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  1. # Platinum 111 # Dragon Ball FighterZ Trophy Triumphant Obtained date: 27th May 2020 Time to completion: 4 days, 1 Year, 6 Months, 1 Day - After years and years of 3D battle games of the DB universe (unless you count the ones on Nintendo handhelds), after the unbeatable legacy that left Budokai Tenkaichi 3, comes the dragon ball game to beat them all, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and after last patch you can finally make that Gokus vs Gokus fight without repeating characters. So dive down on this 2D fighting experience where Yamcha rules the battlefield. First Trophy: Yo, I'm Goku!Complete a quest tutorial. What are the chances you get this trophy withouth really knowing what are you doing and just pressing buttons around the lobby...100% that's it. Last Trophy: Set for LifeAcquire 20,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing. The dev for this idea surely is friends with the one of Bloodlust from FF9. Hardest Trophy: My Power Level is 530,000World Match - Acquire 530,000 BP.None Although not that much of a grind depending of your skills, and nowadays it seems even easier for what I read. This is the only trophy that can make a threat to you regarding your ability since you are throw to quite a lot of fights that you have to win in PvP mode, and sadly there's is or at least was a really annoying thing that happens more than we would like called "ups I just unplug the internet cable from my PS4 so this fight you where gonna win doesn't count neither I lose points" which is really, really annoying and not so uncommon at least when I fight my way up to the trophy BP. Most Annoying Trophy: Set for LifeAcquire 20,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing. First of all, this trophy is one of those that, you ask yourself what were they thinking, is done without grinding well you could be playing the game regularly and never get it. This said, in my case I wanna thank Arc Systems time to time zeni rewards that make the grind half of what it should been, still half is a lot of time to be put in this trophy. To get you into why is so tedious, the fastest method gets you about 30.000 zeni every 5 min (with a minor extra from time to time in zeni), so that would mean 360.000 zeni x hour if you want to put the extra maybe it could get up to 400.000. So in other words if you where to grind from 0 to 20 millions it would take between 50 to 55 hours with this method efficiently, and trust me is not exactly a really enjoyable thing to do for so long. And honestly you could do every other trophy (except the zeni ones) in the game and barely get your first million if it ain't for login bonuses. Conclusion: And amazing fighting game, that makes justice to the franchise on the battlefield aspect, delivering even those nostalgic dramatic finish, although you never gonna pull them off in a real match let's be honest. Saying this the fact that you can't use a full Gohan Team and the fact you can fight as Ozaru (would you just be a foot in this game fighting as it, that's a good question) , makes Budokai Tenkachi 3 keep it's crown.
  2. # Platinum 110 # LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Videogame Grand Master of Trophies Obtained date: 19th May 2020 Time to completion: 4 days, 40 minutes, 30 seconds - Back to LEGO worlds this time with ninjas cortesy of WB Games, that gave it us for free. A bit of a weird LEGO one, but still a LEGO game so not much to add after the TLotR and HP ones. Same idea, mechanics for most of it, but adapt to another universe. It's Ninja Time. First Trophy: Student of UpgradesSpend a Ninjanuity Token to purchase a Combat Upgrade You get this trophy during the first mission Training Dojo a.k.a the tutorial, unskipable and I got my doubts you could get Novice of Collection so rendering this trophy the first and only option for this spot, just learn your attacks and moves and it's yours before you can kick that chicken and proceed with the story. Last Trophy: Master of ModesPlay each game mode in the Ninjago Battle Arenas Something other LEGO games don't have a PvP mode, even as simple as it may be due to LEGO games laws of mechanics it's something. Although they could avoid that annoying 4 split screen when vs IA just saying. Hardest Trophy: None LEGO games really ain't hard in any aspect, most complicated thing from this game aside from maybe a couple of collectables is a race that you gotta do with a speed characters or you won't reach the minimum time for gold, and still if done properly you got some seconds to spare. Most Annoying Trophy: Master of CompletionAchieve 100% Completion LEGO games ain't hard at old, to beging with you are immortal, you get red bricks or in this case Ancient Scrolls to make things simpler, but still if you want your platinum you need to get everything, which even as simple as it can be sometimes can be a bit annoying due to finding the right path towards a collectable. But that's all the challenge you are going to meet on a LEGO journey. Conclusion: Another LEGO game with it's own mechanics link to the universe is based on, but a LEGO game after all, a enjoyable walk for times you don't wanna get to complex on what you doing, and make sure you check every corner to get that 100% but without too many worries.
  3. # Platinum 109 # Marvel's Spider-Man Be Greater Obtained date: 2nd May 2020 Time to completion: 3 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes - A-maizing, would be words use to describe this game, in every aspect the game is splendid. The game ain't extremely long or big but you won't be disappointet with what it has to offer, and specially it's story. In simple words it's hard not to enjoy the game even if you ain't a fan of Spider-man or Marvel Universe. Been said this if you got a bit of Marvel knowledge well you got plenty of references to a lot of other characters in it, on Manhattan architecture. First Trophy: Knocking Down KingpinDefeat Fisk As soon as you pop in the story mode, it's time to hunt the big fish, Spiderman big nemesis since he began his friendly neighbour spiderman journey, I guess maybe you could try to get some trophies like Spider-Man About Town or Wing It, but most trophies are block after Knocking Down Kingpin due to needing skills set or things that unlock as you progress on the main story, so odds are that first thing you do it kick Kingpin ass back to jail. Last Trophy: I Heart Manhattan100% complete all districts Not many things can be left undone before this some option if you for some reason have miss doing it would be Hug It Out or getting Spectacular in some of Taskmaster challenges for that challenge type trophy to pop or maybe the likes of With Great Power..., Sticky and Tricky and Hero for Higher but in most cases all of that would already pop up. Hardest Trophy: None Even if at first it can me a bit complicated getting your hands around fights, you get the grasp of it very easily, and as you progress between your suit power and all the gadgets most fights become pretty simple to deal with if you know what you are doing and use your tools to their best, so apart from a couple of situations where you required to use properly your travel tools, and some fights that you gotta think a bit instead of just spam your square button it's a fairly easy game, guess that why the put Ultimate difficulty on it Most Annoying Trophy: I Heart Manhattan100% complete all districts Not really annoying as itself but it the one that requires you to get almost everything in the game so conseucently it's the most annoying, worst part of it is crimes since you have to end up traveling all the city over and over to get the notification of them happening to be able to do them, at least I got all the secrets photos while getting them withouth having to hunt them down, trying to know where I left one( that suit on the platinum pic is the one for getting them). Conclusion: One of the great gaming pieces of this generation without doubt, a game that most people should give it a try, unless you really hate this type of gameplay you are up for a really good experience on PS4
  4. # Platinum 108 # Final Fantasy IX Heroes of Gaia Obtained date: 18th Apr 2020 Time to completion: 1 Year, 11 Months, 3 weeks - In simple words this game has a special place in my gaming memory. Wasn't the first final game I played, but it actually the first I manage to beat (mostly because I could use a Memory Card). So if someone ever ask me for a FF recomendation, as much as I love VII, this would be my choice. Why you may ask, well from the PSX era (which was amazing) this is the one that keeps more of the essence of the saga. 4 char party, each character has it's role and skills, the story and setting is great. Neither is too hard so you can get the ropes easily around and J-RPG, I mean you might struggle a bit with Black Waltz 1 fight if you don't use a bit of strategy, but that's the only fight I can remember to be a bit challenging if you didn't know what where you doing(like stealing weapons from every boss until they drop it). First Trophy: A Round of ApplauseHave the nobles demand an encore. Comparing to other FF trophy list including the PSX remasters, most of trophies are endgame design. Most of them are for getting endgame items, or completing long side-quest that can only be finished on CD4, and most of the early ones, well are easily missable. Technically the earliest trophy you can archive would be Skip to My Lou if you go for that hateful jump rope minigame as soon as you start the game, otherwise if you are planning to make a full trophy run your first stop would be A Round of Applause since you need to get the moonstone on this minigame for Over the Moon. and if you get it, you earn this trophy. Last Trophy: BloodlustDefeat 10000 enemies. Everyone has a different approach towards game, me knowing what a painful experience Hail to the King is I wasn't going to start wasting hours in this trophy unless I manage to handle all the minigames first. Hardest Trophy: Hail to the KingJump rope 1000 times without tripping and obtain King of Jump Rope. Alright, technically speaking FF IX doesn't have a truly difficult trophy, because of two reasons. First the only fight that can be be difficult (excluding if you are underleveled) might me Ozma due to his mechanics but with the ingame cheats To Ozma and Back can be archived without trouble, also if memory doesn't fail at least on PSX it was technically doable with a lv1 party apparently. Second all minigames that at first look can be a nightmare(Jump Rope and shuffling game) can be cheated, there's a script for the first one and you can film the second upload the video to YouTube and easily watch it a 0.25 speed. The only one you gotta work your way is Track Star but you just gotta find your more comfortable spamming buttons positions There are some missable trophies too, but those are more a pain due to circumstance of easily missing them than technically hard specially Movie Critic due to the timing of some ATE conditions. So legally speaking Hail to the King is by far the hardest one. Most Annoying Trophy: BloodlustDefeat 10000 enemies. This trophy is pure bullshit, even in steam when it's work as intended, being doable in multiple playthroughs and being able to keep track of the progress. But that's not the case of PS4, first you gotta do it in a single playthrough (which might get you about 1000 enemies more or less depending on how you play). Second and most annoying there's no way of tracking the progress, which as you kill and kill monster for hours, the longer it goes the more you worry if it may have glitched, since you got no way of tracking progress unless you do it manually. So if you want the platinum keep in mind that depending on how you handle the "automatization" of the trophy or manually execution of this it's gonna be a lot of hours (in my case I thing it was about 30h) so make sure to have a leisure alternative you can do while spamming X, in my case well let's say Warcraft fishing advance a lot during the farming. Conclusion: As a game FF9 is and amazing game, you got plenty to do, to distract you from the main story from time to time, you can work on different strategies, and from time to time you get a bit of a challenge (well if you don't know what's going on), you got a bit of collectionable quest and side-quest and well plenty of secrets to reveal. I mean there was a side-quest for a Protect Ring that took 13 years to be discovered apparently. Chocobo adventures, Blue Magic pick your quest. But the trophy list, is another story. Most of them are cool, making you have to pay attention to complete most of this side-quest, during your journey, others are classic J-RPG trophy like End of the Road, but Bloodlust simply takes the fun out of it no matter how you wanna look at it, every other trophy has a reason or meaning even Hail to the King, but not Bloodlust.
  5. # Platinum 107 # Middle-earth: Shadow of War The Bright Lord Obtained date: 13th Apr 2020 Time to completion: 3 Months, 2 weeks, 3 days - --To be update-- First Trophy: Rule of Three Unlock 3 Gem slots. --To be update-- Last Trophy: Such Great Heights Reach the rank of Captain in Online Conquest. --To be update-- Hardest Trophy: --To be update-- Most Annoying Trophy: --To be update-- Conclusion: --To be update--
  6. # Platinum 106 # Assassin's Creed Odyssey Epic Cycle Obtained date: 20th Mar 2020 Time to completion: 7 Months, 3 weeks, 1 day - --To be update-- First Trophy: This is Sparta! Complete the Battle of 300. --To be update-- Last Trophy: Child of Poseidon Complete all underwater location objectives. --To be update-- Hardest Trophy: Master of the Hunt Complete the Daughters of Artemis questline. None of the side-quest trophies is specially hard, the 4 mythological fights ain't specially complicated, Kosmos and Arena doesn't suppose a bigger challenge than some story fights. So we got Artemis quests, while most of them are pretty easy fights, some of the beasts can become really dangerous in the wrong circumstances and wipe you out. Most Annoying Trophy: Top of the Food Chain Become the first Mercenary. So I had a bit of a personal grudge with this one, so I went cleaning most of the platinum list, that are a bit of a clean up, while killing the first mercenary while hunting Kosmos, then at some point since no matter the list of mess I did, the misterious new first mercenary wouldn't show up, no matter how many went down, so I began to stress a bit about how to make this merc to show up. For my fortune, when I pick a mercenary bounty to start completing Misthios in Training well the first mercenary was the bounty so issue solved Conclusion:
  7. # Platinum 105 # Stories: The Path of Destinies Gray fox is my pup Obtained date: 15th Mar 2020 Time to completion: 3 Year, 1 Month, 1 week - --To be update-- First Trophy: Spin to win Roundabouts are fun, but not too much. --To be update-- Last Trophy: Sword Fu Master Once all knowledge you have, rewarded you will be. --To be update-- Hardest Trophy: Most Annoying Trophy: Sword Fu Master Once all knowledge you have, rewarded you will be. --To be update-- Conclusion:
  8. # Platinum 104 # For Honor Battle-Hardened Veteran Obtained date: 24th Feb 2020 Time to completion: 1 Year, 1 Week, 2 Days - Update First Trophy: Discerning TasteEquip your first Symbol, Paint Pattern and Color Swatch on any Hero. There's plenty of ways to hit For Honor the first time, playing with customisation, jumping to online, fighting through the story mode your choose. Last Trophy: An Exceptional AccomplishmentComplete Story Mode at Realistic difficulty. Actually lv30, Realistic Mode and Hard Mode jump at the same time since the first run of the Story Mode was on normal, and I got the luck of when completing the last chapter on Realistic also earn lv 30. There's quite a deal with Realistic Mode, I got back into the Story after fulfilling all of the Multiplayer trophies, to get the platinum, went without many complications until Vikings chapter 2 and for days was unable to kill the berserk boss, so eventually I just uninstalled the game. After almost a year decide to give it another try, beat at the first try and from there the rest of realistic gameplay was quite a breeze, curious thing I didn't play with sound for some reason, maybe it was the clash of weapons that distract me who knows. Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : An Exceptional AccomplishmentComplete Story Mode at Realistic difficulty. It's hard to choose here specially with the year gap between some parts, there's not any really hard trophy, well maybe depending on how you play An Exceptional Accomplishment for beating the story on realistic, You're On Fire! for getting 5 kills streaks of 5 enemies on PvP, the farming Like Killing Ants of the 5000 soldiers, you got a bit of everything to choose to find your nemesis, in my case I guess An Exceptional Accomplishment since it was the one that make me take a break from archiving it and the platinum.
  9. # Platinum 103 # Dragon Quest Builders 2 Beacon of Builderdom Obtained date: 22th Feb 2020 Time to completion: 1 Week, 4 Days, 6 Hours - Back again to the minecraft formula of square-enix with Dragon Quest Builders II, forget that "online" mode with your area of construction now you get a whole island, a new adventure pal that will hit enemies way harder than you ever will, and a pretty much better design history and evolution of the different islands. Welcome do DQ Builders 2 pretty much the same than the first one but improved, so it's a win win situation, so grab that constructor hammer and start creating a new world. First Trophy: Shipwreck SurvivorAwarded for surviving the slave ship. First trophy from the story, after what you might call a tutorial. Impossible to miss, impossible to get another first Last Trophy: Rare BreederAwarded for obtaining a pet with the rarest colouration. Most of the in game trophies are archived by doing what the game is about building, creating, learning new things. But this one you gotta focus, and get some thing in order to properly archive it, also it's the only one you need and X amount of hours to earn it since breeding takes it's time, so it's easily the last trophy you will get, since you gonna earn the rest easily while you wait for this one. Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : Rare BreederAwarded for obtaining a pet with the rarest colouration. There isn't any real difficult trophy in this game, most of them you get easily making some construction, during the game and playing a bit on the island after the story. The problem with this one is that it can be a bit tedious in the sense you have to wait a lot of in game days in order for each batch to grow up and earn 100% Happiness which if you have done everything else (which you probably did) this will take a bit of extra time of either do nothing and wait or keep building your island of dreams
  10. Pretty much looks like first game set of trophy so, it's gonna be easy, with maybe a bit of farm for titles like the first instalment. Now let's wait until it's a decent price to pick it up.
  11. # Platinum 101/102 # LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 1-4 LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 5-7 True Wizard 10 Points to Gryffindor Obtained date: 29th Jan 2020 Obtained date: 31th Jan 2020 Time to completion: 2 year, 9 months, 3 weeks Time to completion: 4 Days, 7 Hours, 42 minutes It's been a while since the last time I played a Lego game, and consequently get the Platinum, first the steel of the middle-earth clashed against each other, afterwards Heroes rise to avenge earth, this time is MAGIC time, grab your wands jump on a red train and prepare yourself for and adventure while you go to classroom and see how every year that goes by you wonder why everything looks darker, and how there's no school police to make sure no student gets in danger every 5 minutes, welcome to Hogwarts. First Trophy: Ghostly Treasure Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Collect 500 ghost studs Complete "Dark Times" Usually lego games you got trophies for completing the levels and getting everything, a lot of studs and some random things. For some reason HP years 1-4 got a different design and 500 studs well ain't exactly complicated to get, pretty sure the hard things would be not getting them Last Trophy: Role Reversal What if? Defeat Harry (as Voldemort), in the Graveyard Defeat every Harry freeplay variant as Lord Voldemort Some miscellaneous trophy that play mirror scenarios of the main plot, on 1-4 pretty much you end up with this or Quirell since you need to get the bonus level in order to unlock Voldemort, on years 5-7 well there's a wide range of options . Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : None Lego games are pretty much made for be a simple enjoyable play, there's no life limit, it's design to be replayable to earn 100% of it, you got red bricks to help you with studs and finding what you are missing be it
  12. # Platinum 100 # Star Wars Battlefront II Platinum Trophy Obtained date: 28th Dec 2019 Time to completion: 1 Year, 4 Months, 1 Week One of the most controversial games from the last years, and not because it's narrative, history, violence or the usual, but how to badly design a game with micro-transactions. Archiving the most down-votes on Reddit. But in the other hand learning from it's mistake and after two and a half years still receiving updates, probably making the game what it should been from the start. Welcome to a far far away galaxy, delivered into your gaming device. From perspective after all update the game is pretty neat, the campaign although short is interesting giving a bit of context between episode VI and episode VII regarding the empire and the new order, giving you a bit of every mode. Multiplayer on the other hand while lacking content on release know has a pretty nice range of modes to choose. You can focus on just one aspect of the game you prefer or even go on team of 4 vs IA if you just wanna play with your pals and don't encounter that guy who seems he just play 24/7 the same game. First Trophy: Dark ForcesIn the campaign, use the Droid to shock three enemies at once. This really depend on the approach you do to the game, you can jump into arcade, Battle Scenarios, Online. But I usually start with campaigns to get a grasp of the controls. Usually taking that route The Cleaner could been the first but I get one of the miscellaneous trophies from the campaign first Last Trophy: The Force is Strong With This OneReach Rank 50. The grind is Strong with this one, jokes aside by the time you get most of the multiplayer trophies if you focus a bit, unless you have been playing during x2 or x3 times you would probably not ever reach lv 25 which means it's quite a gaming time on multiplayer to reach lv 50. Luckily EA brings x2 or x3 exp from time to time , and with the addition of Co-op mode make the levelling travel a lot shorter. Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : The Force is Strong With This OneReach Rank 50. Most of the trophies can be easily archived with a bit of investment focusing on doing that single thing, without too much trouble. So we are left with The Force is Strong With This One which is summarised regarding how much you like SW Battlefront II multiplayer modes.
  13. # Platinum 99 # Resident Evil 6 RESIDENT EVIL 6 Platinum Trophy Obtained date: 20th Dec 2019 Time to completion: 3 Months, 14 Hours, 20 Minutes - Once more, time for a PS4 replatinum of a PS3 game, back to Capcom back to Resident Evil. While 5 is really enjoyable to play and even replay, six is honestly tedious, maybe is the history style maybe is some punctual mechanics that play for too long ( I'm looking at you driving sections).Or in overall it might be that the formula they seek to deliver in a same gameplay mechanics three different style of the same game didn't really work out in the end. Complains apart one must admit that the new controls are really enjoyable with a friend on The Mercenaries. First Trophy: The Longest NightComplete the tutorial. If someone knows how to skip this at the beginning, would love to know it, otherwise play unskipable tutorial get your trophy for it. I guess congrats on knowing where buttons are? Last Trophy: Mad Skillz Max out all the skills that allow you to level up. RE5 made you upgrade all weapons, RE6 makes you upgrade all skills (since weapons can't be upgrade) Good things there's always a lovely farm spot, that you can farm while doing something else. Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : Leave It to the Pro Complete the entire game on Professional. Game isn't hard, except for maybe a couple of sections that you get hit pretty easy and enemies honestly they hit hard. But honestly the last section of Jake & Sherry chapter 2 that's a nightmare unless you got lucky or play with a pal that doesn't bother on shooting and invincible thing instead of running through the door, just because of that this wins the Most Annoying trophy award of RE6. Good thing you can jump to the last check-point of every chapter and skip a lot of the game in re runs for trophy purposes, thanks for that update Capcom
  14. # Platinum 98 # MediEvil Saviour of Gallowmere Obtained date: 24th Nov 2019 Time to completion: 2 week, 5 Day, 14 Hours Time for another trip to a better era, where games weren't so full of colours and lights, where polygons ruled the world and era than when be look at comparison between orignal and remaster we think, did it always look that bad? Grab your sword or arm and walk once more the land of the living infested by the dead, to earn you place among heroes until you get awake again because a 2 part reclaims your skills. It's time to hunt down the lands of Gallowmere once more, with your guts and a lovely pack of necromancy potions. First Trophy: Mostly Armless Kill something with your own arm. Who needs weapons when you got and indestructible bone arm, that you can even use like a boomerang Last Trophy: Sir MoneybagsCollect 10,000 gold coins. (Spyro is that you?), Gold coins, because saving the world is never cheap, you need ammo pay for it, that's sword needs some magic to hit harder, pay for it, you need to recharge your shield, guess what pay for it. Jokes aside by the time you complete the 2 runs you should have most of the 10k gold. Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : Soul Saviour Lay all the Lost Souls to rest. Grab the original game, which for some reason feels easier than PS1 version, keep it the same so people can still hate the asylum, but still deliver something new making them having to play the game twice to get 100% of it. Souls bring a while still pretty easy challenge a bit of fresh to and old game, so they are welcome, and since this is a bit more of a puzzle/challenge that just getting the chalices here we go with it. Also the reward for obtaining this trophy is simply amazing.
  15. # Platinum 97 # Resident Evil 5 RESIDENT EVIL 5 Platinum Trophy Obtained date: 30th Sep 2019 Time to completion: 1 week, 4 Day, 21 Hours Time for another re-entry of a PS3 Platinum on their PS4 version, because who needs new games, when you can play the old ones over and over in every console. So weeelcome back to the clash of titans, as you fight along side Chris Redfield on the fields of Africa against definitively not zombies until you finally get to the final crash against his legendary archnemisis. The one and only Volcano fight against the invincible indestructible all powerful Giant boulder a fight so magnificent that would put every muscle of your hero to their limit. First Trophy: Meat ShowerDefeat 3 Majini with one grenade or proximity bomb. What can I say after so many runs one learns a trick of two to survive in mercenaries tutorials Last Trophy: Take It to the MaxCompletely upgrade all weapons. Make those weapons shine with licker blood, farm those shiny hearts for those welcome gold to upgrade those fancy weapons that you gonna stop using at all after getting that lovely Hand Cannon with infinite ammo, who are we gonna lie. Hardest / Most Annoying Trophy : War HeroComplete all chapters on Professional. This is the point you know the game is mean to be and action game instead of the survival horror of it's predecesors. Enemy kill you on a few hits, no ammo anywhere, and since you can't run from every enemy well the only and have to open your way through them the only viable option ends up being infinite ammo and most of the time your best friend, your beloved Magnum, since any other conventional weapon won't deal enough dps so you don't die because you let them attack you. Most of the mode is a breeze, other like Wesker first fight it's about knowing a trick or two ( I don't know about any Rocket Launcher sir), but still you got hellish fights like Chapter 2-3 Boss that can become and probably will become your nightmare.