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  1. For those having issues with the trophy not popping remember the last part of the description of the trophy: Learned a Dual Ultimate Attack from all instructors (excluding Hit, Bojack, and Zamasu) and reported to Oshi. Like with - This is the New Super Saiyan Blue! - Trophy for getting 70 different figurines the trophy pops when you talk with Oshi after completing the requirements. If you don't know where he is, Oshi is the npc with golden armor nearby ( a bit to the north) the the summoning shrine.
  2. For defense down I used one of the mimic I think the skill in english is Pierce (but it takes some tries to lower the defense using it) About ramuh if you have anti-magic use it ( it's the skill that debuff any buff the oponent have) if not there's and item with the same effect. And about the re-beating them I have no clue but you can always change a normal ifirit-ramuh-shiva lane of evolution to the dark ones.
  3. Mega Flare AP = the AP you got at that moment the lower AP the more damage it does
  4. As they say Ex Dungeons aren't that hard if you know what to do. Some tips: Get a black chocobo and escape till you get to the save point prior to the boss ( sadly you can do this on the shiva one on the swamp area since you get ambushed a couple of times) About adamantoise the easy way is to imprism it otherwise it can be a long battle. When Fighting the "black" versions of Shiva / Ifrit / Ramuh, make sure to have resistance to their main element (so their Strongest attack does nothing) and try to destroy their tower and pick one at a time the small one if you don't care about imprism it if not go for the middle one first then the big one. Also having magic that deals extra damage to them helps a lot making the fight end faster. Train Bahamuth so it learns everything it can and make it learn the survive with 1 hit skill for completing it's mirage board (seriously at 1 AP and 1 HP Megaflare can deal more than half their life in damage) also this will help you getting the requirement for some of the last imprism in the coliseum.
  5. Welcome to another Trophy Checklist, well not another from me since this is my first one. #List #1~20 #21~40 #41~60 #61~80 To Be Continued
  6. Sames here I just finish all 9 tombs and after this finish the last quest ( at most I got 2 tombs to inform about to the quest giver) And I think I was around the observatory when the patch was intalled. But I got most baba yaga done (except for the 100% treasure and documents part) before the patch without problems. So still we can assure the patch debug the "sometimes glitched trophies"
  7. By language pretty much looks like it is, also it just shows the ps4/vita mark when other release got the 3 sony platforms