learn all Skills Game is easy, sometimes a bit annoying to travel around, but on difficulty side, once you learn how to use the Armament Haki, specially with the Gomu Gomu No Bazooka makes almost every fight a one punch man fight. But what is true is that you end up having to grind a bit, to learn all skills, since after you beat literally everything you still miss quite a sum of skill points to learn them all. And sadly the only way is to repeat the last chapter, which is not hard or long but just makes you walk all the isle without fast travel and more than once, but if you want that platinum you gotta earn it
  4. # Platinum 95 # My Hero One's Justice #1 Hero Obtained date: 15th Aug 2019 Time to completion: 1 Month, 2 Days, 1 Hour -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take your seats, fasten yours belts here's come after last generation big three the rising of a new era, welcome to the world of Heroes. Or just another Namco Bandai fighting game of a popular anime which is the reason mostly anyone would buy it, because you can finally fight with your large list of heroes relife those greats battles once agains, or just use that one character you somehow learn how to spam, and make everyone cry until the Japanese kid comes and wipes your ass with their magical fighting skills. In a somehow not that good style that end up with a sequel. And yes you should use your inner sarcastic voice to read all that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: Bizzare Complete "Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears." I don't know you guys, but I got a bit of habit to start from the first menu when it comes to fighting games learn the ropes get the story and then proceed with the rest. So following that logic our first trophy is archive as simple as getting into the first story fight that acts as tutorial. Alternatively Plus Ultra! or Tutorial are trophies that could easily be the first ones, depends on how you tackle the game --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: Earned Through Your Own EffortObtain 400 player customization items. My Hero doesn't really have any hard trophy that requires a deep dive into it's fighting style, and you got some characters that pretty much can handle any IA situation with not too much trouble, so in terms on difficulty it's and easy game, especially because you only got a play 50 online battles and you could lose all of them and not affect the game. On the other hands the 400 player customization items ends up being about grinding on local matches with every characters in order to archive it so ends up mostly being the last and most tedious of the list. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : Earned Through Your Own EffortObtain 400 player customization items.
  5. Dissidia NT (1.75%) Killzone Shadow Fall (1.76%) Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi (3.74%) Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 (4.09%) TombRaider (PS3 version) (5.33%)
  6. # Platinum 94 # Final Fantasy VIII Lionheart Obtained date: 6th Sep 2019 Time to completion: 3 days,12 hours, 57 minutes There's a lot of say in the final PSX era, and which one is the best is always a discussion topic. Personally after playing them more than once I stick with IX guess the more classic desing of role is what make me decide between the three. Honestly I got a long history with VIII and being one of the few games I didn't beat or reach last boss, I think the time I got further in the game was reaching the Ragnarok (or Lagunamov for those playing it in my language) and 2-3 times reaching the moon base. But never hit the Pandora and reach CD4 on my previous tries for different reason. I won't enter in details about the combat system and GF, but although the GF summon spam feels great at the beginning well eventually anyone gets bored of seeing shiva freezing your enemies to death, on the other side junction system if you use it smart, well kinda broke the game ( if it wasn't for some bosses that just don't care how much defence or life you got ), I mean you can with proper setup just push X3 speed throw berserk and haste to your physical attacker with a meltdown to the enemy and enjoy the rain of 9999 auto-attacks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: QuezacotlUnlock Guardian Force Quezacotl If somehow you don't get this as your first trophy you probably are playing the game wrong ( or maybe you are way to hardcore and enjoy a no GF run ) Joke a side I got a friend who hate anything with the final fantasy game on it because of this, he went straight to ifrit never could he beat it really and one of the few times he somehow archive it died before reaching a save/heal point. So eventually gave up and declare and everlasting hate towards the FF games. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: Finish the game What's more beautiful that beating the last boss ( does it count as one or multiple in this case I wonder ), see the credits rolling as as you get the trophy for beating the game, just after that see how your Platinum pops up. I guess beating the ultra-boss on post game content does but FFVIII is and old school game with no post-game content after beating the boss, you can access all before it. So here it's a personal choice, what you prefer to leave to the end: Ultimecia ( Artemisa), Omega or 1000 Enemies. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : Omega DestroyedBeat the Omega Weapon Playing legitimately the game ( yes I'm looking at you "invincible" mode) this is by far the hardest trophy in the game as Omega Weapon well he is simple the biggest menace of the game in terms of battle power, he got a hellish arsenal with 1-hit KO attacks to characters, even starts casting death. Plus let's not talk of his life. But if you compare the trophy list with the Steam version there 2 achievements there that we should be grateful no to have to archive. First the 10k enemies trophy ( I mean you already have to grind towards the 1k imagine doing that 10 times), which FFIX wasn't so lucky to get remove. The main problem with the 10k is that on steam counts all runs you do, at least on IX Ps4 it has to be on one run....well hope you got enough movies for that. The second and that can become a nightmare since you gotta follow some proper steps is acquiring every single Triple Triad card, and well someone originally decide to hide a lot of those under a lovely random deck rule, I mean ain't that fun? Good thing we got a bit more simply trophy list making truly the most dangerous trophy Omega Destroyed, well or if you life without guides and like finding everything...I guess good luck with Oden Lake?
  7. # Platinum 91/92/93 # Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered Platinum Platinum Platinum Obtained date: 18th Jul 2019 Obtained date: 11th Aug 2019 Obtained date: 24th Aug 2019 Time to completion: 1 year, 7 months, 3 weeks Time to completion: 1 year, 8 months, 2 weeks Time to completion: 1 year, 8 months, 2 weeks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's not much I can added about Uncharted that I haven't said before. The saga was great on PS3 and still looks great on PS4 ( can't be compare at least graphicaly to the 4 but looks good for a remaster). I don't know which one is the hardest honestly ( well 3 ain't that for sure ). Maybe the first due to the amount of dangerous area with bad cover and enemies raining down from all angles ( but the no cover shoot really saves you the day). But in the end the three go more or less in the same line but as more combat options arrives well the easier it becomes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: First Treasure First Treasure First Treasure Find 1 Treasure Find 1 Treasure Find 1 Treasure Not much to say, just find a shiny thing and pick it up. If somehow you don't manage to get this one first, well maybe you are focusing to much on shooting thing and not too much on your surroundings. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: Charted! - Crushing Charted! - Crushing Charted! - Crushing Finish the Game on Crushing Without Changing the Difficulty On most games with different difficulties, I got a bad habit of doing most of it on normal too just enjoy the story and do most of the clean up, and then when just the difficulty trophy is missing I take the fight to the next difficulty, making most "max difficulty" trophy the last one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : Charted! - Crushing Charted! - Crushing Charted! - Crushing Finish the Game on Crushing Without Changing the Difficulty I guess if I went for the 100% this trophy would be Brutal difficulty but since it's just the platinum, Crushing is the feat to beat. Most game if you got a bit of pacience is pretty easy even when you can die in 1~2 seconds if you ain't covering. The problem mostly comes from some unfair fights in the games. Poor cover, too many enemies, few weapons choices, and enemies that loves appearing on your back with a shootgun, but except for those try and retry points that you need a bit of luck or finding the proper cover point to survive, the game doesn't add much more difficulty that what you can find in the other difficulties.
  8. # Platinum 90 # Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Master of Siege Obtained date: 14th Jul 2019 Time to completion: 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 day --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I guess I got lucky regarding this game, pick it up a bit before the trophy update, so I took a lot of the now hard ones on the old version when they were easier. And didn't have to wait too long to get rid of the grindy ones for their easier version. Still I had to get some of the now the trophy takes more to archive ones, like Full Roster or Jack of all Trades. But in the end is a game that with a bit of luck by the time you reach lv50 you more or less should have complete most of the trophies is you focuses on them. Still being able to play first with the old trophy list and do most of the clean up there helped a lot. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: No TrespassingGet 10 claymore kills in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Original: CQB Basics Complete Situation CQB Basics Originaly this trophy was as simple as completing the first tutorial/history mission, good thing I did back then because I didn't use much claymores in multiplayer since I focused on the other equipment ones. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: SenselessKill 10 enemies blinded from Stun Grenade in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. Maybe I start going for the Stun Grenade a bit to late, since I focus too much into the Meat Wall trophy ( due to reading it was very complicated/luck based. Well I end up getting the Meat Wall by pure luck just putting a charge into a wall to open it and flank the enemy, well I end up blowing a wall on an enemy face and trophy pop (not going to complain about it). On the other hand Senseless feel like the game didn't want me to get it since half the time I tried to blinded someone feel well it didn't go as I planned. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : Meat WallKill an enemy with a Breach Charge in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. It's hard picking up a trophy on R6, specially after the revamp of the trophies. Some required a bit of skill, or tactic or sheer luck. but I guess Meat Wall might be the one since the tactic to work well you gotta need a good plan or a lot of luck, or just a bit more of luck and get it just by chance.
  9. Overwatch: Origins Edition
  10. # Platinum 89 # Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Champion of Champions Obtained date: 9th Jul 2019 Time to completion: 1 Year, 5 Months, 1 Week --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I won't lie I had great expectations for the game which weren't fulfilled at all. Like a lot of people I played both PSP Dissidia ( maybe a bit too much ), and even I hate a bit the crafting system ( mostly due to how to earn certain materials ) I love the rest, cool rooster, cool skill system, summon hunting, a not too bad story, one bad-ass character ( yeah I'm looking at you Feral Chaos ), and everything was on you. So when Dissidia NT launched as a 3 vs 3 I wasn't much of a fan about it, then the rooster feel like a cut version of 012 even with the new additions. Then probably the part that hurt most was the skill customization like here have a locked set for your bravery attacks and like 4 HP attack that you can only equip one (unless you are Vaan). Still graphics look good, rooster wasn't that bad, scenarios looked amazing ( no more crazy maps using height instead of length ). It got a somewhat of a story mode. And some lovely trophies ( unless you try to actually get them all without having a extreme crush on the game. Then you got the dlc ( leaving characters aside ) you know something gone wrong with a game when a special skin for a character cost most than the game in a lot of retail shops in less than a year. Well good thing one can still play 012. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: Up to the challenge Completed the Basic Trial in gauntlet mode. You need to level up to progress story so it was this or online, but I guess I wanted some practice before jumping to the real fights. ( which kinda was a bunch of Y'shtola spammer, some crazy skill players, and a lot of I really don't know what I'm doing or why I'm being focus by 3 enemies ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: They're Free! What an Offer! Claimed treasure three hundred times. If this ain't the last trophy for someone, well he ain't looking at the trophies. I mean I lost count of how many hours of movies/series I spent while passively grinding this trophy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : They're Free! What an Offer! Claimed treasure three hundred times. As a single trophy They're Free! What an Offer! wins the day as Most Annoying Trophy, but getting all A++ might be the hardest since online can be quite a hellish matchmaking while going solo but since is just 1 trophy time to go They're Free! What an Offer!
  11. # Platinum 88 # Game of Thrones Lord of Ironrath Obtained date: 20th Jun 2019 Time to completion: 3 weeks, 4 days, 23hours Difficulty: 1/10 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I won't get into a extend explanations since everybody who has played a Telltale Games knows how they work. I must admit that playing this game after the end of the series feel good, I mean this feels a lot more like Game of Thrones. I mean even if you know how the world of a song of ice & fire works. You can imagine how the story can develop ( although knowing you can't kill some charecters since they still got things too do takes away a bit of the fun ) but seriously who expects that end for chapter 1, or try to answer half the question that house Ironrath leave unanswered. In any case the only thing left to say is Iron from Ice --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: Through the Night Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 1 Could it be another? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: Sentinel Complete Episode 6. If you follow the story last trophy is the end of it. Like any other Telltale game --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : None it's a Telltale game there's no wrong answer no wrong path, you only have to handle with some QTE and that's all.
  12. About the trophies, if I'm not mistaken you literally need to use this to unlock Penta Penguin and in that way unlock the "unlock the original rooster" trophy, so it would be weird if this blocked the trophies, so don't be scared and get that Penguin Yay One! Edit: Accordingly to PowerPyx Penta Penguin isn't needed for the trophy but yeah the code is the only way to unlock it
  13. Tekken 6 - Platinum in 3 years, 10 months It's literally Devil Jin Train Stage fault, I couldn't beat that thing no matter how much I tried, eventually one day I decide to give it another try and beat it, the rest that was left was a walk in the park in compariation
  14. # Platinum 87 # Black Clover: Quartet Knights 5-leaf-clover Obtained date: 14th Jun 2019 Time to completion: 1 day, 9 hours, 47 minutes Difficulty: 1/10 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Really easy game, simply trophy list where the hardest part might be the multiplayer trophies ( well it might be if there where enough people for online, since almost every game throw me with AI teammates vs AI enemies ), regarding story well most of the matches had one character that made the Hard difficult easier, maybe the most delicate part where the Challenge episodes but I really don't know what happens if you failed since I didn't die at all except once in history and obviously during multiplayer matches. Difficulty apart, the game might be a bit short in content while it focus more on the post-story multiplayer the fact that apparently is a bit dead might give and idea about the limitations of a game with not even a year of life. But in any case I didn't got it because I heard a lot of things, it was more the fact that I have start reading Black Clover and saw there was a game about it at a decent price, and did look good enough to give it a try. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trophy: In VogueFirst Outfit change Don't much to say, I was just checking menus before jumping into the gameplay, and since you got some of the skin palette already unlock it was as easy as click on one of them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Trophy: Malicious Flames Win a ranked Online Battle match while using Fana Wasn't really planning to leave the multiplayer to the end, but since yesterday the online service fail, I just continued finishing the offline trophies while the servers went up, so as soon as online was up again I just had to finish a couple of wins with Fana being the last one I used. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : None really as said before the game was a breeze, if one had to say maybe the win with every char in online as a group might be, but since matches vs AI doesn't make much of a deal, maybe "Mission Complete" would be the one since makes you beat everything and complete all missions request which includes hard mode.
  15. Mostly feels like a beat everything the game has to offer trohpy list with a couple of filler trophies. At least they don't put any multiplayer trophy which is cool ( neither local or online - I still remember this trophy from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transform: Finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th with local friends in a 10 player Race, that it's was..... ) I'm curious about Yeeee HAW!, do you have to beat everything on hard, only the final race? And if I play on classic mode, what difficulty set it is? If this last trophy can be archieve by beating classic mode that's the only way I see trophy hunters going for classic mode other wise you would always need a second run.